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  1. You are correct Auckland based. Just want a good return on going single - after a "good combo". Cool i will contact Infomotive.
  2. That is FAR better response than the -5s i run now and on highboost am maxing those suckers at 430kw at rear wheels and [email protected] on the 1/4 with 225 goodyear eagle d5's on haha. I am liking the sound of this turbo to be honest.
  3. Hey all, Anyone got any experience with the above turbo? I have seen a video on youtube and a 2.6L was getting 490kw but the RPM scale or something was weird on that dyno. It would be running on a forged 2.6L. Thanks B
  4. What are the horror stories out of interest? Thanks
  5. I went to the strip yesterday non prepped surface with twin turbo -5s and $200 a corner Goodyear E F1 Directional 5's (4 years old). Ended up with a new PB for the day. 60' 1.736 1/8 7.265 1/4 mile: 11.163 @126 I was pretty impressed with the way it got out the hole and down the line on this shitty old rubber. It shows that twins are ok hahahahha.
  6. When i lost my turbo wheels at WOT i just lost boost but never had splutters etc. Although i was on the highway so didnt slow down much. I did eventually have an engine failure but I did a rain launch for a laugh so i think it was just a stock pump failure.
  7. Anyone got any results from these turbos yet? With the price of GTR's still growing i think keeping with twin turbos will help with value as people look for stock configurations more and more. Plus going from my current -5's which are at there limit to something with a bit more spice would be good upgrade path without costing 10k to convert to single. ATP Turbo Garrett Gen2 GTX2860R - RB26DETT Twin Turbo Drop-In Upgrade, — Speed Science
  8. I have a GPS tracker as well and use a trickle charger on a new battery (well not so new now). Unfortunately you know that the tracker is running 24/7 and this requires current - this WILL drain the battery if the car is not used. It should be over a week on a small battery (like mine). If youre not driving a car its advised to use a trickle charger anyway. Thanks.
  9. Those aussie rules :P. NZ just get it certified for a single and not have to worry at all. Means no screamer though or just put that on after the cert.
  10. hahaha i really need to drive a single turbo 2.6 to see what its like. I have a 400kw R32 with -5's and although i know they are laggy i dont find it a pig. I suppose you dont know what you dont know right
  11. Its something that was in my mind when i built my car. GTR's meant to be twin turbo and 2.6L. If i had my time over again (was 7 years ago) and i was 29 and naïve i would have gone single turbo and 2.8L at least.
  12. This is for the guys that will restore and keep for another 10-15 years when they are work 1+m hahahhaa.
  13. Everyone goes on about the 30 torque etc. I have been in a big power 30 so I have no opinion but if the internet is right you will be disappointed haha.
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