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  1. Correct I already had Splitfire coil packs in there so didnt think the $1300kit was required to convert to R35's.
  2. Thought I would chuck this up here as I got a new coil harness from Wiring Specialists in the states. Turned up and looked great so I replaced the standard item in my BNR32 and the old connectors latterly fell apart. Well worth the $99USD. Would recommend sorted out a slight hesitation I had when opening throttle.
  3. Interesting Im about to order the 12T balancer and trigger kit for my 26. Tuner swears by them.
  4. The car is a street car 99% of the time. It is about 360kw atw but that is going up to 400 soon with a new set of injectors and retune. I am replacing my sloppy R32 gearbox with a newer R33 unit I got from a wrecker (50,000 less kms on it and the transfercase). So while its out I will replace the Exedy which has done 40,000kms and about 6 years of service. The Exedy is just a dog to drive anyone that attempts to drive my car stalls it and the wife is far to scared to even get in the drivers seat. I have heard some good things about Mantik and some people say they are rubbish. But I think for the price I cant overlook it.
  5. Hello, I am looking at getting a Mantik Twin plate 9000 series ceremetallic sprung centre clutch and would like to hear from anyone you has had/used one on a GTR? Before you say go get a Nismo I can get these at cost so its less than 1/2 the price (well less). So even I had to do 2 of them in the life of a Nismo im still saving money. But I still dont want a dog a clutch like my current Exedy Twin plate carbon rubbish....the wife to sacred to drive it with this in it.
  6. I ran an 11.4 at @121 mph and an 11.5 @ 123mph. 1.8 to 60ft which I have done 1.7 before on a prepped track so it should have been an 11.2. Around 22PSI on -5 turbos and a tune recheck put me at 360kw as the old tuner inflated my numbers. Stock wheels now with 225/50/16 Good Year Eagle 1's.....not the best drag rubber so the results make me pretty happy. Only engine upgrade is a Plazmaman intercooler and new BOV's as im going bigger injectors now to hunt my 10 sec pass on low mount -5s and 2.6L. Will upload slips later.
  7. Loving this....rip out the engine and rebuild it again for now reason and put it back together with a big BW turbo with a pipe straight out the bonnet. That be fun. 90's power curve FTW thats all ya need to scare the tits off ya mrs. Who wants to go REAL fast with all these cops around you just want to scare the passenger on a full pull hahaha. Send IT!
  8. Yeh plan is to get a Frenchys performance Garage In Tank surge tank with 2 E85 pumps. This means I do not get any compliance issues having a surge tank and no smells. ID 1350x injectors Link G4+ with ethonal content sensor (already purchased) so good bye HKS F-Con you have done me well. Fuel lines 2 feed 1 return so I am future proofed and dont have to worry about fuel lines been old or ever again haha.
  9. Oh yeh thats good to know. I do not have hicas lines now removed them all years ago when the engine was built. Thanks for the information.
  10. After 4 years at about 350kw I went in to my tuner after I installed my new intercooler to get a checkup. All 6 cylinders had awesome compression and the dyno still showed 354kw atw (lower conversion method used as well). Looking at the shops workers car with the same head setup and turbos using E30 he was getting 437KW...a big jump in response. It convinced me this E thing is worth the investment - now to order some Speedflow 200 series lines. How long are the stock lines in an R32 I cant find anything about that. I know the car is 4500mm. So I was going to get 13m should be enough for 2 feed lines and 1 return. Surely someone has noted it before Thanks.
  11. hahahaha this made my day. Fair enough and answers my question.
  12. Hey Anyone using the internal waste gated Borg Warner turbos? Everyone loves a screamer pipe but not legal in NZ and like to keep cops off my back. Do they do the job for 500kw cars? Thanks.
  13. its more all the synchros im interested in. Are they ppg as well?
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used/tried the upgraded synchros from the sheptrans catalogue? http://sheptrans.com/product/gtr-r32-transmission/nissan-skyline-gt-r-r32-r33-5-speed-transmission-rebuild-street-strip/ Thanks
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