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  1. Stixbnr32

    Actually real good point. Thanks man.
  2. Stixbnr32

    Yeh plan is to get a Frenchys performance Garage In Tank surge tank with 2 E85 pumps. This means I do not get any compliance issues having a surge tank and no smells. ID 1350x injectors Link G4+ with ethonal content sensor (already purchased) so good bye HKS F-Con you have done me well. Fuel lines 2 feed 1 return so I am future proofed and dont have to worry about fuel lines been old or ever again haha.
  3. Stixbnr32

    Oh yeh thats good to know. I do not have hicas lines now removed them all years ago when the engine was built. Thanks for the information.
  4. After 4 years at about 350kw I went in to my tuner after I installed my new intercooler to get a checkup. All 6 cylinders had awesome compression and the dyno still showed 354kw atw (lower conversion method used as well). Looking at the shops workers car with the same head setup and turbos using E30 he was getting 437KW...a big jump in response. It convinced me this E thing is worth the investment - now to order some Speedflow 200 series lines. How long are the stock lines in an R32 I cant find anything about that. I know the car is 4500mm. So I was going to get 13m should be enough for 2 feed lines and 1 return. Surely someone has noted it before Thanks.
  5. Stixbnr32

    hahahaha this made my day. Fair enough and answers my question.
  6. Hey Anyone using the internal waste gated Borg Warner turbos? Everyone loves a screamer pipe but not legal in NZ and like to keep cops off my back. Do they do the job for 500kw cars? Thanks.
  7. Stixbnr32

    its more all the synchros im interested in. Are they ppg as well?
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used/tried the upgraded synchros from the sheptrans catalogue? Thanks
  9. Stixbnr32

    Yeh the box has been overhauled once before (5 years ago). I was thinking of doing a fluid change but didnt think that will make a difference to it popping out of gear off boost. I may have an opportunity to get a gearbox (no transferase or shifter which I dont need) for cheap. Then when this one is out I can rebuild with stronger.
  10. The 100mm is the competition series rated to 1500hp isnt it? The 76mm is rated for 950hp which I will never surpass. That would be enough wouldnt it?
  11. I am in the process of gathering some new upgraded parts and then going for a retune. So i want to replace the stock cooler because I will be pushing well over 400kw and I have decided to go with a 76mm Plazmamam intercooler. Can I install it without a retune? I know I will not get great benefit but its an easy job and will look much nicer than the stock 26 year old one. Just because I am not tuning it for another 3 months or so. But you know everyone wants there car to look nice :). Thanks.
  12. Stixbnr32

    Hey guys - So I had issues with my gearbox coming out of 4th gear off throttle. My mechanic looked at the joint from the shitter into the gearbox and we replaced it anyway but no change. Then my tuner actually took it apart as he noticed the boot at the bottom of the shifter was gone so that made these quiet again and also stopped some fluid spilling over the top. He also noticed that the shifter had some parts install wrong and fixed this (grrrr at my mechanic). This fixed the 4th gear pop out issue but then I was driving along and off throttle again and 5th gear popped out which it has NEVER done. Now im just confused as to why its changed from 4th to 5th with a correctly installed shifter. Any ideas?
  13. Stixbnr32

    I have been weighing up what to do with my gearbox in my 32 as well. Its either spend $7000AUD+install on a PPG Helical 5speed dog set and be done with it. Or OS Gearset (as you say mixed reviews) for about $3100 plus shipping and wait time+install Or Rebuild it again for another $2000 and just see how long it lasts this time. As for 6spd only real options that i know of are Sequential or R34 Getrag but they are way to costly for me.
  14. Stixbnr32

    That is real interesting. Please post before and after results. I might talk to a well respected Turbo builder in NZ and see if he ca do similar before I go for a tune.
  15. Stixbnr32

    Yeh I am formulating a plan to switch to E85 on my -5's. Bet these are far to laggy for a street driven GTR.