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  1. You need to rack fittings that go to an6 and one pump fitting that goes to an6 then an8 from pump to reservior. Hardest part it making sure your long enough so a lot of measuring
  2. Im changing all my lines to AN high and low pressure side. It can be done
  3. so new short shifter and brass ball turned up today. Car should be back from work shop next week then off again but the tuners are way behind so won’t have the back for awhile but I’m used to that. Will get a video of car running when I get it back. Also won’t be able to install any new engine mods as there way behind but will be new fuel reg and pump and ecu in and have it running by chrome which is in August that also means no shed skids
  4. So with the news of e85 leaving my shores and e100 prices to see around $1500 for 200L we have pulled the pin on a e85 tune but will get all the parts needed installed just in case. Been talking with Steve about upgrading my rear housing to 14cm to see if we can pump the boost up and see if we can’t see 650hp. Apart from that it’s down at the shop getting diff re done AGAIN couple new lines here and there then will be off to Auckland for a tune. Hope to have car back by June 20 as we are having our house warming ( covid rules permitting) and wanna do some shed skids
  5. I have Bosch 1000cc making 444rwkw on 98 so bumping them up to 1650 and running e85 we wanna see around 550rwkw. Also got to get the car today and man it’s loud like real loud even had 2 cops tail me for abit but didn’t get pulled over on a side note I hate driving this car, after every drive my mouth is real sore mouth. So it goes in tomorrow to get new alt put on diff rebuilt again, new power steering lines and a new clutch line then back off for another tune oh and a wof
  6. Cheers guys, not my handy work that’s for sure. Mike at Sinco customs does a mean arse job that’s for sure. How you can kinda see why a 4” wouldn’t fit under there with the waste gate next to it
  7. So today I got some pics and a message saying the car was ready for pick up at 230 but was way to deep in home renos to stop and go get it but here is some pics of what it looks like As you can see the waste gate runs along the exhaust to exit behind the passenger compartment and a v clamp to make chasing the diff over a little less stress full
  8. Cheers for that guys, my knowledge of dynos and tubing is next to zero hence why I pay the pros to do it as it goes way over my head. We have the 1000nm army guys over here and it gets me every time that my 400kw can beat there 500kw every time and the it’s hard to believe who’s telling the truth when it comes to power
  9. I asked this question a while ago about dyno sheets but with a tcf of 1 isn’t that engine power and with a tcf of 1.1 or higher wheel power? i went through a low talk with a guy here in nz to get my 400kw sticker. My tcf is set to 1.1 as I’m only 2wd and 1.2 for 4wd or am I only the wrong page or am I reading the wrong book
  10. cant get a new 400r bumper any where in the world, mine is as is a rep to, I cut the centre piece out as it looks dumb and added my own front lip. No the indicators as way different. Normal GTRs have that little duct insert with the indicator on it where the 400 has to sucken in holes where there indicator is mounted
  11. What’s the clearance like getting to the stub axles on the rear diff?
  12. The 400r bumper didn’t have a solid lip piece in the middle. I have a 400r bumper on my r33 We cut the centre piece out and glasses over the little join marks to make it all one. If you do end up getting one look for indicators that for the little hole now as it took me sometime to find the right size. As for the wheel flares I’m wasn’t a huge fan of them as then did look silly when there put on a gts maybe on a gtr with wider guards it wouldn’t look bad
  13. Nope. Need to mod one of the back mounting holes on the bracket to get them to line up
  14. Also forgot to ask. Injector size 1650cc or 2200cc
  15. Got news about the exhaust that it will be all done next week so starting to talk with tuner for when I can get it up to Auckland bit apart from that nothing else to report
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