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  1. I went the other way. I put a gtr bonnet on my S2. Had to do a couple custom things but the I didn’t need to change the bar just the headlights I’ll take some photos on the bracket/plate I made.
  2. 18months ago my mate sold his 34 sedan 25 auto for 2k and now in Japland there going for 10kUS. It’s crazy what the world is doing to car prices. New cars are cheap yet 20year old cars are worth gold
  3. At a guess the cd00 box will most likely do the same as the 25 box. Time to save and save for a box that is going to handle what your trying to give it
  4. This guy raise a very good point. The norm is the output shaft brakes from loading up the drive train to fast. Input shaft would be hard gear changes and shocking the box when you dump it I stopped using the stock box at 600hp but mine was due to 3rd gear not wanting to play with the other gears very well.
  5. Is anyone running the tein suppression with the EDFC unit. Think about ditching my D2s and going with tein and the EDFC to help with setting the car up abit better
  6. The premium one. It comes with everything you need and extra springs to make the shifter well solid
  7. The cube speed shifter comes with everything you need to swap it. Far far better than the nismo shifter. I have had a chiza, nismo and now a cube and the cube wins hands down
  8. Chrome was an epic weekend got my first couple runs on Hoosiers, it was only roll racing but it was good to get a feel for them before I hit the strip with them. Those that have used them it’s an uneasy feeling having the rear of the car kind of float down the track but was told just to keep it flat and just go with it. Friday and Sunday where the only days that the track was hot enough for me to be able to use high boost and holy heck 620hp it just so much fun but the 123s in 265 real struggle to hold the power down so going to look at a custom set of work rims to suit the rear ended and make the most of the guard room I have. Drag racing is well fingers crossed starting up in 6weeks so I have time to get it set and ready to run a 10. Car will run an easy 11 as I was doing 12.3 on semi slicks. Hope everyone is keeping safe
  9. What I got told was to install the turbo like normal then unplug the cas and crank till the oil pressure light goes off then plug the cas back in and away you go. if you don’t do this your starting your turbo dry and will cause damage to the bearings. It has worked for both holsets I have used
  10. So you put a brand new turbo in bolted it up and just started the car normally? just wanna get the facts right. Can you tell me how you installed it?
  11. When you put your new turbo in did you prime it?
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