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  1. Quick question, have you dat down with an engine builder and talked about what you want? Sounds like a catalogue car that will sound cool on paper but will have a crap ton of lag and go no where fast. Your head is where your power is going to be made and running cam numbers off like that doesn’t mean anything until your dead set on a turbo and a power goal. I spent 3 months talking to people and reading about turbo vs cam specs before I jumped in the deep end with my builder. PS there was a purple r33 GTR here in NZ that was a book car and it was nothing special once you drove it, HKS here Greddy there, no power delivery
  2. I’m running a nismo 2way with 600whp and I love it, sucks taking off and making slow corners but when it comes to the track the power is put down straight away and who doesn’t like oversteer. Mine didn’t cost $1400 more like $900 and it’s an ABS model as well. Once you push the power VLSD don’t like it and start to kill them self’s and it sounds like yours is starting to do it now
  3. It is for a little under 600bhp the lil 25det goes real real well. NM is crazy but 1/4 mile times are only 12.6 at 124mph.
  4. I’m still new here but like a lot of people have said it’s ones choice to do as they please. I for one have been brought up loving cars and what they can do when you spend time and money on them. My son has changed also once he got the bug, he spends a lot less time on the game and more time under the car and he loves it when I pick him up from school in the skyline. Yeah it is a money pit but it’s my money pit and I have something to show for it, yeah it breaks and I spend money to fix it but it’s fun and I learn more and more with this car and now my son is to. Maybe NZ is a little different to AUS but we still have little johnnys ripping fat skids at the intersection every other night.
  5. Been there many times with different motor step ups and this one by far trys to kill me, 4th gear 180 and it’s trying to spin. will be up at Nats for the Sunday
  6. Goodeveing guys and girls. New here but not to skylines. Own a 1996 33 coupe, goes alright, wanna no anything just ask
  7. Why are you looking at changing the diff? Nismo do a sweet 2way diff, 4.08 ratio and no stress, just take yours out and put the new one in and your done. Never have to worry about your diff again. PS it even comes in ABS model
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