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  1. Because it takes 30secs for the oil to move around the engine.
  2. Don’t have to rebleed it and it’s a simple push and turn vs 2 bolts and it hanging in the way, it’s also the same price for the clutch line and when your box is out as many times as this one is it makes sense to do so
  3. Changed mine to a quick change line and to be honest I didn’t notice anything different. I’m running a r4c clutch and it feels the same. Quick change line is braid it just had a cam lock in the middle, makes taking the box out easy
  4. So having the cage in and it being teched I can now run 10s with out being kicked off. had the fun day at meremere where you can take passengers so my partner and kids headed up for the day. Wasn’t meant cars there maybe 25 in total, that ment very little waiting. Did 6 back to back runs twice then 2 more before calling it a day. Managed to run 3 10s being a 10.9 and 2 10.8s and taking my partner and son down both being in the car when it ran a 10 was wicked and loved hearing there reactions at the other end. Next up is our NZ GTR fest not quick like you guys have over the ditch but still going to be a cool day.
  5. You also know that kelford can do a custom grind for you aswell. you ask and they make.
  6. Less moving parts and the pin won’t pop out when your putting the box back in.
  7. So new turbo is on the back burner but car now has a 6 point cage
  8. I run a 2way full time. All comes down to have you like your set up to be. I’m a little happy on the track with front brake bias high and steer with the rear. If you don’t like the rear being a little loose on corner exit just run a stock lsd and you will be fine
  9. Bit you can spend it on Reno’s then re borrow on the improvements and that way it keeps both party’s happy. She gets new kitchen and he gets go fast bits
  10. So with the new year here we have decided to swap turbos and exhaust manifolds and run a holset gen2 that’s a kiwi made turbo and run a aem meth kit. With the aim of around 500-550kw at the wheels. fingers crossed it shouldn’t take long and maybe push a 9sec quarter
  11. I think what BK is meaning that you don’t have to learn via failures as people before you have done and found the correct way to do it. looks like someone robbed your brakes and put gts brakes on it. You have a huge job ahead of you but it will be fun and a huge learning experience have to source parts that are already hard to find. I look forward to seeing your progress
  12. You can also pull the power lead off the battery and test inline current draw. Mines .08 but should be around .02-.04 is normal
  13. I also have gps in my car but it’s a mongoose and if I don’t drive the car within 10days I have to jump it. Still trying to find out why it’s doing it
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