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  1. Is the correct dimension 6cm diameter , 3.1cm height and 32mm thread or 5.7cm diameter, 3.2 height and 32mm thread thanks it’s for rb25det neo
  2. I want to get those fake replica nismo aluminium oil filler caps from eBay but I’m a bit weary on them. Do you think they can hold up to the oil pressure from engine? I mean if oil pressure gets high enough wouldn’t it start leaking or even worse, blow straight off? There’s also the problem of threading when putting it on and off. its just purely for asesthic reasons why I want one but I’d like to hear some thoughts and opinions on them thanks
  3. I’m bringing up a old thread but I’d like to mention that the item that you linked us to looks like a pollen only filter. the other type is pollen, odour and allergy filter. Costs a bit more but it filters out more contaminates. you can get them here http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/cabin-pollen-filter-suit-nissan-skyline-20gt-25gt-25gt-25gt-p-2034.html
  4. I already have a proper ECU - my apexi power fc. But it only has fuel cut and not ignition cut. I want bang and wanks, your warning of f**king the turbo and ‘the works’ is duly noted but I want my fun, but I also want anti lag.
  5. Hi all, I’m going to purchase a bee r rev limiter but not sure which type to get. There’s type B, type H and Type h2. It’s for my r34 gtt rb25det neo. Nengun says type B but I’d like to confirm that’s the right one for me. Are the 3 different types just for vehicle compatibility or do they all have different features. Also does the bee r have 2 step i.e does it allow you to set two rev limits - one for launch control and the other for when the car is moving? Also, does the gain knob(the yellow one) let you adjust how hard fully sick backfires are spit from the exhaust? The eBay page says OEM catalytic converters won’t produce flames, but would my 3 inch turbo back exhaust?( not sure of brand but definitely not OEM) also, is the bee r still compatible if I have a apexi power fc comp and hand controller? I read on a couple of forums they have ‘handshaking’ issues Also, on nengun’s page it says the factory fuel cut limiter is bad for the engine and ignition cut is better, but I heard it’s the other way around from word of mouth, which is true?? Finally, nengun sells them for $340. Is that the price the genuine ones go for because I don’t want to buy a fake one. I asked too many questions but I highly appreciate the help and responses, many thanks
  6. Hey all, ive got a rb25det with full intercooler piping with blitz fmic, intake piping, turbo back 3 inch exhaust and a tune with power fc and I’m running about 12psi on stock op6 turbo. I was wondering if I get a aftermarket exhaust/turbo manifold would it increase performance?Because it’s the only stock piece I have from my whole piping system. I’m not 100% on the power of my car but it should be at least 200rwkw and I’m not planning on building it up to anything 400+ anytime soon. Would the car require a retune if I get one?what products do you recommend? thanks
  7. Wow. So what are the rb20,25 and neo turbos called then?
  8. I just want to clear the air and make sure all the info I got on RB turbos are correct. RB20DET is t28 turbo with ceramic compressor wheel rb25det is t25 turbo. Series one is ceramic compressor wheel but series 2 is nylon compressor wheel. Besides that it’s the same turbine housing and compressor housing rb25det neo is op6 turbo. Has nylon compressor wheel and bigger turbine housing than the t25. 180sx’s and Silvia’s/200sx’s all uses t28 turbos. Rb25det + neo both have the same sized compressor housing but rb20det uses smaller compressor housing All the turbos mentioned above are t3 class turbos (including op6) and use t3 flange and all have ceramic turbine wheels. I’m not 100% sure on this, can anyone confirm this? thanks
  9. Don’t worry I got the info I need close this topic please
  10. I’ve looked online and couldn’t find anywhere to decode your vin so can someone decode mine for me please? I’m particularly after month and year of manufacture but all other info too is appreciated thanks VIN 6U90000ER34019801 thanks
  11. Hey all, this may be a noob question but do metal turbo intake pipes give you better performance? I ask because metal can heat up very fast so the air going in would be hotter. What metal material is the best for intake? Aluminium or steel? Also would heat wrapping your metal intake pipe help with getting cooler air? Thanks also where in Sydney can I get one made or buy one? I’m not in vic so can’t Scotty’s customs or havoc fabrications
  12. Hey all, i need to change my engine mounts and was wondering what product is the best for road use. I don’t want race products but want mounts for a comfortable ride. GKTech has cheap ones but they announce that they will increase the ‘NVT’ level or something so it adds more vibration. Nismo and billet ones also increase vibration. Is it alright to buy used OEM ones? Or where can I get new OEM ones in Sydney cause I can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone link me to the oem products or aftermarket ones that are comfortable please? Thanks also, my 34 gtt has hicas delete, do I buy the hicas or non hicas mounts? Thanks
  13. Intake plenum, rocker cover, all the piping and hoses connecting to them, intercooler, clutch fan just to name some. I actually didn’t pull out as much as I thought the problem is putting them back on in the right order. Like for example with the intake manifold and rocker cover, they need to be resealed with sealant when they are put back on right? Also does the AAC valve gasket need to be sealed to? Where in Sydney can I get these gaskets for a good price instead of waiting for a couple of weeks from eBay? I can get it put back together but I have questions on the way. Is it ok if I ask them in this thread? Thanks
  14. Hey all, So about 9 months ago I’ve pulled apart a lot of things from my engine bay then went away overseas for a while and now that I’m back, I’ve started to put things back together but can’t figure what goes where. It’s a very daunting feeling and I don’t know what to do. It’s a 34 GTT. I’ve got so many questions and I don’t even know where to start. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I’d rather get someone to do it for me and I’ll offer compensation for their time. I got the parts it’s just the labour. I also don’t know which bolt goes where and that is the worse bit. I’m located in Sydney and if anyone is up for the task then hit me up. Thanks
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