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  1. If I’m to do that, is it okay for the bolt and nut to be in contact with the ecu? I just don’t want it surging or shorting out. I was thinking u can get those raised plastic cylinder things to act as a spacer between the ecu and the nut and bolt
  2. Ah okay. I can drill new holes for the mounting points but is the loom plug opening smaller or bigger than the neo? Cause either way I can grind it to be bigger and it doesn’t matter if the 33 ecu opening is bigger, if it leaves a gap that’s not a problem
  3. Guys I said f**k it and bought a nistune for $350. The guy I bought it off didn’t have a case for it, I was wondering if any non neo ecu case eg 33 ecu will house the neo motherboard and nistune chip nice and snug. I only ask cause neo ecu‘a usually go for $150+ and r33 ecus are only $50. also unrelated question: is the oil pan bolt meant to have a rubber washer on it? Cause mine just have a metal washer ‘welded’ on the bolt. And I only ask cause my oil pan seems to have oil residue all over it.
  4. Yeh I’ll probably do that all myself , a workshop would charge thousands for that, I thought maybe u can do mates rates. but that honestly sounds good, have u got the wideband and air temp sensor? how long are u gonna be in Sydney for?
  5. Does bigger oil filter = better? also some guy on this forum I forgot who, said Ryco oil filters perform subpar after doing tests on various oil filters.You can get OEM Nissan ones for like $20.
  6. Shit you’re right, they’re not even expensive $253 brand new genuine. Can it actually be done in practice or is it just a theory. I mean with the wiring and all, do you know how to do it?
  7. Oh yeah, how long are you in Sydney for? Also have u got the wide band, intake temp sensor, pigtail etc? and how many days will it all take you reckon? maybe we can work something out where I can leave my car with you and u can install everything like turbo, walbro, injectors etc. I still need to v band the dump pipe and get pipe made or the turbo elbow part and a turbo intake pipe made
  8. What the hell is a whoosh valve my man?😂 I deleted the bov and the bov piping and put a blanking plate on the j pipe so it’s dose piping sututututu right now on my apexi alloy intake pipe. Also I can’t imagine a 35 afm being cheap, how much is it? But do u know if I can remove the z32 afm sensor, delete the housing and weld it onto the intake piping? Kinda like this(this is a hpxn1 maf sensor after market)
  9. Costs too much money, way out of my budget. I found a nistune for $400 I’ll probably just go with that. It’s just that since I can’t go mafless I’m a bit worried about the length of the turbo intake piping. It’s gonna need to be shorter and I’m gonna have to use a tiny pod filter like I am now(it’s hitting the coolant reservoir). This may sound stupid but can you take the maf sensor off the z32 and weld it into the turbo intake piping so you don’t need to use the maf housing? This way I got more alloy piping and a bigger pod filter
  10. Oh shit I got mixed up, so the D version is the rare one with ign cut and mafless? Does it allow e85 flex as well?
  11. I’m just a bit confused that’s all. Nistune seems to be the cheapest option right now, with my setup I’m going for, is it more than enough? Either 650 +200 for afm for nistune or $1570 for haltech pro. Also I heard some power fc is L Jetro edition , how can I check if mine is that?
  12. I’m just getting mixed messages all around. Why exactly is haltech plat pro a heap of shit if it’s very popular and many people can vouch for it and use and why does JEM (reputable tuner of skylines) recommend it? One random guy at skyline spares told me today(not the owner). Told me he has a 1500hp and 1000hp gtr. He highly advised against getting the nistune and encouraged me to get the plat pro cause he says it’s the best. Said nistune would limit my power to 300kwish @Dose Pipe Sutututu how much for a 600x300x76 plazmaman intercooler for? Do you know erks he is a welder at plazmaman
  13. Just another thing. My current setup I’m going for is 3076r garret .82 t3 vband gen 2 bosch 1000c with plazmaman top feed rail and turbo smart fpr800 walbro 535 45 turbo smart external wastegate Probably plat pro haltech i currently have blitz return flow fmic, 3 inch turbo back with hi flow cat exhaust stock intake and exhaust manifold As far as the in/ex manifolds go, I’ve been told many times that the intake mani is still go for around 700hp and the exhaust manifold is good for 450hp too (Ben Moore a tuner from Victoria did a 351kw tune on a stock in and ex manifold on 20psi 3076r .82) is it safe to run the standard head studs for 351kw on 20psi 3076r? I’ve been told they start stretching around 22-24psi also I heard the blitz return flow restricts at 300kw. So what are some reasonably priced non return flow intercoolers I can get? and finally does anybody know if a plazmaman top feed rail will clear the stock intake manifold and throttle body? cheers
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