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  1. so I’ve been told they are for 1-holding the wipers down at max speed 2- for looks 3- something to do with the snow which one is it?
  2. These flex to the shape of your windscreen for optimum water dispersal
  3. I’ve actually got these on my car right now but I’m trying OEM everything, I even bought all the warning/info stickers that I was missing like SRS airbag and ignition timing sticker
  4. But the driver needs to see out the passenger side too! I might buy another one since they are the same length anyway
  5. Hi, today I bought the OEM wiper arm for my r34 and the wiper arm has a weighted fin on it. Only the drivers side has it. What is its purpose? I’ve never seen them on any other car before
  6. Bro I went to someone I know and got it sorted for peanuts. Inside the clock spring there is also another green plastic thing you need to align too, and I did not know that. I was just aligning the black face of the clock spring . I feel like an idiot
  7. I tried that, it didn’t work. It was 5.5 full revolutions from one side to the other. So I spun it 2.75 revolutions and aligned both the arrows. does the clock spring have a fuse by any chance?
  8. After replacing my steering wheel r34 gtt, the indicators still stay on after turning. I barely even moved the clock spring, maybe a few degrees up and down. Does anybody know the exact procedure to realign the clock spring? Thanks
  9. Hey guys one of my water line hoses busted and is spraying water everywhere. I tried to find the specific OEM hose but am having a hard time ID’ing which one it is. RB25det neo- It’s a short hose maybe 8-10cm long with a slight bend towards the back of the engine. It sits just below the triple AAC valve hoses, adjacent to two large thick hoses. The hose itself connects to a ribbed plate running the whole length of the engine, which has the injectors mounted onto them. The video shows the specific hose and here is a link to the engine water hose diagram for rb25det neo. Thanks https://nissan.epc-data.com/skyline/er34/3952-rb25det/engine/211/ IMG_1459.MOV
  10. Hey All, I found a guy online that will do a straight swap for his retrimmed GTR wheel plus cash on top for my old worn GTT wheel. He claims it’s all good with fitment but can anyone verify the fitment for me? So in the picture is what he is sending me. I will be taking everything off my my steering wheel that is not included in his wheel(the pictures). Everything I take off my GTT wheel, can I put straight onto the GTR wheel he is sending me, straight ‘plug and play’ without having to modify anything? I heard horn plugs are different. Also he claims it’s a GTR steering wheel, but it doesn’t have the weights on top. Thoughts? Finally, can anyone comment on the quality of the retrim? I feel as if the stitching is too far apart from each other and the red isn’t dark enough. thank you
  11. I’ll do whatever I damn please I’m my car😂 is it at least ‘glow in the dark’ kinda thing so it ‘lights up’ at night? Can’t you just put a led bulb into the socket? Pretty sure you can since you can do it with all the other sockets. I’ll look into it, if I can’t I’ll grab it off yah mate. Is it plug and play or requires some modding?cheers👍
  12. That’s strange, since my GTT does have a light, I just want to change it to a brighter white light. Also I’m pretty sure your ignition barrel on the gtr is meant to have a light, because at night it’ll make it much easier to feed the key into the barrel Well at night it would be easier to ash into the ashtray. I actually use my ashtray for cigarettes so it’ll make it easier to ash into it rather than Accidentally getting the ash around it
  13. Hey all, there are a few interior bits for the r34 skyline that I need advice on: - Cigarette lighter socket. What size does it use? Also in the pic I posted, I’m assuming the bulb goes in there?(smaller black bit of cig socket) -ashtray. I heard the ashtray is supposed to have a light in there, and it makes senses because on the side of it there is a little glass window. But I don’t see any light sockets and wires running to the ashtray. - Glovebox. What size does it use? And is the socket located above the glovebox when you open it, that little white square with two tabs on it? - Ignition Barrel light. What size bulb does it use? - The buttons underneath the steering wheel, such as headlight angel adjustment and fog lights etc... Are they meant to light up? If so, what size bulb do they use? - Drivers window switch panel. Only the driver side window switch lights up, the rest of the buttons don’t. Are they all meant to light up? Also what size bulb? -Passenger side window switch. Is it meant to light up? If so, what size bulb? - regarding the climate control. When you have ignition ON, are the lights meant light up on the climate control? Because right now they only light up when I turn my headlights on with the stalk. I’m just wondering if the climate control is getting dimmed when I turn my headlights on. Thank you
  14. Hey guys I figured that 3030 SMD is among the brightest led you can get. But now there’s the question to whether to get COB or SMD. After much contemplation I decided with SMD because they are brighter but COB apparently has a cleaner and crisper light and has a diffuser.
  15. Ok so the defi lights will only turn on, dim or not, when the key is on accessory. But if I turn the lights on from my stalk, key out, the defi dimmer wire will still be hot?IIRC the defi is actually bridged to the climate control, but that’s irrelevant
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