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  1. No point now. I’m gonna go max hp without unopened motor, for rb25 it’s about 450hp right? New turbo with supporting mods such as fuel pump and reg, ffp, z32 afm injectors etc then I’ll even sack the power fc (because it has fuel cut) get it tuned with either a nistune or ems 6860 so I can get 2 step and anti lag.
  2. The tips are always white, and the thread on the spark plug is black going down about 10mm. Don’t have the dyno sheet or compression test sheet. Never did it since I bought it. Also, the engine is at 246,000km
  3. Hey all, since I bought my r34 way back in 2015 my car has always been running a rich. It’s just an unopened 25det neo with the stock op6 turbo running just above 12psi , with a blitz front mount, turbo back exhaust with cat, apexi intake, oil cooler and a power fc tune. the thing is the car runs without problems, but when you start revving it past 4500rpm hard and pretty much 12psi or close, it blows a lot of black smoke . So much so that I get soot everywhere on the back of my car and my bumper just above the exhaust is permanently stained . I know running rich means it’s using more fuel then needed but is there more to it? I regularly service my car and change spark plugs every service too (bcpr6es -8). There isn’t anything wrong with how the car runs. It actually runs perfect. No idle issues, no boost cuts, no pinging, no stuttering when climbing revs etc Is there anything I can do to reduce the black smoke? Or is it just the way it is?
  4. I know, my mate got defected the same day he put it on.
  5. I was wondering how much the OEM steel bonnets weigh on non-gtr skylines bonnets on the GTT weigh vs how much the carbon fibre bonnets weigh. I remember my 32 gtr bonnet being so light you can lift it up with one pinky finger. Looking to get that mad weight reduction.
  6. I got my illuminated nice and white. here’s the eBay link to the bulbs I bought and put into the climate control https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161839873383 they look like this And they use those leds(forgot what size they were though)
  7. Hey all, The 34 OEM floor mats I got keep coming off the slot it goes into to hold it in place. Every time I drive it , I have to put it back into place sometimes multiple times and it’s annoying as heck. Am I missing something here? Anyone else have this problem and how did you resolve it?
  8. I just had a look on my gtt and it eventually goes to your charcoal canister. Here’s pics from mine (hose goes underneath the crossover pipe)
  9. Anyway, I got the problem fixed a while back and thought I might post the solution here just in case someone runs into the same problem in the future. - I changed my spark plugs from ngk bcpr7es -8 to ngk bcpr6es -8 . I’m running 12psi boost on rb25det neo so I had the wrong ones in there. (Bcpr7es -8 is used when running from 12-19psi) - I changed all my coil packs from OEM to spitfire - I cleaned the inside of the boost solenoid with contact/electrical cleaner. Black soot came out of it. - I cleaned the inside of the air flow meter (AFM) with contact cleaner as well. There was ALOT of black soot residue in there. I had to use half a can to get all of it out (make sure you wipe the inside and the mesh netting too to get all of it out but don’t touch the sensor thingy in the middle of it with the cloth) I don’t know which one solved the problem but it was one of them.
  10. Function is I want to keep oil out of my intake and intercooler piping! So why isnt it good for them to be vented to atmosphere? All I can think about is that will be decrease pressure and cause a vacuum leak. also by 2L do you mean a 2L catch can container? Does it really matter how much volume the catch can could hold, besides having to drain the oil less frequently with bigger catch cans?Thanks
  11. Hey all I’ve recently decided to install a catch can and want to know if the setup I marked in the picture below is correct. So pretty much you just “bridge” the catch can between hose that goes from pre turbo pipe to the rocker cover? Which catch can is also better - the baffled ones without the little air filter on top of it or the ones with the little air filter on top of it? is a three port catch can really necessary? Because all it does is keep the oil out of the little hose that goes between both rocker covers? If i do go three port, is the setup marked on the pic correct? finally, does anybody know the size of the rb25det rocker cover breather hose fitting in case I need to change the fitting on the catch can to match the rocker cover fitting. Thanks
  12. Everyone’s diagnosis to every problem is always ‘unplug your afm’ If your skyline won’t rev past 2500-3500 then that’s the problem with the afm. It’s either dead or dirty af inside. I have a GTT as well but never had your problem with mine, but my dads FG xr6 problem had the same problem. Would randomly cut out, especially if you revved it harder than usual. Turns out it was the fuel filter. He hadn’t changed it in over a decade.
  13. Hey all, im planning on cleaning the interior to my car and want some perspective in which order I should clean it. here is the things I want to clean - odour and mould eliminator spray (the one you spray into the air vents) - change the cabin air filter/pollen filter -steam clean the interior seats carpet and door trims and roof which is the best order to clean the interior doing these things. thank you
  14. Hey all ive got a yellow 34 and I was wondering what are some of the best colours that will go good with calipers. I was thinking red but I don’t want my car to look too colourful and black is a bit too low profile. just after some personal opinions thank you
  15. hey all, I’m boosting 12-13 psi on my stock op6 turbo. I replaced my leaking t3 flange gasket with a OEM Nissan gasket but it got my wondering if I should of gone aftermarket gasket instead. I’m talking about the gasket that goes between the exhaust manifold and the turbo compressor housing, the rectangle shaped one. can the genuine Nissan t3 gaskets take increased pressure levels without giving way? thanks
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