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  1. Had a similar sound (not as loud or violent) from a dud RB25 Neo VCT unit.
  2. If M16 is close, then possibly 3/8 BSP or BSPT. Or its simply a M16 tapered thread. Buy a set of thread gauges they are cheap and last a lifetime or two. My set belonged to my father. Adapters you can get from https://www.threadtoolsupply.com/thread-adapters.html
  3. Exactly, and this is what Rob from R.I.P.S said about RB30 GTR's over ten years ago. "I think the only guys who knock a 30 or genuinely prefer a 26 for a strong street car obviously have not been in a good RB30 GTR, there is just no comparison, we've proven 9000-10,000 is not only possible, but to date, has been 100% reliable (in a street/drag situation at least) the response is better, the driviblility is better, the slow cruise is better, the top end can be just as good, if not better, there really is no down side as far as I have found. As far as rod/stroke ratio's go, it seems from the little I have looked into it, that the 26 is actually considered pretty poor and the Nissan RB30 is considered ideal. Each to their own and I don't think there will ever be a 100% right or wrong, its just personal choice and you can't really blame a guy who has only ever been in big single turbo 26 GTRs for thinking its the "nuts", one day hopefully he'll experience a good all round RB and move up in cubes, one thing is for sure, I don't know of anyone who has had or been in a good 30 car and then said they prefered a similar spec 26.
  4. Yes thats them, one side should go to carbon canister. They should be original size hoses to work correctly, and your canister system must be working correctly (ie no leaks)
  5. It is more likely caused by no or low vacuum to the power steering pump causing excessive foaming of the ATF. There is no seal in them originally because that three pipe arrangement in the cap is actually a labyrinth intended to increase the air volume above ATF. You should have a vacuum line from after the MAF to the PS pump and a line to the carbon canister.
  6. SOME have had clearance issues, block height is about 20mm higher, my point was you will not know until you check after fitting.
  7. And I thought you were smarter than this stupid comment. Disappointing.
  8. Some have had issues, I did not (R33). Mate, custom engine fitting requires an optimistic ' suck it and see approach" my 25/30 went straight in, I could have dicked around for hours making mounts beforehand that would not have been required.
  9. E980 card is the purple one in the card picture.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NISSAN-CONSULT-1-DIAGNOSTIC-SCANNER-SCAN-TOOL-13-Cards-Immobilizer-Box-WORKS-/133574405088
  11. Head to the strip and find out, When the flag drops the bullshit stops.
  12. Will also consider seahorse saddles, Rocking horse shit, and unicorns.
  13. Mate, put some folding money in your pocket, and rock round to your local exhaust workshop, smile a lot and ask nicely and a grimy looking bloke in a welding helmet, will turn into Prince Charming when you mention CASH. BTW welders are always thirsty and beer makes them giggle. God, I miss the days when a bottle of scotch left on the front seat before a blue slip check guaranteed a happy result.
  14. This site has all models pdf instructions https://1jzmerc.com/hks-faq/accessories/hks-evc But I would suggest you need the late model controller to make it work.
  15. I have one, I just have too find it, will PM tonight.
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