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  1. Mate, i've worked for three manufacturer's in my time, paint codes are not secrets, just ask!
  2. Rays are still in existence, and would surely still have the colour codes, got to be worth dropping them an email.
  3. He is working on an AWD mate, read the whole thread.
  4. Have you checked the last section in the service manual its called service data and there is a suspension section
  5. Welcome Dwight, what's your ride mate. How come your profile gives a different location?
  6. Just spotted that Just Jap have a replacement lower balljoint by Febest. https://justjap.com/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/23553/s/febest-front-lower-hub-ball-joint-nissan-v35-skyline-m35-stagea-z33-350z/ Check it out. Also read this thread
  7. The sway bar link is 54618-AQ305 and available on ebay Just search the part number on ebay.com.au The lower ball joint is not available you can see in the picture the ball joint is only available as the spindle assembly.
  8. When I bought my E36, I noticed one taillight was much brighter. On inspection it had a 21W bulb in the tailight position which had melted a big hole in the inner reflector.
  9. No worries mate, next time just search M35 uber thread. Good Luck with your oil filter.
  10. 1749kg should be called the new Nissan Fat Boy. Although Nissan say they will try to lose 200kg for production.
  11. Being a whale in the Antarctic must also suck to some extent, so screw them.
  12. VQ25det oil filter.............AY100NS004.. genuine part number. 4ND110 is Nitto replacement.On UK ebay put in genuine number they are available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Oil-Filters-ADN12112-Blue-Print-AY100NS004-152083J400-1520865F0A-1520865F01/333373890809?fits=Car+Make%3ANissan&epid=1050450560&hash=item4d9ea1e0f9:g:ozQAAOSwHU5fGE5J. Mate there are several references to vq25det filters in the search function, you must actually read some of the threads,.....
  13. Mine cost $8.00 and I got it from supercheap the day I needed it. Don't forget the KISS principle.
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