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  1. 1) Yes of course any damage to the cam lobe surface will cause damage/wear to all other parts it is in contact with. 2) Yes of course breaking a rocker arm can/will bend a valve stem 3) Yes of course a bent valve stem can cause a valve stem seal to leak, or crack a valve guide. Didn't you get this car originally with a broken rocker arm?
  2. Then just go to Amazon Australia site https://www.amazon.com.au/240-Pcs-Kit-Assortment-Universal/dp/B06XVC5H3K Duh.
  3. The pistons are series 2 R33 N/A pistons if they were turbo pistons the stamped number would be 21U.
  4. They are not actually part numbers they are casting numbers.
  5. The rods have 75T in the cast number which indicates they are RB25 de or DET conrods. Will check my piston collection in the morning to see if I can help with the piston identification. But they look like N/A pistons.
  6. Yep, same part numbers, looks like you can get 15mm or 19mm bars. 15mm was used on the front of the coupe.
  7. Well you read the application instructions on the tin, and it says "kills old rust and prevents new rust" The problem is, You have to believe "snake oil claims" that something you paint on, removes old rust and stops new rust forming" Yeah Right" of course it does.
  8. Or go directly to Arias website and send an email asking for info.https://ariaspistons.com/
  9. You didn't mention the Big Tits either
  10. I used 1/16 NPT but I don't have a shaved pussy like Ben. I used these Turbosmart fittings which are 1/16 NPT to AN4 male
  11. Dual master cylinders are typically a single unit that is divided inside. The master cylinder has a single brake fluid reservoir that has an interior partition as well as a single piston that is segmented to push fluid into two different brake lines.Dual master cylinders make power brakes less prone to failure. Each chamber of the master cylinder operates the brakes to one set of wheels. If the brake line going to one set of wheels is broken or the brake fluid is lost through other means, the other set of brakes will still work properly. In a single master cylinder system, a broken brake line would cause the power brake system to fail entirely. Many systems are split diagonally ie Front Right / Rear Left.
  12. I would never pay more than $300 for a feather duster, but that Life Hammer is a bargain for under $40. There are a few lives I want to hammer.
  13. Just plug in Barra swap into the search function and see the fourth thread down, this has been done before.
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