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  1. Don't forget Partsouq they are online but are very reliable
  2. I think he is in Hong Kong mate
  3. The blocks would have been all turbo spec on the production line, then some bean counter said "hey we can save some yen" and got a bonus.
  4. Na sorry mate, have a de block here drilled and tapped for turbo oil return with a plug in it, so thats not necessarily true.
  5. Check globes (and fuses) with a multimeter just looking is not good enough
  6. If you had just followed the advice that GTSBoy had given you the fourth entry of the search gives you the answer.
  7. Get yourself an el cheapo borescope from ebay and take a look down the spark plug holes at the piston tops.
  8. And we call these esky's, Not Chully Buns.
  9. Acually we Don't. Plug taps have a 5 thread chamfer and bottoming taps have a 1.5 thread chamfer.
  10. As its only a couple of studs are you absolutely sure there is no crap down the stud holes preventing you winding them right in?
  11. Good luck with it then mate cheers.👍
  12. frsport.com have stock check out their website
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