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  1. Mate, I found that classic piece of British engineering laying in a paddock on the old mans farm. This is it after being freed up and oiled.
  2. This is a plumbers pipe wrench, the jaws tighten more as you apply pressure, buy beg borrow or steal one. It will totally destroy the fitting but won't slip off.
  3. He actually used prep-sol and the easiest to buy equivalent is Supercheap wax and grease remover. I personally find IPA isopropyl alcohol is the least aggressive solvent.
  4. I have never come across different size diameter valve stems, they are a worldwide standard, my wheelbarrow is the same size as my Skyline
  5. I have only used it to adjust a R33 speedo signal mate
  6. use a Jaycar speedo correction module. https://www.jaycar.com.au/corrector-speedo-module/p/AA0376
  7. You are not wrong mate, they are different and not interchangeable.
  8. Apparently Altima dashes are the go for left hand drive conversions
  9. Welcome Anthony, you will have to get used to driving a right hand drive, the last Skyline built as left hand drive was the R31.
  10. Heres a link to the amayama listing https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/epc/nissan-japan/skyline/er33/3905-rb25de/trans/327 Good luck Riley33
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