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  1. The Oxford Dictionary states ; The Red Headed Stepchild is ....a person or thing that is neglected, unwanted, or mistreated
  2. Will also consider seahorse saddles, Rocking horse shit, and unicorns.
  3. Jpnz - V36 Skyline Av Screen Manual (jap To English Translation) By Sikahalv, March 23, 2015 in VQ Series - V35, V36 & Infiniti
  4. I don't have my head up my arse, so after six subaru's properly serviced, NO head gasket failures, I treat my daughter's Subaru's the same way, both properly serviced, and neither driven like they are stolen. I worked for Subaru Australia as a Service Advisor for many years and was part of the works service team for the Southern Cross Rallies. Sooooo go ahead educate me about Subaru's. Eh.
  5. The front of a series 2 gtst (headlights, guards & bonnet) are a totally different shape to a gtr. Sell your first born child and buy a GTR.
  6. And there are many posts on this subject previously, But Greg's 7 pages are must read.
  7. Because it can. the Australian motorist has been subjected to Federal Gov't incompetence and interference since the first number plate was bolted on. Remember the "Button Plan" it f**ked the Australian motor Industry we just didn't know it at the time, The bullet was fired in 1983 and killed the beast 35 years later. But the plan itself was thwarted by us, the great Aussie Motorist refused to play the game. original models outsold their badge-engineered counterparts; for example, the Toyota Corolla and Camry outsold the Holden Nova and Apollo seven to one. The market always has the final say, If the consumer doesn't like the idea, Honda and Mercedes will drop it like a hot rock. But their competitors may beat us to it. Currently Volkswagen loses US490 per vehicle it sells, Mercedes loses US700 per vehicle sold, BMW loses US1300 per vehicle it sells, Toyota MAKES US628 per vehicle sold, Porsche MAKES US11000 per vehicle sold GO PORSCHE!
  8. Hey Silviaz how are you mate, what vehicle and engine are we talking about Bro, you have a collection if I recall.
  9. Found one of these in a BMW once, it was so badly calibrated it didn't do the job, but not out of ecu range so didnt throw code.
  10. So how much was it from : any other place that will refund my money. Looking up one price on the internet is not shopping around for the best price bro.
  11. I don't recommend ebay LingLong brand anything, when the genuine stuff is outrageous price, I buy from Burson or Repco or any other place that will refund my money. Also if the part f**ks up you can jump up and down and shout at the human who sold it to you.
  12. Yes, Yes, we haven't forgotten. But on subject, I have been following prices and this year Skylines great and not so great have rocketted in value. Along with E36 and E46 BMW's and almost all old school rear drive vehicles.
  13. Definitely an airhorn compressor, specifically its off a Fiat 124 spider and its made by FIAMM. Haven't seen one for years don't bin it stick it on gumtree.
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