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  1. Go to the Deatschwerks website plug in the injector part number and all will be revealed.
  2. Hey mate try this link, https://www.z1motorsports.com/fuel-system/walbro/walbro-255-lph-in-tank-fuel-pump-p-2289.html
  3. My parts book quotes part number as 17040-JK01A and the price is truly ridiculous at $750, must be the platinum plated one.
  4. No worries mate, the best of luck with it.
  5. Yeh, The oil warmer can fail but you usually also get oil in the radiator, I have'nt rebuilt GTR turbo's maybe another member can jump in here with a recommendation.
  6. Amayama sell them for $100 delivered delivery around 2 weeks. Part number 11044-05U16
  7. The most common failure of MLS head gaskets is poor surface preparation. MLS gaskets cannot conform to surface irregularities outside of their stated specification which is usually 20-30 RA (Roughness Average). I personally don't use them, My 30/25 has a genuine RB26 gasket and never had a problem.
  8. Really need to disassemble head from block, inspect head gasket carefully between all water and oil gallery sealing surfaces, if ok, take head to be pressure tested. Sorry for your troubles mate, its always a bastard when this sort of thing happens after a rebuild
  9. Possible cracked head. When you had the head rebuilt did they pressure test it? DId you ask for that to be done? Or best case scenario you have blown a head gasket.
  10. My god I haven't seen spark plug extenders since the '70,s. Back in the day they were used on "old (low compression) oil burning engines that should be rebuilt"
  11. Or go old school and cheap, use a coat of petroleum jelly.
  12. If they are 17 x 8 they are a factory option alloy wheel
  13. Sounds like you are enjoying driving your Silvia mate, really glad it all worked out well, Happy Xmas.
  14. Mate, would't you be better off asking this question on http://www.navara.asia/
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