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  1. Did this same job yesterday, after breaking my favourite "pickle fork" I soaked it with WD40 went away for a couple hours then used a large puller popped off straightaway
  2. I'm using RE4R03A out of a Z31 was rebuilt with new parts, the standard bellhousing fits this box, Tailshaft built by Hardy Spicer in 24 hours, slight changes to crossmember, redrilled flex plate to suit converter, and added manual valve body to get rid of TCU and running a guard mounted cooler, been in car behind a 30/25 for nearly 2 years. Good for 600 HP all day every day according to builder plus shift pattern change to P R N 1 2 3 4, and heaps cheaper than C4 or Powerglide, too easy.
  3. Amayama have stock in Sydney, P/N 1320108U01 $15.87 each plus freight
  4. Monsoons ???? Do you mean weathershields? Contact Autoforce, Rosedale st, Coopers Plains, Queensland they make them.
  5. Try this link mate, https://www.croooober.com/en/cparts/search?&locale=en&c_bunrui_cd=01_40_40
  6. Take a look at the following thread, Wheel sizes and offsets for Skylines in Suspension, Braking and tyres.
  7. No it won't, read my PM to you, and GTSBoy is quite right a manual ECU is not built to communicate with an auto trans because at the lowest level of thinking THAT WOULD BE STUPID
  8. He's shopping for the answers he wants to hear, not the answers he was given
  9. I have PM'ed him to find out whether his old N/A ECU was a JECS then advised him to talk to Nistune as to possibilities.
  10. This was good advice, I PM'ed the young fella the complete R34 workshop manual and gave him the same advice, he PM'ed me back that he had no idea what he was looking for. So I PM'ed him all the pin numbers he should look at, but the eureka lights still did not come on! Perhaps he could get some advice from Nistune on whether his original N/A ECU could be tuned, the VCT timing exists and could be changed, the boost control could be added using the variable inlet pinout. But would have to figure out fuel pump output for turbo. Obviously the ECU would need to be JECS and not Hitachi
  11. With due respect, this is simply wrong. My experience from this conversion, the trans went into limp mode and was stuck in third all other gears except reverse were unavailable.
  12. Absolutely ,definitely need some additional sensor wiring
  13. Steady on Ben, don't kick a bloke when he's down. He came here for help and probably has limited funds.
  14. I will PM you some diagrams, you will probably have too change some pin connectors around
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