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  1. Paint in what ever colour you want bro! who cares what people think your the one that forked out the cash to buy the car. these cars were designed to be enjoyed by there owner end of story. If you got 1000kw or gold bay or stock engine who cares, if you can head down the track or road with huge smile on your face the cars doing what its suppost to. I think rose gold would be wild, full send.
  2. where are you running your breather hose on the pvc side, as I can see its not running to the pvc looks blocked off. just curious if to sump, open atmosphere, or hidden catch can.
  3. really nice clean build! im currently in the process of doing the same thing what a time consumer getting under the car that clean, hats off to you. arc air box is sick. good work m8
  4. I have gone with the Nismo twin gunna try it out should be good for my setup. cheers.
  5. sorry my mistake. parts are sold ac assembly went for 500, exhaust 450, cheers
  6. forgot to add and also covered a zillion times but make sure your tps set to .4 max .5. This also threw a 4wd code on my ets unit when I replaced it. I set to .4 and she was good to go. I did this with car not running.
  7. Yes smart guy has helped me lots much appreciated. the manual is good for trouble shooting. Having good grounds, good ets connections, clean abs sensors, bleed atessa, replaced ets control unit(used) check for codes, address codes. topped it off with a du-lock v2/quaife diff on circuit setting and cars a totally different machine with no issues anymore. grounds were a big one as well, cleaning contact points with new ground cables on rear diff to subframe, battery/frame/engine, added a engine to frame ground where a/c used to bolt to engine, ground from firewall to engine.
  8. Hello I recently removed my a/c system from the firewall forward. comes with all hardlines, a/c pump, a/c front rad, electric fan, and hardware. everything was removed with care all lines still in great shape. looking to sell as an entire kit. pm if interested I can get pictures no problem for possible buyers. Make an offer kit pumped cold air before removal. HKS dragon exhaust is a direct fit for your bnr32. will bolt right up and I will send with the gaskets as well. they are not new but will serve the job. exhaust never leaked always sounded awesome. quiet until you want to hammer down then you can here the RB roar. pm to make an offer
  9. good stuff. off topic question here I know its being covered a million times all over the forum, but my single plate clutch has started slipping after new exhaust and turning boost up to 1.2 bar with tune on e85. leaning towards Nismo twin or orc twin. unless im out of the loop in clutch technology these seemed like good options for my setup(ive had the orc twin it was kind of tricky to drive on street but hooked up nice when needed. 450whp on e85 tuned with haltec and I wont be changing my setup for a long time. cheers.
  10. there is lots of business models like this where donations and funding are made, but there is always profit in the end which is obviously why the business was started in the first place. I personally would only support something like this if it was non profit and truthfully was just a donation and funding company 100 percent(non profit). Good business model I guess but not how I do business. go to work be honest, if you have extra cash to help people who need it do it.
  11. Is the Aussie 32 manual the same as that one I have printed out? Finally had a nice day to take the 32 in for paint. Will post again in a couple weeks with pictures.
  12. the only other manual I know about and have is the rb26dett engine manual. very indepth detail for tear down and rebuild. as far as the electrical manual goes I don't think there any. ive had lots of in depth wiring issues with this car that I have solved with he bnr32 manual. all the electrical is in there throughout the manual. if your having issues with your 32 electrically im sure I can help, cheers m8. my car is currently being restrored new glass, weather stripping, felts, gunna be absdolutely mint cant wait to post some pics of her for the boys when shes done. also building custom 4 inch exhaust all the way back with a new tune on WMI. will keep posted.
  13. If anyone out there has a r32 GTR and they plan on doing all their own maintenance from there own garage, print this off. it will be your new best friend. With this manual tackling more difficult jobs are possible, and will save you money trouble shooting. Buy a compression tester and a good voltage meter. Cheers I’m gunna post my body restore in about 2 weeks. New weather striping, glass, felts, gunna do a nismo interior. Will keep posted cheers.
  14. are you swpping engines as well? rb26 with a rear wheel sump setup or go rb25?
  15. welcome to the site im also from Canada ill help you out as much as possible, theres lots of good guys on this site that will help along the way. print out the repair manuals that you need. I printed off a bnr32 manual for my car and have solved many internal wiring issues with it. also I haven't checked but start a build thread when you start that will help guys give you better info down the road. cheers.
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