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  1. yup thats about right mate, glad you got her fixed
  2. another step in the rb 3d printing world. could even use the design and print from a higher quality if you really wanted. i have lots of 3d printing done for my car, it can be seen in my build thread and i must say you quality looks great for what you have there mate! nice work
  3. slow down, take your time mate. silly mistakes can cost you big in the rb neck of the woods. i know rb26 tps needs to be set to .4-.5 volts....may not be the same for you but make sure your tps is set correct.
  4. not really looking to sell any or make any cash i would be happy to ship some of the evc holders if someone needed one thats no problem at all. i got way to many parts lol gotta start clearing out a bit.
  5. at least now that i have taken the bullet to have this thing developed other people can now enjoy the pod if they decide to get one. i took one for the team lol...the evc mount i bought from the guy was about 100us so i figured this one would be pricy. which i also have 5 extra of if someone needs i would just give them away if someone really wants one. can ship for free to the boys down under as you guys have helped me with many issues on my car.
  6. ya definitely well put mate! i was a little choked with the price you would almost think its a old logo nismo piece at that price.
  7. hey mate, i know this is the first one he has made as i reached out to him and challenged him to design a strong 60mm gauge holder i could take in and out with ease. when the pod holder was built it was designed for a perfect dash which it does really fit nicely. as i stated my dash is shrunked really bad and doesnt give the pod holder the finish it deserves. i actually paid alot more than 500 as i know how much time he put in to get the holder designed. im sure now that its created you could get one for a much cheaper price, but as i was the first it was expensive. if i was rich id buy another and send it to you so you could feel the quality, theres no flex at all and the tabs are awesome. based off the price of some gauge holders ive seen i feel like its worth about 400. im happy with his efforts i own a tree service for a living and dont think anyone should work for free. also the outer edge of the holder is the exact same size as a stock vent so just based off that its enough info to know it will fit like stock as the depth is the same as well. chears mate.
  8. These pics show the ripping and heavy duty clips that were added way better than the stock clips that the vent had. I’m still impressed with the holder but also interested to see what you come up with mate.
  9. awesome mate if you can make a better one for a cheaper price id scoop one from you in a heart beat. in fact i challenge you ill take one for sure and ill fit it see which ones better. he made exactly what i wanted i gave me cheaper options with less high quality material. i could not find 60mm gauge holder like that for that vent so i paid for it big deal lol i couldnt care less.
  10. Well I finally got my custom 60mm gauge holder from a friend of mine on gtr uk. This is a super high quality custom made 3D printed unit. They run about 500us to get one if anyone looking for one in there car. This was the first one made ever after a lot of measuring and testing. My shrunken dash does t leave the best finish but fitted to a good dash it looks unreal.
  11. hahah mate funny thing...when i was trying to put the fuel tank back in i was having troubles getting the rubber hose where it meets the filler neck on back on. i just finished a 16 hour day at work and literally felt mentally challenged for like one hour trying to get the broad minded person back on, i was screaming so loud my neighbor came over and was ready to dial 911 lol. im a bit of a black out so ill keep those moments to myself lol. definitely a love hate but at the end of the day i go to the grave with my bnr32.
  12. Back up and running like a champ! Man I love the old girl. She far from perfect but sure makes a fun cruise with family or a fun weekend at the track! Good to be back up and boosting
  13. Was having some wierd stumbling issues and idling issues lately, was very inconsistent. Was smelling fuel from the gas tank and figured I’d drop it to find clearly what my issue was. 30 year old fuels if you haven’t replaced them on your gtr I highly recommend!
  14. looks great man this is one of my favorite cars iv seen on this site. good power nice street car!
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