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  1. nice whip mate,looking forward to seeing more on this car. still having issues with it?
  2. have they put the new technology into the 6766 yet? my understanding the 6466 is still the better turbo. i was going to go the 6766 and was talked out of it by a few members sayings makes same power with less response.
  3. 350-400should be enough??? come on now mate take a walk on the wild side and boost er up! jsut kidding that car is sick at any power level im just jealous. nice ride mate. would be quite the unit with a 6466 tho just saying. let the slippery slope begin mate come on build that motor and crank that ol girl.
  4. Was weighing out my rods this morning at the shop and found something that raised my attention....I am wpc treating the rods so I don’t think it’s a huge deal. But I’m a newb so to the knowledgeable mates wouldn’t mind your 2 or 3 cents, even 4 cents if I’m lucky haha, Cheers. I’m either binning the whole set of rods or running the ones I got not messing around with ordering a single. The last photo is what all the other rods look like on both sides. Fakin pissed about this but may be no issue.
  5. hey ben we must think alike this is my favourite band. anyways devin townsend hes good shit too. DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Deadhead (Live at Royal Albert Hall) - YouTube
  6. Getting close....not even close but I can almost hear it screaming at 9000rpm already.
  7. Off to the shop to check out some nice head work by Rashid(lots left)before we machine the surface and send all the head parts for wpc treatment.
  8. One last drive with the boy and my patient wife in the old gtaaaaaaaah to the shop for the engine build to start.
  9. thanks again mates. without you guys there's no way i would of tackled this. 1.1 restrictor nitto on route. wanna keep my manual transmission was thinking of doing a 1-5 rebuild just dont know which company to go with yet. i know my gearbox wont last... i have 2 r33 transmissions that i can play with both in great shape.
  10. beauty mate, thanks for getting me on track today i was a f**king mess doing circles with my build...
  11. hey ben, yeah i blacked out. full supertech valve train double spring 182-C Camshaft Set - Nissan RB26DETT - Kelford Cams i dont think i need to grind the casting for these cams but forsure reshim obviously. i was thinking about what you said no point in going for a mild cam mise well stay stock cam at that point, or go the whole nine yards. so i said fak it and just did it man. the cams i got are the ones i posted 272/272 10mm lift. i did this all not so much as to make my head rev all crazy and make crazy power, but more as a refreshment and a increase in seat pressure for my boost. the kit was a great price and seemed like a no brainer. 1400canadain. hks camshafts in bin. just kidding will try to sell them. i am just a stupid canadian but i feel like my engine will be a good setup in the end for a descent budget. cheers mate thanks again glad you pushed me to kelford great service too they were nice to me.
  12. 182-C Camshaft Set - Nissan RB26DETT - Kelford Cams these are the camshafts i got if anyone else is using these please let me know if i need to grind the casting down on the head for these cams or just a shim job for valve clearance? im sure ill find out when they show up but any advice in advance would be helpful. im exhausted from research lol
  13. Supertech Complete Valvetrain Kit Fits Nissan Skyline RB26DETT RB26 GTR R33 R34 | eBay i bought this kit today. i didn't like the idea of using different companies for different parts so sad fak it this is it...best kit i could find with everything i wanted. ive had enough of forum research and clicking away at this computer for 7 days straight with no sleep. ben (BK) has been a great help through this and i ended up getting some kelford cams as well. mechanic requested. cheers mates this build will be nuts im wpc treating the whole thing and will be able to give some real good data on it once we run it. and thanks for your help mate. this has been a huge learning curve im finding out how much of a newb i really am ha. trying tho, working hard, putting in th eresearch, paying for parts,talking to lots of mates, pumping tree jobs out, living low. cheers chap thanks again your a good mate.
  14. nismo bearings. im still trying to figure out which coating is on the bearings cause they may not accept the the wpc properly. the new king bearings have a coating on them that are pretty good but im staying, my engine was line bored and crank machined a bit so will have to go one size over Nismo bearing on the rods and mains. but yeah wpc the whole rest of the engine pretty much. will post pics and lots of success or not success videos. the process was much cheaper than i thought. its simple less friction more power more smiles.
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