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  1. looks great man this is one of my favorite cars iv seen on this site. good power nice street car!
  2. oh man she wakes up babies and sets of car alarms. Gotta choose my battles around here haha don’t want the car to get heated out by the cops then she will be parked lol.... IMG_1644.MOV
  3. I got a descent video just said fak it and revved er up right in the garage ha. Cops will probably show up in ten minutes in my small little town oh well. Enjoy haha IMG_1643.MOV
  4. ya that video doesn't do very good justice. ill get some nice ones over the next few days and post them. it really does have some snap in the hi rpom with the new turbos.
  5. it only works if you look at it through your phone...not supported on the computer kind of wierd. i checked it on my i phone and it works fine, on my computer it doesnt work at all. ill get a better video outside of the car ill get her to rip the piss out of the poor girl tomoro and do a nice drive by. ill crank the boost up do a nice pull
  6. I think I got it figured out...don’t really have any videos of it yet but this is with the wife driving with windows up. If your a gtr owner you already know there pretty quiet cars with a cat and a muffler....this one is not lol IMG_1629.MOV
  7. Fixing up a few leaks and a front diff service with little mate. What a enjoyable day with the son
  8. nice mate, did you use 2 sided tape to mount?
  9. Here it is sorry buddy been busy. It can sit flusher than this as well I just hammered it in With too thick of tape
  10. Little mate likes to run around in the morning yelling geeee teeeeee arrrrree! Makes it all worth it can’t wait to hand the keys over to him someday. Found another gtr I may buy (1994 nice year)so fingers crossed on that
  11. nice one to bring back from the dead haha good job, long way to go but yeah as prank sadi ad some more pictures with some more info and we can help you get that bad boy back on her feet. nice work mate
  12. Custom gauge pods(centre vent direct clip in) for bnr32. I can get more if needed. Not a cheap part I may add. What good parts aren’t lol.
  13. will do mate. going for a rip today when i get to the old girl ill take a pic and pm you.
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