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  1. sometimes the alternator just a bit tight and needs a little pry bar action🤘
  2. loosen both bolts then theres the tensioner bolt you need to back right off then your free, or just cut the belt and get a new one if your all bound up. there is a socket tool you can get rounded bolts out with. you should print off the manual for your car as well mate. here to help just ake your time and communicate more on the site and you wont end up with rounded bolts. should be able to take that fan on and off a million times without rounding the bolts....
  3. Rb26 vs m60 v8. Lol I’d rather have oil issues than listen to that wanker v8. Although probably a better engine than the rb lol. Almost a shame to rip the Beamer apart it’s a nice unit. IMG_2453.MOV IMG_2420.mov
  4. Lol. My buddy couldn’t afford to insure it so I figured why the fack not mates. It actually drives and runs awesome I just can’t stand the sound of the v8 she’s getting a 26. Drift/bag in the Bush car probably gunna be more fun that the gtr.
  5. Always good to get out and do a little tuning with my main mate. We got her up to 20psi on boostane. If your going to run the full 116 octane with this stuff make sure you adjust your fuel and ignition maps to accommodate. I don’t think it matters I much if your just adding a little bit but a full bottle of boostane to a tank and you definitely need a tune for it. Cheers gunna try 23 psi today, also picked up another rb26 swap project today so lots of good stuff coming up!
  6. hey good mate. i actually did read that post it was shortly after i joined sau. i might even have a post on that thread lol. but i couldnt agree more from time to time seems like we get used to the power and always want more or want what we cant have its human nature(example ppg 6 speed). i have learnt patience, how to be content, and how to just simply enjoy the gifts and relationshipds you are given and be super happy and thankful for people that have more than you in this case nicer cars because those are the guys setting the bars and giving us pesants future goals to work forward to. my mom always told me its better to plan for your life after death not be so focused on your current life, because how you make poeple feel and how you treat poeple at the end of the day is all that matters when judgement day comes mates. sorry for hammering away i just think alot of poeple could be more kind and less self centered these days and if that happened the ripple effect would be major. i even know in my small little town i live in in canada everyone is so fakin racist and worried about them selves i just hang out with my car wife and son. cheers mates rb power
  7. well put my mate. i fully believe in helping everyone and being kind to all and things can work out in the end. ive been through some major struggles and at the end of the day the gtr in a wierd way was the only thing i really trusted outside my family. 30 year old piece of junk that seems to just make a mate smile when im beatin the broom at it. cheers buddy thanks for the kind words i will try to keep posting cool useless stuff. live fierce, live strong, rb power.
  8. i think you know alot more than i do chap your posts are knowledgable, ive only learnt from experience and from guys like yourself. ive had this issue before due to the fact it happened after a hard drive im thinking it could be the vct, hope this chap figures his issue out.
  9. balls of brass or just no brains lol. its all i know and is a far out job mate but yes pretty much. the little guy is crazy awesome very humble and outgoing. i hope the job never gets me as i do love cutting with my wife everyday. most people wouldn't be able to be connected to the hip like us but we manage to make it work cutting, building cars, hunting, fishing, just about everything together and really do enjoy it. as much patience as it takes to build a 1000hp gtr is what it takes to make it work lol. at the end of the day we are GTR people f the world rb26 greater than 2j for life.
  10. yeah alot a like but different. as you state the vct is something i dont have and didnt know anything about so this vct noise is news to me. i dont know shit about a 25 but if it is the vct is should be easy to here with some ears and a pipe.
  11. non irrelevant to the car but this old forestry truck has been good to us and there would be no gtr without it! a shout out to my great little family who has no problem living in the fast lane everyday. cheers mates have a good week.
  12. get your tools out find a few hours and get at it, wont be a better way to start the week, im finishing my e85 setup right now and its 5am no rest for the wicked. your issue wont take long to fix mate get er done.
  13. i wouldnt be bummed mate its a small issue and a chance to work on your car. the fact that you know workwas done 6 months ago might even be more a reason something isnt right. my guess is pulleys on timing belt. good luck
  14. my car was making that exact noise when i bought it and i thought i had major issues and i dont really know what the exact problem was but i replaced water pump, thermostat, timing belt and idler pully, hardware, new belts, problem was gone. keep posted im interested what you end up finding out. cheers mate
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