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  1. plus one for the sun roof! I love my gtr but I daily drive a gts and love cracking the sun roof on nice day.. keeps kilomoteres off my gtr and is fairly easy to maintain. what ever you get stay away from the rb20 its gutless, I can also ad my buddy owns a gts-t that has 500whp and walks all over my GTR on the straight (handles just as good as my gtr as good as I can tell minus the awd pull out of corner). anything can be an animal with the right amount of money and time
  2. ya I've finally narrowed it down to a haltec ecu. my buddy owns the Toyota dealership here and just bought his own dyno for his big power supras. The boys are handy using the haltec programming.problem solved gunna tune it ourselves as the haltec comes with a great base map. thanks for the help tho. cars ready to rock excited to see how far we can push it
  3. ya I kinda figured this was the route I have to go. thanks.
  4. Rescently installed a du lock version 2 g sensor to my car to get my 4wd working again(1993 GTR). took it out felt great to have the awd again. it has a way better response to the front wheels although I really want it to act more aggressive in the front earlier in the corner. I realize gtr's are rear wheel base and shift to the front when needed. I am a fairly aggressive driver and enjoy weekends at the track and love the circuit setting. I want to leave my gtr in circuit mode all the time as its kind of a pain to keep changing it back default for daily driving. am I gunna burn up my diff or transfer case doing this? I have a new transfer case and nitrogen canister with a new atessa pump. more worried about burning my front diff out with to much constant front torque applied to diff. thanks.
  5. its a 93 gtr but yeah same as an 89ish. and ill tell you its a hell of a lot more complicated than other obd1 cares ive had in the past. nothing like a gtr but my 96 type r and 98 mk4 weren't half as complicated as a GTR. its my third GTR still learning lots. I'm Never to proud to keep learning from knowledgeable members like yourself. thanks again.
  6. ahhh I didn't realize it was just a normal bulb that comes out of the holder. got her all good to go.
  7. I have no issues with throwing the led ones in for now as again no problem taking out cluster. will the led lights work in the warning bulb locations without issue?
  8. man that's a great help I was gunna ask if someone can point me in the direction of some new bulbs. I didn't find the cluster that hard to remove at all so I just want to replace all my warning bulbs for now with standard oem ones if I can get them. I like keeping the old girl as original as possible. My lights are super bright at night(cluster) I only think the bulb burnt out cause the 4wd light had been on for a very long time. again I want to replace all my warning bulbs in the cluster. if anyone knows where I can get standard bulbs to replace the oem warning signals that would be a great help!!
  9. my stock turbos would smoke after a good pull and I came to a stop, smoke would go away soon. I took the turbos off and could not find anything wrong. replaced with -7's smoke has never returned. I think my seals and bearings were on way out. hope this helps.
  10. old post but great write up just what I needed to complete my install while I replaced my g sensor at same time. thanks again boys.
  11. Problem fixed, I took off the gauge cluster and switched the oil pressure bulb and 4wd bulb and right away the 4wd light came on(I have the fuse pulled for 4wd cause I already fixed the actual 4wd issue even with burnt out light. Atessa flashed a code 13 easy fix g sensor. If need any help getting your cluster off or trouble shooting 4wd let me know I just did 6 hours of research on the site today and learnt a lot. Thanks guys for all the write ups I wouldn’t own this car without this site👍
  12. ill take the dash apart tonight and see maybe the light burnt out, or taken out by previous owner before the sale. should have checked the 4wd before I bought the car but oh well. will post a fix if I figure it out. I did fix the 4wd with a new g sensor.
  13. (1993 skyline gtr) hey guys I know theres a million threads on 4wd not working but this ones a little weird. bought my car had no lights on dash but knew right away the 4wd wasn't working,(snow on ground easy to tell). I traced it down to the g sensor code 13, no big deal up to this point 4wd fixed. I got curious and pulled my 4wd fuse and turned the car on. I still have no 4wd light on my dash when I know my other gtr's in the past have put a light on dash with fuse out. ive been on the computer for 5 hours trying to find out why I cant get my light to come up on my dash even witht he 4wd fuse pulled. hopefully someone can give some input, I live in Canada in an area where not much help with atessa system issues. need the boys to pull through here!
  14. right on ill check em out. id do it myself if I had a dyno lol.
  15. I am new to this forum but have solved all my problems through this site over the last 5 years owning gtr's. I had this same issue on my 93. I removed the large custom catch can setup the car came with, reinstalled a new pcv(was blockled) and fitted a Nismo catchcan. motors runs great to this day and like you I thought I had blow by issus and a bad motor. I see very little oil in my turbo piping now. hope this helps. don't give up motor could still be ok.
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