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  1. Nice! would LOVE to see the install pics!
  2. Try to directly inject LN0 in your turbine housing. Best mod, ever.
  3. LIKE SRSLY? Kerosene does wonders. This isnt a Bugatti dude, just a big ol hunk of iron.
  4. Did you replace the flux capacitator while at it?
  5. Remove turbo. Problem solved
  6. Dont forget to use 2 1.8mm head gaskets.. and paint them red, as the red provides more sealing and raises the CR, which is what you want if you want to run 2.8bar poost. Also, weld the input shaft straight to the crank, and run flyspray as coolant.
  7. I see, okay, so I think the best option then is to directly run a -12 fuel line and inject it straight in the turbine housing. We usually do that on very high powered Skylines... better known as an afterburner.
  8. The only real way to fix it is to do a Nitto 3.2 conversion and a 9180 with a 1.45 exhaust housing. Dont forget to get a Hypertune FMIC. That way it should be able to spool real easy.
  9. Not trying to cause flames, but my 2c, save up and go for a sequential(Samsonas or Albins). This is what I'm doing. Sure it costs, but peace of mind in the long run.
  10. Hey mate, this is brilliant! I am in the market for 1 piece shaft. silly question- how do we specify what gearbox etc?
  11. Interesting.. I know the older style Albins needed tunnel mods, but I also heard that the new ones don't need any tunnel mods?
  12. Hi, Does anyone here run an Albins sequential box in their R32 GTR? If so, did you have to modify the tunnel at all? Hard to find people running these transmissions. Also, any feedback in general about the Albins will be good.
  13. What kit did you order? I got the 378mm front and 355mm rears
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