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  1. as long as that’s just a bigger version of this then yes
  2. Don’t use the Nissan stuff on the oil pump gasket I’ve always used stag on Welch plugs
  3. The Reno work is waiting on council approval 👍
  4. Yep that would be me, there were times I wondered if that was your 33 and then I saw the photos of a blue one and figured I was wrong
  5. Gave the bay a quick degrease and clean and moved the wiring out into the guard to help protect it from the heat I’m going to strip the harness and move the abs plug back into the bay and completely remove the wires that are no long being used (air flow meters and etc)and then after fitting and removing the manifold and turbo countless times getting the oil feed and drain hoses to a point where I was finally happy it’s all sitting in there and ready to start still a few things to button up before I can send it for the custom work but hopefully not to far away 🤞
  6. You can get a brand new r33 one for 580 and is same as a 32 n1 reo apart from where the mounting holes are drilled, with a bit of measuring can easily be redrilled to fit
  7. Nope in fact talking to someone who works at a bmw dealership every time one comes in for service they can send it out with an essay of repairs that are required
  8. tacked the gates on to make sure they clear everything and roofed the manifold again to have them completely welded blocked of the rear turbo drain and the water gallery
  9. Best thing I ever did was go flex, I had a faulty fuel gauge and ran out of fuel and because of the flex tune i was able to stick some 98 in it and drive home
  10. They’d be 12yrs old now if he did
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