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  1. Actually they didn't even get ripped up, they just got covered over with asphalt
  2. Might car mods have one and so does boostaholics (Micheal beranis)
  3. Think I might just hold out for a 2 post hoist
  4. I meant with the scissor lift, don't they cover the entire underside of the car or am I thinking of something different
  5. And the fact you can't pull a gear box out with one
  6. Try being a road worker f**k you get to see the worst of everyone, taxis will start beeping at the guy with the stop/slow sign cause they think it will make them turn it faster, people drive down the wrong side of the road and then the rest of the sheep follow and almost cause head on accidents, people that can't read signs and drive onto the job site and f**k the new road surface we have only just put down and that's just the tip of the ice berg
  7. Photos work fine if you don't use the app
  8. when I had the car wheel aligned last time I was told those castor rods I had put in the car were rubbish and when I ordered the alternator I also ordered some Cusco carstor rods fitted them and had the car aligned again. now I could have sworn I took a photo of them before and after installing them but I can't find the photos
  9. This was my thoughts
  10. Because guilty till proven innocent
  11. Yeah saw that obvious insurance scam
  12. At one stage that's all insurance on the gtr was for me cause I could afford to just go buy another one for 8k with a blown engine, now that they're worth a lot more I want to actually be able to replace it with another one if something happens
  13. They will renew existing policies but will not change the agreed value
  14. The gtr insurance has officially been moved away from nrma vvc
  15. I've got the green slip and comprehensive on the ute with them and the green slip and vcc comprehensive on the gtr they are happy to renew at the same value I had last year but it was seriously undervalued and wouldn't increase it the gtr insurance is in the process of being moved and without photos or a modification list was valued at 10k more then it was with vvc, waiting to hear back what they value it at with the extra info