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  1. Yeah I bought it a few weeks ago, went to marulen last week and it was freezing so didn’t ride much
  2. Dunno I’ve seen king32 and jun2 driven on the street. I’ve even driven past white maatouks car on the way home from roll racing. Yeah they aren’t daily’s but either are many others these days
  3. Bit of an update got the fittings welded onto everythingstuck the power steer cooler back in and ran the hoses in and outand then left the hoses there waiting for the reservoir to be fitted
  4. Depends what you mean by very quiet?you’ll never make it sound stock but getting something that is very streetable without drone is definitely possible. A lot of people are using AES mufflers now and the results have been great, I’ve got a set for my car (getting done next week) and I heard Andrew Hawkins car on the weekend and am confident in my choice
  5. There’s no way I’d buy a set for $1,200 when I’ve seen factory ported ones makes 475kw, that money could be put towards a tune
  6. That set up was f**king shit, the next one that still had twins was good
  7. I loved the way it looked with those wheels on it
  8. Oh thats awesome definitely looks better then my r33 cause it actually exists
  9. There is definitely something special about the r31 gtsr, wonder if there’s any pink ones
  10. The pink ones, any pink skylines are just the best
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