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  1. I painted them, they still worked perfectly so just a quick scuff and a lick of paint and they came up a treat
  2. Pulled the rear housing off the turbo because I swapped it with a mate who’s putting a 6466 into his gtr damn those precisions that leak oil straight out of the box
  3. ran the wiring harness back in the bay and going to retape the parts in the bay to make it look new,
  4. Shit I didn’t realize we were that close to Christmas!! ok maybe by February. I have a goal of when i would like it to be running by, I just have to wait and see if I can actually make it happen
  5. Yeah they do, they did the whole lot start to finish
  6. Custom pistons have been ordered and should be 6-8 weeks away, hopefully have an engine before Xmas
  7. We have always had defects and etc but the fines the epa are handing out in America are well above anything we’ve ever experienced
  8. I used hi octane coatings and then they were coated using clear ceramic coating to stop them from looking shit again
  9. Had a bunch of stuff hydroblasted to make it look fresh when the engine goes back together heres before and after
  10. I tried to buy all new brake lines for the abs pump and only 3 are available, thinking I might get a set made up
  11. Bolts are at the electroplater and once I’ve got them back I can hook into reassembly
  12. It looks a like so much work and after the bay is painted it all seems worth it, it’s surprising how quick it can go back together (I’m just waiting on the bolts at the electroplater)
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