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  1. I can just about put money on who will end up buying it
  2. About 350kw at the wheels with the factory head bolts, if you change them out for studs they will handle a lot more, I've seen over 450kw
  3. For the price of an xr6 turbo these days you'd just buy one of them and for under 5k on top have over 300kw or grab an f6 and be closer to 400
  4. Hopefully not getting charged for storage
  5. It's not going to do much there
  6. Would have helped these people, also turns out the driver had a high speed accident previously that killed his brother
  7. This is why we have race tracks with fire rescue and ambulances there at all times
  8. So I ended up getting one of the ard ones that I posted the link for and it works a treat 👍
  9. The fact it was deregistered in 2013 with 86,000kms and now the auction sheet says it had 67,000kms says it's been wound back. But without the auction date it may have been from years before that although highly unlikely
  10. Didn't get photos of it installed before I refitted everything including the radiator and coolant then I rechecked the running voltage and I won't need to worry about it again
  11. Got a delivery the other day from Japan of corse and he first thing out of the box is an ard 150amp alternator, the original was only charging at 12.3v so with the extra load was only going to get worse
  12. If it's stock and you intend on keeping it that way then why don't you just use a stock one otherwise the options listed above are perfect