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  1. Wow that is amazing, I have dash envy
  2. I trust Adam and he’s kind of close to home which is great. There’s no external switch on mine but on the gear indicator box there’s a wire marked reverse light +ve and I’m assuming that triggers the reverse lights, I drove it on the jack stands to make sure all the gears were there and the neutral lock was working correctly. Guess is should pull it off the stands
  3. Oh last time I went roll racing the engine lifted the head and started pushing water out the over flow on boost
  4. it can be driven, just wont have reverse lights or anything else electrical hooked up the boot was already unstitched from having the getrag in it before probably will be jem cause they tuned it last time
  5. This is a factory as I could get it to lookthe wiring is just sitting on the floor to be done later
  6. When old man 32 gtr said I would have to drive slow so he can keep up
  7. Adam lz has put more Jz engines into cars then the skid Factory
  8. Fitted up the shafts, filled with oil and bled the clutch. Now I’m up to making the gear stick look like it belongs there
  9. Nice bet you’re look forward to getting it. Yeah we should go for a drive and I won’t be able to drive fast cause of the engine pushing water still
  10. Got the gearbox bolted to the engine and crossmember
  11. Had the same issue about a month or so ago, took a while but they eventually arrived
  12. I’ve seen that video and it is an option to do, ppg charge to fit the gear set for you but I like the idea of if it wrong I can send it back and get it corrected
  13. I sent them my 5spd without the transfer attached and they sent it back the same way I thought I had posted this photo earlier
  14. and I got a new clutch to because of the different input shaft
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