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  1. Depends what you want the car for, if you want something that can do everything then go for the modern car. If you want a second car as a weekend toy, go the 90s Japanese car and have a modern daily
  2. Was super keen for that until I realized how much it would be it looks absolutely amazing though
  3. 255 will fit and look spot on and i had a 265 on a 9in wheel before and it looked like it belonged
  4. I’ve got a stainless 3.5 in cat back including the cat with a kakimoto rear cannon and a manga flow center muffler in Sydney cheers Brett
  5. Its been stolen and recovered so someone was trying to rebirth it by changing the vin
  6. Mainly bmw cause they’re junk Do it
  7. No thanks by the time m4s get to 30 years old they will all be gone after everyone get sick of fixing electrical gremlins and suspension failures
  8. And that’s before you find out it’s got rust, every suspension bush is stuffed and the engine is full of sludge cause it wasn’t serviced properly
  9. Even if they end up 30k in auction by the time you ship it, pay duties and taxes, comply it and pay rego and etc you’re basically at double the original price
  10. 33 has it if you have the rb25 manifold, but with an aftermarket plenum or rb26 manifold they fit no issues
  11. No pretty sure nissan owns that car, dunno if they bought it back or never sold it but Nissan Australia owns it
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