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  1. In that race I was against an r32 Gtr with a big single and more power then me and he finished with his front bar lined up with my rear cause mine gets out of the hole so much better
  2. You can see there the ratios aren’t as close as everyone seems to think,
  3. I actually think it’s easier to drive especially taking off, I find 4th at 60km sits just under 3,000rpm which gives it a nice amount of torque when you come to a hill, get to about 70-80 and I put it in 5th and it just cruises along nicely It’s great with the 4.11s, honestly if you have any reserves about it, don’t worry about them cause you won’t regret it
  4. 6 speed and roll racing is a match made in heaven
  5. Anyone in Sydney that wants to do there’s to save buying the socket to do it, I’m happy to lend you mine if you leave a $50 deposit which will be returned to you when you return the socket
  6. Keeps the pressure in the pump, easiest way to know if yours is stuffed is while car car is sitting there idling you’ll hear the attessa pump cycle every couple of minutes.
  7. I had ordered it ages ago knowing I was going to be pulling the rear end and doing all the bushes and diff and thought I’ll do it while I’m in there
  8. Because I hadn’t started the car for ages there was already no pressure in it. I had to buy a big socket go around it and remove the pressure switch to get the socket in there and then it was just unscrew the old one and fit the new one
  9. about 320 plus shipping from rhd
  10. New clutch is a rattler but easy enough to drive, box is noisy at low rpm like all of them are.
  11. I got the rear end in yesterday, bled the clutch fitted the rear shaft and also replaced the nitrogen canister new and old next to each other took the car for drive and the difference it amazing, was worth every cent. Now I just need an alignment before Friday
  12. r32-25t

    Yet excuses on why he can’t bring it out, you, benji, half of that thread
  13. r32-25t

    My car runs, everyone I know with an efr just has excuses
  14. r32-25t

    I like using parts that were designed this century