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  1. Otomoto have this one listed as the being one required for a push type Gtr http://otomoto.mobile034.com/p/8219214/nissan-26mm-bearingcarrier-set-to-suit-os-giken-clutch.html
  2. Honestly I have no idea, Kyle from hi octane had it sitting around because their supplier had sent them the wrong part for another customer and he sold it to me. i will check it for a part number tomorrow
  3. I did a heap of measuring and had worked out that was what was required and late today I picked this puppy up and it will fix my issue I will be able to fit it all when I get a free second and take it for a drive again
  4. The clutch to replace it will be an os r3c that I picked up a couple of months ago from a member on here with very little use on it after ripping the box out I sat the 2 clutches side by side and I realized this wasn’t going to work without some parts sourcing
  5. Nothing “broke” but the ats twin plate while being a fantastic clutch was not strong enough for the mighty twins and slips when I run anything above my lowest boost setting
  6. Well I didn’t expect to have to do this again so soon
  7. I’ll be there and will be bringing the blue car for a change
  8. r32-25t

    Wow that review makes them sounds terrible “from Australia, no experience with them” SARCASM INTENDED
  9. No that’s that cam gear bolts rubbing on the back of the crank angle sensor that you don’t have any spacers behind
  10. r32-25t

    One of them would be very nice on the ute
  11. I never said it can’t be done but it doesn’t make it the best way to do it or make it a better street car there’s a reason maatouks, crd and etc up the capacity, cause it’s better
  12. Yes it will but if you ever get to drive a 2.8 you’ll agree that it’s money well spent if mine lets go the first thing on the shopping list will be a stroker kit
  13. Cause it does everything better