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  1. Yes and the bracket/pump offset is slightly different as well
  2. r32-25t

    And then to complicate it even further is that your 1bar of boost is just the pressure that’s caught in the manifold and not an actual measure of the extra airflow/pressure that has made it into the cylinders
  3. Every time I’ve seen one break it’s been the bolt on the idler. I was unfortunate enough to have it happen on my first skyline in 2002, gave me a good reason to get rid of the rb20 and fit an rb25 though 😁
  4. Aussie versions of cars also end up with factory immobilizors where the Japanese ones won’t
  5. It’s not cheaper but a lot cheaper then when the stock one breaks. I didn’t look at shipping, a trip to rocket ind and a catalogue surely would make it cheaper
  6. Great idea, seen to many break and it’s not cheap when they do
  7. r32-25t

    Seriously dude you should stop giving advice
  8. Thanks for the heads up, will definitely be part of my thinking when deciding what to go with
  9. Yeah they are one option I’m looking at
  10. I’ll admit right now I’m on the fence about which way I’m going and if I don’t see results for them soon they may get over looked
  11. Yeah I have vcam and also intend on building a 2.8 when it lets go
  12. I’ve got a blown set of -5s sitting in my car at the moment and am looking for options, I just want to see the results of these before I fully commit to anything
  13. I keep seeing these pop up in the -5 version but no one seems to be forthcoming with actual results
  14. It’s probably a pull type clutch and needs the bearing to be disengaged from the the pressure plate
  15. You’ll need a balancer to go with the power steering pump