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  1. Everyone is keen for the oil stone but it can be very aggressive and if done wrong can make it so you won’t get any gasket to seal
  2. the doubles are the way to go cause you’ll have boost trying to push them open as well that the pump I’d be using as well
  3. Definitely will need the valve spring as mine floated way before what you’re chasing, some drop in cams will help up high but take away from from down low which you can fix by raising compression. big sump and stronger oil pump are a must, you’d be surprised how bad the factory sump is even with an aftermarket baffle installed
  4. With gtr fest and 2020 done and dusted now is the time to start removing parts that are being replaced. first cab of the rank is the frenchies twin in tank kitfirst I fitted a 460 into the original cradle and put it back where it lives in the tank then I modified the original top hate to take -8 and put some wire through that can hold some current and sealed them with some fuel resistant epoxy
  5. Will be keen to see how it goes, I’m looking at swapping mine to a 1.0 when I put the 2.8 in it, so looking forward to comparing them
  6. Your 6466 will come on way faster then the -5s, I went from -5s to a 6466 .84ts and it’s all in at least 500rpm earlier
  7. Use some wet and dry with petrol instead of water did you put stuff in the cooling galleries or are they all blocked?
  8. If it smells like gear oil then it’s gear oil, most lsd oils are coloured
  9. I told them about every modification on the car
  10. Even at my current value looking at the prices on Carsales and gumtree I couldn’t buy a replacement body
  11. You must live in one hell of a hotspot cause that’s almost double what I’m paying for an r32 gtr through Shannon’s
  12. Put oil in it and squeeze it between your fingers to help impregnate the bush with oil
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