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  1. And video showed they were covered in moss
  2. When I first saw them in high performance imports (both the magazine and the dvd) I thought they were ugly then and I still think they’re ugly now, they seem to have changed colour since back then as they were all a silver colour previously
  3. Obvious troll is obvious
  4. We bought a new house and moved into it over Xmas, here is its current temporary living quarters i sold the splitfire coils to a mate who had a set fail on him, currently has a set of old oem ones in there that don’t work but of corse will be getting upgraded. I have started ordering part for the new build and while waiting for the new workshop to be built and hopefully will have a hoist in it
  5. Was your reply, “then whose gears did you sell me?”
  6. It wouldn’t be a daily, would sit in the shed most of its life (while being modified) and come out every so often on a weekend
  7. If everything falls into place this year then a 996 turbo is on the cards
  8. Dunno I think he did fairly well out of ice ice baby
  9. r32-25t

    Also the amount of interest you pay changes as the loan amount reduces and all sorts of tricks the have in there
  10. r32-25t

    Don’t bother with any kit that doesn’t have a full counter weighted crank. I’d personally use the nitto 2.8 kit
  11. Don’t worry about it, they’re all even just go nuts
  12. r32-25t

    Ask the finance company for a pay out figure and they will tell you the exact number