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  1. Under the alternator and then they’ve made an extension for the back of the pump and you can fit a mechanical fuel pump to the back of it as well
  2. There’s a quiet street right next to it
  3. They usually go through the inner guard on the drivers side, so yeah you’d have to build a custom reservoir
  4. My reason for going to ppg was the fact I’m not going to make 1000 plus horsepower with my car I don’t need one that’s rated for 1,500 and it comes as a complete package ready to bolt in with the position display, gear position sensor, strain gauge (load cell) also primarily being a street car I didn’t want straight cut gears and as Paul said once you put all the rubber boots back in it’s pretty quiet and every report i had heard say how easy it is to drive and they aren’t wrong and being an Aussie product if I do break it i shouldn’t have to wait 6 months to have it repaired or even wait almost a year to get the box only to find out half the parts aren’t there like the poor guy in the build thread is it the best gtr sequential on the market? I highly doubt it, it was the one that best suited my needs in a sequential
  5. Got one in my car, I didn’t get to drive it much before I pulled the engine out but when I did I loved it and the mrs even preferred it over the getrag
  6. https://saunsw.ecwid.com/#!/SAUNSW-Events/c/10151434 Buy here
  7. Dog boxes don’t need to be serviced anymore often then a synchro If used correctly and a synchronized sequential is a waste of time
  8. If you’re paying 20k for a dry sump set up your getting your ass raped
  9. Gtr fest is my goal cause it’ll be a fully prepared track It’s going to have to be one of those 2 I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, it’s a decision I can leave until just before the engine goes back in
  10. I thought I replied to this before and just realized that wasn’t the case With us all our money goes into one account and I wouldn’t spend that kind of money without talking to her about it first should be good to see what kind of difference the sequential makes, My goal is to run a 9 on drag radials (even a 9.99 would make me happy) I’m looking forward to it all coming together and from what I’ve been told it’s not the major inconvenience everyone originally made it out to be. One thing I did find out after paying for it is you have to use an external oil pump which wasn’t expected
  11. I just had another look and you would need to strip it even further then I have, the steering column, all the wiring, the metal bar and even the carpet needs to be pealed back as well. Basically you need to remove everything cause of the way it wraps around it all.
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