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  1. I have an elite in my car and the only additional box I have is the wide band, I also have flex fuel, vcam and crank trigger running through the the elite with plenty of extra spare inputs and outputs
  2. Yes you’re wrong, an additional box isnt required to run any factory sensor. An extra box is required to run a wide band though
  3. Plus shipping, plus duties and ends up just under 5K but yes there are a few ecus that can run it now and the valcon box ends up in the bin. I’ve done it with a haltech elite
  4. No adaptors available now and price drop to 320ono for the injectors as pictured above
  5. Yep that’s the same as my one and I’ve bolted a vice to one side of it 👍
  6. nsw/act 

    Yeah that’s the one, I had my old snap-on box but needed a bench and don’t have the room for a bench and toolbox
  7. nsw/act 

    You’re right thanks for pointing that out, has been fixed now
  8. I have a Garrett gt3076r for sale, have had it sitting around for a while. It was rebuilt but then never fitted to a car again. it has the .70 front cover and a .63 internal gate rear, it doeantn not come with an actuator. Price is $650ono located in seven hills nsw 0407957947
  9. I can pull twins off and put them back on in a day but I’d never pull turbos just to replace dumps as said you need to unbolt the turbo from the manifold, push the turbo down then unbolt the manifold from the head, pull the manifold out then the turbo
  10. I saw one of these a couple of days ago on the road and they’re a great looking car
  11. The front A is the oil feed and the A at the back of the block is the water feed and both the B are the oil returns
  12. To drill them you need to use a drill press on a slow speed and have the rail clamped and then push down nice and light to let the drill do the work,
  13. I was wondering what happened to smb, I drive past them every week and noticed the sign was gone
  14. factory Gtr injectors are 10.5mm as are sard 700s, most of the old school aftermarket injectors are an 11mm as are the aftermarket fuel rails
  15. 1250cc but you’ll need to either drill your rail to 11mm or find a 10.5mm adapter which seems to be difficult