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  1. There shouldn’t be coolant anywhere near the head studs in an rb engine
  2. Aren’t you worried you might get an engine check light?
  3. Nope no anti lag, really need to pull my finger out and work on it
  4. Tommyfyeah on you tube has heaps of them, contact him
  5. I just did mine, disconnected the igniter and main plug for the coil harness, no issue
  6. Jun also does a 264 with 10.5mm of lift. Camtech and kelford do a few good ones as well.
  7. I’d go custom on the exhaust as well, cause the japs love to throw a restrictor or 2 in their exhausts. unigroup does a camshaft set that are 260° with almost 11mm of lift
  8. My suggestions would depend if you want cams that work or ones that have a Japanese brand on them?
  9. Don’t waste your time with poncams, get something with a decent amount of lift
  10. They claim the 6062 makes more but I’m yet to see a result that backs it up
  11. He break something in the hand brake
  12. Get a nismo coppermix twin plate! It will hold your power goal, drives like stock and it doesn’t rattle, problem solved
  13. Just really old oem coils, When I get the injectors I’ll change the plugs and swap the r35 coils in and it should be gold
  14. There’s no hope of skids, it can’t even drive 300m without a coilpack shutting off
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