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  1. Most fuel pressure regulators are 1:1 rising rate even oem ones
  2. I could do that but I’m not at the limit of this one just at the sensible limit of the standard engine hehe
  3. Finally got to drive it an anger and no engine protection issues and I can hold the steering wheel with one hand under full power now
  4. This is a surprise, I was expecting a ve/vf
  5. Took it for a drive today, couldn’t boot it cause there was a cop with a radar gun on my Mexican private road. Still drove fairly nicely
  6. They’re f**king shit boxes that have more problems then a Ferrari
  7. It’s not to bad just do it all from underneath. I miss driving it with the twins, because now every time I see a cop my heart rate speeds up
  8. Trust me you don’t need to remove the engine for mounts, we just happened to find the mounts after removing the engine
  9. I’m sorry that you see the need to get defensive about the fact no one cares about fuel economy in these cars
  10. I think out of all the gtr build threads mine has gone the longest with out the engine coming coming out and will only be out for week 😁
  11. No one except you and old mate that started this thread gives a shit about fuel economy in a skyline
  12. I don’t take mine to the track either and while accelerating in a straight line with the stock sump with a tomei baffle it kept tripping the engine protection due to oil surge
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