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  1. They’re such a good looking car shame the dash is so ugly
  2. They are going to replace any of the seam sealer that’s damaged and a couple of little thing and then leave the rest of it how it is and paint it the same as the outside
  3. Bay got blasted today gets etch primer tomorrow and then paint during the week
  4. Interesting! I haven’t had any issues with mine, I also didn’t get to drive it much before the engine came out
  5. I completely understand, it’s the same reason I haven’t made the jump
  6. I’ve seen an evo that was insured with them get a full respray after it was keyed
  7. It’s a 33 engine that had never been rebuilt so at least 23yrs old, yeah I had the engine protection kept tripping because oil pressure dropping until I put the big sump on it those were by far the worst of the lot but all of the bearings showed signs of issues, luckily the crank is still perfect and should be able to sell it
  8. I’m currently with Shannon’s but I also think my car is under insured
  9. Pulled the old engine apart today because I need the oil squirters out of it for the new engine looks like I pulled the engine out just at the right time because they were ready to knock and start damaging things
  10. I have a ppg and not an os88, the person you want to ask is @Piggaz he had the os88 before swapping to the ppg
  11. For an r32 gtr I need one of the bolts for the front of the front crossmember. It’s the set the are linked together with a bracket up top and then drops down through the chassis rail willing to pay for the part and postage as required cheers Brett
  12. Because 735kw is harder to say and doesn’t sound as impressive
  13. It’s alright, you’ll still be impressed when you drive it 🙂
  14. Did a bit of running around today, first I picked up the engine covers I had the powder coat removed and am going to have them painted after I decide on a colour then off to rams to pick the head up all ported and the chambers opened up and all the good bits fitted and valve clearances set also because I was told the Jun cams had to much lift and duration rams supplied some new cams for me Only kidding 😝
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