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  1. Sounds awesome. Gotta love a screamer! Your green traffic lights are a different colour to ours here...... 😜
  2. Stunning looking car! Red works perfectly with the black accents. Good job!
  3. Pretty sure they do an alloy core but getting iron core meant getting one straight away. No real advantage apart from a bit of weight anyway. Iron should be more heat resilient too.
  4. There she is. What a beautiful sight to behold! The turbine housing has been bolted on upside but don't worry about that! 😂😂 I desperately want my manifold to arrive now but it's yet to be finished so still a few weeks off
  5. D Front pipes sold pending payment. Some updated sexy HPI dump pipes now that they're off the car.
  6. EFR8474 ordered, arriving this week but manifold a few weeks/a month away. Aiming for results before Christmas (RB30/26 (9.5:1 comp), Sinco manifold, 60mm Powergate, 4" exhaust, E85, water/meth injection(if I get around to installing it...). Hopefully should be a response monster!
  7. Yeah maybe... I might have slightly underestimated the cost of going single though. Goddam!
  8. Wow, there goes another 6 months of inactivity.... I tend to lose interest over winter as that’s dirt bike season. Best time to be up the hills playing in the mud. Ok, so I’ve discovered a very expensive motivation technique, buy expensive parts and hopefully you feel guilted into fitting them! In a nutshell I’ve sold my -5 twins and ordered a single turbo, manifold, gate, etc, etc. After MUCH deliberation I’ve ordered an EFR8474. Wont make huge power but that’s not what I’m after. Hopefully should are 500-550ish kWs at the wheels. Anywhere in that vicinity will be awesome. I’ve crossed the ‘dutch’ and ordered a Sinco turbo manifold from NZ to suit 30/26 setup. I’m building my own dump and wastegate piping so stay tuned for lots of swearing! If it all gets too hard I’ll cave in and pay someone else to do it. That will be a mental challenge though as so far, apart from machining I’ve done everything myself. I’d be sad to cave in so close to hitting the road... Attached is a dodgy video of me giving it a quick rev once the exhaust was finished. Shoots some nice flames out the exhaust! I might have been a little bit pissy at the time. Shed beers got out of hand..... 07945466-8E85-45BD-A68A-FE2D7F6A3A06.mp4
  9. I know, I know... But yet again, there has to be a point where you say enough is enough and also - do I actually need to make another 40 kW more?? I can't argue with the improved response though, that's more what I'm after. So... Might have tracked down a 8474.... Will only be 1.05 housing though.
  10. Honestly it comes down to cost. I’d love to have cash to burn but unfortunately not. I know it’s probably only another $750 or so but where do you stop? I haven’t driven my car for 7 years so anything is going to be good! 😂 I can get the 9174 or 9180 for under $3500 whereas I can’t see 8474’s for under $4250. I haven’t done a lot of research on other 8474 either TBH. Will it produce more than the 9174/9180 or just better spool?
  11. Hi guys, up for sale are a few bits I'm selling off my car. The first is a set of HPI 3" dump pipes. These have only been put on the engine and run for 10 minutes. Have barely been up to full operating temperature. They were around the $800 when I bought them. a quick look on Kudos has them at the same money now. Chasing $550 posted anywhere in Australia. Second is my front pipes that are proper 3" primaries which then merge into a 4" V-Band. They're mild steel (painted with high temp paint) and the V-Band is stainless. You would need to modify your current exhaust if you're adding this to a factory position setup as the cat might be in a slightly different position. They have O2 sensor bungs welded in to suit later model Bosch O2 sensors. Chasing $250 posted anywhere in Australia. Cost on these is a bit to do with the complexity to post. I've more pictures I can send if needed. PM me your mobile and I can flick them through. It's all still on the car at the moment but will be removing this weekend. I'm in Shepparton (northern Victoria) and I sometimes get to Melbourne so could potentially drop them there. I think the prices are pretty reasonable but if you've got a realistic offer then I'm open to hear it! Cheers.
  12. Thanks Geoff, great info. I really want the simplicity of single so definitely going that way. Given I can get a 9174 with a 1.45 and a 9180 with a 1.05 housing for the same price, what would be the better option? I’m leaning towards 9174 for some reason I can’t fully explain apart from gut feeling! The turbo manifold I’m looking at (Sinco twin scroll forward facing) recommends/mandates 60mm wastegate. Is that too big? I would have thought 50mm was the better size but if there’s no option to get 50mm will the 60mm be ok? Thanks again.
  13. For the sake of re-routing two hoses you'd be crazy if you didn't. The life of the turbo and of your oil would be dramatically increased by having the cooling plumbed in.
  14. Hi guys, this is my first foray into single turbos so go easy on me! I'm looking at a few different turbos being 9180 with 1.05 housing and then a 9174. It's going on an RB30/26 and I'm chasing a maximum of 550kW at the treads. If it's more or less I'm not fussed. To be honest I'd prefer more midrange response than massive top end. Obviously two fairly similar turbos in terms of power capabilty but done in a different way. One with flow, the other with the ability to spin up to a higher speed. What effect would whacking a 1.45 housing on the back of the 9174 have? Would that harm low range too much at the expense of top end or would the lower restriction be a bonus all across the range? I'm being a hog here firing off so many questions at once but in regards to manifolds, obviously split pulse but is a twin wastegate (one off each bank) better than a big single wastegate which is not really a true split pulse? I know the signle is a lot less mucking around with less wastegate plumbing to worry about. Many thanks guys, I've been loving all the discussion on here but it's still a bit data heavy for me so hopefully you legends can point me in the right direction!
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