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  1. God damn spammers are taking it to the next level nowadays aren't they?! They now start with some passive/aggressive abuse and then flow smoothly into the spam part. I recognise and appreciate the skill of the new age spammers. Bravo.
  2. Not a lot mate, I’m still sulking about my failures! I’ve ripped apart the gearbox. It all looks pretty old and worn in there. I might just whack my old gearbox in as apart from a grinding 4th gear change it’s a known good box. I really need to get into it or I’ll fully lose interest yet again.
  3. It's just a cheap one off Ebay- https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331881988969 I chose this one as it comes with the thread in the base of the mounting post. I bought a threaded rod and nuts if I need a longer adjuster.
  4. For a $60 upgrade price and an hours welding and drilling work it's pretty cost effective!
  5. Not finished yet but my engine crane modded to double as a trans hoist. Should hopefully do the trick! Will probably need a few more mods to make it work.
  6. @Old man 32 GTR this looks to be the answer (if you wanted to spend another $600 which I don’t! 😂) It actually looks pretty cool. It even has GPS in it so you can preset certain areas to be a certain noise level. Every police station can be preset to silent mode! Alternatively for the switch option I found a basic but good video of how to wire up the Varex to a switch-
  7. I'll have a read of the instructions at some point and see if there is any mention of setting up differently. Might be able to wire a cut off when full open or closed.
  8. Yeah its not easy jamming 4" pipe under there! It looks like the 33 might have more room up behind the bumper to tuck a rear muffler away.
  9. Gotcha. Great advice, so thanks again. I'll probably be lazy and do the speedy way first so I don't waste too much time on it! Ideally the remote would have an option to set up just full open and full closed. I'd only ever have it quiet for stealthy time then wide open the rest. Don't really see the point to in between!
  10. @Old man 32 GTR on another note, damn it looks bloody big! I'll be trying to mount mine as high up as possible under the car. Hoping to only have the tip poking out.
  11. @Old man 32 GTR thanks for the tip! I did think the remotes looked a little on the cheap side. Is it because they play up or just hard to use?
  12. Apologies this post is extremely pic heavy! A little bit of catching up to do! Still just fluffing around with minimal drive! More cleaning of the front suspension so it all looks nice. I'm now going to replace the lower inner ball joint as well as the lower outer. The only one I won't do for now is the upper outer big bastard that is a dog of a job that I'll avoid for now... On other goings on I bought a cheap metal band saw for cutting pipe easier (maybe....). Impressions so far are TBC. Hopefully it's only the cheap blade that came with it but I've already broken a blade after about 10 or 12 cuts of 4" stainless. I'll order in some new blades and hopefully get a better result. I did manage to get enough (10) pie cut sections to be able to make a lobster back 90 degree bend. I decided that the car is too loud so thought I'd give a Varex Muffler a go. It's the biggest one they make being 4" in and out. I'll try and fit it without having to modify the exhaust so I can reuse the other Muffler if it turns out shit. It's a tiny outlet in closed position so will knock a heap of power out but hopefully nice and quiet. Can someone help identify my front LSD? I've googled a heap of pictures but can't find one the same. I'm thinking maybe Cusco but not 100% on that. There are also some similarities with the OS Giken but I don't think it's one of them. Painted up some other bits and pieces to make them look pretty. These are the mid car chassis braces- I also decided to pull the box out to make sure everything is all good in the clutch area. Plus I want to pull apart my transfer case to make sure I haven't done anything wrong there. Once the front diff is re-assembled and I've checked over the transfer case hopefully I've eliminated everything that could have caused my noises! I forgot how much of a dog of a job pulling the box out is! Every other time I've pull the whole thing out as a whole unit (down through the bottom). You guys doing it on the ground are now my heroes! I bought a jack transmission cradle that I couldn't be bothered waiting for. I'm going to try and mount it to my engine crane to be able to use it up in the air as opposed to on the ground. I'll see how that turns out... This is a spare (broken) box I bought that has a pre-modified transfer case. I might use that one if i start to doubt mine too much! Ground out a bit of material from the front diff housing to make re-install a bit easier. All cleaned out ready for re-install- Again it's a slow burn on my enthusiasm but we're slowly but surely getting there! Probably aiming to have it all back together mid Feb. If not, what's another month or two!! .
  13. Yep love to see the whole thing in full detail!
  14. Wow, those rails were toast! I’ve seen some bad ones but that takes the cake! Looks heaps better after replacement. Look forward to seeing this all come together. No rush, mine has been over 7 years!
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