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  1. It's been a grind let me tell you! Most nights during the week plus every Saturday afternoon and full day Sunday for the past 9 or 10 weeks. It's probably the longest stint I've put into it in one go. The light at the end of the tunnel is close enough this time to keep pushing!
  2. Nothing much to show in photos... Oil and coolant feeds/drains all done. I'm currently assembling everything to prepare to hit the key. I keep finding things I need to modify the more parts I put back on! Some stuff I will go back and fix later on, getting it on the road is the priority for now. I kept (for now) the factory coolant pipes (modified obviously) for the turbo water feed. I raised it up to clear the turbo and decided to add a bleed screw into the banjo bolt as it is now the highest point of the engine. Worked well for bleeding while filling the cooling system. I'm just finishing off the oil filter rellocation, running -3 AN fittings and braided hose to the MAC valve, install and wire in the turbo speed sensor, tidy up the wiring then it will be pretty much time to hit the key. I've primed the system to get oil into the turbo before starting it so it's not spinning up with no oil pressure. Will hopefully get the water meth kit installed by next week but not a priority at this point. The water meth with be more beneficial when on pump as opposed to E85 but will be interesting to see if there are gains/benefits running it while on the corn juice. No doubt there will be other little bits and pieces to do but will hopefully kick it in the guts tomorrow night! Photos show how dusty the poor thing is from sitting in the shed even under a cover. Its had 2 washes in about 6 years I think....
  3. .....and attempts to remove fingers...
  4. Food looks amazing! Bathroom looking titts too! The copper base is an awesome idea, we’ve got a leaking shower base at the moment. In a 6 year old house.... Dodgy waterproofing much....?
  5. 500kW not enough? The thirst for more is relentless! Hopefully hitting the key on mine by this weekend and tune is on the 22nd of this month. Can't wait!
  6. Ok, MAYBE I'll be ok then as I've got twin -6 feeds which should flow a fair bit more than a single -8. I'm running 2200cc injectors so they will be mire than adequate. It will depend if it was the ability of the pumps to push more or the capacity or the size of the hose to flow more volume. One way to find out! I really don't want to have to upgrade my fuel system at this point....
  7. @welshy_32ZILA firstly shit!!!!! I've got twin 044's so I'm in strife... What fuel lines and what size injectors? 1.45 arse end would definitely be the right size for mine but I honestly don't want/need 600+kW. 500-550 will be insane and require way more skill than I have to control it! I love how you (or whoever filmed the dyno run) was giggling like a little school girl! I'll be the same no doubt!
  8. Cool, I’ll try to remember to order from you next time I need some stuff. 7 years shows how terrible my dedication is! I’ve had that many false starts it’s not funny! This time is finally the time though. I can almost taste it! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  9. Ha ha, you've got it all worked out! What do you sell in the e-comm store? I've love to think I'd have this thing running by next week if I can put a decent amount of time into it this week. Melbourne Cup Day tomorrow so will hopefully get most of the day to work on it. The kids will get fed breakfast and lunch, other than that they're on their own! The good wife is working so I'm on dad duty. That generally means spending as little time with them as possible! I love them but they need to learn to be self sufficient in case of the next zombie apocalypse.....
  10. Yeah definitely rolling out some nice lines now. Trust me, I still completely F up the odd one still! I'll think I'm flying along then next minute hit a thin spot and blow a hole through! I'm pretty good at filling holes now, plenty of practice! My skills at welding together non perfect joins are all so a lot better that a few weeks ago. At the start of this unless it was a perfect butt between the two parts I would be in all sorts and blow holes everywhere. Now I can still move along pretty well even with a 1mm gap between the two parts. As for a tuning shop, it's every car nuts dream but unfortunately I understand that it's not a reality for me now. However, if I get sick of flogging cars for a crust then who knows! It's crossed my mind many times over the past 5-10 years every time I question my commitment to what I do now. Car sales management pays too well to just up and leave it so I think I'm stuck for good! Selling cars is like the mafia, you do it for a while, decide to get out cause it's killing you, try something else for a while then realise the money and perks just aren't the same outside of the game so back in you go! I've only pondered leaving, not actually done it like many others that have and regretted it.
  11. Down stream of intercooler piping is done. Damn that was a mission..... I think I just made something simple really bloody complicated! A lot of pissing around but came up ok in the end. Apart from water/meth nozzle all piping is done. I'm really enjoying all this welding, going to need a future welding project to keep my eye in. Next is plumbing the coolant, oil and oil drain to the turbo. Should be pretty easy compared to what I've already done. Ive got an Aeroflow kit for the coolant and water so should be nice and neat. Turbo drain looks tricky with minimal clear paths from turbo to block fitting. Might have to make up some metal tubing to get past the turbo then just hose from there.
  12. Beautiful car! Bloody R32's, they've grown on me.... In many ways an unmodified car is the smart move in terms of future value. Unfortunately smart and fun are a little too far apart for me so modified is the only way! Enjoy it!
  13. This anyone on here? Specs from the description- RB26, EFR8474 with 1.05 rear, E85, 6Boost, Twin 40mm wastegates, 4” exhaust, EMTRON ECU. Makes me think 550kW atw might be out of reach for mine as the specs of this car are quite similar to mine bar mine being a 3L bottom end. Then again the 3L is nearly 9% bigger than a 2.6L so maybe! Will find out at the end of the month I guess! I’ll be stoked with whatever it makes to be honest, at least it will be finally running!
  14. Pretty much finished off the hot side of the turbo to intercooler piping. It could have better to be honest but I can always redo it later on. I'm out of Argon so need to top up today before I can do any more. Hopefully I'll get the cool side of the intake piping finished over the weekend. Its a bit trickier than the other side as it has the blow off outlet. I also need to mount the water/meth mister in that piping too. I've got a basic idea on how I'm doing it but will play around once the rest of the piping is finished. Shouldn't be too hard though. 19 days till my tune booking so the pressure is on!
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