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  1. @toranarod you're a brave man for tackling it. You're balls deep now so no turning back!
  2. It all comes down to the life they've lived. If they've been well garaged they will have minimal or zero rust. The less time they've been in Japan the better too. Obviously the further away from the ocean its spent its life will also have a major bearing on rust. A car looking like yours I would say has lived near the ocean a lot of its life seeing the rust is under the bonnet and in between panels as opposed to exposed panels or under the vehicle.
  3. Welcome! Now sell those two and buy a Skyline! Or at the very least twin turbo the Z and then you can stay!!! . Actually just do the 350 thing, there are enough Yanks fighting us for Skyline parts and cars now as it is!
  4. Slight segway but hows that quality of the ad for a car they're asking $487000 for 😂!! https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/p778104436?conversionType=yac_item_bottom_recommend_list "The pictures speak for themselves"!!
  5. Spent most of the weekend stripping down parts to get ready for powder coating. I’m getting k-frame, trans cross member, main body brace (goes under trans), p/s oil cooler pipe, exhaust heat shields plus a whole heap of other little bits and pieces coated. Pretty much everything from the front end that is looking a little bit like it’s 25 years old.... I’ll do the arse end suspension parts whenever I decide to change over to the mechanical (non active) LSD diff I sourced for it about 6 years ago. I’ve also decided to ditch the wrinkle red on the inlet manifold at the same time. I’ll see how that comes out before saying/showing anything about colour. On other matters I’ve finally got my front diff/sump back today. Hopefully all perfectly setup now. I can’t wait to do my first dual LSD launch! Hopefully not at the expense of my gearbox..... Speaking of the gearbox, it has arrived at Neat Gearboxes in Adelaide but they’re mid workshop move (not great timing for me!) so probably won’t see the gearbox back till mid to late October. In that time I’ll get the sump refit to the engine and have all the parts back from powder coating so will be able reassemble all of the k-frame (steering rack, cooling pipes etc) and get the engine remounted up waiting for the gearbox internals so as soon as they arrive I can reassemble that and bolt it back on the engine. A few other bits and pieces I have to do are fitting the weld on fitting to the exhaust manifold for the EMAP pipe to connect to. I also have to wire in the EMAP sensor to the ECU, hopefully I have a spare input readily available.... I’ve also decided to replace my head drain/breather with the new PRP dual water/oil drain fitting. I’m not sure if I’ll do it straight away but I’ll enventually fit a header tank linked to that fitting.In the meantime I’ll fit a terminated hose to it poking from around the back of the engine as I don’t think I’d be able to get one fitted once the engine is back in. Still a huge amount of little bits and pieces to do but we currently have a couple of things that have been severely lacking over the past 10 months (motivation and progress) so I’ll capitalise on those while it lasts! I’m pretty confident that this time is finally the time it gets to the point of hitting the road. Maybe, just maybe....... I’ll post some piccies once I actually have some decent to show!
  6. What a stunning blank canvas to start with, great score! Look forward to seeing it all come together.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Its not worth stuffing around with for that sort of money! Speaking of which, how much did it cost all up? PM me if you'd prefer. Can't wait to see vids of flat shifts at 9k rpm!
  8. Nice, that's the way to do it! I watched another video where PPG just sent the centre section and the owner had to make a few mods to the housings to make it all fit. Admittedly it was in the States so a costly exercise to send housings over just to have them shipped back again!
  9. Did you order the PPG complete or was it just the assembled centre plate and you sourced the housings?
  10. The internet is already having it's way with the 400Z!
  11. Only second hand information but apparently they're starting from $38000USD so allowing for conversion plus whacking on a bit of Australia tax it could well be at or just over $60K plus on roads. Seems fair?
  12. Here's a polarising question.... If you had a R32 or R33 GTR that you could sell for exactly the same money as the new Z ended up being, would you sell it and buy the Z? Give up a real cult status car for maybe a future cult status car. Give up the old school 90s interior for a super modern full digital dash. Give up tricky cold starts for hit the start button and go? I could go on! What's your thoughts?
  13. If they get the pricing right they have a chance to do what the Mustang did when it relaunched into the market. I'd love to think @mlr that you're right at that price point but I'm scared it might be a fair but more....
  14. If you weren't already aware today was the global launch of the forthcoming 370Z replacement (400Z??). I REALLY like it but I haven't quite come to terms with the front grill/air dam section of the car yet. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's either too big or too square or a combination of the two. I'm sure it will grow on me in time. Other than that the side profile is amazing. Such beautiful flowing lines. Amazingly it'll come standard with a 6 speed manual which is a surprise. I honestly reckon more people will love the idea of that than the reality of it and most sold will be autos. Time will tell on that! This is a sacrilegeous statement but I honestly don't know if I'd get manual or auto. Depends what I decided I was buying the car for. If it was for track days then definitely manual. If just for a Sunday cruiser I'd definitely consider the auto if it was a good one. All in all I think they're absolutely on to a winner, it's a stunning looking car and hopefully with matching performance from the twin turbo V6. I can't see anything official about engine yet. I think they'll keep that for a later announcement to keep some info up their sleeves. What does everyone else think?
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