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  1. Amazing stuff mate, you’ve done a brilliant job! Your enthusiasm for your car and your family is infectious! You’re a lot more hardcore tinkerer than I am. When it hits 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) it’s too cold for me to go in the shed but you’re working at -30 Celsius! Are there any parts left in Australia or have you bought them all??!! Thanks for the support 😂😂 Keep it up!
  2. This doesn't really feel like progress but I guess it is... Stripping the motor down to prepare for the arrival of the PRP engine brace. Want to be ready to send the bottom end off for machining as soon as the brace arrives. It's only run for a fairly short amount of time but everything looks pretty good in there so far in terms of bearings and the pistons. The Teflon coating on the pistons has worn off quicker than I would have expected. Feels good to spend a bit of time out in the shed again. Needs a bloody good tidy up though.....
  3. It's this year isn't it? I think I'm running out of time! Extra shit is never for no reason, whachoo talkin bout? There is always a reason to buy more parts! I've said it many times before, I rather buy shit than bolt it on!
  4. Nice! The one thing I know I should do on mine while it's all in bits is to paint the engine bay at the very least but I just can't bring myself to do it! I'm better off getting the thing on the road then I can go back to aesthetics later on! Yeah the hoses and clamps and fittings add up to an insane amount of money! You can never be prepared for the amount of extra stuff you need.
  5. Sounds like a pretty nice shopping list. Probably a good 15 or 16 grand worth of tasty goodies in there! I'd love to tell you that's all you'll need but as you probably know by now it never is, there's always something else you think you need part way through the build! Look forward to seeing it all come together, should be a well sorted build.
  6. Ha ha, yeah it has become a bit of a joke! Luckily half of the original followers have either unsubscribed or died over the 9 years or there would be even more upset people! 🤣
  7. Was hoping no one would remember that! 😂 I’ll definitely use it, just not on this car. I spent too much time on it to desert it completely!
  8. Monthly commissions in, monthly commissions out.... PRP Block Brace ordered. IMR single throttle body with Bosch DBW ordered. Bummer. I may have just added another few years to this build.... Apologies to anyone that actually cared if it got on the road over the next 2 years! 🤣
  9. Very nice tigging, good job! Agood selection of toys you have there!
  10. Nice parts accumulation! My favourite part of working on cars! I’m better at buying stuff for it than fitting it.....
  11. Right, so I'm not going to claim this as a massive milestone but I only had about an hour to work on the car over the weekend but rather than sit there staring at it I actually did a little thing! I'm going to run an emap (exhaust manifold pressure) sensor so drilled a hole in the manifold, ground a weld on flange to match the shape of the pipes on the manifold, and welded the sucker on. Can tell I haven't tigged anything for a loooooong time as it was a bit shaky to start with. Not pretty but it'll hold! In other developments- procrastinating over fitting a PRP engine brace while the engine is still out (means fully disassembling engine again if I do...), going drive by wire single throttle body (plenty of reasons why and probably just as many why not!) and also contemplating a bigger/better surge tank and fuel setup as I'm pretty confident mine won't be sufficient. More money, more delays, more excuses... Anyway. Let's hope this is the first tiny little step in the direction of progress!
  12. Oh to have that sort of money to throw at our cars.... "Hello Nissan Parts? I'll have one of everything thanks, bye" I must say I need this type of motivation in my life right now!
  13. 🤣 Press mods are on hold for now! Unfortunately I’m being distracted by a bloody Skyline. Much rather be working on the press....
  14. Also @OST Micah fingers crossed the Speedtek gear set works out for the both of us! There was a lot of pressure by other forum members not to do it so personally I will look like a massive dick if mine turns to poo! I’ll cop every single “I told you so” on the chin if needed! 🤣
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