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  1. Welcome! Raises an interesting topic, I can't actually remember what made me initially drawn to the Skylines. I don't recall if I ever saw one on the roads or whether it was in Zoom Magazine when I was drooling over Jap engines to put into something.
  2. Most stuff on here will relate to DOHC heads. What info specifically are you chasing?
  3. All these painted engine bays making me realise how stupid I am for not doing it! Looking awesome mate!
  4. I can't remember who did it. It was a few years ago now. The guy was located in the inner Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne but he would travel around and pickup the parts. I was tempted to clear coat the stuff I had done to try and keep it looking that good for longer.
  5. Hydroblasting is amazing! I highly rate its results. Makes stuff look new again. Apart from my engine mounts I've never ended up using anything I had blasted but hey, it looks good in a box somewhere!
  6. It's not actually LPG running the taxis, it's pressurised Start Ya Bastard they bought in bulk at Supercheap when it was on sale 2 cans for the price of 1.
  7. These are the guys that have done a number of Japanese to English workshop manual convertsions- https://jpnz.co.nz/product/nissan-stagea-owners-user-manual-in-english-2001-2007/ Pretty good value really.
  8. Ha ha, I wish! It’s because I’m married that it’s so long between each time I’m allowed buy stuff that I forget I’ve already bought it! That’s actually entirely untrue. It’s because I buy so many parts that I don’t realise I’ve already bought them! I just buy shit with reckless abandon! If I was as good at fitting parts as I was at buying them I’d be done years ago! 😅
  9. I hate BMWs. I can’t comment on the latest stuff but up till 2015 they all drive like a bucket of saggy ball bags. They’re the “drivers car” cause if you ain’t hanging off the steering wheel you’re in the gutter. #waitingfortheflames Youll never sell the Skyline, you’ve only just made it pretty! If you can hook up enough Start Ya Bastard cans who needs injectors?
  10. Another day of masking things up and then powdercoating them then taking 2 hours of masking off in 20 seconds... Masking is a laborious task at best! Intake plenum spacer, oil pickup and turbo exhaust housing all done now. I THINK that's the bulk of things sorted now that would hold me up were I to start bolting it all together. Time will tell how resilient the high temp powdercoat is especially on the turbo.... I'm still a little torn as to whether I do the front housing on the turbo. I don't want to end up with too much black. It's already going to be very black in there... Today's pics-
  11. Wow, Santa has been kind to you! Best part of any build for me is the accumulation of nice bits. I enjoy it that much I've even bought shit twice! Look forward to seeing it all come together for you.
  12. Looks stunning! I do love a Bayside Blue 34. I presume buying it in 2019 you beat the crazy price rises or did you have to pay big ¥¥ for it? You say "currently living in Japan", does that mean it's not permanent? I desperately want to get to Japan at some point before I get too old to appreciate it! 🤣
  13. After avoiding working on the GT-R for the vast majority of the last few lockdowns I absolutely banned myself from doing anything BUT work on the Skyline today. Nek minnit I'm reallocation power points in the shed and watching BMX Bandits with the kids. Oh FFS.... But I did manage to get my exhaust manifold and the intake plenum prepped and powdercoated. The exhaust I was always going to do but the intake was one of those things I was just going to stop dicking around and whack it on. So glad I did it though as it came up awesome! I'm really happy with it. The exhaust came up so-so. It has a few lumps and blemishes in it but by the time I've run it a few times I'm sure they'll be invisible anyway. Just got the plenum to head spacer to do tomorrow then both sides are done. I'm going to have to get the local powdercoater to do my dump pipe and wastegate pipes as they're too big to fit in my oven in the shed. Might need to update to a newer/larger model! I made up a bit of a jig to hold the exhaust upright in the oven to stop it touching on anything. It worked quite well. The exhaust is a high temp powdercoat and just satin black for the cold side. Really don't know how the high temp powdercoat will hold up. Presumably not as good as ceramic coating but as long as it holds the rust at bay it's worth it! Some action shots from the day-
  14. I put mine on wheels. Makes it super easy to keep moving it from one side of the shed to another when it constantly gets in the way!
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