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  1. All of them? Full exhaust Front mount Fuel system - injectors, rail, reg, fuel pump, etc ECU - flex sensor & wideband (you'll probably want fuel pressure, air temp, oil temp, oil pressure as well for engine protection etc) Dyno tuning costs Labor costs for above as I'm guessing you'll be paying to have it all done So only another $10,000 or so on top really lol
  2. Hi all, I've pretty much got my shopping list sorted for the new fuel system, there is only one thing left to work out... dual entry or single entry setup for the fuel rail? I've been strongly recommended by a few people to run dual entry with the center return setup. Their main argument tends to be that due to the length of the rail, I might see a pressure drop across the rail and I could have a cylinder slightly lean out at times. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, the way I see it if the fuel pump can keep up and the reg is doing it's job then the fuel pressure should always be equal across the rail. The more I look around the more I find people running both setups, and I can't seem to see any downsides performance wise either way. I'm keen to hear some more thoughts on the matter.
  3. If your creative you can create your own form of traction control using the speed limiter function 1. Create the table using gear and rpm as your axis 2. Populate the tables, inputting the speed that you would achieve in each gear vs rpm with no wheel spin 3. In the main setup for the speed limiter, set the tolerance say 5 kph with ignition as the limit method 4. Then you can play with the ignition cut %, say start around 30% - 50% for a nice soft cut. See what works for you by adjusting the % cut I run a pro plug in, no complaints here
  4. Yep, been closed for a while now
  5. Thanks heaps for all the feedback everyone. Will be going with the ID1050X's setup for sure.
  6. Yep have thought long and hard about that before I started my build, it's all been setup with 300kw in mind. If I want more, I'll build a turbo k swapped mx5 and the skyline will stay at 300kw.
  7. So if we had 2 identical cars, one running 740s and the other running top feed, the top feed car would have a noticeably better idle? I've never been in a skyline with 740s but I'm guessing they idle fine? I just don't want to pay more for say a 5% improvement in idle quality
  8. I appreciate that modern injectors are a better thing, but will I benefit from it if I'm only making 300kw? I can't see that I'd ever need more then base fuel pressure
  9. Hi all, I'm about to put a set of injectors in and I can't seem to look past just throwing in a set of nismo 740s. I'm only looking to make around 300kw on flex, so I can't see a reason to use anything else. Doing a top feed conversion just seems like more work and cost for no real gain. I assume I'm correct in that the nismo 740s will idle fine, run e85 fine and cope with 300kw? So is there any real world advantage to using a modern injector, say ID1050X? Cheers!
  10. No worries, I hadn't had any luck finding a place that could rebuild it but at least I have hope now. I'll keep digging. Also thanks for the Amayama back up plan, not keen to spend $1,600 however will if that's my only option
  11. What state are you in? This would be legal in NSW once the car was engineered.
  12. Is this something you've personally done or know anyone that has? I'd be worried that the rebuilt compressor will fail in a few years time =/ Any ideas on who could rebuild it and costs involved?
  13. Hi all, Has anyone been able to source a replacement AC compressor for an R33 gtst? I'm not looking to gamble on a 2nd hand item. All I can seem to find is the R32 GTR compressor on RHD and when speaking to my air con guy, he didn't have the part listed. Cheers!
  14. Langs Differentials in Hornsby is also pretty good, nice guy too
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