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  1. Slap has invented the world's first mechanical air fuel ratio gauge. Think of the cost savings, never having to replace another sensor again
  2. Google closed loop and open loop control systems. Get on YouTube if you still can't work out what an open/closed loop control system is. It is very clear you do not understand what each term means. Regarding your 'load map', there are high load areas on the fuel and timing maps, I've never seen a separate map specifically for when the engine is on high load. I hope such a thing doesn't exist because it would be a pain to tune, constantly swapping between multiple maps. While your googling, Google fuel map and have a look on the images, you'll see the maps cover the entire rpm and load range the engine operates in. I was serious about the English as a second language question, do you speak another language?
  3. Slap, is English your second language? What your saying doesn't make any sense...
  4. Ok, I'll bite. What are these 'load maps' you speak of? I've heard of fuel maps, timing maps, but not 'load maps' - please enlighten me.
  5. You can still buy the old dinosaur DW injectors brand new new. When I say they are old, I mean old design. As in, they are side feed injectors that are essentially milled stock injectors. Modern injectors are a much better design. On the plus side, your mixtures don't look bad on those runs. If your car is making 300hp, I can't believe your spark plug gap even came up in discussion. I would bet there are many people running around on factory spec plugs without any issues at all at that power level. Please post back with results after you have replaced your coils.
  6. FPR is a fuel pressure regulator. I just quickly re-read your posts again, you mentioned that your AFR is around 14-15 on 'load'. Originally I interpreted that as light cruise, is that what you meant or is it 14-15 AFR on full boost? Re your injectors, yes you have terrible injectors by today's standards, if your not running E85, that explains your idle mixtures. Have you fitted the new coil packs yet? If it is the case that your mixtures are extremely lean, (14-15 AFR on 'load'), you are approaching the realm of lean misfires. While I wouldn't expect a lean misfire at 15 AFR, a mixture of 16 AFR wouldn't surprise me that it was backfiring/misfiring. I think the primary concern at this stage is the state of tune, til that's answered it's hard to know where the real problem is. You asked should you be driving this car? Well if it's running that lean I wouldn't drive it. Also, what are the odds you'd be able to upload your ECU's map? Would only take me about 20 seconds to tell you if the tune is so bad that it's a tune issue rather then a coil issue.
  7. He might not be able to get a nice idle at 14.7 if he is using large old school injectors. Cruising around at 14.7 would be easier to tune as the injectors are out of the low slope range. Eric, what injectors are you running?
  8. Once you have swapped your bonnet and BOV to stock and have the car inspected, please reply to this thread and let us know how that went!
  9. I agree. After you break something, the replacement cost could have been used to buy a modern ECU. Do it once, do it right?
  10. I'm in a similar boat as you, I spoke with Supertech recently and they advised that around that power level their 4032 forged pistons would need about 4 and a half thou of clearance. I'm still looking into other options... I was hoping to run less clearance if I was going to be using 4032 pistons
  11. Nice, makes me wish I had a back seat again lol
  12. Mine is at, 4500rpm or 75% tps with 4 second reactivation time I'm also curious what others are running and why they chose those settings.
  13. Ah ok I didn't think about the rear seat.
  14. I thought that's what you wanted though? a bolt in cage with a removable diagonal to keep it stealthy. AGI have that setup and have the option for harness eyebolts as well.
  15. You beat me to it. What I am trying to say is, there is a reason the recommended angle here is between 0 and 10 degrees. I have also personally seen cars fail scrutineering with harnesses mounted to the rear seatbelt mounts at a drift event. Do what you like, it's your car and spine. I was just trying to show you an option that may let you have your cake and eat it too.
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