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  1. Sounds good, nice to have those options too. I more so want to have the park light input in case in the future I was to use the day / night mode. Not the ambient light adjusting but the full colour change for either day or night. I probably won't use it, but maybe I'll get bored one day and set it up.
  2. Hi all, As part of my IC7 dash saga, I was wondering how to get the park light input signal for the IC7 dash as the R33 doesn't have a dedicated park light on the stock dash. When the park lights are turned on, the dash illuminates, can whatever is causing the dash lights to illuminate be used for my IC7 park light input signal? I've done some googling and found the attached pinout, I was expecting to find everything on a common ground and the illumination to just have a signal/power wire. If I understand what I'm looking at, the dash illumination has both a ground and earth on either connector B 13/19 or connector C 30/25. I am guessing and don't know if either actually do this. Should I be picking up my park light signal from somewhere else? (credit to this guy for the pinout, hopefully it's correct ) http://newprotest.org/details.pl?1610
  3. Google will explain it better then me, but roughly, e85 has a lower energy content so more is needed compared to pump 98. Expect to use an additional 20% to 30% more fuel compared to pump 98. It is worth running, but you just need to size your fuel system appropriately for it.
  4. Is pump e85 available where you are? If your never going to use e85 then you won't need such a large injector.
  5. Yeah they look like they should fit no problem. I would think about getting something a little larger though, around 1000cc just to keep the option of E85 available in future. While those injectors can do 400hp on E85, they'll be close to their limit at that stage. Sorry can't say if those injectors are good or not, never heard of them. A set of Injector Dynamics ID1050x Fuel Injectors are only about $100 (USD) more then those ones and are a proven thing, I'd be looking at going with a set of ID1050x.
  6. Yep, that's why I prefer to ask what size turbo and what their MPH is if they have taken it down the 1/4 mile.
  7. Let us know what tyre size your running when you report back
  8. I think we are talking about different things here. I'm talking about a 100% stock car, stock side mount, stock exhaust, stock boost levels, everything factory. And this is assumed, the car never sees the track (the car is 100% stock after all. I think it's almost a guarantee that someone that drives their Skyline on the track, the car would not be 100% stock). Now this 100% stock skyline that is not driven hard, is there still value in a Nistune or standalone? Also worth mentioning, I'm not saying I don't think it's worth getting an ecu/Nistune. At this point in time, I'm still on stock turbo & stock injectors. But I do have a haltech, IC7 dash, I/O expander box, haltech wideband, flex sensor and a dozen other sensors. I'm usually the first person to say get an ecu - but for a 100% stock street only car? What's the point?
  9. If you do get an ecu for your stock-as-a-rock gtt, I'd be interested to see back to back dyno results. Even better if the tuner is happy to print you out a graph of the stock run with the new tune laid over the top. We are not talking about a car with bolt ons, running 10psi then getting an ecu. I really can't see a 100% stock car benefiting much from an ecu. The many other benefits of having an ecu, I'd be surprised if the owner of a 100% stock car cared about the features the ecu provides. I'm very happy to be proven wrong with data though and keen to see the results.
  10. Unless your going to upgrade your turbo and fuel system, there isn't much point in 'tuning' your stock car. The factory have already done an amazing job tuning your stock ecu. If those small mods you mention do include chasing more power, then I'd look at getting a plug in ecu from either Haltech or Link.
  11. Can't you just get this here? https://www.haltech.com/downloads/discontinued/ Am I missing something?
  12. I haven't gotten around to it yet but I'll play with those numbers when I do and see if it's the same for 33 gtst.
  13. It's a 4th gen Subaru Impreza. I'll eventually get to the bottom of it, when I do I'll post up the outcome.
  14. I think the problem with cheaping out on the ecu is, you'll likely want more power in future. You've already said you had originally planned to keep it stock... I think once you're at 300kw, you'll be saying the same thing again. Maybe just 400kw and I'll be done... To future-proof yourself, I'd say look at something around the Haltech 2500 range.
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