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  1. This may sound strange but bolts function a lot like a spring. When you stretch them beyond their elastic point (to yield) they no longer function like a spring (if you can picture pulling a spring so it's completely straight, it won't coil back up to being the spring that it once was). So if you can imagine the bolts all trying to pull down on the head, once they have been stretched too far, they no longer pull down on the head as hard as they should. As Ben said, you may have sealing issues as the head wont be held on as tight as it should be. It's a tough call if your budget is tight, you might get away with re-using them. You wouldn't be the first person to reuse their head bolts, but if the head gasket blows, can you afford to do this job a second time?
  2. I know it's not my motor but I wouldn't reuse factory head bolts. I wouldn't reuse any bolt that has been torqued to yield.
  3. I'm pretty sure my car picks up 50kw after an oil change
  4. Hey mate, My first thoughts are, if I want cooler oil, I'd install an oil cooler. Preferably with a thermostat unless the vehicle is track only. I don't know how comfortable I'd be extending down to pick up extra capacity, I'd rather go wider. Less chance of bottoming out on something and ripping the sump open. And finally, if there are oil surge issues from oil running away from the pick up, adding an extra liter of oil probably isn't going to help a great deal. You really want gates/baffles/one-way trap doors around the pick up that keeps oil there during hard cornering. Have a look at this as an example of what I'm talking about https://justjap.com/engine/oil-control/sumps-baffle-kits/tomei-sump-baffle-kit-nissan-rb26.html I think your money could be better spent elsewhere. I'd recommend oil temp / oil pressure sensors/gauges, that way you can see if you even have an issue with oil temps or oil surge. But having said all this, if your car never sees the track you probably don't need any of this.
  5. So I went on a little AC replacement adventure lately and learnt that the R33 GTS series 1 components are different to the series 2 which is different to the GTR.... I know this is R33, but I'm guessing you'll have similar issues. Seems that Nissan thought it would be funny to change the fitting sizes between the versions of each car for apparently no reason. My advice would be, if you are going to replace your compressor, think strongly about replacing the entire AC system with a later model components which you might find easier to source. You might even be able to get an entire AC system second hand for a good price. I really struggled to replace all of the R33 series 1 components, however if I replaced everything for series 2, it would have been really really easy. If you are committed to replacing the R32 gtst compressor, you might find sourcing it from Japan to be the best best. https://jp-carparts.com/ That's who I ended up using to get my hard to find parts and cost about 1/3 the price of buying them through Nissan locally. Good luck
  6. Might be worth looking around to see what a 2nd hand motor is going for.
  7. If you have a quality delete kit, it will be much stronger then the Nissan rod ends. I destroyed a brand new set of Nissan rod ends in less then a year, granted my car does get tracked/drifted. I haven't had any issues since putting in the delete kit.
  8. Welcome to the skyline family, would be good to see some pictures of the GTR
  9. Yeah I know, things have escalated quickly lol. I just figured this option was worth mentioning when he said he wanted a setup similar to the R34 GTR unit, so I thought he was looking for a really neat and clean setup.
  10. What do you mean if it stops the dash working? It wont affect your stock dash at all.
  11. How much are you prepared to spend? You could buy an aftermarket ecu and grab a dash, a Haltech ic7 would work perfectly. A couple of the stock displays show values only, check out the YouTube video around 3:20 to see what I mean
  12. This might be relevant to your interests... https://www.powertunedigital.com/ Not sure if you could do something better for the money.
  13. Hi mate, my classic car recommendation would be a Citroen 2CV or a Citroen DS if you want something more modern.
  14. I thought you said you sent your head off? With your bottom end, how much of the work will you be doing yourself?
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