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  1. Hello, looking for a set of ITB’s and the throttle linkage bridge. Any condition as long as they are not cracked/broken. OEM rb26 units...I am in Los Angeles, CA. If you can ship, I would prefer DHL. thank you, Brian
  2. Spoke with Kelford, they said: "We do plan to release a Vcam replacement cam but we aren’t there yet, we still need to get our casting modified so we can machine the oil feed. This will be sometime unfortunately" Good news! ... My Vcam step 1 is on its way to me. Attached is closer picture of vcam camshaft.
  3. How many wires are your ECU's using to run the VCAM without HKS controller? I got an Haltech Elite 2500.
  4. Glad to hear. Now it's only the camshaft I need to worry about. HKS doesn't sell it separately, but would like to reground a 264 to begin with.
  5. My goal for this year was to have a built 2.6 with HKS Vcam step 2, but working in the defense/aerospace industry we've been hit hard this year which has me holding off on a build. I still want to do the HKS Vcam step 1 since it will work with stock internals and give's me a good opportunity to bundle it up with Dr-25 on a custom harness I'm making. Ultimately I would like to upgrade to Step 2/pro when I do build the motor, but paying $1k for an upgrade kit sucks. The kit includes new Variable unit, 264 8.7 cam, and new valve cover gasket. So after some research online I found (thanks Piggaz) that HKS' step 1 variable sprocket unit has a mechanical wedge which limits it to 30°, so if removed gives you the full Step 2 / Pro 52° (??) Has anyone been able to confirm removing the wedge functions exactly like a step 2 / pro unit? My next question is camshaft.. Yes you can regrind it, but what about a new camshaft? Kellford Cams offers Rb25 cams to work with VCT unit, Rb26 cams, and can make custom camshafts... Can a new cam be made to work with V-cam? Thank you, Brian
  6. Nah, I doubt it. I already see the meme of the disappointed kid looking at paper (car meme is dyno sheet). “Spends $4k to improve response by 1,000rpm+, only gets 400rpm difference.”
  7. I spoke with a top person over at Turbosource today and they expect to have these ready to ship in 3 months. HPacademy is on board to do a review/overview video soon. A/R will increase to 1.20 so it will get you the down low and better up top over the 1.05. Claim is a minimum of 600rpm better response everywhere.. Building a V-cam 2.6 so I hope combined with this unit I will have a good responsive Rb26
  8. turbosource is soon to release a variable efr housing: https://turbosource.com/collections/efr/products/turbosource-variable-a-r-efr-turbine-housing
  9. Thank you sir. Would it be sluggish at all rev range? So to change it's within the software now since i no longer have CAS? Tuner verified it matched, but never checked at idle. "As long if it matches then you're ok" ...CAr is definitely sluggish. They do match when timing is locked, but without it being locked I am at 12 degrees. I have seen a few haltech videos on how to set TDC, but still not comfortable doing it myself so I'm calling a shop and have them help over the phone while with software and car. Thank you for this information. What is "MBT"? So to be sure. All Rb26 at idle should be 15-20Degrees no matter what ECU one is running, correct?
  10. Hello All, I've tried searching but couldn't find the answer and on a forum (not related to ignition timing) I've tried asking, but still don't quite understand. So I have a PRP trigger kit (Cam and Crank) on an Haltech Elite 2500 that I question how they both work together. If I were to go to the car and shine timing light to pulley, without hooking up my laptop to haltech, it would read 12~btdc. If I go into haltech and set ignition lock enabled (it's greyed out at 10degrees so enabling it locks at 10) and I aim timing light it matches at 10 degrees btdc which per my understanding and asking tuner is fine. Per FSM base ignition timing is 20BTDC on a OEM CAS and ECU. So when does that figure not matter anymore? Is it because I have a standalone ECU and they are in Synch? Now onto the PRP trigger and other trigger kits, they have slots for adjustability but what are they for? OEM you would adjust CAS here to get you the desired ignition timing. I've seen Trigger kits where the bolt would be at the edge of each slot where mine is centered.. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you. thanks for the suggestions. Don't plan on reaching limit or be competitive. Block and Head will be machined for ~+1mm on oil returns. I think I'm going to move the breather location back to stock, just half a -10 hole size forward on intake cover. I checked my V-cam cover and the "POWER" logo sits right where my welded AN is. "I would also add a line just before the turbo after the catch can to try and ensure that crankcase pressure is at least atmospheric." not sure how to add a line here?
  12. Dry sump is an option, but I’ve already invested in a 7litre sump, spline drive and oil pump. Then I need to restore and paint the car so don’t really want to spend more.
  13. Hello All, I have a single turbo rb26 240z (432z tribute car) that I'm going to rebuild to my planned second phase which consist of forged internals, HKS Vcam Step 2 , and oil control. My Question is my valve covers were modified by engine swap bracket company to clear the hood release bracket, so they now sit directly above the oem mesh screens, is there anything wrong with this setup? With New V-cam valve cover I would have to mod again, so holding off for now. Will upgrade to High Octane baffles. Will be a track car mainly so oil control is a big reason for the build
  14. Checked my ignition timing and it was on 10btdc. The haltech has it on 10degrees too. Tuner is going to verify and fix, hopefully that is the reason 8474 is coming on late
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