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Found 317 results

  1. Hi guys, I decided to start my build thread here at as mentioned in my introduction thread a few weeks ago. The car was imported from Japan in 2014. Completely OEM (RB25DET NEO, AT, Sedan, KR4, built in 1998, 50220km). No modifications were made, which was very important for me. A few scratches and small dents here and there... nothing special. Due to the standards for registration here in Germany several things had to be done. This includes new lenses with an e-number (certified registration within the EU) for the headlights, a rear fog-lamp and new tires with an e-number, too. After that the car was ready for German streets. In 2015 I bought a new Blitz Nur Spec RX as a replacement for the factory one and Nismo indicators. It was a little strange to me that all the stickers (timing belt change, oil change, ...) were removed. And now comes the very - and with very I really mean fu**ing very very very very - bad thing about the car... The odometer reading was manipulated. During the change of the air purifier I've found a small sticker in the glovebox which says "Filter change at km" and a Japanese date (April/May 2009). Via the page I figured out the correct odometer reading, which was around 100.218km at the time I bought the car. After that I decided to check the compression ratio of the engine. Well... guess what? Yes! They were not as good as expected. In this moment I thought "God damn it! Let's drive the car intil the engine doesn't work anymore. Fu** off!". To my astonishment the engine survived 2015 and 2016. During the off season (October 2015 until April 2016) the transmission was swapped from AT to MT with parts of an wrecked ER34. I've done this by myself because I wanted to widen my skills and knowledge. (That buddy really grew me some grey hair :D) From March 2017 until August 2017 the engine was completely overhauled. Due to that process some aftermarket parts were fitted as well. The car now looks like this: Let's see what will happen to it in 2018. A few parts are stored in my garage... If you want me to post my spec list just let me know. Regards Michael
  2. Hi, are there any differences between the MAFs on non turbo and turbo skylines (RB25DE VS RB25DET)??? I suspect the MAF is knackered on my non turbo R33. Also what's difference between the green and pink labelled ones? I've tried searching but can't find much info and a straight answer. I recently brought the car and it has some major performance issues. I know non turbos are slow but mine is ridicilous. Honestly, it feels like it's got 80bhp max and that a 1liter Toyota Yaris would easily beat it lol. I've also been in a stock 2liter RB20e R33 with an exhaust and even that was twice as fast... It was parked up for a while so I serviced the car, changed oil, oil/fuel filter and sparkplugs. It gained alot of power but not as good as it should be. It had a broken cone filter fitted so I replaced it with a stock airbox+ filter but the car has lost power again but saw that the MAF was broken and the top has been taped up to hold it together. I pulled some of the tape off earlier so suspect that may be the cause and since then, it idles abit rough sometimes aswell but a little tap to bring to revs up sorts it out. Also the car has massive 3.5" straight though exhaust which I'm sure it's making me lose a huge amount of power. Am I right in believing that the ideal size should be 2.25 or 2.5" or wouldn't the exhaust make much difference?
  3. Z'd_up74RB

    Hey everyone what's going on, new to the community hoping to be able to help an get help always up to meeting fellow gear heads so let the builds begin I'm Doug by the way Z'd_up74rb
  4. Besides the exhaust, here are all the parts I intend to buy to complete my stage 1 r33 build. The car is currently stock. Is there anything else I should buy or replace for something else on this list? This is a budget build but I also don’t want to cut any corners so any tips would help. I am sure I am missing some parts, especially with the bigger fuel pump. Thank you
  5. hey guys need advice with a Freddy FFP i have tried to search for this however have no luck finding a clear answer I purchased the FFP to suit RB25DET and fuel rail off eBay not long ago and the issue is i am not 100% sure what injectors to buy to suit/fit the rail ( i want around 1250cc e85 safe) on the ad for the FFP it states that "11mm injector" is any other hardware required for fitting the injectors in the rail? thanks in advance photos for reference
  6. Hello, I have owned a bone stock 96' 4 door ECR33 with LESS THAN 20K miles for about a year now and I have finally decided to give it some upgrades. I bought a super clean set of R33 GTR wheels for a steal and I have decided to follow a stage 1 guide I have seen floating around on this forum and others. I have found everything I want EXCEPT an exhaust. I want to know what I should run from the trubo allllll the way back. I havent really worked on a car in this manner before so please be specific. Any suggestions? I also want to know what measures I should take to avoid common problems with my engine. I have heard the rb25det has an oil issue but i dont know much about it or other problems. Thank you from Okinawa, Japan
  7. R34 rocket bunny sedan


    OK so need some help please people just turbod my na r34 and am checking if what it's doing is OK before my tune on Thursday OK so I'll start with parts I'm running... And post problem last Rb25de neo R33 5speed gearbox conversion Was using rb25 one but think was near dead New rb25turbo hasn't arrived yet R33 turbo manifold Gtt injectors R32gtst4det fuel pump Power FC ecu stock gtt base tune atm Big front mount cooler Turbo smart bleed valve New 3"pipe decat and r32 custom dump R34na 02sensor R32gtst4det afm I wired in also tried 34 na one OK so my problem is it misses bad under boost only.. disconnect turbo runs sweet can this be my ign timing when boosting? Just want it all good and ready for my first tune as never had one what should I get done in the tune and what boost 5? And just get fuel/air and some timing pulled/retard etc...also haven't tried yet as my new turbo is on its way but the one I was using was blowing smoke and whining and no matter what it was stuck on 7-8 psi my hand controller wouldn't turn it down so waste gate? Over boost could've been the problem?
  8. Bought it a couple months ago but have decided to go twin plate. Clutch has plenty of meat on it, owner told me he used for 10000km, i never installed it on the car or used it. The pressure plate has been reinforced and has a load rating of 1100kg. Any questions pm me. Price $320
  9. Hey guys, My car ( series 2 r33 gts-t) has been making this strange farting noise anytime it's over 3000 rpm and under boost. Doesn't seem to be there if I just cruise up to 4-5000rpm slowly but when it starts boosting is when I have the issues (the rpm's go up but doesnt feel like it's pulling harder at all) I have attached two (shitty) videos of my attempting to capture it on video. You may need headphones but it's right at the end of each little pull. Some other symptoms I've notice which may be related: -Terrible fuel economy (i get around 280km out of a tank!) -Slight smell of fuel when starting the car (most the time) - Massive decrease in power (Noticeably worse with A/C on) Car seems to pick up quickly for a second and then goes really sluggish. Also worth mentioning that the sound appears to be coming from somewhere between the middle and drivers side of engine bay. Ive attached this video link from a previous post because it shows the sound better than mine: A lot of people say it could be the GTR blow off valve (I had one installed) what are the chances that could cause all my symptoms? The car only has exhaust, front mount, pod filter, splitfires and all the other usual noob mods. Thanks for the help! and apologies for the longer than expected post 😊 - IMG_6486.MOV IMG_6487.MOV
  10. R34 rocket bunny sedan

    Ok need help peeps about to turbo my r34 na rb25de running auto ecu just converted to Manuel can i use auto na ecu and piggyback a emanage ecu for timing fuel and air etc seen people saying auto box gives out etc as ecu for box is 1 aswell but im manuel now? Do i need a nistune or no? Stock boost gtt injecters 255pump etc ?
  11. Hi guys. WTB a set of 550cc or larger side feed injectors for my s1 r33 gtst. They must be genuine and fit the stock fuel rail. Located in SE Melbourne. I also have a set of 850cc modified bosch top feed injectors for swap. Thank you.
  12. Hey gurus. I have a bit of an issue.. s1 R33 Gts25t. Stock RB25DET . Apparently has : a hypergear turbo, EBay 50mms external gate with a screamer , boost controller, fuel pressure regulator, 3" exhaust and a big fmic and a forward facing plenum. Now the issue is it's running really rich and fuel economy is completely stuffed. The bov has been removed and the pipes been routed to the back of the intake manifold. I have changed my Ecu and maf, and it's still the same. I can unplug my tps and the car drives and.Runs normal, but if I unplug the maf the car stalls. Also if i squeeze the bov hose closed the car stalls... and honestly I'm lost as to where to look now. Any help would be awesome thanks.
  13. willkells

    Hey Guys, Long time follower of this site, but never a member. Have had a few skylines. Currently have a r33 sedan, 25det. Have a few things I am trying to sort on it, and hopefully I can be of some help too. Cheers.
  14. R33 GTST Gearbox and Nismo Super Coppermix Twinplate clutch kit R33 GTST / RB25DET Gearbox from Nissan Skyline. Had in car ~6 months, had no issues whatsoever shifting, grinding, popping out of gear, exploding, etc etc etc but did only have few months. Removed as engine also removed from car.Drives and sounds like any R33 GTST gearbox that I have personally ever seen.Has new (nismo lol) pivot ball. New OEM slave cylinder too, and a non 18 year old dust boot and crossmember, and new gearbox mount.Nismo Twin plate super coppermix clutch kit with lightened flywheel. Also near new, driven about 10,000kms. These things last many many years of abuse, never received really any abuse as engine/gearbox now out of car. Will hold 450 rwkw, and drive like a clutch that won't make you hate life and can drive daily EASILY$3000 for both, will be $3200 if you make me seperate them. Located Glen Waverley, Melbourne.
  15. Hi guys. Since I had to replace the turbo on my R34 I decided to do the exhaust manifold gasket too. But as the headgasket seems to be leaking oil a bit and the car actually got overheated long time ago(after that I noticed the first leaks), I tought I might as well do all the gaskets and take it all apart. Now I found a good tutorial on how to take the head off ( but there's nothing about installing it, which is where you actually need some knowledge at. So I'd appreciate any tips. All the tightening torques, orders etc. Anything to look out for / make sure before I put stuff back together. I have been around cars for a bit but I have never worked on an engine to that extent so I could use any help I can get. Cheers.
  16. I can never find any solid information regarding this turbo and the RB25Det. So in the next few days I will be having one fitted to my car and tuned. Dyno sheet will be uploaded as well. My mods are, GARRETT GT3076R-56T G2 TURBOCHARGER T3 INTERNAL WASTE GATE TURBINE HOUSING 0.82A/R AEROFLOW BILLET EFI FUEL RAIL NISSAN RB25 Aeroflow 100psi oil filled gauge Bosch 1000cc top feed Turbo smart FPR800 Walbro 255HP pump Relay mod for the pump and earth mod Splitfire Coils NGK BCPR7ES-8 FFP Front mount intercooler K&N air intake Z32 AFM Apexi power FC with hand controller Autometer boost gauge exhaust is 3" straight through with 1 rear muffler Internal mods unknown *Note engine bay photo is a before photo. After photo to come with dyno sheet update Factory fitted sunroof, GTR wing, N spec body kit, front and rear strut braces, coil-overs and more. It's only done 125,000 kms not bad for a 1994 model.
  17. FS: 1990 R32 GTST with RB25DET conversion Location: Melbourne Price: $16,000 ONO. Rego: Till Feb 18 Contact: Leong 0401526517…/Nissan-Skyline…/SSE-AD-4570892 For sales is my 1990 R32 GTST Skyline with RB25DET conversion. I have owned this car for the last 10 years and took it off the road about 5 years ago when I bought a daily driver. An R33 S2 wreck was purchased, with all the good bits being reconditioned and transplanted into the R32. My original vision was to build a fun, fast weekend/track car to play with. A bigger motor in a lighter car with gearbox and diff to match, bigger brakes to deal with the increased horse power, tomei poncams, Greddy front facing plenum, intercooler, new heavy duty clutch plus all the supporting mods required to build a really fast, really fun car to drive. Quality parts were sourced and no expenses were spared. Aesthetically, it is in good condition for its age. It has a couple of minor imperfections, stone chips etc. The biggest of which is a small dent in the passenger rear panel. I have recently detailed the car and cleaned it from head to toe. The platform has been created, however I am no longer in a position to complete the project. All it needs is a tune and it will be an awesome, fun and fast car. Good to drive daily, a weekend warrior or even kept as a classic car. However, with a bigger turbo and some injectors you are looking at an extremely fun car that will also be really powerful to boot. The choice is yours. All supporting modifications have been done; the question is really how far you want to take it. This car has been kept registered, and will come with rego. 131xxxkm on the clock Mods include – R32 GTR bonnet R32 GTR front Grille Rb25det s2 Rb25det gear box R33 s2 diff R33 s2 AFM R33 s2 front and rear brakes Rb25det s2 turbo 12psi actuator HKS EVC boost controller with custom mount Gtr fuel pump New Project mu pads front and rear New RDA brake discs front and rear Greddy front facing plenum Greddy aluminium radiator and cap Tomei 256 pon cams Plazmaman swept back Intercooler - 600x300x76mm Custom Intercooler piping Custom intake HKS panel air filter Custom Catch can 14 row oil cooler Decked head and block Cleaned head ARP head studs New valve stem seals New head gasket New waterpump/idler & tensioner New timing belt New alternator belt New power steering belt Hicas rear lock bar Battery relocation Fuse box relocation Nismo dash (rare) Tien coil overs Cd/mp3 head unit Bride door trimming Exedy HD button clutch Exedy Lightened flywheel Modified tailshaft Car is of eligible age for club rego.
  18. 1989 R32 GTS-T with a RB25DET conversion (mod-plated) Bee-R324 Style Body Kit NSW Rego till 11/17 $15,500 negotiable Original intention was to use it as a great base for a nice cruiser but have upgraded instead. RB25 Motor is not modified and on stock boost, car drives and runs really well. Price is negotiable but low-ballers will be ignored, I am in no rush to sell. Plates do not come with car. Only bought the car last October and have had the following work ($4000 receipts included) 1. Major service - October 2016 - Timing Belt and Oils - Alarm System with Immobiliser - Coil over install and alignment 2. MCA Blue Coilovers 3. Replaced R32 Cluster with 99,000 kms - with new Speedo Cable - Included is the Original Cluster with 168,000 kms 4. Minor Service - July 2017 - by Scott Black on this forum - Coilpacks and other general maintanence - Compression Test with all 6 at 160 (Pics can be supplied) Current Mods Performance RB25 DET Conversion - with engineers certificate and engine number on rego - Running Stock Boost - SPAL USA Extreme Performance Thermo Fan - Front Mount Intercooler - Aluminium Radiator with Silicon Hoses - Spitfire Coil packs - 3 inch turbo back exhaust - Also included - stock quiet exhaust Suspension Work - 19 Inch Star Corp - Black - MCA Blue Coilovers - legal height - Also Included - Used Tein Coil Overs - R33 Slotted Rotors - R33 Cusco Master Stopper Body - Bee R324 Style Bodykit V2 (Wider Version) - Midnight Purple with Flakes - Ganador Style Mirrors - LED Tail Lights Interior - R32 GTR Seats - Driver, Passenger and Rear - R32 GTR Door Cards - Sony Xplod Stereo - Double Din - Sub Woofer and Speakers - (Not wired as Sub Woofer is the size of the trunk, but all the wires and equipment is there) - Turbo Timer - Mongoose Immobiliser Other: Paint is generally good however, rear passenger quarter has a small crack in the body kit near the rear pillar due to shop incorrectly raising of the car on jacks. Also slight split of clear coat peel on bonnet. I have taken photos to show it but it never bothered me. - Not really a bad point but car runs a little rich - Small Hole in driver seat as well as a tear - No AC - Driver Key does not unlock the boot (the boot lever works fine) - Probably could do with a new battery starts fine if started once a week, but not if you don’t for 2 weeks like I have done, didn’t really get to drive it much.
  19. Eric0

    Does anyone have an RB25DET series 1 or series 2 head in good condition for sale? Thank you
  20. Hi ther, Seams like my Stagea rear diff have sailed of to the limbo betwhen life and death, and want to know what i can put in it? Frome som reacerch the Stagea have an R200 diff, witch means ALOT of funn options! But i alsow know i need the same rations as the one i have. I want to put in an LSD in it, and wondering if im gonna get my hands on a s13 or s14 LSD because they are easy to obtain and can handel the driving i do with the car. But then i wonder, if i just change the intestens of the diff, and leav the pinjong wheels from my existing diff, wil i have the same ratio as i have now? im not to edjucated in this, and googel havent given me any good answers! And to somthing in the completly diffrent end of hte car! I got myself a set of rb26dett Coils, because i found out that rb25det s2 and rb26dett coils was supose to fit, BUT, the conektors are diffrent, and wondering, can i just repin the original wiering with new rb26dett conektors? Or is ther anything more i need to think about? Hope somone can clearefy a few things for me!
  21. Kia ora from Aotearoa, New Zealand! Car enthusiast since i was a KID, i have owned alot of different cars over the years and built a few of my own to learn what i know now. I am a proud Owner of a few current Nissans, C33 laurel with arb25det engine swap and a R33 skyline coupe with a soon to be Rb30e heart and Both MANUAL of course! Looking forward to learning lots and also sharing to help others where I can... ! Cheers team! Joey
  22. Hello guys, so I’m looking into cleaning my engine bay and adding some goodies while I’m at it. I want to add a nice catch can setup with some braided lines running to it, so I’ll be adding some nice valve cover fittings. Issue is what is the pipe that is connected to top of the oem fittings do and how can I delete it? I know it connects to the turbo so I’m guessing it does something with oil? Hey guys hopefully you can understand what I mean, I also left a picture highlighting the pipes I meant. Thank you
  23. Hey everyone, I recently discovered that my camshaft had been over tighten when installing the head back on my motor. This caused the camshaft to bind and SNAP. Anyway, so now the front cam cradle is roughly .003in lower than the rest of the head after machining the scratches. So now I need a new head, as I looked online, I seemed to find a lot of RB25DET Neo heads but no series 1 or series 2 heads. Is it possible to switch everything over to the neo head and bolt it up to a series 1 block? If not, does anyone have a good condition series 1 or 2 head for sale? Thank you!
  24. Hello sau(: , I have found out that my rb25det equipped s14 does not have a maf sensor. Guy that I bought it off of said the maf was going bad so everytime you go to turn the car on you have to disconnect the connector that connects to the TPS sensor and another wire. I searched and searched everywhere where a maf would be, but nope no where. But then I came to the conclusion that it might have another sensor that reads air temp or measures it, as it has a Haltech pro plug in Ecu. Which can use other sensors rather then sticking to the maf. So where should I check, do to figure out this problem? Any help would be much appreciated guys. Need to figure this out so I can skip to other things. ( I uploaded a pic to show what I disconnect so I can turn on the car and then reconnect it back)
  25. WTB RB25DET short shift R34 Sedan Exhaust R34 Bonnet