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Found 350 results

  1. Hey, about to send the car in for a tune within the next week or 2, and interested in what you guys think, number wise, what it could be capable of making in its current setup so I will list off the mods for you, can assume things not listed to be stock. 98 R33 GTST rb25det Apexi power fc + hand controller exedy heavy duty clutch exedy lightened flywheel forward facing plenum race works fuel rail turbosmart fpr 800 fuel regulator Denso 550cc injectors walbro 255 fuel pump yellow jacket coil packs NGK BCPR7ES spark plugs (0.8mm) exhaust system 3 inch, hi flow cat front mount intercooler op6 turbo (r34 GTT turbo) still low mount (looking to run 12 psi, or more, let me know what you think) also if you want to throw in recommendations for what you would do with the car next would be mint for fresh ideas. No pun intended. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey Guys, Can somebody help me find a cheap Intake Manifold for a RB25DET NEO, I have been looking to fit an aftermarket one for a while but all of them that I look at are too expensive. Please no R33 intakes, I don't want to have to do anything that is going to cost more than $400. Thanks Chris.
  3. Hi All, Looking to buy a spare set of s1 r33 25det injectors - the purple ones that are all faded and actually look grey. Will need posted if not in Melbourne's northern / western suburbs. Thanks!
  4. Hi SAU, HELP!!!!!!!! i need to know the TPS voltage range for an R34 GT4 ATESSA ECU. 32/33 GTR 0.3v - 2.5v 34 GTR 0.5v - 4.5v does anyone know if it’s 32/33 or 34 spec? does anyone have a 34 gt4 and a multimeter that can test pin 37 (tps out) on the factory engine ecu? thanks in advance daryle
  5. hey all just got my first skyline. as the title says its a 94 R33 GTS25T . i swapped it for a un finished AE86 project, it came regoed and slightly modified, and not very well looked after. so far the mods i know of are: Front Mouint High flowed stock turbo (hypergear?) internal gate welded shut and actuator disconnected 50mm external wastegate and screamer turbosmart e-boost street boost controller turbosmart boost gauge AFR gauge of some sort unknown brand fuel pressure regulator cut and shut forward facing stock intake manifold 3" exhaust maxpeeding coilovers exedy HD clutch 18x9.5 Work Emotion Kiwami's (metallic charcoal) she definitley needs some tlc and a heap of bugs need to be looked at but it seems pretty strong and goes well. looking forward to keeping this thread updated as i progress.
  6. Hey folks! Simon here from Dublin, Ireland checking in. Longtime skyline owner and forum user but can't believe I never signed up here before. Looking forward to learning even more from you guys. 1997 R33 GTST Series2 w/RB25DET running 353bhp at the fly and 351lbs ft torque with a Link G4+ ecu setup on stock S2 turbo, injectors and cat. Need more powers though. Everything else is ready to go(built engine etc) but just need to upgrade the turbo and injectors. I get out on track and runway events as much as possible! Looking forward to getting out more this year in 2018. Thanks, Simon
  7. Hello, I'm looking for advice on which model i should use for a reverse camera. I've searched the forums for related posts but haven't found anything of use. This link says i don't have permission to view it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Having alot of trouble getting our RB25det r32 running properly. The car originally had a big laggy chinese turbo on it, so we pulled engine and tidied everything up and reverted to the factory rb25 turbo unit. After reinstalling the engine we have the following issue: - With afm plugged in, we can get the car started and then will die 10 seconds later. Can't rev it without is bogging down and dying. - With afm unplugged, the car starts and idles fine. As soon as we try to rev it, it also bogs down and dies. As soon as the afm is plugged in again it bogs down and dies. - Car isn't blowing any smoke - Have kept an eye on the FPR gauge and it is jumping between 40-60psi Have gone through many threads and can't seem to find anyone with similar problems. We have tested another AFM, checked for vacuum leaks and intercooler piping leaks. Am thinking it could be the following things: - Faulty fuel pump - We bought a second faulty AFM - Something to do with TPS and throttle body because as soon as that is altered car dies? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers,
  9. Hi Everyone, In the last 6 months my brother and I have acquired two R32 sedans, one as a caged rolling body and one running a pretty terrible RB25det setup (big chinese laggy turbo setup, stock ecu etc etc). Fast forward to the present day and the caged R32 now has an LS1 and T56 combination in the bay with the final plumbing to be completed. The RB25det in the other sedan has been converted back to factory with the idea of reliability and maximization of seat time in mind. Will start a build thread in the next week or so, however you can keep up with us at on instagram! Thought it would be a good idea to finally join SAU as the threads have often helped us solve issues and we would love to contribute to the pool of knowledge. Cheers, Sam
  10. Price drop!! I have Decided to go with a Haltech ECU. So I am selling a brand new Apexi Power FC with hand controller (L-Jetro) model: 414BN032 Apexi Power FC & 415-A030 EL series Hand controller Revised Hand Controller functionality Back lit display $900 ONO Also have a brand new genuine Z32 airflow meter with plug $150 ONO
  11. Price drop... I have Decided to go with a Haltech ECU. So I am selling a brand new Apexi Power FC with hand controller (L-Jetro) model: 414BN032 Apexi Power FC & 415-A030 EL series Hand controller Revised Hand Controller functionality Back lit display $1000 ONO Also have a brand new genuine Z32 airflow meter with plug $150 ONO
  12. I have Decided to go with a Haltech ECU. So I am selling a brand new Apexi Power FC with hand controller (L-Jetro) model: 414BN032 Apexi Power FC & 415-A030 EL series Hand controller Revised Hand Controller functionality Back lit display $1100 Also have a brand new genuine Z32 airflow meter with plug $150 or $1200 for both.
  13. Hi. I think my cylinder head has a crack in it, as i started seeing coolant in one of the heads cavities near intake manifold. So im thinking of getting a new one. Question is, which ones fit? Its rb25det neo engine with a turbo. The rest of the car is pretty much stock. Will r33 rb25det head do the job? What other options do i have? Or may the leak be coming from somewhere else? I have a very poor picture of the spot where the coolant is (1st cylinder from the front of the car, right above intake manifolds bolts). Leak is excessive enough to drip on the alternator from there, but i can't notice any coolant level drops in radiator or expansion tank.
  14. Hi guys, I decided to start my build thread here at as mentioned in my introduction thread a few weeks ago. The car was imported from Japan in 2014. Completely OEM (RB25DET NEO, AT, Sedan, KR4, built in 1998, 50220km). No modifications were made, which was very important for me. A few scratches and small dents here and there... nothing special. Due to the standards for registration here in Germany several things had to be done. This includes new lenses with an e-number (certified registration within the EU) for the headlights, a rear fog-lamp and new tires with an e-number, too. After that the car was ready for German streets. In 2015 I bought a new Blitz Nur Spec RX as a replacement for the factory one and Nismo indicators. It was a little strange to me that all the stickers (timing belt change, oil change, ...) were removed. And now comes the very - and with very I really mean fu**ing very very very very - bad thing about the car... The odometer reading was manipulated. During the change of the air purifier I've found a small sticker in the glovebox which says "Filter change at km" and a Japanese date (April/May 2009). Via the page I figured out the correct odometer reading, which was around 100.218km at the time I bought the car. After that I decided to check the compression ratio of the engine. Well... guess what? Yes! They were not as good as expected. In this moment I thought "God damn it! Let's drive the car intil the engine doesn't work anymore. Fu** off!". To my astonishment the engine survived 2015 and 2016. During the off season (October 2015 until April 2016) the transmission was swapped from AT to MT with parts of an wrecked ER34. I've done this by myself because I wanted to widen my skills and knowledge. (That buddy really grew me some grey hair :D) From March 2017 until August 2017 the engine was completely overhauled. Due to that process some aftermarket parts were fitted as well. The car now looks like this: Let's see what will happen to it in 2018. A few parts are stored in my garage... If you want me to post my spec list just let me know. Regards Michael
  15. Hey guys anyone know a supplier who stocks RB25 Stainless Steel EX MAN Flanges? Thanks
  16. Hey guys. Thought I'd pop up a thread for my 33 sedan. Had a few cefiro's in the past (build thread in cefiro section), basically street driven drift cars. We bought this to use as a daily. It was pretty much dead stock, turbo auto, apart from a dump pipe and 3 inch cat. Daily'd it for 3 years trouble free. Was getting a bit tired of the cefiro (maybe getting old? haha), no air con, wheels too big, too loud, etc. That and the lack of drift days in NSW, led me to sell. So sold that with the intention of getting a R34 sedan. Drove a couple and realised they were not that much better than the 33 I already had, and in worse condition to boot. So, enter the R33 build (its really just buying bolt on parts, why I love nissans, haha) Plan is a nice streeter, with occasional track (grip/drift) work. Air con, and comfort being reasonably important, (showing my age!) What I started with First mods were fitting my nardi. Used a works bell boss kit, good bit of gear. Drivers seat was fairly flogged out, so replaced it with a S15 seat, with the rails modded to sit lower, and pick up the 4th bolt hole. Had S15 seats in the cefiro, and find the driving position suits me well, being a bit on the bigger side. Still chasing a passenger seat to match. Picked up a fujisubo cat back. I wanted this car to be quieter than the cefiro, and have a proper rear muffler (no cannon) I had to fit a silencer (bunch of rags+ tape) to leave the house without waking the entire street up in the cef. Was dumb. Exhaust was from a coupe I assume, so had to lengthen it 90mm, and tweak the angle of the pipe to get it to tuck a bit better. Turned out ok, and had the look I was after It looks angled down in the photo, but I assure it sits level Bought some coil overs, BC racing. I had these in the cefiro, did 90k on them (on some shit roads of NSW south coast) and never had a problem. Fitted them along with some rear camber arms. Also fitted my cusco 2 way center to the stock 4.3 diff, retaining ABS, No pics of the install of these, but fairly straight forward. Went with R34 gtr wheels. I wanted wheels inside the guards, and able to run a decent size tire. Currently have a 265/35/18 all round, and they basically don't scrub, when these tires are done, might drop to a 255, or 245 front Few other cosmetic changes, rear wing delete (would love a impul wing) and probably the thing I'd wanted to do the most, fit coupe headlights. These were not a straight fit, had to trim the rad support, and wiring had to be modified to suit the twin globe. But, love the way it changes the look. So things still to do: Fine tune heights/wheel alignment Carry out manual conversion. Have all the parts needed, picked up a box that needed a second gear syncro, so will do that before it goes in. Hopefully get the conversion done over my christmas break. Cosmetically will get the front bar repaired/painted, and would like to pick up some factory side skirts, although they seem to be pretty rare. Overall, so far, very happy how the car drives, lightyears ahead of my old cefiro chassis wise. Once its manual I'll work out what the plan power wise will be, (probably a hypergear bolton turbo, +associated mods) Cheers
  17. Hello all, Because most of the people ignore long posts I'll try to make it as short as possible. I'm Kevin from Belgium, all my life I've been passionate about Japanese cars. This is my first car, the most things I learned about cars is with this car. I swapped it myself from a 4A-FE to a 4AGE 20V 10 years I went for the first time to JAE in the UK and saw a lot of JDM cars that I have never seen before (because Belgium is LHD) I saw a white R33 and it was love on first sight (even tough I was a Toyota enthousiast). Years laters I bought my own white GTST with the 40th Anniversary bodykit, exactly like I wanted it (except the f*cked up front bumper) Unfortunately the previous owner maintained it badly and "upgraded" it with bad parts. Unichip piggybag,cheapass IC installed badly and saw pieces out of the bumper, Greddy boostcontroller with turbopressure that went all over the place. First time I drove it the little tube on the cam covers came of. Not a big problem, I fixed it. Besides that I had the turbo pressure problem so I removed the Unichip and boostcontroller to make as stock as possible. I drove a little bit on wastegate pressure and it drove ok. I only drove it a month and then it went in wintersleep. I bought a house that needed some work so I stayed in hibernate for 2 years. I get it back out, refresh oil and wanted to set it to 0.7bar with a manual boostcontroller. After some pulls the engine went bang, I think I drove it for 1000miles since I bought it. Put it angry back in the garage until a friend took the initiative to help me to remove the engine. I took the opportunity to clean the engine bay. They removed the inner board of the wheel arches for the IC pipe so everything was very dirty. I'm almost half way :-) I also started to disassemble the engine. Long story short: Pistons broke: oil pump: This week everything will be cleaned and measured. What certain needs to be replaced: - Turbo (still original) - Exhaust manifold (cracked) - Pistons obviously - clutch (cheap ass worn in 6-pad) Goal: +-400bhp but most importand fast spool, torque and fun to drive. I'm not a dyno figure kind of guy. ATM I'm thinking about a "oem" like exhaust manifold with a GTX37xx turbo. But all imput is appriciated! Thanks!
  18. Hi all Im having some trouble with my wiring for my rb25, its a series 1. I have power to the entire car harness, im just having trouble with the starter wire and a few other things. Has anyone done this engine into their stagea? Any help is appreciated
  19. Yo! so yesterday my s2 R33 rb25det was working perfect never had an issue. i get in my car i go for a drive i go to hit boost and its struggling, it sounds like i have a bee r limiter but no power at all just making mad pops from the exhaust. the factory boost gauge shows its working but yeah no power and it struggles real bad. i have checked all the piping and lines. no leaks or splits. if anyone has gone through this or knows how to fix it please help. i just wannnaaaaa hit boost
  20. Hi guys. I saw many threads about this similar problem, but the diffrence with them all is the fact that mine does the sound only when it gets warm instead of cold. It sounds like someone was holding a small zip-tie against a fastly spinning bycycle wheel spokes. has sort of "plastic" sound to it, so it's not the lifters. I can hear it when it idles but when driving normally, other noises kill it. It can be heard in the car when accelerating harder. It appears to be coming from driver side of the engine. To me it feels like its coming from the side of the engine, but there's nothing there to be causing this? It'ts not injector tick, as that can be heard separately. I tried describing my issue as detailed as i could, hopefully someone has a clue. Something simple to check before i start pulling major things apart? Thank you.
  21. I can never find any solid information regarding this turbo and the RB25Det. So in the next few days I will be having one fitted to my car and tuned. Dyno sheet will be uploaded as well. My mods are, GARRETT GT3076R-56T G2 TURBOCHARGER T3 INTERNAL WASTE GATE TURBINE HOUSING 0.82A/R AEROFLOW BILLET EFI FUEL RAIL NISSAN RB25 Aeroflow 100psi oil filled gauge Bosch 1000cc top feed Turbo smart FPR800 Walbro 255HP pump Relay mod for the pump and earth mod Splitfire Coils NGK BCPR7ES-8 FFP Front mount intercooler K&N air intake Z32 AFM Apexi power FC with hand controller Autometer boost gauge exhaust is 3" straight through with 1 rear muffler Internal mods unknown *Note engine bay photo is a before photo. After photo to come with dyno sheet update Factory fitted sunroof, GTR wing, N spec body kit, front and rear strut braces, coil-overs and more. It's only done 125,000 kms not bad for a 1994 model.
  22. Okay so ive got an issue with putting these injector inserts into my freddy plenum and need help with what to do, basically the rubber seal is too big to fit (i did use bosch rubber grease to try and get them in)but the actual inserts themselves fit perfectly! What other options would i have to seal the inserts, i was thinking of using rvt gasket maker but am unsure if this will be okay?
  23. Hi all, Earlier this year my 25 neo in my 34 did a head gasket during a track day. Had that fixed up and shortly after ran into more trouble which was diagnosed as rings. $6k and 10 months later with a freshly rebuilt motor I hit my 2nd track day of the year and the car has turned around and chewed through another head gasket on the first lap. Motor was tuned, ran fine on the dyno in heat, didn't make as much power as pre rebuild but we attributed that to the hot weather. Found shit loads of oil in the coilpack valley, after opening the bonnet up, but only in cyl 1-2, assuming this was spat out of the breather. Motor now has shitloads of blow by, is running on 5 and obviously is spitting white smoke out of the exhaust like crazy. Trying to figure out how exactly it's managed to eat a head gasket (and do the rest of the damage it's done to my motor) after one hot lap of Winton. Coolant was boiling when I pulled off the track, powersteering was also overflowing (which set my manifold on fire, yay) before anyone says check your temps, stock gauge said I was slightly above half, which is what I expected given it was a 35 degree day.
  24. 500cc bosch fuel injectors to fit rb25det. Excellent condition. Flow tested and new filters, never fitted as plans changed. $300 or nearest offer Perth wa
  25. Rebuilt RB25DET Lets skip to the juicy bit, this is my head after max 2km of testing, not running well before, thought valves may be the issue but they seem ok. Comp is at 140 (I know it's low) this is the intake side, no soot anywhere else, just in this one spot what the fk could've caused it? thanks Marni