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Found 108 results

  1. Budget CA S13 Track Car Moving my build thread from NS over to hear as NS seems pretty dead these days. Had the car for quite a few years now, has sat dormant for the last 18mths because I bought my 34 and poured all my time and money into that Current mods/specs. 1989 CA18DET 5spd in secy two tone. 146ks on a stock and original bottom end fresh head gasket and ARP studs. Engine/Driveline GT2560/T28 BB on 17psi/18spi - 198rwkw 3" Turbo Back Exhaust with de-cat Greddy intercooler. Catch Can and Morosso Crankcase evac kit. Turbo Tech Boost Tap - The original and still the best. Adjustable Wastegate Actuator R33 BOV - plumbed back. Grex Oil Filter Relocation Kit BTR Oil Cooler Thermostat JJR Oil Cooler Apexi SAFC V2 Apexi SITC AEM Wideband Air Fuel Sensor and Gauge RX7 460cc Injectors. Surge Tank Setup Walbro 400lph lift pump, Walbro 255lph main pump. Aeroflow fittings and hose. Alloy Radiator "Custom" Semi Solid Engine Mounts. CA18DET Exhaust Cam on the intake side and Adjustable Cam Gears Xtreme HD Organic Clutch. S15 helical diff centre with original crown and pinion to retain better ratio - Solid bushes. Brakes Braided lines all round. S15 Front Calipers/R33 Rear calipers (no handbrake anymore) Ventilated and Slotted Rotors TRW Pads all round R32 GT-R Master Cylinder R33 Brake Booster DIY Brake ducts front and rear. Suspension BC BR Coilovers S15 Power Steering Rack GKtech high misalignment tie rod ends. Nagisa Auto roll centre adjusters Cusco castor arms. R32 FLCA's S15 RLCA's Front Strut Brace ISC Rear Camber Arms GKTech Rear Toe Arms. S14 subframe with reinforcement plates Solid subframe bushes. Whiteline adjustable front swaybar. R32 GTR rear swaybar. Other/Rice C-West Twin Blade Adustable rear spoiler – alloy mounts under boot skin for support. Dry Cell Mounted in Boot with Battery Isolater/Kill Switch cable up front + remote pull. Aftermarket Steering Wheel D1 Quick Release Hub Momo Gear Knob Momo Pedals Auto Guage Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure Guages Velo Podium FRP Race Seat with Velo Harness and side mounts. Custom Seat Frame, lowered for roof clearance. Pro Fab Half Cage (dealing with Brad was fun...) 17x8 and 17x9 Volk(Rays) Rims. Federal RS-R 235s R32 GT-R Grill Hektic body kit. Semi stripped interior, no AC etc. big dollar tow strap DIY Front Splitter Soon to be rear diffuser. Currently finishing off the front end suspension work/reassembly Getting some new front end links, changing out GTR rear swaybar for standard s14, car needs to go off to have some exhaust fab done (new hangers etc) then put it all back together and drive it for the first time in like 2 yrs... I pulled it off the road as the last out it was a realy handful to drive (with the new swaybars) and was torching the outside of the tyres. Full history/build is here. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=533091&st=0
  2. Hi all! *** 2K for the lot ***Garage Clearance TimeIf no photos of what I have described, just ask.Just sick of timewasters so take the lot for 2k!6 x Denso 195500-2240 Injectors1 x JR Pod Filter4 x Jecs A46-00 Injectors1 x Nissan RB26 block1 x Universal Catalytic Converter 2 & 3 way – 5.9L / 6000LBS – 4” Round / 11” Long / 3” Ends5 x New CP Piston Rings CPN-340650 x Oil Filters1 x Microtech LT-8s Sequential Fire Ver. 10 ECU2 x Garrett Turbo 466071-6C (stock off an R33)1 x Power Distribution Block 1x0GA into 4x4GA1 x Jecs MAF Mass Air Flow Meter A36-000 N62 / 22680 30P001 x Malpassi Fuel Injection Regulator1 x R33 Twin Turbo Pipe1 x SX Performance Fuel Regulator 154041 x Nissan ECU A11-000 RG3 - S131 x Nissan ECU A11-000 G90 - S131 x Set of 6 CP Carrillo forged Pistons suit RB30/261 x SR20 Crank Shaft 60J401 x SR20 Red Top Block1 x SR20 Black Top Block (non VCT)1 x 52F SR20 BlockBrisbane Location - FREE delivery
  3. Hello guys! This week’s car problem isssssssss the fuel gauge is reading incorrect fuel level (always at full or close to full) I have an RB25DET wired to a S13 hatchback fuel sending unit. I have double checked that the fuel gauge is grounded properly and connected correctly. So, next step was to check the fuel sending unit which I found is reading 0-2 ohm in both fuel and empty. So! That means it is reading the incorrect resistance. Is there a way I could fix this without buying a whole new sending unit, perhaps a resistor? Thank you all!
  4. Hi all, This Group Buy is for Bonnet Dampers for various models. (R32, R33, R34, S13, EVO 7/8/9) Group Buy Start: 12/7/13 Group Buy End: 26/7/13 All interest, questions, discussion in this thread. All orders via PM. Payments via Paypal, EFT or Direct bank deposit. Payments to be made in full between 12/7/13 and 26/7/13, the order with the supplier will be placed on 29/7/13. The bulk order is being sent to me via sea freight so will take a few weeks to get here, from there I will send out individual orders via Aus Post. Price: $69+ $11 postage (Black) $99+ $11 postage (Carbon) Or you can pick up from SW Sydney if you are local. What you will receive: 2x Dampers 2x Bonnet Brackets 2x Ball Screws 4x Washers 4x Locking Pins 1x Lube and Cotton bud Install is very easy (10 mins). What you will need for install: 10mm Socket (Front guard bolt) 12mm Socket (Bonnet bolts) 10mm Spanner (Ball screws) Pics: Fitted to my R33.
  5. For sale. NISMO blank key. Uncut 8 Point. Box is in fair condition but in one piece. Key is in excellent as new condition. No scratchesdents marks or blemishes. Bought from Kudos Motorsport through this forum years ago before being discontinued. Price includes registered Australia Post. International buyers welcome . Pm with any questions. $550.00 including postage. Thanks. Russ.
  6. For sale. NISMO blank key. Uncut 8 Point. Box is in fair condition but in one piece. Key is in excellent as new condition. No scratches dents marks or blemishes. Bought from Kudos Motorsport through this forum years ago before being discontinued. Price includes registered Australia Post. International buyers welcome . Pm with any questions. $550.00 including postage. Thanks. Russ.
  7. Hi guys, sorry I know parts of this have been covered and it has been a massive help!! Although I have an issue: i have an rb20det in my s13, there are no looms in the car apart from the engine loom & fuel pump wires. All plugged in and I have 3 power wires into the ecu & 6 ground wires out of the ecu; the car turns over and has injectors tick and fuel spray when fuel relay activated but I have NO SPARK. i have power, earth and signal continuity from the ecu going to all the coils, cas and injectors; ami missing something from the ecu to tell coils to spark? i swapped the igniter for a working one(same issue), should I try swapping cas and ecu? thank you guys and sorry if I can’t find the info. regards, kev 👌
  8. We are proud to offer Skylines Australia the worlds best priced performance coil packs. With thousands of sets sold worldwide, these are proving to be very popular and have been on the market for around 8 years now with some very impressive results. Here is what one of our happy customers had to say about them: I've been running these Yellow Jackets now for 3 months in my R33 GTR. Still no problem with spark blowout as I previously did with the old coils, and still plenty of power! Done 2 HARD track days with no problems at all. Even added extra timing. Now at 28deg at 8000rpm WOT! Over 320+kw now! I have now bought a second set of Yellow Jackets for a mates R32 GTR which had a constantly changing misfire, even after gapping the plugs to 7mm and replacing them. He wanted to upgrade the turbo's for higher boost, so I said he would have to change the coilpacks. He was dubious that this would fix ALL his problems, so the turbo's were fitted. No improvement of the misfire after installing the turbos, running them in and resetting the ECU. So I fitted the coils, gapped the plugs to 1.1, and reset the ECU. He didn't believe me that this was going to work, but low and behold, smooth idle, acceleration, and cruise! He couldn't believe the difference in the 'seat of your pants' feel in acceleration (stock boost). Going to do a dyno run soon to see what the difference at stock boost is compared to original figures. Then a re-tune and add a boost controller. Bang for buck, these Yellow Jackets cant be beat! Unfortunately, out doing a "road test" in the R33 GTR, with the street tires, and now with bucket loads of extra torque, managed to break second gear. Same sort of use/abuse with the old coils packs couldn't produce the same 4 wheel power slides, just under heavy acceleration! Luckily I had a spare gearbox, so I could make it to the track days. BENEFITS: - Increase in torque. - No spark blowout at higher boost. - Improved throttle response and smoothness. - Increased Ignition Performance. - Improved Combustion. - Direct Fit. - 2 Year Warranty. - Solid Construction. - Cost effective. SATISFACTION GAURANTEED Manufactured with Components from GE (USA), BASF (Germany) and Epoxy Resins from Switzerland. EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO PERFORMANCE-WISE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACKS PRODUCT RANGE: YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB202526-S1 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN RB MODELS: SKYLINE R32 GTS-YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1989>94) SKYLINE R32 GTST/4-HCR32/HNR32-RB20DET (1989>94) SKYLINE R32 GTS25-ECR32/ER32-RB25DE (1991>93) SKYLINE R33 GTS Series 1-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE (1993>95) SKYLINE R33 GTSTSeries 1-ECR33/ER33 RB25DET (1993>95) SKYLINE R32 GTR-BNR32-RB26DETT (1989>94) SKYLINE R33 GTR-BCNR33-RB26DETT (1995>98.) STAGEA WGNC34 (AUTECH)-RB26DETT (1997) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1990>92) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DET (1990>92) CEFIRO LA31-RB20DE (1990>94) CEFIRO LA31-RB20DET (1990>94) CEFIRO LCA31/LNA31/NA31-RB20DET (1990>94) CEFIRO EA31/ECA31-RB25DE (1992>94) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1991>93) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1991>93) LAUREL HC34-RB20DE (1993>94) LAUREL EC33/ECC33-RB25DE (1991>93) LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1993>94) LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DE (1993>94) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB2526-S2 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN RB MODELS: SKYLINE R33 GTS Series 2-ENR33/ER33-RB25DE (1995>98 ) SKYLINE R33 GTST Series 2-ECR33/ER33-RB25DET (1995>98 ) SKYLINE R34 GTR-BNR34 - RB26DETT (1999+) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD)-RB25DE (1996>97) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD)-RB25DE (1996>97) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD)-RB25DET (1996>98 ) CEDRIC/GROLIA ENY33-RB25DET (1997>99) LAUREL GC34-RB25DE (1994>97) LAUREL GC34-RB25DET (1994>97) LAUREL GNC34-RB25DE (1994>97) LAUREL GCC34-RB25DET (1994>97) LEOPARD JENY33-RB25DET (1997) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB2025-N - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING RB NEO MODELS: SKYLINE R34 GT ER34/ENR34 - RB25DE NEO (1998+) SKYLINE R34 GTT ER34 - RB25DET NEO (1998+) STAGEA WHC34 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD) - RB25DE NEO (1997+) STAGEA WGC34 (2WD) - RB25DET NEO (1998+) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD) - RB25DE NEO (1997+) STAGEA WGNC34 (4WD) - RB25DET NEO (1998+) CEDRIC/GROLIA ENY34 - RB25DET NEO (1999+) LAUREL HC35 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) LAUREL GC35/GNC35 - RB25DE NEO (1997+) LAUREL GC35/GCC35 - RB25DET NEO (1997+) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-RB20313233 - AU$420.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. (NO HARNESS ADAPTORS REQUIRED). - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING RB20 MODELS: SKYLINE HR31-RB20DE (1985>89) SKYLINE HR31-RB20DET (1985>89) SKYLINE YHR31/HCR32/HR32-RB20DE (1985>89) CEFIRO A31/CA31-RB20DE (1988>90) CEFIRO A31 CA31-RB20DET (1998>90) FAIRLADY Z PZ31/PGZ31-RB20DET (1985>89) LAUREL HC32-RB20DET (1986>91) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DE (1988>91) LAUREL HC33/HCC33-RB20DET (1988>91) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-SR20-S1 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING SR20 MODELS: SILVIA/200SX - PS13/KPS13 - SR20DET - (1991-1993) SILVIA/200SX - S14/CS14 - SR20DET - (1993-1999) 180SX - RPS13/KRPS13 - SR20DET - (1991+) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-SR20-S2 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING SR20 MODELS: SILVIA - S15 - SR20DET - 1999-2002 X-TRAIL GT(Jap Spec) - SR20VET - 2002-2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-CA18 - AU$310.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 4. (NO HARNESS ADAPTORS REQUIRED) - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING CA18 MODELS: BLUEBIRD U13-CA18DE BLUEBIRD U13-CA18DET EXA N13-CA18DE (1987>91) EXA N13-CA18DET (1987>91) SILVIA S13/KS13-CA18DE (1988>91) SILVIA S13/KS13-CA18DET (1988>91) 180SX RS13/KRS13-CA18DET (1989>91) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VQ35-S1 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: SKYLINE PV35/CPV35 (03-06) SKYLINE V35 250GT/300GT VQ25DD/VQ30DD SKYLINE V36 SEDAN (up to 2009) SKYLINE ©PV35 350GT (VQ35DE, 06/2001 - 09/2007) STAGEA NM35 250T / AR-X FOUR (VQ25DET, 10/2001 - 08/2004) STAGEA : PM35/PNM35 (01-07) INFINITI FX35 (03-08) INFINITI G35 COUPE/SEDAN (03-07) INFINITI M35 (06-08) M35 VQ25DET (06-07) FAIRLADY Z / 350Z Z33/HZ33 (Includes roadster) - (03-06) 350Z Z33 Touring Series 1 (VQ35DE, 12/2002 - 01/2007) 350Z Z33 Track, Series 1 (VQ35DE, 12/2002 - 01/2007) FUGA : PY50/PNY50/Y50 CEFIRO A33 (99-02) LEOPARD Y33 (97-99) CEDRIC Y34 (99-04) GLORIA Y34 (99-04) MAXIMA (02-08) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VQ36-S2 - AU$400.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - FACTORY RUBBER BOOTS AND INTERNAL SPRINGS REQUIRED. DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: VQ35HR & VQ35DE 3.5L V6 / VQ37VHR 3.7L V6 / VR38DETT 3.8L V6 : R35 GTR VR38DETT (08-12) SKYLINE PV36/V36/NV36 SKYLINE V36 sedans PV36/KV36 (06-08)INFINITI G35 COUPE/SEDAN (03-07) INFINITI EX35 (08-Up) INFINITI G37 TEANA PJ32/J32 MURANO PZ51/PNZ51 FAIRLADY Z Z33/HZ33 350Z (Includes Roadster) - (07-08) Z34 (370Z) VQ37VHRFUGA PY50/PNY50/Y50 FX35 (09-Up) M35 (08-09) ALTIMA SEDAN (07-12) ALTIMA COUPE (08-12) MAXIMA (09-Up) MURANO (09-Up). V36 VQ37VHR (2008-Up) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS COIL PACK SET - YJ-VG30-S1 - AU$450.00 delivered within 2-3 business days - - COMES IN A SET OF 6. - DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING NISSAN MODELS: VQ Fairlady Z (300ZX) Z32/GZ32/GCZ32 - VG30DE & VG30DETT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YELLOW JACKETS T-SHIRT (Mens & womens) - AU$30.00 delivered - Front print - Plain back. 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Available in White or Grey only. Sizes - Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large / Extra Extra Large --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The link next to each item will take you to our site where you can view pics & details and where you can purchase & pay via Paypal with our secure online checkout system. We also take direct deposit, bank check or postal money order. Please PM me for details. Please PM or contact us if you have any questions regarding these items. Cheers, Paul. www.performance-wise.com www.performance-wise.net www.yellowjacketscoilpacks.com
  9. Hello im looking for s13 coilovers vic also looking for cheap drifter wheels for a skidpan event thank you heaps from Joel
  10. Hello im looking for s13 coilovers vic also looking for cheap drifter wheels for a skidpan event thank you heaps from Joel
  11. Possibly relevant for Skyline drivers but this is for a track Silvia. I often see Evo Brembo's much cheaper than GT-R Brembos but the Evo units, despite being a better caliper with larger pad area, require an adapter regardless of whether you use 320mm or 350mm Evo Rotors. Such as this: http://www.tf-works.com/tf-evo-8-9-brembo-brake-caliper-adapter-for-nissan-s13-s14-s15/ (This is for 320mm rotors) My concern is how the adapter will handle the heat from longer stints and the risk of pad knock back etc from flex in the mount. Car is getting a new motor and will end up on either big semis or slicks so will be moving along a bit. Not an issue to be worried about and time to enjoy some Evo calipers or better to stick with the direct fit R33 GT-R Brembo's for a bit more money, less pad area, but maybe less issues?
  12. 2x Nismo LH Engine Motor Mount 11220-RS540 (fits 180SX S13 S14 S15) I have two nismo engine mounts for sale - model 11220-RS540. They are both located in Adelaide, SA - but I'm happy to post at buyers expense. They have stickers on them incorrectly marking for an R34 GTT, but as per the nismo model number they're the front left engine mount on a Nissan 180SX PS13, RPS13, S14, S15. 30 to 40 Percent Stiffer Reduces Engine Vibration They're brand new in the box - never used. They regularly list brand new on eBay, etc for $150+. Please note, this is for the left-hand side only. Picture for reference (I can post pictures of the actual items/boxes if you'd like).
  13. Hey joined to gain some knowledge on the Rb20det I'm familiar with nissans been working on them for years mostly our USDM KA24DE. Anyway here's my turd
  14. Hey Everyone, My name is Mike and I'm from the US. I have an S13 Silvia that I am swapping an RB25 NEO into. I have been stalking this site for a while now, so thank you all for the things that I have already learned from you. Here are a couple pictures of the ride.
  15. s13gtr AWD S13 Gday guys, Here is my s13 i have been playing around with for the past few years, started out as a cheap drifta but got bitten by the drag racing bug and have chased that path for a while, but i still want the car universal as i want to do local circuit and motorkhana days. I have been slowing increasing the power, increasing turbo sizes from gtx3076-gtx3582-gtx4088-gtx4202 to currently having precision 7675. As i made more and more power it was getting hard to put it down so i was searching for a R32gtr and then they became unaffordable for me so i bit the bullet and went AWD on the s13. Slowly gathering parts for the conversion, i didnt want to commit until i had everything.Tinkering away in the shed i got my hands on a frontcut for dummy assembly, once i was happy with engine position i just started stripping my car apart and threw it in... (well not that easy.... but it works!) anyway here is a few pics of the cars journey. rb25/30 built by Matt Sims Performance PPG H dogbox Precicion 7675 turbo haltech elite 2500 ets pro awd controller
  16. Rb20det s13 runs perfect but slower than a civic Hey everybody, i just made this account because ive been browsing this site everytime i need to learn something about my engine(rb20det) and the info yall got here is incomparable to any forums in the US where its just a huge internet argument. With that being said i havent found anything on this forum that adresses the issues im having so here goes. I have a rb20det swap in my s13 running everything stock, its holding boost at 10psi, the wideband reads 11-12 on boost and around 15 at idle, the timing is set at 15* and everything appears to be running perfect except a little idle fluctuation from 680-780rpm and sometimes i need to hit the gas when cranking to start it. The major issue im having is my car is slower than my honda accord but seems to be running fine, i can feel the turbo spool and the boost comes on but its still very very slow. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Nismo 365A Steering Wheel BNR32 + White 320KM/H BNR32 Cluster - 1993 Nismo 365A (365mm) Steering wheel with Nismo Horn button and Nismo BNR32 + S13 Hicas compatible boss. The wheel is in what I would describe a 7.5/10 condition. No tears just a few scratches that are no too deep. Most sellers wouldn't mention but I'm a thorough seller. Sun fade is non existent. The horn is in 100% perfect condition and so is the 87mm Nismo Boss. Set price $700 USD - Custom White with blue lettering Nissan OEM cluster set for a 91/8+ BNR32 Skyline GTR in original packing. Price $650 USD International Shipping $35 USD Paypal 4%
  18. Ganador BNR32 KH2 Mirrors S13 In Box Mint Tested and working in superb condition sprayed in KH2 Gun metal BNR32. Are for a BNR32 but like many people have confirmed also fit a S13 Silvia or 180/240sx. Come with original box, packing and sticker. Electric adjustable like OEM. USD 950 World Wide Shipping USD 40 PayPal 4%
  19. RB25DET is burning oil What's up, I am having trouble diagnosing what is causing my rb25det to burn oil. The engine is in a 240sx RHD, the following are the most critical parts of my setup: Great condition GTX3076R Garrett Turbo, new 740cc injectors, new head gasket, Fully built valves, new top mount manifold, new coolant/oil lines, new pistons, bored cylinders, 44mm wastegate, recirculating bov Deleted pcv system due to the rb26det valve cover conversion but I am atmospherically venting from the valve cover Oil weight is 10w-30 synthetic The car was running fine 6 months ago when I got the engine finally running but now it starts smoking as soon as I start it, cold or hot, the piece of misery will start smoking blue smoke. It will smoke as you start it, as you idle, as you accelerate, and especially if you rev it high. There is no oil in the turbo inlet. Please help me figure this out, thanks!
  20. CA18DET Rebuild or engine swap? Hi All, Recently my current CA18DET just blew up (cracked piston rings) and overheated. Ive got a spare engine lying around with unconfirmed kms (obtained from a previous purchase). My question is what would be the best path for just getting the car going again (and reliably). Should I refurbish the engine back to OEM? or just bolt her up with a new head gasket? Also, if anyone knows who is decent with CA's in Brissy, let me know. Cheers
  21. Whiteline Rear Sway Bar for Nissan R32 Skyline, S13 Silvia. Hi All, Up for sale is a Whiteline rear sway bar for R32 Skyline or S13 Silvia. It comes with brand new Nolathane D Bushes. I'm asking $120 negotiable for this. I will post at buyers expense. Please contact me if you have any other questions. James - 0477 993 299 / james.herfurth@gmail.com
  22. Thought I'd start a thread for the s-chassis folk. Digital hanging scales are are my favourite toy at the moment, trying to get as much weight as possible out of my 180sx and think I can get it close to 1100kgs with stock panels and glass windows with an RB25. Already know trying to corner balance the is going to be alot of fun and I'll do a more detailed write up soon.
  23. Crushing JDM Cars - S13 | R33 | R34
  24. Wtb s13 aero bar and skirts Wanting to buy aero bar and skirts must be in good condition. Cash waiting.
  25. Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller & Vee-port Type 2 BOV Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller and Turbosmart Vee-port type 2 blow off valveLooking to sell together for around $200
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