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  1. My current project car is a '92 Supercharged MX5, I've been building it over the past 5 years but sadly its time to move on. Like most, my dream car is an R34, a GTR will always be out of my price range but I would certainly be happy with a GTT. I'd decided the MX5 would be stripped and sold in September when the insurance expires and then start the search for a clean R34. I wouldnt be a true car enthusiast if i wasn't already looking for cars on the interweb with this decision in mind. My fingers were starting to hurt after refreshing various selling and auction sites here and Japan too often. One car I kept being drawn back to was a white Series 2. It ticked all the boxes for what i was looking for, except it was the facelift front bumper that was preventing me from looking deeper into the details. So i messaged the seller and asked for a few more details and photos, very quick responses and the amount of photos asked on request was overwhelming. Was it worth the 7hr round trip to go look at it, to potentially not like it? If it was as clean as it was in the photos, something major must have had been up with it if i was to walk away. Luckily this wasn't the case, infact the car was even better in person. After a test drive and a good poke around i really couldnt fault the car except for a knock on the driver side rear. So with an offer made he accepted and I drove away extremely happy! The 170ish mile drive home was faultless and i look forward to digging in and putting my own stamp on it. It would have been rude to not get some photos, especially with the MX5 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Series 2 RB25DET NEO 6 Manual Transmission Imported in 2016 by IBE Cars in Huddersfield,UK Resprayed in original Pearl White in 2017 Its stock except for a custom turbo back exhaust, HKS mushroom filter and aftermarket stereo
  2. As of last weekend, this is my new 'daily'. I previously owned a ~620rwhp R33 GT-R with a T04Z, built motor etc etc. That was a great car, but by the time I worked out how much I had spent on it, and what I still wanted to do with it, it was actually cheaper to just bite the bullet and by the R35. Specs are: 2009 Nissan R35 GT-R Dark Metal Grey 32,000kms There are quite a few mods in the pipeline, and I have already fitted a full exhaust system (Midpipe and Catback) and 15mm spacers on the front, with 20mm spacers on the rear. I have a few goals for the car: Goals: (will tick them off as they get completed) - 10.5* or less 1/4 mile pass - 54.* or less Wanneroo Short-track time - 550hp at the wheels The idea behind this car is to be able to achieve my goals for under $10,000. As such, the planned upgrades are as follows: Empire Performance Midpipe ( http://myworld.ebay....ire_performance ) Empire Performance Catback ( http://myworld.ebay....ire_performance ) COBB Accessport NIS-006 with TCM control ( http://justjap.com/s...ufacturerid=101 ) Empire Performance Intake + Intercooler kit Bosch EV14 1100cc injectors (http://www.gtrlife.c...-in-fuel-pumps/) SiR in-tank fuel pumps (http://www.gtrlife.c...-in-fuel-pumps/) SiR Stage 1 turbo upgrade (http://www.gtrlife.c...rbos-2500-core/) I'm hoping with these mods it'll do about 550rwhp on 16-18psi (may not actually need the turbos to do this, but we'll play it by ear). Some pics I've owned the car for almost 2 weeks now, so it's definitely time for mods. Here's the latest: Dyno'd it completely 100% stock to get a good baseline figure. It made 415awhp at only 11psi.... not a bad base to work with!! Right after that, we fit the new Empire Performance exhaust and mid-pipe. The weight saving in this is HUGE. I'm guessing the new midpipe is about 15kg's lighter, but I'll weigh the old one shortly. Old Midpipe: Old vs New: New midpipe and catback: Now it sounds like this:
  3. So my car is completely stripped down now, shell is off to paint, and engine is at the machine shop for a refresh. Once back in my hands, the fun starts of putting her back together. Follow along!
  4. Hi all! I picked up a 1993 (imported 2003) R33 GTST Manual, I’m currently still on my P’s until the end of June, so I’ve got some time to work on it! (Please forgive the lack of pictures, I’ll snap a few more and upload tomorrow!) When I first got her! On temporary wheels Current specs: - 110xxx - Recent respray in a light blue metallic - Series 1 with a series 2 motor - Front mount (ebay spec I think) - R34 high flowed turbo - 40th anniversary seats - Mspec front bar - Sunroof The aim for the car is a comfortable daily car that I can rip around when the mood hits, I want responsive power but not over the top power, great handling, properly sealed cabin, I’m going to try and fight the nissan rattle and fill all the holes haha. Suspension: It had KYB shocks and cut kings when I first got it, surprising drove quite well albeit a tad bit rough. It also had some very heavy RJR Wheels on it which I got rid of very quickly. - Cusco Zero 2 Coilovers (arrived, installing next week) - Whiteline front and rear sway bar kit (ordered, installing next week) - Whiteline strutbrace (ordered, installing next week) - Stern 1 piece forged alloy wheels, these are currently getting the lip machined, the bore machined from lexus to r33, the face sandblasted fixed and painted and the whole lot cleared. Then getting RE003's for the rubber. These are 17's, so not a super aggressive size, hopefully having the little extra chunkiness on the wheels will somewhat offset the aggressive coil setup. I'm spending quite a bit on these since I love the design of them, and I think it will suit the look I'm going for. - Check all suspension bushes and mounts, the don’t look flogged visually but always good to check! Sterns pre-restoration Engine: Apparently it was running 220rwkw tune, but it seems the stock ECU is back in it atm, so im on the lookout for a ECU then I’ll get it tune when I fix the boost leaks coming from a few places! - Fix leak on BOV (it was cabled tied on………) - Re-do intercooling piping in black - Change coil pack loom plugs (one has been cut and soldered, not that keen) - Clean up dodgy wiring and sensor wiring that’s everywhere - Move and secure HID ballasts - ECU & tune (thinking haltech elite?) - Paint everything black (one of the most important mods) - Full service, new oil/filter - Secure air filter - Change boost-T to electronic boost controller Audio: Originally this had some horrendous kicker + option audio setup that made baby jesus cry with a touchscreen pioneer. I've since ditched the whole lot (sounded rubbish) in favor of a properly set up system. - Ping jing'ing the whole car, currently in the process of ripping every bit of interior out - Laying 3mm thick marine sound foam absolutely everywhere I can, helps seal the car, and fills gaps and makes everything fit a bit tighter which is nice - Alpine V9 to run the whole system - 2x Cresendo etude 2.10 subs, which will both be in custom made sealed boxes on either side of the boot - Cresendo Opus 7B tweeters & crossovers with Opus 9 mids - Nakamichi NA88 (Haven't ordered this yet still deciding) Interior: Interior is in really good nic for its age, no cracks in dash, carpets clean, seats clean - Fix boost gauge it broke on the way home :’( - Wrap the dash piece in black suede instead of the blue it currently is.. - Remove random whistle noise switch someone installed - Build fiberglass speaker boxes in doors to enclose audio - Properly mount dash (fix loose air con vents, cluster etc) When I first picked it up! tad messy! Future plans: - 280rwkw is the aim - FFP and a high mount (just looks so god damn good) - Change the front bar (any ideas??) - Much much more to come! TL;DR Overall I’m really happy with it for what I paid, I’m going fairly no expensive spared on this project, which doesn’t mean I’ll spend as much as possible but I’m more then happy to spend where needed! I’m building this to be a reliable, quick, comfortable car, that I can drive ‘spritely’ happily, the plan is to take it on a driving holiday around tassy June next year! More HD pictures: http://imgur.com/a/KoNM6 Thanks for checking this post out, I’ll try and keep it updated as much as possible!
  5. Hi, I have a 1990 R32 Gtst, 5 speed manual for sale. Asking $3k and take it away. The only reason for selling the car is that I need some space in the garage and I don't have the time to complete the car. The car runs well and is 90% standard. It would be perfect for someone looking for a project or even just for parting out. I've owned the car since 2006. It has approx 184,000km's on the dial. The car has been meticulously cared for. It has only been driven twice in the last 18 months but is started regularly. The car is currently in primer with some of the rear interior trims removed, otherwise the car is complete and runs perfectly. I've got a spare straight through exhaust for the car in addition to the exhaust already fitted. Car is currently unregistered so collection of the vehicle would need to be on a temporary permit or picked up on a flatbed. Located in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. Cheers.
  6. hi guys im looking for indicators to suite this front bar if possible if anyone has any locally ? i need them urgently before i get yellow stickered for not even having indicators at all attached im not really fussy just anything that will work even GTR R34 ones if theyll fit
  7. I have owned this R33 for around 2 years now but it spent most of the time parked in the driveway as I had my white R34 “GTNAH” and thought I can build the R33 to be my thrasher/Track car at the same time. The project started sometime last year working with my brother but here is a run down of the events that took place. The R33 started something like this: Unregistered 1995 RB25det R34 Neo turbo Front mount 3” Exhaust HD clutch Lowered springs Stock wheels Genuine Impul skirts and rear bumper Stock look - Test fitting my R34 wheels (Rota P45 R2 18x10 +12) The plan was to keep it simple but for most projects things don’t always go according to plan. So a BN kit was sourced and due to the poor status of the paint, it had to be sorted. That's when it was sanded down and prepared for a respray. In the means time, a set of Tein coilovers and 18” XXR wheels were installed along with an aftermarket bonnet and the end result was something like this. At this stage I needed a daily and knowing non of the pits in perth would pass the car as it is, it had to be altered to be more street friendly so after a few minor adjustments and a couple of trips to pits, it was registered and officially street legal. The plan now is to install some of the a few bolt on mods that I have to get the car back to its original plan which was track days with the ability to use it as my daily. KKR480 Turbo Wolf 3D ECU External wastegate Change fluids (box,diff) Change thermostat and Fuel filter Boost controller Upgrade Coilpacks Apexi ECV Upgrade fuel pump Alloy Radiator Nardi Steering Wheel GTR seats GTR front bumper GTR bonnet There is always a chance of more unpredictable changes while its getting ready for a decent respray but for now the GTR bonnet / bumper seem like the ideal options since I have already have the parts Feel free to make any suggestions
  8. I am after a GTR Shell, not much more to add... Preferably SA.
  9. '94 R33 GTS-T, 4 DOOR PROJECT FOR SALE Unsure if I've posted in the right spot (sorry if I haven't!!) Will not separate, selling as a bundle Unfinished Project Body is a '94 with 123k's, Satin black paint (could do with a respray) Body is straight, has no dings. -Manual -M spec front Bar, has side skirts and rear bar (unsure on brand) -Cusco two way locker -Hicas locked -Bride drivers seat (genuine) -Defi link gauges -33 GTR rims -racing gear suspension -momo steering wheel -nismo strut brace -334DOOR plates PARTS -RB 25 gear box -OS STR twin plate -Trust 600x300x100mm intercooler -Aluminium radiator -HKS super silent cat back exhaust -Greddy cam gears -Garret 35/82R turbo -Candy blue rocker covers -HKS oil cap - Modified 33 GTR wiring loom wired for power FC de-jetro (don't have) -HKS 600cc injectors -Tomei 33GTR fuel pump MOTOR RB 30 block -JUN oil pump -Mahle pistons -Cosmetic head gasket -nissan water pump -ATI 1000HP balancer -ACL bearings HEAD -Fully ported polished -2mm oversize super tech valves -HKS stage 2 cams -ARP bolts all round Rough idea of whats missing/needed -ECU exhaust manifold and wastegate obviously need to assemble engine.. sump has been cut but not shut will hold 8 litres of oil need oil pickup modified and oil restrictor for the block The motor was built to be a reliable 500HP street car If anyone is seriously interested/ has any questions, contact my partner (kevin) on 0438151237
  10. R33 skyline project partout heaps of brand new items Brand new greddy type r intercooler - $400 Brandnew 50mm radiator-$125 Brand new thermo fans to suit radiator-$175 Brand new gfb electronic boost controller- $250 Brand new waste gate x2-$50 ea Brand new garrett gt04r turbo with exhaust manifold for r33-$650 R33 gtr dash cluster 15,600km 320km hr-$950 Brand new z7 rims -$600 R33 5 speed gearbox-$750 R33 diff with tru trac centre-$1500 Custom tailshaft-$1200 Rb25 block with 1mm oversize bore with rb26 crank and girdle all balanced (just needs soda blast) -$1000 Adr approved custom bonnet by blitz-$1200 R33 skyline shell with full paint job bmw sepang bronze with a ghost flake with a full race suspension arms and neomax silvers coilovers never had engine in since fitted.-$3000 Brand new stage 3 head with brand new internals and a 350cfm port and polish- $2700 Surge tank $100 Forward racing plennum (greddy style) with 100mm throttle body, 14mm fuel rail (tomei) 1000cc injector dynamic injectors and fuel pressure regulator -$1200 Tail lights led- $100 Headlights -125 Front bumper-$250 Rear bumper-$250 Tomei cam gears-$175 Tomei timing belt and pulleys- $30 Water pump-$75 Oil pump n1- $125 Tomei poncams 272 9.5 lift- $450 Gtr boot and spoiler -$200 30 row oil cooler- $100 Pretty sure i have missed stuff but if i remember more i will update
  11. want to buy a r34 gtr shell or if someone can find me one i will pay them for middle man service
  12. Guys, Selling my long term project of 10 years which I've finally concluded I will never finish and have lost all motivation to finish aside there is very little to do to be complete - Life just got in the way. 1990 HCR32 Engine: RB20DET - Stroked to 2438cc RB26 GTR Crank RB26 Eagle H-Beam Forged Rods 84mm Wiseco Forged Pistons Tomei 84mm 1.25mm Head Gasket ACL Bearings ARP Head Studs Port and Polish Tomei Solid Lifter conversion Tomei 272 9.25mm Cams HKS CAM Gears Nitto Oil Pump Crank + Cam Trigger setup Hypertune Custom Intake Manifold Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body Bosch 980cc Injectors Billet Fuel Rail High Mount turbo manifold 3582 JP Turbo Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo SpitFire Coil Packs Body: Black Respray Coilovers Half Cage 18" Wheels (New Rubber required 10+ years old) Front Mount Intercooler 50mm Alloy Radiator Blitz Fibreglass ADR approved bonnet Electrical: Haltech PS2000 ECU Haltech Wide Band IQ3 Digital Dash zLeds Rear tail lights Battery Relocation to boot Fuel Pressure Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor Walbro Fuel Pump After Market Fuel Level Pickup MAP Sensor Crank + Cam Hall Effect sensors Flex Fuel Sensor Wiring Wiring Specialties Wiring Hardness What's left to do? Really not much, - Set base timing on ECU for Crank trigger setup. - Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator - Mount Catch - Setup Fuel Level Input for Haltech - Tighten bolts on half cage - Interior tidy up (Cars been sitting in the garage for 10+ years) - Tune - Enjoy Located in 4300 QLD - Pickup only, Only genuine interest and obviously no joy riders as it needs a tune. Pictures will be supplied on request only.
  13. Heyyyy guys. i have a r33 wreck at home i have starting stripping which has a rb25det standard in it with low compression and blown head gasket. the engine still runs but overheats slowly and sounds like its running on 5cyclinders. i purchased the car for $1000 so i dont expect much and i kind of got it for parts. moving on. i just recently aquired a r32 skyline with a rb20det and ill tell you this is the first time i have had a r32 and i like it. i like the r32 more then the r33 but the car is heaps slower then the r33. could be something wrong i dont know. a couple of questions i have and i would appreciate as much advice and feedback as i can get from the experts here or people who have done what im doing before. should i sell the r33 wreck and keep some parts and put them into the r32 or should i do up the rb20det r32 and sell the rb25det or should i sell the rb20det and put in the rb25det after having it rebuilt. i see you can get rebuild kits cheap off ebay and most of the money is going to be labour. im located in perth if anyone on here can help me out be greatly appreciated. the rb20det is running without a problem but is slow the rb25det is running on 5 cyclinders but runs faster and better but im too scared to drive it because of the head gasket and overheating (overheats slowly) dont want to do more damage. what would be the best thing to do, taking into consideration i have alot of cars and i dont really want to spend stupid amounts of money but it would be nice to get 300-400hp out of one of the engines for under 5-6k other thing would it be worth putting the r33 turbo on the rb20det r32 and boost it to around 12-14psi it looks like the rb20det is running 10psi currently with stock turbo as the gauge says. the car is really loud and looks like the BOV is making most the noise and turbo spools nice. so currently i have a complete r33 rb25det and r32 rb20det can i make one really good car out of two or should i just wreck and sell all the r33 stuff and put that money into the r32 rb20det reason i ask is because alot of guys here are removing the rb20det and selling them to s13,s14,180 guys that are full on with the ca or sr engines and want a RB but not prepared to do a 25/26/30 config also how much is a rb20det worth and a rb25det i got told rb25det sells around $1500-$2000 without box. i dont want to sell the box i got offered $800 for mine because of the head gasket needing repair. is that a good price ? sorry for writing a book^ but just trying to get some quality expert advice. Thanks guys
  14. Hi Guys! Up for sale is my LS1 Silvia track car. It breaks my heart to sell it but due to personal and financial reasons I can no longer justify keeping it. I have been building it slowly over the past 2 years, and a lot of effort and money has gone into this project. Over 20k has been spent on it over the years, including engine, shell, conversion parts and much much more. Includes the following: S13 Shell: - BN body kit - Full seam welded - Custom respray, top half candy pink, bottom is black with gold sparkle (easy to fix with track damage) Conversion: - Daft Inovations conversion kit - Daft long tube headers - Summit racing mini starter - Custom lines Engine: - HSV VY clubsport 280KW motor - 6 speed gearbox - Custom long tube headers - Mafless tune - twin fuel pumps - Surge tank - Fuel cell - Monster LS1 Drift button Clutch - Oil cooler - Alloy radiator - twin thermo fans Suspension/Brakes: - HSD front coilovers - HKS rear coilovers - NON-Hicas rear subframe - R33 Front brakes and rotors - R32 Rear brakes and rotors - 5 Stud conversion Front and rear Drive: - Custom drive shaft (2 piece) - Skyline R32 rear Diff (locked) - Skyline R32 rear 5 bolt drive shafts (stronger and thicker then s13) Interior: - Custom stand alone engine loom - Custom body loom (stripped back to bare essentials, massive weight saving) - Monster tacho - Autometer gauges - Roll cage, bolt in half cage - Stainless steel rear parcel shelf divider/fire wall (block of fuel cell in the rear) - Nismo bucket seat There is a lot more done to this car that has not been mentioned, to many parts and hours have gone into this car to be able to list them all. Location: South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Price: $15,000 as is Will include all spares and extras IF you have any questions regarding SALE of vehicle (don't want calls asking about help on your conversion) please don't hesitate to call. 0400 200 997 (Paul)
  15. Havent really done one of these things before but i guess ill just wing it Just over a month a go I bought this modified C33 Laurel off an old work mate. He had owned it for a while but decided to sell it when he didnt drive it once during a whole 12 month rego stint. So she was a little dirty but after a little clean up came out alright. She has the following done: Engine: RB25DET Neo Transmission: RB25DET ECU: Power FC Turbo: VG30 hiflowed on standard manifold Suspension: Tien coilovers all round Other mods: FMIC, 3' exhaust, Splitfire coilpacks, 640cc injectors (havent confirmed?), full cage! All the mods are modplated and all legal (mostly ) All the work was done in Japan before it was imported for my pleasure. Couple little things I needed to attend to...like speedo not working, lack of clear on the LHR quarter and respray the front bar. Was super happy how this thing went for a Nissan, believe it or not i didn't even have to pop the bonnet for 2 weeks! Took it to a track day and had a blast. Beat alot of things, got beaten by alot also A mate of mine runs a car photography on facebook, 'Street Alliance' (check it out ) . So hes been lapping up the photos of the Laurel. Had a problem develope at the start of this week where i was loosing my clutch pedal if i didnt keep it pumped up. On investigation found the slave wasnt really sealing at all. Threw a new one in and all good again Being the apprentice at Hi-Power Racing in QLD was time for a little touch up tune to clean it up a little. Learnt alot from that. Need to look at another turbo setup in the near future. Maxing power output at around 15psi. Was always wondering why my left tailight was darker then the right like it was tinted. Found out on the dyno Plans for the future arent too crazy. Thinking, High mount manifold Forward facing plenum GTX35r Fuel system for e85 or eflex 5 stud conversion One thing i can say is i really enjoy something so unique that everyone can enjoy and appreciate as much as I do. It is turning me into a bit of a photo whore though.
  16. This is my first post on SAU, First thing i'll say is im building this for me and only me so please just consider the effort and money put into this project as im 18 y/o before hating.. As soon as i lost my licence for a year i thought perfect time to start saving up for my dream car. For months straight worth of no going out and saving up i came across this, and got a Series 2 NA RB25 dropped in proffesionaly with VERY low Ks.. Nissan Skyline r33 GTS-T M-spec ( with sunroof ) Manual It looked like this before paint.. I hated the wheels it came with and i wanted something to SET the candy OFF.. So i found these Alba BLVDS tried it on bought it straight away.. Then i realised i needed a new front Bar, So i found a Top Secret front bar and a series 2 vented bonnet.. At this point i realised shit, series 1 lights wont cut it, so i ordered a pair of series 2s from VIC Looked closer and realised i needed new seats because passenger and driver's were ripped so i bought these rep recaro's Bought some led rear lights, clear tail garnish, lambo door kits, DRIFT Gauges with DRIFT gauge mount cups.. BUT this still isnt enough i wanna do it bigger, so now im going full r33 widebody.. Just ordered 20mm wider vented front guards should be here by next week. going to be a even bigger project and should be done in JULY, Get my licence back August.. this ones really going to freak out the NSW Police ; -) Still got sideskirts, rear bar and widened rear fenders to order.. Yes i know its not everyones style well more like 90% People hate/despise my car and wheels, 5% of people appreciate the work and effort and only 5% of people actually love it. But this is the way i wanted to do it for a very long time and will be done very soon! Will be posing regularly.. but will delete if i get too much hate..
  17. First serious mod done to the wagon: RWD "conversion". The reason: the wheels I got for her apparently had a slightly different rolling diameter (3mm) and neither ATTESSA nor my transmission were too happy about that. Yes, i could have gone through the trouble (and money) to find matching tyres (current tyres: Falken Azenis FK453 in near imaculate condition) but I don't think the mrs would have liked that too much. Dropping the shaft was pretty straight-forward, although I did resort to a dremel for some stubborn bolts Yes, that's in front of my house No, I don't have a garage Yes, it was -2 degrees Celcius
  18. WTB r32 project/shell/not running Hey guys I'm after a r32 project car that I want to build, I don't want any 4 doors If you guys have an r32 thats not running etc please let me know. Thanks
  19. Heya, my dad gave me my r32 recently. I'm wondering what year it is? And also how much it would be registered/unregistered (running). Manual, turbo, brand new tyres. She drives beautifully but does need to work done now ? Thank you☺️
  20. Hi all, Regrettably I have to sell my car due to moving overseas (to NZ). I have owned this car for a little over 1 year now and since then have hardly had the opportunity to drive it. It was off the road for most of the time while I replaced the engine and added a few extra bits. Sadly now it must go to a new home. The paint/body work could use some t.l.c but could be a lot worse. I would love to restore it to it’s former glory but sadly can’t. The car was imported from Japan in 2005. I am the 3rd owner since it arrived. The 1st 2 were brothers. Bought the car with 107,000 km’s on the clock and I've put a total of 3,500km. So barely been used in the last 12 months. I am looking for any interest in buying the car as is. It is currently unregistered but was previously registered in QLD. I recently moved to Sydney and haven’t had it rego’d yet. I did have a mechanic check it over before moving down here and a few bits need fixing (some worn bushings and a gearbox mount). I have most of the bits needed to fix it and they will come with the car. 1989 R32 Nissan Skyline GTR Roughly 110,500 km’s on the car Roughly 75,000 km’s on the replacement engine. Came from a ’94 R32 GTR front cut. (The old engine oil pump broke and engine seized). Twin HKS 2350 turbos Mines 600cc fuel injectors Mines Air Flow Meters Genuine Mines Tuned ECU (can come with Apexi Power FC and Hand controller for $800 more) Autobarn88 600x300x100 FMIC with hard piping kit inc. HKS front pipe Twin Blitz BOVs HKS throttle body gasket (also have exhaust gasket never fitted) Bosch 040 in-tank fuel pump Apexi style air pods Extended Sump Standard internals Oil filter relocation kit with HKS oil filter. Autobarn88 Silicon hose to replace all heater hoses and radiator hoses Brand new fuel filter Brand new Water, Power Steering, A/C Belts. Brand new NPC 5 puck organic clutch and lightened flywheel to suit cost $1200, also replaced clutch release bearing at the same time as well pedal very light but awesome grip. 3” Veilside Evolution II cat back exhaust (very nice noise, not too loud. Can come with spare exhaust that was originally on the car. Straight pipe from cat to back 3.5”) Modena Racing 17x9J Alloys with near new rubber (Tyre make and model) Aftermarket fiberglass Side skirts, not sure what brand but they are cracked and could do with being replaced/repaired. Tein adjustable suspension. Brand new upgraded slotted and drilled brake discs front and back with new pads. JIC racing front upper control arms HKS Turbo timer GRID HICAS electronic lock out Greddy Boost controller Trust boost guage Black Widow alarm and immobilizer with remote central locking (was fitted when I purchased car) Alpine head unit with removable face and remote control Recaro drivers seat (was worn/torn and now patched, see pic) Momo steering wheel. The only thing really wrong with this car might be the paint work, it’s a bit ptchy on the spoiler and there are a couple of scratches here and there but to be expected from a 24 year old car… I think that is about it but I may have missed something. I also have some other spare parts that can come with the car: brand new adjustable cam gears, brand new Gates racing timing belt, Apexi Power FC with hand controller, 3.5” straight pipe exhaust (very light), “twin turbo” pipe + more… Car is located in Sydney (2114) Viewing welcomed/encouraged. Looking for around $16k as is where is or I will be looking for $17.5k when I have time to get it back on the road. Contact 0406188865 for viewing/questions. Many Thanks. Will get pics up this evening...
  21. Complete bolt on R32 GTR Brake upgrade for S13/S14/S15/R32/R33/C34. 296x32mm rotor with calipers which I rebuilt 1500km ago with genuine Nissan seals. Held up fine at Winton and Sandown with 230rwkw behind them on semi-slicks. The best bang-for-buck brake upgrade you'll find. Rotors are near-new (~31.7mm) slotted RDAs and ADR-approved braided brake lines. Come with a set of Project Mu MAX900i racing pads with ~70% left. Cost $300 just for the pads. $500ono for the lot. PM me or SMS 0423 eight-hundred 325.
  22. Complete bolt on R32 GTR Brake upgrade for Series 1 WGNC34. 296x32mm rotor with calipers which I rebuilt 1500km ago with genuine Nissan seals. Held up fine at Winton and Sandown with 230kw behind them on semi-slicks. The best bang-for-buck brake upgrade you'll find. Rotors are near-new (~31.7mm) slotted RDAs and ADR-approved braided brake lines. Come with a set of Project Mu MAX900i racing pads with ~70% left. Cost $300 just for the pads. $500ono for the lot. PM me or SMS 0423 eight-hundred 325.
  23. hey guys, i thought id post up my R33 GTR unfinished Project. i put it on ebay last night so here is the link http://www.ebay.com....49#ht_834wt_932 any questions please call or sms Brad 0426 219 900 car is located south western WA only part i dont have is the Rear bar and brembo front brakes engine is complete and was running before i started pulling it out to paint the engine bay.
  24. All details are here. A friend of mine is holding it at his yard but you can deal with me direct by PM through here Thank you!
  25. I have owned a few skylines but before this R33 but we had it for around 2 years now and it spent most of the time parked on the driveway as I had my white R34 “GTNAH” and thought I can build the R33 to be my thrasher/Track car at the same time. The project started sometime last year working with my brother but here is a run down of the events that took place Other than the multi colors, It all started something like this: Unregistered 1995 RB25det s1.5 R34 turbo Front mount 3” Exhaust HD clutch Stock wheels Genuine Impul skirts and rear bumper Test fitting my R34 wheels (Rota P45 R2 18x10 +12) - just to check out the stance! - THE PLAN -- Well since I have most of these parts already then will be bolted on to start off with and will see how we go from there KKR480 Turbo Wolf 3D ECU External wastegate Change fluids Change thermostat and Fuel filter E Boost controller Upgrade Coilpacks Apexi ECV Upgrade fuel pump GTR seats GTR front bumper Oil catch can Cold Air Box and ducting Steering wheel 5.1 Harness for track work Short shifter Alloy Radiator Maybe injectors - not sure yet
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