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Found 4 results

  1. For sale : R34 GTR 2014 World Time attack open class winning car (roller) Ex powertune car built by Steve Ka Very serious car with a lot of time and money spent to get it to this level..this car has lapped 1.30 at SMP officially and 1.29 in testing .. BC racing suspension that has been completely re valved and setup by Supa Shock to their specs using their internals including cars geometry (receipts for 18k) Custom Anti roll bar Custom v8 supercar spec roll cage by pro fab including stitch welding Vsport custom AP racing brake kit with bosonjack dog bones and 380mm supercar rotors milled down 375 Willwood pedal box All new lines inc Brake hard lines all redone by purusic engineering including fuel system, 4wd , power steering Custom dash Custom Hypertune Intercooler Setrab oil cooler Custom surge tank inc pumps Dry sump kit Aero by Top stage (carbon doors with lexin windows , carbon boot, carbon wing, front guards, bonnet ,carbon splitter ) Velo race seat Custom steering column and wheel Genuine Volk racing 18x 10.5 re30s Comes with front diff already setup for dry sump kit with front diff installed Custom tunnel setup for Albins sequential Motec keypad brand new paint (cost 18k) Car is ready for a new engine combo/ gearbox/ wiring and is already setup to lap fast ! Much much more ive forgotten, come check it out ! Suits keen racer that’s ready to go Time Time attack or hill climb racing, time consuming expensive fabrication and geometry setup is already done ! Car comes with various springs and some spares URGENT SALE ! Serious enquires only Anthony 0404444555 55k negotiable Check (if you live in usa): Publix Weekly Ad, or Big W toy catalogue.
  2. Hi all! I picked up a 1993 (imported 2003) R33 GTST Manual, I’m currently still on my P’s until the end of June, so I’ve got some time to work on it! (Please forgive the lack of pictures, I’ll snap a few more and upload tomorrow!) When I first got her! On temporary wheels Current specs: - 110xxx - Recent respray in a light blue metallic - Series 1 with a series 2 motor - Front mount (ebay spec I think) - R34 high flowed turbo - 40th anniversary seats - Mspec front bar - Sunroof The aim for the car is a comfortable daily car that I can rip around when the mood hits, I want responsive power but not over the top power, great handling, properly sealed cabin, I’m going to try and fight the nissan rattle and fill all the holes haha. Suspension: It had KYB shocks and cut kings when I first got it, surprising drove quite well albeit a tad bit rough. It also had some very heavy RJR Wheels on it which I got rid of very quickly. - Cusco Zero 2 Coilovers (arrived, installing next week) - Whiteline front and rear sway bar kit (ordered, installing next week) - Whiteline strutbrace (ordered, installing next week) - Stern 1 piece forged alloy wheels, these are currently getting the lip machined, the bore machined from lexus to r33, the face sandblasted fixed and painted and the whole lot cleared. Then getting RE003's for the rubber. These are 17's, so not a super aggressive size, hopefully having the little extra chunkiness on the wheels will somewhat offset the aggressive coil setup. I'm spending quite a bit on these since I love the design of them, and I think it will suit the look I'm going for. - Check all suspension bushes and mounts, the don’t look flogged visually but always good to check! Sterns pre-restoration Engine: Apparently it was running 220rwkw tune, but it seems the stock ECU is back in it atm, so im on the lookout for a ECU then I’ll get it tune when I fix the boost leaks coming from a few places! - Fix leak on BOV (it was cabled tied on………) - Re-do intercooling piping in black - Change coil pack loom plugs (one has been cut and soldered, not that keen) - Clean up dodgy wiring and sensor wiring that’s everywhere - Move and secure HID ballasts - ECU & tune (thinking haltech elite?) - Paint everything black (one of the most important mods) - Full service, new oil/filter - Secure air filter - Change boost-T to electronic boost controller Audio: Originally this had some horrendous kicker + option audio setup that made baby jesus cry with a touchscreen pioneer. I've since ditched the whole lot (sounded rubbish) in favor of a properly set up system. - Ping jing'ing the whole car, currently in the process of ripping every bit of interior out - Laying 3mm thick marine sound foam absolutely everywhere I can, helps seal the car, and fills gaps and makes everything fit a bit tighter which is nice - Alpine V9 to run the whole system - 2x Cresendo etude 2.10 subs, which will both be in custom made sealed boxes on either side of the boot - Cresendo Opus 7B tweeters & crossovers with Opus 9 mids - Nakamichi NA88 (Haven't ordered this yet still deciding) Interior: Interior is in really good nic for its age, no cracks in dash, carpets clean, seats clean - Fix boost gauge it broke on the way home :’( - Wrap the dash piece in black suede instead of the blue it currently is.. - Remove random whistle noise switch someone installed - Build fiberglass speaker boxes in doors to enclose audio - Properly mount dash (fix loose air con vents, cluster etc) When I first picked it up! tad messy! Future plans: - 280rwkw is the aim - FFP and a high mount (just looks so god damn good) - Change the front bar (any ideas??) - Much much more to come! TL;DR Overall I’m really happy with it for what I paid, I’m going fairly no expensive spared on this project, which doesn’t mean I’ll spend as much as possible but I’m more then happy to spend where needed! I’m building this to be a reliable, quick, comfortable car, that I can drive ‘spritely’ happily, the plan is to take it on a driving holiday around tassy June next year! More HD pictures: http://imgur.com/a/KoNM6 Thanks for checking this post out, I’ll try and keep it updated as much as possible!
  3. Hi guys, My drift car got stolen from my house on the 21/12/13 in Butler. In between the hours of 3pm and 5pm. Its on my trailer and if you hear anything or spot it anywhere please please contact me. My number is 0435 046 564 It was last spotted on Camberwell Rd in BALGA Please share this post. Thanks guys, Please see photos
  4. GT-(st)R Time Attack is the plan, but basically any seat time, anywhere will be the go. R33 GT-R from the windscreen back. Firewall forward was removed at the seams and replaced with a gtst front end. Front sheet metal was swapped back to GT-R and voila! Permanently RWD GT-R I currently have a GT-R bonnet, but I also have a Vented(top secret style, I think) FRP bonnet which is a little heavier. Alloy bonnet will stay I think, unless I have heating issues. Engine has been lowered about 35mm from stock, with a combination of crossmembers mounts and brackets. Paint is currently the Pennzoil R33 JGTC colour scheme, but I am unsure if it will stay. Rims are 17x10 Regamasters Front and Rear R230 A-LSD diff with manual control via hydraulic handbrake setup in the cabin. Cusco flywheel, OS Giken twin plate RB25/30 (currently RB25det) Ported head with new valves and port work done, Tomei Poncams (272) ARE Front mount intercooler Arc sway bars both ends Adjustable caster and camber at the front with Poly bushes throughout Rear suspension has adjustable toe, caster, camber I will add to this as I remember parts and do work on the car.
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