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  1. Engine will bolt right in, gearbox crossmember can be modded to suit, and custom tailshaft is needed. It's a fairly simple conversion. Good luck!
  2. Are you looking at Classic Skylines? If so, any thing in reasonable condition goes for 15k plus. Even then, the general public wouldn't know what they were looking at any further than, 'an old Datsun' Probably better off looking for something that was reasonably common for two reasons,: 1 so the general public knows what it is 2 so parts that you will probably need are easier (much easier) to get. Then spend some money on wheels, and paint/wrap to make it stand out. A sticker on the back window, a tax write-off does not make. Cheers Jason
  3. Nice set of 15x8 +0 alloys, and some suspension work. And lose the roof racks. It's a van, it's got room inside for stuff. You're probably better posting this on ozdat or something, this section is for classic Skylines. That said, cool van, I'd totally daily one of those with a qr25de. Oh and welcome to SAU ?
  4. 15x8 +-0 should be pretty well on the money
  5. One of these, or that one? Are you looking to buy it or sell it? Is it all there? Does it run/ drive? From the pics, I'd say 3-4k. Cheers
  6. A lot of work just to put a diff and axles in. Easier just to grab the right parts and fit them
  7. It's a c34, not m34. Also, how much? And where? C'mon dude, learn how to sell something!
  8. The issue will likely be the airflow meter, remove it and give it a good clean/ use brake cleaner, not water. Make sure the trapdoor moves freely and you should be right. If this doesn't fix it, you will need to open the control box on it, and give wiper pads and track a good once over with 1200 grit or better yet 2000 grit sandpaper. Good luck
  9. @Silent Shadow one for you bro
  10. GT-(st)R Time Attack is the plan, but basically any seat time, anywhere will be the go. R33 GT-R from the windscreen back. Firewall forward was removed at the seams and replaced with a gtst front end. Front sheet metal was swapped back to GT-R and voila! Permanently RWD GT-R I currently have a GT-R bonnet, but I also have a Vented(top secret style, I think) FRP bonnet which is a little heavier. Alloy bonnet will stay I think, unless I have heating issues. Engine has been lowered about 35mm from stock, with a combination of crossmembers mounts and brackets. Paint is currently the Pennzoil R33 JGTC colour scheme, but I am unsure if it will stay. Rims are 17x10 Regamasters Front and Rear R230 A-LSD diff with manual control via hydraulic handbrake setup in the cabin. Cusco flywheel, OS Giken twin plate RB25/30 (currently RB25det) Ported head with new valves and port work done, Tomei Poncams (272) ARE Front mount intercooler Arc sway bars both ends Adjustable caster and camber at the front with Poly bushes throughout Rear suspension has adjustable toe, caster, camber I will add to this as I remember parts and do work on the car.
  11. Very unlikely to find a c110 in aus that anyone is willing to cut up, but I'm sure almost any 6 cylinder Datsun one will be similar enough to be of use to you
  12. Looking good! Great to see this thing progressing again
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