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  1. yeh no worries, thanks for that. ill report back once I get it nutted out
  2. thanks mate, its definitely a speed thing. there's no sign of it even when I'm on the limiter in third and by the top end of fourth I'm seeing double.
  3. Round three has been and gone. without being able to road-test the skyline prior, I rotated through changing wheels at Wilby with each session but to no avail. Worryingly the vibrations seem to be getting slightly worse with each session to the point that once I had eliminated the wheels/tyres being the issue I parked up until the top ten shootout. By the end of the straight the car was shaking so violently that the door skins were starting to look like Rolf Harris had hold of them. Someone suggested cv joints possibly about to let go so that'll be the next thing I look at once its over the pit. stock welded diff with a couple of years pushing 10' full slicks around would have to take a toll eventually. I Literally hadn't laid a hand on the car between rounds so wrap/new front bar/splitter/new rear bar etc. are still on the to do list.
  4. Started the year off ok, third place in rounds one and two for the car club. Had a bit of an issue at Winton at higher speeds the car started to shake. I checked what I could but nothing obvious that I could see track side. I’ll get it up on blocks and check all the bearings and bushes etc to try and figure it out. Was a little unnerving north of 150kmph hoping the wheel didn’t fall off
  5. its not easy to do it perfectly but its pretty forgiving, especially for a track car but I've had nothing but compliments from people who've seen it in person. Some from the car club who had seen it beforehand asked if id painted it which was surprising. I just threw pieces at the front bar because that'll be my back up/drift bar. I've got a new one to go on which ill wrap properly but it'll be intricate work. If you don't need it to be perfect then id say give wrapping a go
  6. Fair bit has happened late last year. I've wrapped most of the car in blue vinyl, modified the new trailer a bit, took third in the Winton sprint series and won the local car club sprint championship and shootout comp. The car then sat in the shed and didn't get touched until this week and 2019 season kicks off on Sunday. I gave it to a local tuner to swap it over to E85, i didn't need to change anything other than take the foam out of the fuel cell. He just tipped the fuel in and re-tuned it. Not a huge power upgrade but it should be safer and he tuned out a couple of issues id identified with it. I might put a thread up elsewhere my experience wrapping the car, DIY, race car style. Still a couple of hours left in it to get it done properly but its a cheap way to make it more presentable. Not expecting big improvements to time on Sunday but a couple more things id like to get done in the coming months should squeeze a little more out of it
  7. Obviously not finished but for a track car with rough paint and $300 eBay vinyl and first time diy I think it should look pretty good when done. Gonna do a black splitter and tint the windows for this kinda look
  8. i was just searching to see if anyone had done a thread of wrappings a car, I was going to do a thread with advice from my experience. I'm 70% through doing it to my car atm. For anyone wanting the answer, 20m is more than enough for a 33, even for a first timer who might need to redo a panel or two or have a bit more wastage.
  9. Ran another lap dash at Wilby a few weeks ago. Ran in the top 5 for the day and a new PB of 34.1 on slicks that were way past it, two of them the first slicks I got my hands on 18 months ago, third hand, a dozen track days old. Last session for the day, last lap I cooked the brakes. I was confused as Wilby isn’t hard on brakes but a quick bleed to try and get some form of brakes for the shootout, finished P3. Turns out the blue stuffs were stuffed Great pads but I thought they’d worn out really quick until just now when I look back at how many track days they’ve done, would recommend! Gonna try some yellow stuffs just to see the comparison. Was excited to pick up the new trailer I had built It’s so well balanced that I could deadlift it to tilt, chuck a block of wood under to improve the initial load angle instead of rolling onto the ramps. As I drove on the block of wood dropped away and it lowers down really softly, couldn’t be happier and all for the same price as a beaver tail I was looking at having built. Now I can finally look at a fixed front bar and splitter. Next few projects will be a vinyl wrap, side pipe exhaust and a tune. BP sprint series at Winton on Sunday back on semis ?
  10. Scratch that. The other five holes aren’t for multi stud pattern
  11. That makes sense, thanks fella. There’s room to make them multi stud (10 countersunk holes) but only one stud pattern (5 holes) drilled in all 8 of the weds. All stamped with 5x100 from the factory but never drilled to that pcd. I believe they’re genuine but I wouldn’t know how to pick it
  12. Hey guys, I’ve tried to find an answer to this but I’ve come up empty. I’ve got a 33 gtst skyline, 5x114.3. I bought a set of weds off a member who had them on a 33 as well. Got them home and they’re stamped 5x100 on the back They fit fine so didn’t think much of it. It’s a track car and a mate was selling another set the same that he was running on his 33gtr so I bought them too. Same stamp, 5x100, fit fine. Bought a set of skid rims from a falcon, different brand, 5x100, they fit as well I found one comment from a forum in the uk that mentions needing a ring insert for a different sized centre hub but nothing else
  13. Another track day done in Wodonga without issue. It got to a top of 12 deg and i managed to lower the PB to a 55.5 with a passenger on board and rear tyres that were past their best and overheated from double stinting the car. Its now become more obvious that my next changes need to focus on increasing rear grip all round. There's a few ways i will attack this after i do some homework. Big brake kit up front or maybe brake bias set up or both. I was locking up the rears at the end of the straight throughout the day which led to me braking more conservatively which was costing me time against similar paced cars. Ill get a 1.5 way diff to get better drive out of the corners. I've got plenty of torque i cant use trying to keep rear end grip Aero. I've put an order in for a trailer to be built and then i can ideally have a permanent front bar fitted. I'm acutely aware of increasing front end down force having a negative effect on rear end grip but i need to do some more reading. It might take some fine tuning but id like to make a front splitter, rear diffuser, flat side skirt extensions and mount the rear wing properly. I also might get the rear end alignment toed in a touch more
  14. A few pics from Broadford Towards the end of the day a 32 gtst lost brakes at the end of the top straight, stepped out and rolled three or four times. The guy was lucky to walk away. They asked us not to post photos out of respect but in all the commotion a cfa hit an ambulance responding to the accident. 32 had no cage and was a complete write off
  15. I haven't done much to the car other than drive it a bunch. Welded diff is holding up well so far but a 1.5 is probably next on the list. New fuel cell is fine, car has been faultless, just off the trailer and back on for the next race. Getting a decent number of track days out of the second hand slicks. Also got to race with Vivid Motorsport at Broadford which was an amazing track to thrash around, finished with a 59.94 for the day on tyres that are now pretty cooked. https://youtu.be/kqEHFLSR4dQ https://youtu.be/SIqJhzpDXJo
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