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  1. Mitch_Dubya

    Fair bit has happened late last year. I've wrapped most of the car in blue vinyl, modified the new trailer a bit, took third in the Winton sprint series and won the local car club sprint championship and shootout comp. The car then sat in the shed and didn't get touched until this week and 2019 season kicks off on Sunday. I gave it to a local tuner to swap it over to E85, i didn't need to change anything other than take the foam out of the fuel cell. He just tipped the fuel in and re-tuned it. Not a huge power upgrade but it should be safer and he tuned out a couple of issues id identified with it. I might put a thread up elsewhere my experience wrapping the car, DIY, race car style. Still a couple of hours left in it to get it done properly but its a cheap way to make it more presentable. Not expecting big improvements to time on Sunday but a couple more things id like to get done in the coming months should squeeze a little more out of it
  2. Obviously not finished but for a track car with rough paint and $300 eBay vinyl and first time diy I think it should look pretty good when done. Gonna do a black splitter and tint the windows for this kinda look
  3. i was just searching to see if anyone had done a thread of wrappings a car, I was going to do a thread with advice from my experience. I'm 70% through doing it to my car atm. For anyone wanting the answer, 20m is more than enough for a 33, even for a first timer who might need to redo a panel or two or have a bit more wastage.
  4. Mitch_Dubya

    Ran another lap dash at Wilby a few weeks ago. Ran in the top 5 for the day and a new PB of 34.1 on slicks that were way past it, two of them the first slicks I got my hands on 18 months ago, third hand, a dozen track days old. Last session for the day, last lap I cooked the brakes. I was confused as Wilby isn’t hard on brakes but a quick bleed to try and get some form of brakes for the shootout, finished P3. Turns out the blue stuffs were stuffed Great pads but I thought they’d worn out really quick until just now when I look back at how many track days they’ve done, would recommend! Gonna try some yellow stuffs just to see the comparison. Was excited to pick up the new trailer I had built It’s so well balanced that I could deadlift it to tilt, chuck a block of wood under to improve the initial load angle instead of rolling onto the ramps. As I drove on the block of wood dropped away and it lowers down really softly, couldn’t be happier and all for the same price as a beaver tail I was looking at having built. Now I can finally look at a fixed front bar and splitter. Next few projects will be a vinyl wrap, side pipe exhaust and a tune. BP sprint series at Winton on Sunday back on semis 🤙
  5. Mitch_Dubya

    Scratch that. The other five holes aren’t for multi stud pattern
  6. Mitch_Dubya

    That makes sense, thanks fella. There’s room to make them multi stud (10 countersunk holes) but only one stud pattern (5 holes) drilled in all 8 of the weds. All stamped with 5x100 from the factory but never drilled to that pcd. I believe they’re genuine but I wouldn’t know how to pick it
  7. Hey guys, I’ve tried to find an answer to this but I’ve come up empty. I’ve got a 33 gtst skyline, 5x114.3. I bought a set of weds off a member who had them on a 33 as well. Got them home and they’re stamped 5x100 on the back They fit fine so didn’t think much of it. It’s a track car and a mate was selling another set the same that he was running on his 33gtr so I bought them too. Same stamp, 5x100, fit fine. Bought a set of skid rims from a falcon, different brand, 5x100, they fit as well I found one comment from a forum in the uk that mentions needing a ring insert for a different sized centre hub but nothing else
  8. Mitch_Dubya

    Another track day done in Wodonga without issue. It got to a top of 12 deg and i managed to lower the PB to a 55.5 with a passenger on board and rear tyres that were past their best and overheated from double stinting the car. Its now become more obvious that my next changes need to focus on increasing rear grip all round. There's a few ways i will attack this after i do some homework. Big brake kit up front or maybe brake bias set up or both. I was locking up the rears at the end of the straight throughout the day which led to me braking more conservatively which was costing me time against similar paced cars. Ill get a 1.5 way diff to get better drive out of the corners. I've got plenty of torque i cant use trying to keep rear end grip Aero. I've put an order in for a trailer to be built and then i can ideally have a permanent front bar fitted. I'm acutely aware of increasing front end down force having a negative effect on rear end grip but i need to do some more reading. It might take some fine tuning but id like to make a front splitter, rear diffuser, flat side skirt extensions and mount the rear wing properly. I also might get the rear end alignment toed in a touch more
  9. Mitch_Dubya

    A few pics from Broadford Towards the end of the day a 32 gtst lost brakes at the end of the top straight, stepped out and rolled three or four times. The guy was lucky to walk away. They asked us not to post photos out of respect but in all the commotion a cfa hit an ambulance responding to the accident. 32 had no cage and was a complete write off
  10. Mitch_Dubya

    I haven't done much to the car other than drive it a bunch. Welded diff is holding up well so far but a 1.5 is probably next on the list. New fuel cell is fine, car has been faultless, just off the trailer and back on for the next race. Getting a decent number of track days out of the second hand slicks. Also got to race with Vivid Motorsport at Broadford which was an amazing track to thrash around, finished with a 59.94 for the day on tyres that are now pretty cooked.
  11. Mitch_Dubya

    I’ll keep an eye out for or eventually buy a new mechanical diff. Either a 1.5 way or I’ve also seen one that can be adjusted from a 1 way to 1.5 to 2 way so I’ll do some homework. Advice always appreciated?
  12. Mitch_Dubya

    Got some new circlips and welded up the 4.1. Took the fuel cell into be welded up but decided to have a new one made to the same specs but much stronger. There were cracks down two sides and it was only a cheap shitty cell so I’d rather not have it cost me any more track time.
  13. Mitch_Dubya

    true to form, i was severely hung over the the Avis Cup. The i30 was a late withdrawal and replaced with an old corolla hatch which was standard until it had a muffler cut off and air con belt cut. i ran a mid pack 1:10.0 and was surprised by beating a few i didn't think i would and getting toweled up by others i wasn't expecting. Matt Chada only managed a 1:09.2 to be 6th but Jordan boys pulled out a 1:07.7 for the win. As the slicks on the rear we shagged a bit of drifting was inevitable which by the end of the day had shat another diff. The extra grip from the slicks are causing the reused circlips to either brake or squash, allowing the stub axles to slide out. Not much of a break before round two so we threw a standard, unshimmed 4.3 in to see how the ratio goes at logic. We also put the surge tank back in. The old man theorizing that we'd get more value out of 4th down the straight and better turn in/corner speed from a stock diff. Also got another set of used slicks from the Porsche cup 2nd hand pile. Round 2 lap dash was again mixed results. The car had too much torque and single pegged the whole circuit, i tried to feather the throttle but it wasn't easy to keep traction. Had the diff been locked and had better drive we would also have had to add a few extra gear changes which had to ride the limited a bit instead to eventually for a 56.9. PB still stands at 56.5 late last year on a partially wet track. Shocked to post that time considering how hard it was with drive from one wheel only. The day ended early when the fuel cell split again. It was a different edge to the one we welded up last time so i suspect I missed it and it just opened up as the day went on. The cell is rubber mounted but ill get it braced underneath to take the stress off the welds just in case. We were double stinting the car so we got 5 sessions in for the day, my co driver doing a 59.0 for his PB. one month until round 3 lap dash which for the first time will be at Winton. Fresh-ish slicks, welded 4.1 diff with new circlips, ill be curious i can lower the PB of 1:32.0 from last year.
  14. Mitch_Dubya

    I've got a couple of events done for the year with mixed results and a busy period coming up. Loading up the night before and i spotted a cracked disk, was right through so I'm not sure when it happened but it wouldn't have lasted much longer. Unload and a quick change for a shitty old disk i had been using as a gate stopper. For the Winton sprint I was back on semi slicks. Had to borrow a set of wheels with federal RS-RR's which we a handful. It was enough to take out D class with a 1:39.6 on a stinking hot day. Times were getting harder to lower and i had a few offs at various points on the track. We decided to take it out to the farm and replace the muffler which had a blow out sometime last year. A few other small jobs, passenger seat in, new rear pads etc. Had round one of the AWDCC Rapid lap dash a few weeks later. two of the slicks i had were shagged with a flat spot through to canvas and some outer edge abuse from a mates GTR I bought a second set of Weds with slicks of unknown health so i wouldn't have to have mismatched wheels and can used all tires for everything they've got. Also bought 4 WTA control semis from the same guy for the next Winton sprint. Car was well down on grip throughout the day but seemed to be getting better when others were dropping off as the track got really hot. I did my best for the day on the last lap but was still 2 - 3 second off the time it was doing late last year. The only changes we've made were different brand and condition on the slicks and added the roll cage (NFI how much it weighs). Managed to boil the brakes in the last session which screwed me a bit for the top 10 shootout but i qualified 3rd over all and still pinched 3rd in the shootout. Had a seat bolt strip out mid lap and had to dive into the pits without a cool down lap which is what boiled the brakes. I've managed to get it bolted in again for a race on Saturday but i think ill look at reinforcing the bolts, possibly drilling right through the floor and using plates, washes and long bolts so it wont happen again. We also removed the surge tank and second pump to see if it was required with a cell with sump and it definitely was. The third session I went out with half a tank and only got three laps before it started to run dry on me. We’ll have to put that back in soon too. Oh and woody found his hat... Saturdays event (which ill probably be hung over for) is at the logic center but its a different type of day. It'll be timed laps throughout the day with free training from Matt Chada and Jordan Boys from the second tier V8s. Throughout the day everyone will run a three lap sprint in a bog stock Hyundai i30 manual to crown a same car winner. They'll also have head to head drags down the main straight into two lap sprints for bragging rights and a piss up at the end to lick wounds. i wont make any changes other than trying to get some better slicks back on it.
  15. Mitch_Dubya

    So I’ve remounted the fuel cell. Car fired up and runs fine. Finished stripping the wiring loom and bolted in the cage. A little worried about the rear stay mounting bolts fouling the tyres. I’ll cut off the excess just in case Just a few little jobs to finish off before Winton BP sprint round 1 on Sunday. Oil change, new pads, change wheels. I’ll go back to semi slicks which puts me in class D, save getting my arse kicked by built 32 gtr track car on full slicks