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  1. looking for a long term project, dont care on rust, dings, or RWC work required. must have all body panels if not atleast 90%, located Rockhampton but will be moving to Vic soon
  2. Good luck man, I'd be happy with a replica, those things are sweeeeeet
  3. Hey guys, new here, picked up my 85 ad van close to 6 months ago and finally felt like breaking the tools out for some fun the last week, light body repairs as expected, but for 200 I'm no where close to complaining, at the moment I'm finishing the bulk of the body work and planning to respray, however can't decide on The color, I was looking at either red, blue or white with a black hood but not sure, will be lowered 2" as it sits rather high and will be putting the godawful rims on the misses car, dash Rewrap and modifications to include extra gauges instead of using mounts, along with replacing the bulk of the wiring loom as previous owner was only good at making spaghetti apparently, only a run around 60hp vb11 1.3l Carbie under the hood but planning to pull it for a freshen up before finally put on the road, major plans include the dash, wiring, and engine bay adjustments to minimise cables and replace all essential lines, fuel, brake, boosters filters and such, a hell of a introduction but hey, better then playing twenty questions and yes. Lost the roof racks,
  4. Thanks! Roof racks are gone thankfully, plenty of space indeed but only for audio lol, and thanks new to these and no clue where to post [emoji23]
  5. 85 pulsar Panelvan seeking all and any parts. Need doors. Fender mirrors, quarters and any interior parts, also chasing old school tacho so I can teach the misses to manual [emoji23] and a set of 4x multi's, giving the rims to the misses and need something stock looking for me, located Brisbane north,
  6. Chasing any suggestions with my 85 van, needs a fair amount of work, after all engine work suggestions, and DIY tips!
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