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Found 108 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to find an engine for my R32 skyline gtst I'm after a stock(ish) RB20det silvertop for around $1000.
  2. So i just changed my sparkplugs on my r34 everything was fine I drove it for like 10 minutes and then the engine light came on and then it started misfiring really bad, now on idle, it sounds like its running on fewer cylinders. I got engine fault code 21
  3. Hi all, I want to know what are some good engine machinists that you guys have gone to get work done on your RBs. I'm currently building a RB30/25DET Neo and I want a machinist that has experience and knowledge in RB engines. Thanks.
  4. Hey all, New to the SAU forum here. I've recently purchased a 1989 r32gts (nonturbo) auto for $2k Pretty stock except the usual, pod filter exhaust, wheels.. it seem like the sump is f**ked in my car (no way to tell other then it's been bent in by a jack i guess) and apparently you have to lift the engine out a little to be able to access the sump to remove it. if this is the case, i'll be wanting to remove the rb20 and replace it for a rb25, i have a mate who want the rb20 so no hassles getting rid of it. i was going to the swap regardless but if i have to replace the sump i was thinking of doing it sooner. i have seen all the threads with pretty much everything on how to do the swap,yet i wouldn't be comforrtable doing it myself as i have very little mechanical knowledge, ( I'm learning!) if there is anyone on here who can inform me on how much a rb25de would cost, and also if there is anyone on here who would be able to help with the conversion that would be great. it'll most likely be done on my driveway lol. Please leave me with some replys! Thanks guys.
  5. Hi all, I’m planning on chucking an rb25de series 2 package in my 1992 gts r32. It comes with loom ecu etc but I was wondering if I would still need to change anything around to accomodate for the different series engine. I’m currently running... well was running an rb25de series 0. Cheers 😁
  6. Hey guys I've purchased a S15 shell with a SR20DET that hasn't been started in a few months, and has been sitting outside as well. Any tips or words of advice before I try to turn it over? Mods, apologies if this is in the wrong section, please move to the appropriate section! Cheers
  7. For sale E-manage Ultimate piggyback ecu with universal harness/loom & instruction manual & usb cord picture for reference $500 delivered Located melbourne s.e O4O9 O22 O23
  8. Pretty much as the title says, I have a 97 R33 and the engine does not like to idle comfortably. On start up and warm up it revs itself to 1.5 to 2k which I assume is pretty standard but once it is warm it will drop right down to 300 to 500 (going by the tach it might be slightly higher but not much) and feels like it's a Cummins instead of an RB. The worst part is rolling up to a set of lights, if I don't engine brake the whole way it will stall and I have to blip the revs whenever I have the clutch in. Once it recovers it will idle, but will feel rough (usually around 700, slow enough that the aircon doesn't really work, also another problem I have with the car, the aircon won't be cold lower than 1.2 to 1.5k rpm, I assumed this was a part of the previous issue). The exhaust also smells quite fuely. The car is pretty much stock apart from a front mount, BOV (which is set to full recirculation anyway) and a pod filter and always runs 98 I do plan on eventually putting a haltech or equivalent ecu once I find the funds but that could be years off so any help fixing this would be great, Thanks in advance Joe
  9. WTB - r34gtt / Stagea Neo rb25det CAS After one in/near Brisbane or I will pay for postage.
  10. can someone please help me i removed my exhaust cam pulley and i don't know how to set it back correctly.
  11. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a RB26DETT. Located in melbourne preferably. Please let me know what you got! contact me via PM or 0432 021 242.
  12. RB25det Engine with approximately 78000 ks, $1500 Willing to consider reasonable offers. And willing to do a deal with a matching gearbox. Includes the factory turbo in v good condition (minimal shaft play) , alternator, factory intake manifold including t.b, fuel rail etc. No ac compressor or loom I havent done a compression check but it ran well when it came out of its original home. Located Northside of Brisbane Contact me on 0401297648 or j-wenborn@hotmail.com
  13. ok guys im only new at this and i dont even know if i am in the right place but here go's. i have a 1994 r33 rb25det s1 and my check light is on the dash... the light comes on for a while then goes out for about 5 sec then appears again for a min or so then go's out for a couple sec and so on i have done some reading and i have learnt how to bridge to loom to do a diagnostic, but the problem is the engine light dose not flash any codes at me when i do this can anyone tell me why this is and how can i get the codes out of my ecu this is my first skyline i have owned any help will be muchly appreciated
  14. Jaidyn_17


    WTB low km rb20det to go into streeter, must be complete. Preferably in Adelaide SA.
  15. ok guys I kept this package for a mate as it felt strong and he has already paid me for it BUT i need it out the way as im struggling for room, he is stuck working up in QLD for the next 3-4 weeks and said i can sell and he will get the next package so not too fussed if it doesnt sell but be good to have it out the way a.s.a.p (before i get another wreck) Complete series 1 RB25det engine package, Engine with hot and cold sides all acc 140,000km's compression 155-160 across all cylinders Full engine loom ECU AFM Sports filter Red jacket coil packs Xtreme heavy duty clutch only thing i took off was the engine mounts and brackets for my project $1500 located northern suburbs of Adelaide do have a crane here so bring your ute or trailer
  16. R33 gtr rb26 engine, head has been serviced new headgasket, arp studs, new valve stem seals, n1 oil pump, tomei oil restrictor, near new water pump and many more things. Comes with r33 gtr turbos etc Intake manifold + throttle bodies Comp tested 160 1,2,3,4 157 5,6 -4000 Garrett 2860r -7 turbos great condition fully rebuilt 2500kms ago -1300 R32/33 nistune ecu, has tune just for exhaust intake and boost increase -450 R32 gtr seats pretty good condition -550 R32 gtr diff -500 R32 gtr rear wing -100 R32 front and rear strut braces -150 R32 gtr tailshaft -100 R32 gtr exhaust 3.5 to 5 inch tip r32/33 gtr after market downpipe -100 r32 apexi duel bovs -100 r32 gtr intercooler and piping -200 Rb26 r33 gtr gearbox, no noises or crunches perfect working order -900 Rb26 camtech cams used for start up only! Unknown spec but good for power, can drop in with stock valve springs -300 Rb26 apexi air intake + filters -100 Will upload pics on request message me or text me on 0481360765 for more info
  17. Oil/Coolant substance in Engine Harness If it's not one thing after another. So as I was removing my alternator due to an issue with receiving 18v from my charging system, a puddle of what appeared to be a oil/coolant mix formed next to my head on the floor. Now my car hasn't moved since Aug 12th due to a broken leg (only pulled it forward 8ft out of the garage once after disconnecting the alternator to hang ceiling racks and check voltage). This substance was legit pouring out of a connector (engine harness side not the power steering line) plugged into a power steering hard line directly under the alternator. Any ideas/suggestions as to what could be causing this? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks gents!
  18. RB25DE neo to RB25DET neo Hello, First post here. i'll be doing a engine swap soon in a r34 thats currently N/A im just wondering if i can use the RB25DE neo loom for the RB25DET neo engine or will i need to run the DET loom? thanks guys.
  19. Hey Guys, Newbie here, have an R32 mods are as follows; Garrett T51R SPL Trust extended Sump Nitto Oil Pump R33 crank spool rods cp pistons 2000cc injectors Trust twin feed fuel rail Hyper tune plenum with 90mm throttle body I am looking to get; Valve springs, maybe guides & retainers. Cams Head gasket Exhaust Manifold Fuel Pumps - internal tank Computer Gear box I want to run E85 anyone got any brand new parts for sale?
  20. R34 GTT Traction Control, SLIP and Engine light on Hi guys, A few days ago when I was driving I noticed that the Traction Control OFF, SLIP and Engine Light had all turned on all of a sudden. The car didn't drive any differently (no miss-fires, performance loss or anything) so it seems something else is up. I disconnected the battery and re-connected it which temporarily stopped the issue for a few minutes (this was after a cold start however), but now it's back. Any ideas what it could be? I've done some research and some people are saying throttle bottle (I've checked the cables), coil packs (these were brand new only a few years ago) and a few other things, but there is no definite answer. How can I go about getting this fixed? I don't want to fork out $500 on coil packs only for it to not be the issue. Thanks! Picture for reference:
  21. Hi, after a r34 rb25det neo engine complete with all bolt ons, wiring loom and ecu. the lower the km and unmodified the better. Prefer for it to be in Melbourne for inspection and pickup. Thanks
  22. Hey everyone, I just thought I should ask everyone’s opinions on my problem. I plan on buying a Datsun c211 as a project. It will be my first project car and I don’t know what engines will fit without any major changes. Such as if any rb engines would fit? thanks in advance to anyone that can help and I look forward to reading your advice.
  23. Hey guys i made a post in the past about a strange noise my motor has been making on the dyno. It is only heard through the knock sensor when listening in to it, and starts bang on 5krpm and stops around 5.5k every run without fail. Almost sounds like a very fast ‘ddrrddrrddrrddrr’ (best way i can describe the noise on here). Cannot be heard just listening normally. The ECU is picking this noise up and pulling timing occasionaly because of it, but me and my tuner are stumped as to what it is. It appears to be coming from somewhere in the head area of the motor (at least thats what it sounds like). I’m coming here to look for advice on where to look. The cambelt has just been done with all new pulleys is etc, and has been done properly as I was lead to believe that could be a potential culprit. Disabling the VCT does not affect it, noise is there whether that is on or not. Has anyone else had experience with this or any advice on what it could be? Tuner is thinking it may be my intake cam gear, but has never heard of them failing before. Should also add compression is fantastic on all 6 cylinders, and car only has 105,000kms. Any advice and input is much appreciated!
  24. WTS. Got a rb25det series 2 judging by the exhaust cam gear were the sensor goes in. New gates racing timing belt and pulleys. New water pump. New thermostat. New cam seals, crank seals. Sump resealed and painted. Block painted. New rocker cover gasket kit fitted. Rocker covers painted. China FFP and 80mm tb. Top feed fuel rail. Also got a 25 gearbox to go with it. Need to sell for funds for workshop. Looking to get rid of them as a package deal $2800ono will make it cheaper if I install it at my workshop with a cheap labour rate. Willing to separate gearbox if fitted at the workshop. Please feel free to PM me for anymore details or call 0432617584 Located at my workshop in Molendinar Gold Coast 4214
  25. SWAP: RB26 Engine Cover Set Hi all I have a full set of rb26 covers; cam covers, plug cover and timing cover. They are standard black in undamaged condition bar a couple of marks to the paint. Can provide pics. Does anyone have a polished set they would like to swap for? Prefer syd so i can inspect. Let me know
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