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Found 23 results

  1. Hi I just purchased a complete RB30 Carb engine from a GQ Nissan Patrol to get the sump. I have an Injected RB30 in my SWB MK Patrol however it has what I'm assuming is the VL sump which could bottom out on the Diff housing. My Question is does the Oil Dipstick still fit in the same location? I'm guessing the Oil pick will have to be changed to the GQ RB30 one as well? Once the swap has been done do I just scrap the RB30 or people still need them for parts? TIA
  2. gtr sump remove axle tube Hey guys, I picked up another r32 gtr sump the other day with hi octane sump. The axle tube that runs through the sump for the front wheels has been damaged (has a hole in it, and you can see the axle moving inside if you rotate it). Does anyone know if the axle tube running through the sump can be removed? Looks like it might just be a press fit, have seen a few rwd sumps on the net with it missing, so I assume you can. I want to swap the tube over with my existing sump. Cheers.
  3. R.I.P.S 26/30 extended sump I have for sale a brand new extended high volume sump from my RIPS 26/30 engine package. these sell for $1400NZ (still over $1300AUD) + postage costs + import tax so this is a bargain. Asking $900 Please call or txt me on 0432 941 343 as I'm not on here often. James
  4. hi all im after a stock rb26 sump that's been converted for rwd application. don't need extra capacity or anything, just completely standard for use in R32 GTS-T. if anyone has 1 in western sydney, please PM me on here or msg 0407 896 339. cheers
  5. Hi i am after a large capacity gtr sump 7 litre plus, will consider any thing with or without diff am in tassy but freighting isnt a problem. regards stuart 0409135950
  6. Skyline GTR VSpec 324mm front DBA 4000 slotted rotors $400 pair Skyline GTR VSpec 300mm rear DBA 4000 slotted rotors $300 pair Contact: Mike Rowe 0417943522 mike@bluevista.net.au
  7. RB25DET PARTS All that is in the picture, direct all question to my email address andyz280zx@hotmail.com with the words "skyline parts" in the subject line. http://i858.photobuc..._1/SAM_0384.jpg PRICE IS ONLY $120 ono. I live in bridgeman downs 4035 area. Maybe able to deliver, i work in indooroopilly. * top and bottom plenum * throttle body * sump * oil pump * water pump * exhaust heat sheld * crankshaft sproket in excellent condition * 5x pistons, in excellent condition. * oil strainer * intake and exhaust cam grears. * rear oil seal housing. Dont have any other parts available. Cheers for looking guys
  8. RB Lewis modified sumps Hi guys, looking for some feedback on the Lewis Engine modified sumps - please private message me if you have any personal experience good/bad. thank you
  9. Hey everyone, noobie question. if I get an AWD Rb25de for my RWD R33, I will need to modify the sump on the engine. I did research online and can’t find much however I do know I have to weld up the front axle holes in the sump.. is that all? Or is there an adapter plate I can just buy to bolt the rwd sump onto the engine with a AWD bolt pattern? Cheers everyone
  10. Hey I've got an AWD Stagea motor going into my RWD R33 S2 the sump has matched up but the oil pickup line is in a different spot on the awd motor how do I modify the oil pickup to work with the RWD Sump?
  11. RB Sump Bolt Sizes Hey guys, I've been lurking about on here for about a year now, but have always managed to find an answer, so ive never signed up! Now I am stumped: does anyone know the bolt sizes to secure a RWD sump onto an RB26? Ive ordered a McKinney motorsports sump to suit an RB26 conversion into my 260Z, but the sump uses a different bolt pattern to my original sump, and I don't have a tap and die set to check what size the bolts are I was wondering if anyone here knew? I'm hoping to test fit the sump on the stand to check for flatness, etc before I continue cheers in advance, Jamie attached is a picture of the bolt pattern in question
  12. RB26 sump Hi Guys Chasing RB26 sump please. PM me or txt me on 0407 175 417. Cheers
  13. Got a Neo front diff and sump to get rid of due to RWD setup. $150ono Located Central Coast, Gosford NSW
  14. hey guys got an RB26 sump no diff, still has the stock baffles. $200 negotiable located in lalor victoria call or message 0411421097 i was going to chop it up and turn it into a RWD sump but ended up buying one already done. can freight it for about $40 to all major cities
  15. Nismo GT Le-mans Group A turbos. RR581's Both were rebuilt less than 2000kms ago by Turbologic, one however will need a rebuild due to something getting sucked down the intake pipe and damaging the bearings and compressor wheel. The housings have no damage at all and would just need a rebuild, the other one just had a full build with new shaft, wheels, bearings and seals. These were making 558.4 hp at the treads on my current GTR with other supporting mods. I have spoken with CAMS and these can be used in events such as Targa Tasmania and are the largest turbos allowable for competitions that require "standard" turbo configurations. Looking for $600 ono for the pair throw me some offers...need them gone this week... Have a few standard R32 GTR parts for sale aswell... R32 GTR Crank $200 (cheapest one on here) R32 GTR Sump with Diff $100 R32 GTR Aircon Compressor $100 Standard R32 GTR camshafts with gears - $100 Standard RB26 intake manifold, no throttle bodies, does not leak and worked fine, just changed it for a plasmaman $60 Standard RB26 injectors great condition, set of 6 includes fuel rail $160 ono Standard N1 GTR front lip - $150 Universal carbon wing at the moment the stands have spacers on each side to fit in the rear stock mount of the r32 gtr however front holes need to be drilled, had it on my r32 gtr before going a different direction is height adjustable i think 25cm and 40cm and is approx 155cm long, and about 26cm wide - $350 in great condition and has heavy duty feet for stands. I can ship anything at the buyers expense, and open to offers on everything its all clogging up space and needs to go. Contact me via PM or on 0434817247 and ill try to get back to you asap. All parts are located in Wollongong, about 1hr south of Sydney.
  16. Hey guys n gals. I'm currently having trouble purchasing/finding a high volume oil pan for my r32 gtst running a RB26. If any one could point me in the right direction that would be muchly appreciated 👍
  17. GTR gearbox $450 R34 GTR Intercooler $290 RB26 Head $750 GTR sump & diff $350 Complete Set of RB26 cam covers, valley cover, front cover, lower cam belt cover $450 Contact Mike 0417943522, mike@bluevista.net.au Other GTR parts including: RB 26 Aluminium radiator $50 RB26 clutch fan $40 RB26 standard pistons $50 RB6 standard con rods $80 R32 GTR washer bottle $25 R32 GTR Radiator over flow bottle $25 R32 GTR Brake Master Cylinder & Power booster $80 R32 GTR Clutch master cylinder & booster $50 R32 GTR set of pedals, clutch, brake & accelerator $80 R32 GTR steering column $70 R32 GTR steering rack $80 R32 GTR Wiper motor $40 R32 GTR intercooler plastic front pipe work $40
  18. R32 GTR Gearbox and transfer case $700 ono (I have a second gearbox that will be available soon) R32 GTR sump with front diff, oil pickup and baffles $350 ono R32 GTR standard computer $100 ono GTR Injectors 740cc Sard with standard rail $600 ono Standard GTR intercooler $100 Standard GTR coil packs $150 Standard RB26 oil pump $100 Standard RB26 valve springs $50 Please message me for contact details and any further information and I will reply as soon as possible... Regards Michael
  19. I bought a sky engineering rb26 extended sump kit -new. Basically comes with everything in the pictures. You will need to extend your existing oil pickup. These are around $800 landed. Half the price of high octane kit. I went a different direction so the reason for selling. Asking $500 for it. I got quoted $400 to weld, fit and extend pickup. Jason Beaumont hills 0430061241
  20. doing a bit of a garage clean out. both stock and after markets parts for GTR's. R33 GTR sump and front diff Sump is off a 1995 R33 GTR. perfect condition, no damage. i wrecked the whole car about 6 months ago. is complete sump with front diff. $300 NISMO Direct replacement fuel pump for R33 GTR This is out of the gtr i wrecked, and was making 470 hpatws with this pump. comes complete with cradle aswell. $180 ono Complete R33 GTR wiring loom/harness including igniter pack all plugs and loom are in good nick, and in complete working order. all plugs cables etc from pick included $150 2x genuine factory JECS R34 GTR air flow meters both in perfect working order, only taken off car due to upgrades. $150 for the pair GTR rb26 twin turbo intake pipe as shown in pic, with clamps and emblem and joiner $50 R33 and R34 OEM intercooler piping have a 2x each piece of oem intercooler rubber piping, fits r33 and r34 gtrs. no cracks etc $50 a piece Skyline alternator i had two alternators, one off a gtr, and one off a gtst, both where working in the cars. i sold one, but cant remember which one. this is the one i have left. please make sure its the one you need. $50 Parts are all located in Perth. You can message on here or text/call me on 0432497290 if you are interested in any of the parts. some things negotiable. or if you buy more than 1 part etc. cheers
  21. Hi All, I bought a complete R32 RB26 to use the head on a 26/30 and am now looking to offload the bottom end. It has had something go through it so it will require new pistons and a bore to 86.5mm or possibly 87mm. I'm looking for: Block - $150 Crank - $150 Rods & Pistons - $80 Or: Crank, rods & pistons - $200 Crank, rods, pistons & block - $300 I also have: RB26 sump modified to suit RWD - $100 factory oil cooler/heat exchanger - $30 AAC Valve - $50 Standard fuel rail modified to be twin entry - $50 You can contact me via PM or on 0427 123 414 Cheers, Shane
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