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  1. Business Name: GDZ Creations Business shop address: None Business shipping address PM Business website URL On both FB and Instagram; @gdzcreations on both Business contact number 0424 490 187 Business contact email: [email protected] Link to returns policy On FB (warranty claims)
  2. Hey Ladies and Gentleman! Been doing this for a little while on facebook/word of mouth, but thought I’s post up here too. I can modify OEM 34 tail lights into Nismo spec or an R35 inspired halo design. For the new players, if you’re after the iconic Nismo tail lights but don’t want to spend $3000 on a second hand set, then my Custom Nismo-like tail lights are a perfect well priced answer. I offer a Nismo conversion to your OEM set of lights that includes; -Restoration of housings -Custom built LED panels -Plug and play ability into OEM harness -Lens restoration of 20+years of minor scratches and fading These are practically indistinguishable from genuine Nismo’s, and at $590 (excluding shipping) come in at under a 1/3 of the price of genuine Nismo’s. For those who want something a bit extra, I also offer a R35 Halo conversion. These still retain the Nismo LED pattern for the brake lights, but uses diffusion rings to create a halo ring for parker lights. These come in at $790 (excluding shipping) to modify your OEM set. And as per our Nismo conversion, housings and lenses undergo a restoration and are fully plug and play. We also offer an LED bootlight conversion, priced at $139 (excluding shipping) to compliment our Nismo and R35 Halo conversions. A better deal can be had for packaging them together, just ask! Pm for any questions (text zero424 490 187, will reply much quicker) and more info ?? Stay safe everyone! sorry the photos are all muddled up!!
  3. Hey Ladies and Gents, got a complete engine gasket kit but using tomei top end gaskets so have an OEM top end gasket kit available. Includes OEM head gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold to throttle bodies gaskets and throttle bodies to head gaskets. Price: $100 Located Glen Waverley VIC
  4. Hey Ladies and Gents, upgraded my twins so wanting to offload my stock 34R turbos. Minimal shaft play, no obvious damage. Have sat under many cam cover leaks in its days ? Price: $500 Located Glen Waverley
  5. Hey Ladies and Gents, chasing OEM R34 Coupe tail light housings. Dont care about the covers, just need the housings and preferably the loom that attaches behind them. located SE Melb. Seb
  6. Thanks, tried calling this morning, havent heard back. Let me know if he’s changed numbers or something.
  7. Can you confirm if it is and message me on zero 424 490 18 seven. I reply much quicker by text. Cheers. Seb
  8. Price update!! Power fc and hand controller -$400 Nismo single plate coppermix -$100
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