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  1. Apologies, mistake on my part. They are all effectively shorter, not closer after the ratio swap. Potato moment! Agreed, 1st is already very short. But like you said, it’s 2-5 is what matters (to me anyway). I’ve driven a friends 34 GTR with 4.11 final ratio’s, and I fell inlove with it. Hence why I’m not concerned over anyone’s uncertainty of the usability. And as stated above, removing the front drive shaft will void any need to bleed out the attessa system. I’ll need to bleed it again anyway as I removed the feed line to the old A-LSD which shares the same fluid, but many shops dyno GTR’s in RWD with the front shaft removed.
  2. Yes mate I’m well aware. The shorter ratio is precisely why I went to a 4.11 as I wanted a closer ratio setup, the fact it’s a mechanical LSD is a bonus. This is very common in 32 GTR’s when people swap the getrag into them and retain the factory diff ratios. It’s also not that bad, using my current tyre size I’ve roughly calculated my new cruising RPM at 110km/h is 2800, which I can live with.
  3. Sorry forget mention I have a 4.11 front diff ready to go in, will be just disconnecting the front shaft till I swap sumps.
  4. Hello ladies and gents! After any advice as to what is needed to make a 32 diff fit into a 34 gtr. I have removed my stock A-LSD and driveshafts, and have purchased a 32 diff with 32/33 non vspec shafts. I did some reading and read some accounts of spacers being required, new bolts different lengths etc. anyone with first hand experience able it’s shed some light? cheers!
  5. Bumping a veeeeery old thread.. I’m currently putting a 32 GTR diff into my 34 GTR. is anyone able to shed light on what modifications are required to make it all work? I have the 32 diff with half shafts and 32/33 non vspec shafts already.
  6. BUMP, diff and ac unit sold. price drops; 34 GTR Shafts to suit A-LSD -$650 Steering wheel - $400 gear surround - $250
  7. Hello ladies and gents, need to gauge interest for some parts to cover costs for some questionable impulse purchases. R34 GTR 3.545 A-LSD with driveshafts to suit. - works perfectly, has a slight whine at 110-120, but seems to go away past that. Not audible unless windows up and no radio. Not even sure if it’s the diff. still in car so can be tested for genuine buyers. - $2000 R34 GTR Series 1 steering wheel. No airbag. Marks shown on pics. None visible once installed. - $600 R34 series 1 gear surround and ashtray - perfect condition asides small mark as per picture. Ash tray could do with a clean. - $300 JSAI R34 front lip to suit all GTR front bars. Brand new. - $300 may not sell if they aren’t worth much but if anyone is interested I have a original GPS navigation and aircon unit to suit. Pm to discuss. Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Hey there Ladies and Gents, chasing the following parts. 4.11 R32/R33 non vspec GTR rear diff with half shafts to suit. No 2 ways please. -9's turbos in good condition. don't need dumps or mani's. billet oil pump gears to suit OEM oil pump. Walbro 460/525 in tank pump. Extended RB26 sump. Power FC controller ONLY to suit R34 GTR Power FC. Please text me on zero424 490 18seven as I don't jump on here regularly. Located SE Melb. Cheers!
  9. Hey guys, chasing a R32 GTR project. Can be roller, everything minus engine, bare shell whatever. Will look at anything sub 30k. Located SE melb. Cheers
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