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Found 432 results

  1. If anyone needs the complete english Workshop manual for this engine i have it and am happy to share it with you, in pdf form. Cooling system Engine control Engine Mechanical Exhaust Lubrication Starting system says it will expire in 30days let me know if you need it reuploaded. please keep it on the dl as not sure about the legalities behind sharing it.
  2. Just got some Recaro seat rails on the cheap for my car (stagea). My question is: do all recaros seats use the same size rail? (and other brands respectively as well) ie. if I have recaro rails can I safely go out and whack any recaro seat on it? I'm looking at nabbing seats from an Evo X, unless anyone else has any good leads!
  3. Selling a set of underbody braces to fit a M35 Stagea. $200 Painted black and attempted to test fit, but quickly r ealised that they don't fit the NA/RWD Stageas... oops! Also selling a pair of resonated test pipes for a VQ35DE. Brand new still in plastic, just decided to go another route. $150 Also-also selling some Lexani tyres that came off my current rims. Tread is at least 75%. $100 Also-also-also selling some 20" rims in another ad I've posted.
  4. Hi everyone, I need to get the key barrel repaired on my s1, has anyone else pulled theirs out and would they have any advice? in doing searches i can find loose instructions for r34 but not c34, is it the same? thanks in advance keni
  5. Just bought my first Stag and needs the valve stem seals replaced as blowing a bit of smoke on start up and on deceleration. I am quite mechanically minded and taken automotive classes at college etc and have mates that know a lot more about cars that can help me. Just wondering if anyone has any handy info for me (vids of people doing it, tips and general knowledge etc) that they would like to share to make the process a little easier. Even brands or websites you recommend to get the gaskets and seals from, or if i need any specific tools for the job? ( a valve spring compressor tool that will fit?) Thank in Advance.
  6. Nissan Stagea for sale Second owner since import to Australia, first owner being my father -registered until the 3/10/18 -300,000 km -Major service recently carried out - Turbo timer installed - alarm and immobiliser installed -HKS air filter -Have had no mechanical issues with it -Upgraded stereo system -Standard Stagea rust spots under wing mirrors and has driver side sun visor missing Am only selling due to moving countries Please contact me on [email protected] or Brian on 0412940667 for viewings
  7. Just bought my first stagea love it as I’ve always wanted one! It recently had a manual conversion done but still has the auto ecu I’m about to put a 3 inch turbo back exhaust on it and want to get a tune am I able to tune the auto ecu or would I be better upgrading the ecu, if so, to what cheers
  8. i recently brought a 300rx, its great but the stereo and speakers are aweful, i have seen people say you need to buy the aftermarket fascia kit for them but is there a cheaper way of putting an after market stereo in them? also, does anyone know if an underseat subwoofer would fit under the front seats of a stagea?
  9. As the title suggests, does anyone know what components are available to increase the amount of negative camber in the rear of an NM35 Stagea? I'm slowly attempting to create a 'VIP'/'bippu' style build but I can't find a whole lot of parts to suit the NM35. Currently I have fitted Driftworks Front Upper Camber Arms to suit a 350z and have gotten to -6 deg happily but the rear is sitting at -5 deg with only a coilover installation. I do have 350z Rear Camber Arms but they seem to only be able to mount to adjust toe. At this stage its looking like most components will have to be fabricated.
  10. I’m thinking oil seal at the turbo but i don’t know, any ideas please
  11. Nissan stagea c34 1997/2 Auto AWD So, i have found some Lowering spring kits on RHDjapan and wondering if anyone have tried them out and have pic?? I woud like somthing that lowers -40/-40 just for it to be equal (dont want coilovers because of some laws with TUV) have alsow spoken with TEIN about custom lowering springs and got back that they coud make one of thise SKN78-G1B00 RATE: 2.5/3.1kgf RIDE HEIGHT: –40/-20mm SKN78-S1B00 RATE: 3.1/3.8kgf RIDE HEIGHT: –51/-25mm I woud like to lower the car "straigth" and not so it looks like it have a nose dive, but im not sure if you need to lower it more in front then the back because of weigth? Any imput woud be awsome! Link to RHDJapan lowering kit: Im alsow wondering, what wheels can i fit witout spacers and as close to stock camber as i can, and what ofsett? I want it to be as flush as i can, i know the AWD version have a bit wider axel in the back then the manual, and alsow wonde if i can have difrent siced wheels on the AWD? Wil the Atessa system f**k up if the wheels are diffrent siced? For exampel if i ave 17x8.5 front and 17x9 in the back?
  12. Hello everyone, I've got 96 Stagea (RS Four). Some days car works perfectly fine, others it becomes jerky straight away after start without 4wd light coming on. When the 4wd light comes on it reads as code 54 (Pressure switch and circuit). Car gets very jerky at low speed, especially if turning. If I turn the engine off and back on it erases the 4wd error and car works fine. Fluid for 4wd system is at adequate level. MAF had been replaced. I'm just wondering if anyone had the same problem or you guys know what might be the issue. P.S. Please forgive me if I sound silly as English is not my first language.
  13. EOI: 1998 Autech 260RS "Roller" Hola gang! So, keeping my old girls donk to throw into my next vehicular and plan was to find a healthy 26 to throw in then sell the car. But before i go ahead with that, was wondering if anyone would be interested in it without a motor. Literally has everything minus a long motor, is even still registered. Aircon is still even connected. Rundown; Fenix Alloy Radiator Walbro 460 Intank pump Full fuel pump rewire straight to the battery with a relay and the existing fuel pump wiring used as the relays switch. Full Gates BioFuel hoses used from intank all the way through to the fuel rail. Stock R33 Gearbox, diffs hubs etc. No crunches. bushes in great condition. Literally brand new NISMO engine and gearbox mounts. Electronics; Apexi Power FC w/ hand controller. AEM Wideband oxygen sensor and gauge. Apexi Power FC boost controller. (not installed) Viper Model 5906V Alarm. full 2 way alarm and immobiliser. features are endless. Exhaust; Blitz Y pipe/dump pipe. cant remember measurements of the top of my head, but were in metric. will endevour to remember lol Venom Hi-flow 100 cel cat. JDM custom 3" catback exhaust, muffler is i believe a JASMA item. perfect balance of noise and note IMO. Interior; Genuine Evo 5 seats in suburb condition on genuine recaro rails. dont know why recaro ever made wgnc34 rails to adapt evo 5 seats but hey who am i to judge lol. dad spent a lifetime on yahoo auctions looking for theses. Nismo gearknob Steering wheel: Unsure of origin, but it seems to be a similar style to an S15 wheel but a different airbag. regardless, it is the prettiest wheel made by nissan imo. genuine stagea floor mats genuine stagea boot mat and cargo net Body + Wheels; Genuine 260RS bodykit (obviously) no fiddling except replacing stock mesh infront of intercooler with a grid style painted black. Genuine Window Visors Paint in fantastic condition except bonnet. actual paint is fine, just minor swirling noticable under a street light. Cusco rear strut brace. Racing Logic Coilovers WedSport TC-105N in 18x9.5. unsure of offset, shall confirm. Believe they are a +15. has never been written off, is a genuine 260RS verified by Nissan FAST. Price can vary, can remove seats from deal, or byo wheels, remove steering wheel, etc depending upon sale price. Also can include rebuilt steel wheel 33 turbos and stock dumps, OEM y pipe and oem radiator. As for price, I was planning on listing it for $27000 with a healthy motor and a RWC. So, base your offers off that. Will ignore low balls, will get back on road if no serious offers appear. custom AUT260 Plates will be included. Located Melb, VIC Contact me on zero424 490 18seven.
  14. Hey guys, just recently bought a Nissan Stagea WC34 Series 2 and someone has ripped out the ignition barrel. I’ve heard rumours that r33 is compatible with ignition barrel for the stagea? If not is there any others or just better off finding a replacement
  15. Want to Buy. Looking for left rocker cover for Stagea NM35 VQ25DET. parts code 13264+A parts no 13264-AL611 Same part no. as for V35 Skyline (01-07), Y34 Cedric/Gloria, and F50 Cima.
  16. First serious mod done to the wagon: RWD "conversion". The reason: the wheels I got for her apparently had a slightly different rolling diameter (3mm) and neither ATTESSA nor my transmission were too happy about that. Yes, i could have gone through the trouble (and money) to find matching tyres (current tyres: Falken Azenis FK453 in near imaculate condition) but I don't think the mrs would have liked that too much. Dropping the shaft was pretty straight-forward, although I did resort to a dremel for some stubborn bolts Yes, that's in front of my house No, I don't have a garage Yes, it was -2 degrees Celcius
  17. Cheers ladies and gents. My name is Abel, 29 years old male (despite the display name, i'm a guy...) And currently living in the Netherlands. I've always had a thing for Skylines and Stageas also had my attention for a while. Bought a Stagea (which i named Stacey, hence the display name) last june and been enjoying every kilometer so far! I've been browsing around for a while already and decided to finally join. Hoping to learn heaps and to meet awesome like-minded folks here
  18. Hey guys, I've been looking seriously at purchasing a C34 Nissan Stagea for the past few months. I've researched all the information and old threads I could find, but I'm still hoping to get some knowledge and experiences here. I've always had a soft spot for Nissan's, and I'm getting a bit tired of my VE SS. I also play drums, and loading and unloading my current car is becoming a bit of an issue; so the Stagea, so far seems to be ticking all of the boxes I live out in the country, and hence would like to get as much info as I can before travelling to have a look at any for sale. I'm particularly interested in the 260rs. My budget is 25k which I'm hoping will get me a pretty neat example (when the right one comes up for sale).I'm very interested to hear people's experiences with these cars and the advantages/disadvantages of this model, as well as anything particular to watch out for when looking at potential purchases. Also wondering if going the import route would be feasible? I've been looking at a few past sales and a grade 4 car could be imported and complied within my budget. But the idea of it makes me a little nervous to be honest. Lastly, I've read mixed opinions regarding the legroom in these cars; I'm 6'4" and I'm worried that I might not even fit behind the wheel. Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say! Thanks
  19. Hi all just picked up my first stagea over the moon with it and love everything about it just after some info about anyone who has had to take a c34 to get a rwc Also tried to hunt my vin down to track some heritage but come up short any help would be awesome I’m told it’s a dayz edition 1999 series 2 and has many factory extras and cool stuff thanks
  20. Hi all. Does anyone know if the oil seals that come with replacement front wheel bearing kits go into the bearing assemby or do they fit into the hub/knuckle itself? Have searched with no luck.
  21. Hi ther! First off, i wil apolegise for my english wiritng skills so if you have problems with ppl that can't spell for shit, stop reading now! Ok so now to my problems, I own a Stagea c34 RS4 1997 mod rb25det Automatik (not sure if car is s1 or s2 but know the engien is s2) Im trying to figure out what shoks and springs i can use on my car, i know ther is a post for this but it was not spesefied if it was a 2wd or 4wd or if it was auto or not. I have goten som "info" wher it have been "i think its this" but dosent realy cut it for me. What im looking for is 40mm 40mm lowering springs and dampers (not coilovers) And brakes that fits the car, not upgraded brakes but original, need to know witch car i can get parts from (Stagea dos not exisit in any database wher i live) Sorry if i have written this a bit backwords or realy comfusing! Hope somone is abel to help!
  22. I'm looking to upgrade my current brake system on my series 2 stagea, I'll need at least 324mm rotors for the front up to 355mm, to clear the inner diameter of the wheel- to-caliper distance as the current 297mm calipers are hitting the rims on the inner shoulder of calipers and to clear would need to use a 15mm thick spacer. Will consider all brands, but will require them to be in usable condition and be able to get pads/spares etc if needed in future.
  23. Since I have got one of each left, I'm selling a full set of these ready to go to stiffen up the big wagon. They are primed ready for whatever colour you choose to paint them. 1x 20MM front bar. (straight bolt in) 1x front rear subframe brace (straight bolt in with hardware) 1x rear rear subframe brace (straight bolt in ONLY WITH AFTERMARKET EXHAUST) These actually make a big difference in steering response and general tighter feeling of the car. $275 posted anywhere in Australia. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  24. Hey, Anyone selling, or know someone selling a Dayz wing for C34?
  25. Have for sale my daily Nissan Stagea: Auto, leather seats, tinted windows,smoked tail lights, jap rims, massive wing, cd player and speakers,put in coilovers 6 months ago, pod filter, safc, front & rear sway bars rego till july, 202kms on the clock, side skirts(not on the car) old owner did a full respray on car overal in average condition car comes with a few spare parts $8,000ono 7.1.0 9.8.8