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  1. In search of a series 2 260rs front bar within aus. Thanks to the rainy season and qld’s shit roads i hit flood water at about 80 kph in the middle of the night. ABSOLUTY disintegrated my front bar beyond repair. So yeh i do not care what colour or condition as long as its fits a series 2. I know how rare these are, so I am kind of just hoping to god someone has one. Can get them new from Japan but there about $3500 without shipping which just is not an option. I can organise freight or pickup if located around Brisbane area.
  2. Hellow and happy new year! I have had the pleasure having my ignition barrle crap out on me so i am unable to start my car. And therfor im trying to finde an ignition barle wiering diagram or somthing htat tels me the collor of the wiers, location and what they do since im trying to put in a "push to start" until i can sorce a new one!
  3. Hope this doesn't come across too self-marketingy... i'm not a business or anything, just a dude who couldn't find a Stagea shirt I liked, so played in Illustrator a bit until I made something I liked. Another member here I know IRL said to post here cos you guys might like it. If mods don't like this, I'm happy to remove it. http://bitly.com/doubleunicorn It's available there printed on a bunch of different products (t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, phone cases, etc), and you can pick a different colour base tshirt if you don't like the prechosen ones. If SAU wants to use the design as an SAU shirt or stickers, I'm totally happy with that, as you guys could get it made cheaper anyway. I get like a dollar of each sale from the above link, so it's barely worth the effort other than cos I wanted a t-shirt and sticker of it myself.
  4. Hi all, New member here! I'll be looking for a Stagea within the next year. (after three years of waiting) Now, I was wondering, since a lot of you wagoneers (hahaha. I love the name!) have one (or had one at some stage), what would be the recommendation? I know only the sheer basics of these Stagea's since information tends to be scarce, so please forgive me. In the C34's, I'm looking for an RS FOUR S and in the M35's, I'm looking for an Autech Axis with the VQ35DE engine. I look forward to hearing everyone's responses! Kind regards, FromAllAspects
  5. G'day guys, me again with the non running vq25det stagea, starting to nail down on components trying to diagnose my issue and noticed something while removing and cleaning my crank sensor i noticed metal fragments on the magnetic part of the sensor, so i cleaned then off, refitted the sensor and tried to give it a strart, and i noticed for the first time in a while it fired and tried to start on the first try, but on the second and third there was no fire, so i took out the sensor again, cleaned it again and same thing, fired first try, still no start, but on second and thirrd try its again not firing so my question is, could my sensor be faulty? what else could be causing this?
  6. If anyone needs the complete english Workshop manual for this engine i have it and am happy to share it with you, in pdf form. Cooling system https://ufile.io/7b31q Engine control https://ufile.io/ltv1r Engine Mechanical https://ufile.io/8ygvm Exhaust https://ufile.io/fny97 Lubrication https://ufile.io/ao98k Starting system https://ufile.io/znhl7 says it will expire in 30days let me know if you need it reuploaded. please keep it on the dl as not sure about the legalities behind sharing it.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a roof wing either the same or similar to the one pictured. no idea what brand or who sells it any help would be appreciated! Melbourne pref but willing to pay postage anywhere in Aus
  8. Hey Guys and Girls, I've sold my Stagea and now selling the Vented bonnet - It's a Freeway Dolphin Bonnet. These were $1600 brand new plus importing from japan - its a big item it wasn't cheep. Try Googling M35 freeway dolphin bonnet OR M35 Vented Bonnet...... you wont find one!!! besides a photo of one on a red car this is the only only we've ever found in existence. IF you would like the opportunity to own this I'll be putting this up on E-bay in a few weeks. Reserve will be set at $800 or you can buy it now for $1200. Don't bother PM'ing me with offers I don't care how many times I have to put it up on E-bay until it sells OR ill keep it and hang it on my garage wall as a momento to remember all the good times I've had with this car!!! Cheers, Theo
  9. Does anyone know what fan pulley brackets fit in a M35 Stagea? I found ones for a 350z which looks identical to the mine that needs replacing, but apparently they don't fit. If someone knows for sure what fits that would be great as I am eager to drive it
  10. Hey everyone, I’ve been lurking around sau almost as long as I’ve been thinking of getting a sports wagon... now that I’ve made the decision to get a Stagea this seemed like the most welcoming spot to engage with like minded auto addicts. At a time where most of the world seems to be arguing about ... basically everything ... it’s cool to see a community of people on the same wave length just getting along!! Cheers
  11. nm35 aftermarket front grill! Aftermarket grill to suit nm35 stagea, Not series 1, maybe series 2 and Autec Axis. I tried on mine series1 and the mounting holes (body clips) line up, the bottom part might need trimming to suit. Pick up Sth East Melb, $150 negotiable.
  12. Hi All, First time poster so I appreciate your time. NISSA STAGEA WGNC34 RS FOUR S FOR SALE. Year: 2000 Kms: 122000 Location: Sydney - Newtown Colour: Silver Condition: Good New Wheels and Rims. Goes like a dream. Recent service in July. Manual + 4WD. Turbo Timer. Not really sure what it's worth so happy to take offers, but from the limited adds I've seen on carsales > $15000 I would think. Thanks everyone.
  13. Hi all, I'm spending a few months in your lovely city of Sydney doing some work at the Garden Island naval base. I believe my Stagea (rb25det neo) requires an exhaust manifold gasket. Whining when warming up from cold, chuffing/ticking when hot. It has 200k kms and a highflowed turbo by hypergear roughly 35k kms ago. Where is somewhere reliable and knowledgeable I can take it? I have searched and the threads are a few years old so just want the most current info incase someones favorite mechanic has moved on elsewhere etc. Currently staying in Coogee. Anywhere between GI and Coogee would be a bonus but I realise most places will be west but that doesn't matter as I don't need the car thru the week. Japlink seemed to be mentioned in a few threads. Still on a winner if I contact them? Cheers fellas
  14. Located at Brisbane South Two have a little gutter rash, two have no gutter rash. Tyres hold air well, but probably not enough tread to be legal. I think these are also on some R33 skylines. $150 Call or SMS me on 0435 804 517
  15. I was originally in the market for a VC commodore wagon to put a 304 into. One day I came across a stagea that was down the street, so a phone call and a short drive later I had bought my first stagea. The first thing I did was change the oil, coolant etc and was surprised the car had not been molested. Further investigations I found out the history of the car and how well looked after it has been for the 10yrs since first privately imported. I was trolling the web and making phonecalls to try and find the original owner, after a week I found the original importer and his phone number, I didn't expect the call to go through, but it did and i left a voicemail while my heart was jumping out of my chest, 2 mins later i get a phonecall from a confused voice, it was the importer. We chatted for a few hours about the car and the plans he had, and the plans i have. This was the best thing i had done to my car to this date, talking to him about this car and how much he missed it and how well maintained it has been just made me fall in love more. The car came with a new 32gtr fuel pump, 34 intercooler, Bosimporting split dump, Catco 740cfm cat, 3" trust exhaust from a 32gtr, turbotech boost T making 160awkw Here are some photos of when it was imported in 07' I left the stagea standard for a month or so, but i needed new tyres so i sold the standard wheels to sl33k and moved onto some hiro axix's 9.5 +20 I hated the hiro's so i got some 32gtr wheels with tyres. Once the tyres were worn up i got some d1r's, these had to go asap, they served their purpose of run around tyres I was always after some Volk's for the stagea, but then saw some BBS RS's which i had to have, i picked them up the next day. These will be staying on the car. The standard power was fun for a while, but attending the drags and hill runs really left me wanting more power, so the supporting mods started. First was the intercooler, then splitfires, turbosmart boost controller, apexi neo, hard intake pipe, etc just the usual. Good enough for a slooow 15.04. Hopefully the e420d will get me to somewhere where i am happy. My friend owns the cream VC which does a 12.8 with an n/a 304, Our first race we were lined up together, and were side by side with him only a car length ahead of me at the finish, i was ecstatic! I mean totally over the moon, then i got my slip and was talking to him about how he missed a few gears and the launch was shit... My helmet had never felt so loose. I then decided it was time for some handling mods, first was a leather bride pros seat but after a serious back injury i had to part ways with it. Then came some whiteline swaybars and stiffer springs, the car handled well through the twisties and was predictable but still lacks so i will be revising my setup this year. On the NSW stagea facebook they were organising a meet and greet, so It was the perfect time to clean the car up and head out. This is where i learnt the most about my car and the things i should be doing and how to set things up. Couldn't have asked for better weather and a great bunch of people to talk to!
  16. Hi all M35 die-cast model. Still in Nissan box which is showing signs of wear, acrylic display case also has marks & scratching. Car inside case looks perfectly fine. One of the images has a ruler next to it for scale. $50 + $7.45 post anywhere in oz if not sold in the next few days will put it on feeBay call 0401454406 or PM (all semi monitored) first come first served can get other import stuff, just ask. Thanks T
  17. Someone please help me, I'm dumb but like nice cars lol. I own a 2001 m35 nissan stagea, it's auto. Has electronic throttle body. Accelerator isn't working and it won't rev, it idles fine but tiny bit low, believe it's in limp mode as when I last had the car is was shutting down loosing power and wouldn't drive over approx 12kms, if you press the accelerator the bit inside the throttle body doesn't move. Wire that lead to throttle body and pedal both have voltage. I had in scanned by a mobile mechanic and no codes came up which i thought was strange but the guy said it was a good sign. My brother who doesn't know much about imports thinks it could be the accelerator pedal sensor and took a photo of it for me and told me to locate someone selling that part, the number on the part is 18919-6N201 but when I search it nothing to do with a stagea comes up. Basically I'm after a part number so I can see if that's the issue and I'm also very very open to any other ideas to what my problem could be. My car was stolen and since having it recovered it's been this way.
  18. I’m on my way back from work when all of a sudden it feels like I lose one cylinder. Missfireing like crazy running real rough. I get back home and start trouble shooting what’s going on. Turns out one of my coil packs died but while I had all the spark plugs out I thought I’d give my new compression tester a go. Much to my dismay all 6 cylinders were around 110 psi. (full report below) I don’t believe this to be the cause of the misfire as I’m %99 my coil was munted. But still 110 psi in all 6 cylinders isn’t good. I’ve got a few ideas what could be causing the problem. But any input or ideas would be great. I’m thinking it could be worn piston rings or possibly ringland failure. Although I find it hard to believe the ringland failed on all 6 cylinders. Also The engine only has 150k on it and is basically stock only thing I’ve done to it is upped the boost from 7 to11psi nothing crazy. But what I think the problem most likely is, is my timing belt is starting to go or skipped a tooth or something and is throwing the timing off and therefore the compression. But hey I’m just some hopeless 18 year old. If any of y’all have the slightest idea what could be going on some guidance would be greatly appreciated.? Rb25det NEO in a rs4s stagea 150xxx kms C1 105 psi C2 110 psi C3 107 psi C4 110 psi C5 105 psi C6 117 psi
  19. The Arctopus


    From the album: Arctopus album

    Its hard to find original locations to take pictures in.
  20. Hey everyone I’m doing a clutch job on my rb25 stagea and have got to the stage of replacing the rear main seal. This bloody rear main seal retainer WILL NOT BUDGE I’ve tryed for hours to break the gasket seal but have gotten no where. On my first attempt to remove the retainer I snapped it basically in half “pics attached “ trying to pry it off from the block. I have got another one but at still struggling to get the broken one off. There is very little room to get to each side of the retainer from under the car with a screwdriver or pry bar. After doing some research I found that you don’t even have to take the retainer off to get the seal out but it’s too late now I need to replace it. If you guys know any little tricks or tips to get it off that would be greatly appreciated??
  21. Hi all I have a great condition R33 gtr airbox, competed (box and snorkle) forsales, Sth East Melb pick up preferred. $350 is what i'm asking for, exactly what i paid for. Thanks
  22. Hey guys and girls, It's a sad day but I've got to let it go as I've bought a tow car and can no longer keep the Stagea. I bought the car from Northshore Prestige back in 2011 (65,000km). Been looked after and undercover all its life here, serviced every 5000km. it has 11months Rego and is priced to sell. $12,000. ([email protected] & 750nm - Still on stock turbo @ 16psi) I'll start off with the extra's: Freeway Dolphin vented bonnet $1000ono G37 Akebono Brakes $2000ono HKS F-con V-pro ECU with PnP loom $1750ono the following list comes with the car......... K&N airfilter with custom power duct airbox mod. Scotty's Custom 3" Dump pipe. Full SS X-force 3" exhaust with 100cell cat, resonator and muffler with dual tips. BC Racing Coilovers, Whiteline Swaybars & Underbody bracing. 17mm Phenolic intake spacer with ceramic coated intake & pipes. Transgo Shift Kit with B&M trans cooler and thermo fan. (80deg) HDi 3" Intercooler Kit. Mishimoto Radiator and 76deg Nismo thermostat. Scotty's Water coolant mod (opens up the rear water gallery on the back of the block) Daleo's Custom 2.5" suction pipe. Scotty's custom 16PSI wastegate actuator. Turbosmart Dual port BOV. 18x8" Koya RG-Tek rims with RE003's 350Z 3.08:1 LSD diff HKS? Sandwitch plate and B&M oil cooler with thermo fan. (80deg) Power steering cooler. Blacked out AXIS grill / Blacked out front headlights. AXIS body kit with flairs. Nismo rear tailgate wing. V35 Facia with Kenwood DDX4031 Cd player/ Sat Nav/ Bluetooth etc etc AXIS floor mats & leather everything. Rear boot mat with pull out cover. Service history summarized. LSD diff service and installed with new fluid 10/2013 Gearbox flushed 112,500km 4/2016 Rocker cover gaskets replaced 4/2016 Coolant flush & Oil/filter 112,500 4/2016 Spark plugs & Oil/filter 120,000km 4/2017 K&N filter (after the BMC filter died) 124,500km 10/2017 Brake Fluid flush 124,500km 10/2017 Oil & filter 129,000km 2/2019 the belts have been replaced haven't noted down when but lubed every 5000km O2 sensor & AFM replaced 2017 New battery in 2017. New front disc's in 2017. I have a new pollen filter which hasn't been installed yet. and if your still reading: 2011 - all mod's except ECU [email protected] on the DVS dyno 2012 - it made [email protected] on the DVS dyno with a guess of 750nm of torque. 2012 - WISD 1/4 mile - 13.9sec (i think it was at 140km/h) 2014 - SMSP South Circuit - 1:08 with Nitto Semi slick's Hopefully i've covered everything but feel free to email me or send a msg (can't answer during business hours) tmuuldriks at gmail.com 0412 zero seven three 215 Thanks Theo.
  23. Hey guys trying to get some advice for where to go with problem solving on my stagea, its one of the dreaded 08/97 built cars that have an ecu they ran for only one month apparently. pretty much the problem is the car is idle hunting badly running rich and rarely but sometimes stalling at idle and then under power it will stutter and cut out untill i clutch out taking load off. The previous owner had it manual swapped from an auto and the issues started from there as i found from the mechanic who serviced it. if someone could help with a pin out sheet or advice on which ecu to go with or if theres. Something i should replace i would much appreciate it.
  24. Just noticed some leaking from the power steering rack when I had the wheel off. Not entirely old residue, there was a couple fresh looking drops on it. Haven't noticed anything weird with the steering yet, so assuming relatively fresh leak. Any thoughts on how to go about fixing this? It seems to be only surrounding that large bolt.
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