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  1. My mind is at a loss here, would like some light shed on this please and thank you Bought my self an rb25det neo wgnc34 to install on my a31. The engine came with an ecu and everything that is needed to get the car running. The engine is bone stock, i only have modified the exhaust, i have a 3 inch pipe all the way to the back with a magna flow muffler at the end. When the engine was installed the car ran great for 1 week then i started to notice some problems. Bad idle, loss of power, and sometimes the car will surge and would not let me pass 2.5-3 rpm. I changed the maf sensor and added new plugs, that got ride of the surging and the car is now running well, only problem is that its running super rich. The interesting part starts now. I though my car would need a tune and it should run fine. So i started to look at the ecu and the engine and doing research so i can get my self a compatible aftermarket ECU. While doing research i realized the ecu that is currently have on the car belongs to an NA stagea, is that possible? During the first week the car was getting into boost and i was feeling the turbo and hearing it spool and i can feel the car get into boost, is that possible with an NA ecu? Could my car be running rich because it has an ECU that is incorrect? The ecu number is 23713-0v711
  2. In search of a series 2 260rs front bar within aus. Thanks to the rainy season and qld’s shit roads i hit flood water at about 80 kph in the middle of the night. ABSOLUTY disintegrated my front bar beyond repair. So yeh i do not care what colour or condition as long as its fits a series 2. I know how rare these are, so I am kind of just hoping to god someone has one. Can get them new from Japan but there about $3500 without shipping which just is not an option. I can organise freight or pickup if located around Brisbane area.
  3. Hellow and happy new year! I have had the pleasure having my ignition barrle crap out on me so i am unable to start my car. And therfor im trying to finde an ignition barle wiering diagram or somthing htat tels me the collor of the wiers, location and what they do since im trying to put in a "push to start" until i can sorce a new one!
  4. Hi all, New member here! I'll be looking for a Stagea within the next year. (after three years of waiting) Now, I was wondering, since a lot of you wagoneers (hahaha. I love the name!) have one (or had one at some stage), what would be the recommendation? I know only the sheer basics of these Stagea's since information tends to be scarce, so please forgive me. In the C34's, I'm looking for an RS FOUR S and in the M35's, I'm looking for an Autech Axis with the VQ35DE engine. I look forward to hearing everyone's responses! Kind regards, FromAllAspects
  5. Clearing out my excess Stagea bits 2nd hand scuff plates, scratches etc as can be expected. Come attached to standard scuff panels (grey). Are stuck on with double sided tape so can be transplated to black scuff panels if required. genuine Nissan accessory $75 for the set of 4. happy to post at buyers cost Inspections welcome at Mascot, NSW 0401 454 406 or PM. Fist in best dressed. More bits to come Tim
  6. Clearing out some excess Stagea bits I have. Get rid of that unsightly orange and make you car look like this: The orange and yellow inside lenses have been removed from the blinkers to give a clean clear appearance, especially with the use of "stealth" or "chrome" bulbs. They have been opened & resealed (not by me) I have used them for years and they did not leak. NB. The images don't show it but there is a slight yellow tinge to the plastic lenses as most of these this age do. Inspections welcome Mascot NSW $75 for the set. Happy to post @ buyers cost call 0401 454 406 or PM More bits to come.. Thanks for watching
  7. Hey everyone. I just thought I would post up a thread with the build progress of my M35. Its no 600hp monster, but I wanted a daily driver that was reliable but still fun to drive on the weekends. A big thanks goes out to a few specific members of SAU who helped along the way - Craig, Andy, Dale & Scotty. Its been awesome having your help and knowledge! It all started with a pretty much box stock M35 (Had some shorter springs and G35 wheels). First things first, I wanted to make it a little tougher looking, so I painted the headlights black and decided to cover up the top half of the 'volvo' looking tail lights. After enjoying it for a few weeks I had the Language conversion done and also found that the standard rotors began to warp once again after machining... but that was an easy fix with these... I had to pick up some wider wheels to clear the new brakes.. Before; After The difference was massive. Pulling up a 2 tone car with these standard brakes was never going to go well - Part 2 to follow
  8. Up for sale is my 1997 Nissan Stagea AWD TURBO RB25DET series 1 with series 2 lights all round 151,000kms always serviced has been my daily driver for the past years never let me down great car goes well, leather climate control bluetooth stereo central locking/keyless entry with immobilizer it is a pleasure to drive and just dose what you want and everything just works negotiable on price within reason. please don't hesitate contact me with any questions or to arrange to view please contact me on 0450051813 thankyou
  9. Hey Guys I need some r33 gtr (maybe gtst, maybe stagea too) strut tops (the bit that holds the springs on and bolts into the car) In qld but will be driving Gold Coast to Melbourne in a week so i can pickup along the way if need be Let me know what you have
  10. Hey guys, just thought I would introduce myself to everyone on the forums. Just bought a late 98' Stagea RS4S as my new daily and am absolutely loving it. First AWD car I have evr owned and First turbo car I have owned. My name is Michael and to be honest, in the past i never thought I would ever buy a nissan. Have been a die hard Honda fan for the last 10 years and in the last few years also found love for the E30 platform. Was driving an e30 as a daily for a couple of years and enjoying it, but needed some extra space and wanted something a bit different. Also wanted something that wasn't going to get bogged taking it down tracks to surf spots, so AWD was a must. This one popped up in QLD of all places (i am in melbourne) was at an import yard called Motorman imports, gave them a call and they seemed decent. Put the money down and had it towed down here. So far haven't had any issues but will be getting it checked out at a workshop probably next week just to make sure it is all up to scratch. Anyway here it is: Engine bay: Boost controller unit: on surf trip down to apollo bay Center console when i picked it up, had a non functional double din suzuki headunit and the climate control was mounted down where the blanking plate is sapposed to be... Re-organised center console, but now there is a gap above the coin trey section. I am unsure what is meant to go in that space, i think it is a blanking plate of some description but not sure. Will be looking for the part that go's there though. Also, the factory tripple guage unit is extremely sensitive when it comes to the connection block at the back of it, with one small touch it will either not work at all or the lights won't work, or one of the guages won't work. The contact between the connection block and circuit board are a bit dodgy... Another surprise found when taking inspecting the car after picking it up, MINES ECU: Already picked up a few mods but won't be getting too out of hand as it is meant to be a fun practical daily as well as a surf trip car on weekeds new gear knob: Cooling pro stealth front mount kit: It's a 98' RS4S, came with the SR3 drivers seat, a Blitz NUR spec exhaust and some 'A tech final speed gear-r' wheels (never heard of them...) But then when i picked the car up and sussed it out properly, I found a Blitz Electronic Boost controller as well as a 'Mines' ECU and a turbo timer Had 82000k's on the clock and seems to be running strong. So far have bought some Thule racks for surf trips as well as a cooling pro stealth front mount and nismo gear knob. Plan is to up the boost to 10psi and get it tuned and that's about it to be honest. For now anyway. The AWD turbo platform will be a learning curve for sure as I have never worked with boost befor, but looking forward to the challenge Some of you guys might know me from seeing my trackcar at winton possibly, K24 powered EM1 that I built myself (still own it but it doesn't get out much these days ) My other project I have at the moment is my E30 Touring, it is my weekend/project car This was my daily befor I bought the Stagea, when it was at its best anyway: Anyway, good to join a new forum and looking forward to coming out on some cruises etc
  11. hi all, ive reciently brought a 2002 stagea. im looking to firstly get the fuel consumption down and secondly get the power up. i thought there would be more grunt available from the 2.5 V6 and 16.3 liters per 100 in town seems too heavy. (im getting 9.5 on the open rd) ;-) ive just done the plugs and fuel filter and service - no change. the mech put it on the dianogstic and says the o2 senson is due. research shows the main reason will be the o2 sensor. also possible fixes: new temp sensor high tyre pressures 98 octane (ive been thinking 91 would be cheaper) id like you views on the above and any other tips does it have 1,2 or 4 o2 sensors? where to buy? http://o2sensors.com...5&engineID=3037 $200 each http://www.amayama.c...h/?q=22690AL600 varyies on oem or copys.. are non nissan parts ok? thanks for your input. jim
  12. hello once again anyone out there got a english translated spec sheet from nissan or even home made that passed for a rs4/rs. about to buy a rs but willing to do a cheeky photoshop to pass the rs someone PLEEAASSEEE help asap
  13. From the album: Vic road trip 2005

    First blowout. Happened at 110kph.
  14. Bit of background. So, car had been running rough for the past month or so where I’d get no power on boost at all basically almost felt like it was na. Checked for boost leaks, replaced plugs and coil packs compression test all fine still no progress. After about a month of scratching my head thought I’d check the ignition timing to see if that’s the issue. Got the coil cover off and CAS lose ready to adjust everything but as I went to check it all turns out my shit supercheap timing light decided to stop working. So, I put it all back together making sure to put the CAS back in its original spot so not to stuff everything up. Went for a driver and after about 20 mins car hesitated pretty violently jerking the car a bit. Kind of like fuel cut would feel like. And then 10 seconds later it all goes to shit and starts misfiring like crazy. Its struggling to stay at idle without me giving it some throttle. Then bam like the flick of a switch completely back to normal. and then a minute later it happened again misfiring like crazy. It stalls like twice as I’m trying to get it off the road to a side street its parked now and not starting at all, let her sit for about 5 minutes and tried to start it again. fired up perfectly normally and idled for a few mins completely fine and then again lots of misfiring and it died and wouldn’t start. I came back the next day to see if I could get it home because I only lived 2 mins down the road and f**k getting a tow truck for that. But same thing again stated fine got halfway there and it started to shit itself again, lucky I was on a hill so I could just roll her home. So in a nutshell Car has a intermittent misfire with no specific trigger. comes and goes every few mins. So, since its intermittent like that it’s pretty obvious its not mechanical issue. That seems like a pretty fair statement to make right? Therefore, its most likely a electrical issue. Something to do with a sensor or ecu. My best guess from my research is that its Either the AFM or CAS sensor that’s causing the issues. especially since i was fiddling arounds with the CAS sensor earlier. Does this sound about right to anyone? Thanks
  15. So I just finished installing my new clutch kit on my rs4 stagea, gear box is in and bolted up. The car comes with basically the same gearbox as a 33 gtr with a pull style clutch. I was just about to put the slave cylinder back on but realised that I could slide the clutch fork along the input shaft with no resistance. after getting some light I could tell that the throw out bearing isn’t locking in to the retaining clip on the pressure plate like its meant to. whenever I pull back on the fork it basically just pops right out with minimal force. I’m not sure if I’ve just damaged that little clip along the way somewhere or its defective. So is it possible to just buy a new clip from the manufacture?? Or maybe I’m just missing something is there a special way to get it to engage or something????? Pls help thanks
  16. Hi SAU, First time Stagea owner but second time Nissan owner. Over the years I have owned a few vehicles: NA6 Miata, XE10 IS200, RPS13 Type X and finally my JZX100 Chaser. More recently I have picked up my (new to me) 1999 WGNC34. Decided to write up a build thread to try document my journey and any stuff that I come across which could potentially help any other future Stagea owners. I had been searching for a Stagea even though I loved my Chaser; but it wasn't big enough to hold my mountain bike. Mind you I do not have any kids so I wasn't exactly buying the Stagea to fit in baby seats or prams - just always kind of had a weird fetish/fascination with sports wagons. A few of the Stagea guys on the Facebook group advised me to check out a one GV1 Series II located in Adelaide. Previously I never had the balls to go interstate just in case it was a stinky pile of kangaroo crap and I'd have to organise flights to come back. Prior to flying out I did check out a few Stageas here in VIC but they were either in piss-poor condition or were charging through the roof for a still piss-poor condition. (To be noted I was looking for one that already had a R34 GTR conversion done as I figured if I was ever to sell the Chaser it would be for a R34 GTR (queue cliche little boy's wet dream) but apparently the dealer was a little dodgey and the other private owner couldn't find any paperwork and was a little hard to deal with (had zero confidence in flying up to QLD for a potential shit-box Decided to call the Adelaide owner and upon speaking to him I gained I'd say a bit more confidence. This Stagea had been a single Aus owner, loads of receipts for both servicing and parts plus he had owned it for about 4-5 years. [There were two or three that I was considering which were interstate as well however did not seem to have the paperwork that this one did.] It was what I was looking for; factory manual Dayz edition with dual sunroof. My Chaser nor my 180SX never had a sunroof and I missed having one from my old XE10. She had originally been imported by Sinergy/Synergy in Adelaide and lived its entire life there. Further to the receipts it did come with a quite a few juicy fruits and tuned to 259awkw and 673NM. The following mods came with when I brought her back to VIC. HKS 2835 GT PRO S Turbo Custom Turbo Dump Pipe 3" Full Exhaust Blitz FMIC - Return flow Bosch 750cc EV14 Injectors (E85 compatible) ARP 2000 Head Studs Nistune ECU Turbo-Smart BOV Turbo-Smart Boost Gauge Walbro 460 LPH E85 compatible Nismo Adjustable Fuel Pressure Spitfire coilpack HKS Pod Filter Z32 AFM Billet Catch Can Modifications - Wheels RAYS GT-7 2 Piece Forged 17" x 8.5" 235/45 Tyres Modifications - Suspension Bilstein Apparently all servicing, tuning and installation had been carried out by JMS in Adelaide. Pro's: Juicy fruit mods Power is already more than enough for me - I tend to baby my cars Con's: Leaky (wind and water) from rear passenger window Rust underneath passenger wind mirror (known issue with Stageas) Rust on tailgate (known issue with Stageas) Uses way too much fuel for the way I drive - this may be due to a rich tune. Pictures to follow!
  17. Help please I have a 1996 Nissan Stagea, and my brake lights dont work... bulbs are fine and so is fuse under dash... yet nothing happens when I hit the pedal... what am I missing?? Not even high stop going, but my tail lights do work
  18. Hi Guys I'm looking at buying a 2001 250t RX FOUR NM35 Auto 4WD, 166,000km's on the clock, any advice on what i should be checking or looking out for? Cheers, Steve
  19. Hi Guys I don't currently own a nissan, but I'm looking at buying a 2001 Nissan Stagea 250t RX FOUR NM35 Auto 4WD, I was hoping you amy be able to give some advice on anything I need to look out for? Cheers, Steve
  20. Hi,have just bought a M35 2002 300 RX. Looking to fill the wheel arches and lay it down. Had a look for a wheel section but to no avail. New to forums altogether sorry. Thinking 18x9.5 or 10 if possible. And super lows etc. Any advice from the members would be much appreciated. Cheers
  21. Nissan Stagea for sale Second owner since import to Australia, first owner being my father -registered until the 3/10/18 -300,000 km -Major service recently carried out - Turbo timer installed - alarm and immobiliser installed -HKS air filter -Have had no mechanical issues with it -Upgraded stereo system -Standard Stagea rust spots under wing mirrors and has driver side sun visor missing Am only selling due to moving countries Please contact me on robbie.fulton@live.com.au or Brian on 0412940667 for viewings
  22. Hello everyone, I've got 96 Stagea (RS Four). Some days car works perfectly fine, others it becomes jerky straight away after start without 4wd light coming on. When the 4wd light comes on it reads as code 54 (Pressure switch and circuit). Car gets very jerky at low speed, especially if turning. If I turn the engine off and back on it erases the 4wd error and car works fine. Fluid for 4wd system is at adequate level. MAF had been replaced. I'm just wondering if anyone had the same problem or you guys know what might be the issue. P.S. Please forgive me if I sound silly as English is not my first language.
  23. Just bought my first Stag and needs the valve stem seals replaced as blowing a bit of smoke on start up and on deceleration. I am quite mechanically minded and taken automotive classes at college etc and have mates that know a lot more about cars that can help me. Just wondering if anyone has any handy info for me (vids of people doing it, tips and general knowledge etc) that they would like to share to make the process a little easier. Even brands or websites you recommend to get the gaskets and seals from, or if i need any specific tools for the job? ( a valve spring compressor tool that will fit?) Thank in Advance.
  24. Hi all just picked up my first stagea over the moon with it and love everything about it just after some info about anyone who has had to take a c34 to get a rwc Also tried to hunt my vin down to track some heritage but come up short any help would be awesome I’m told it’s a dayz edition 1999 series 2 and has many factory extras and cool stuff thanks
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