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Found 349 results

  1. Just a warning to fellow SAU members about Tokyo Prestige Imports in Mount Barker. Tokyo Prestige ( Looks like they've been caught winding back K's on some cars like a 350GT, 250RX Stagea, and a Toyota Caldina. Link to them being caught by a Japanese history checker page: Here Link to same car on Gumtree: Here Looks like the K's have been put back on the ad now (they must have seen the post), but the ad has been there for weeks, and was only edited yesterday (3rd) to change the mileage back. Was thinking about buying a car from them, definitely staying well away from them now. Guess I'll go with J-Spec.
  2. Brendons M35 build Thought I'd create a mini build thread on my progress with my first foray into Nissan wagon life and also a place to ask questions/path to follow. I bought the car with f**ked coil packs so I picked it up cheap off some Indian guy. Put a new set of coil packs in and all was sweet for the next 6 months . . . I noticed an oil leak from the passenger side that was slowly getting worse and traced it back to the oil feed line. Ah well no biggy, just an easy fix or so I thought! Having not worked on a VQ before, it wasn't until later on I discovered you can't get the line off without pulling the whole turbo Since the car wasn't far off 200k and the turbo had begun the Dyson whine song, I frantically searched for a new turbo. Scotty to the rescue with a Billet Intense he had spare that got to me in 4 days. In the mean time while the car was off the road I set about fabbing up a 3" bellmouth dump pipe. Then followed it up with a 3"-2.5" intake pipe. (Still need to weld on BOV return bung) And this weekend just gone I fabbed up a 3" catless exhaust system to finish it all off. I picked up 7psi of boost without touching a thing, so it's stuck on 21psi with standard injectors and pump. I've hit up Christian to see if it's possible to run the car safely at this level on 98 with his flash tune, otherwise I will probably put a hi-flow cat in to drop the boost a little. I've got a few other things in the works but all in due time!
  3. 2004 Nissan Stagea PM35 350RX VQ35DE RWD, same engine and drive line as locally delivered 350Z so parts and servicing is easy. 140kg lighter than 2.5lL Turbo 4WD models. Facelift model with black heated leather electric seats, near new tyres, factory tinted windows, twin climate control, xenon head lights ,ABS - traction control, tow bar in immaculate condition inside and out, kept in garage. Very good performance, comfort and practicality only selling because I now have a company car. 136000 km $13,000. It will come with a roadworthy certificate and registration has been paid until December 2017. Contact Chris 0430 011 069
  4. Workshop near St Kilda for general maintenance/fixes? Hey guys, tried posting in the workshop thread but I don't think anyone looks there anymore. After a workshop in/around St Kilda area to do some general maintenance/repairs to my C34 Stag. Got a newborn due in a couple weeks and ran out of time to do it myself, need the car reliable again before she arrives. Needs brake booster replaced (should I get it on ebay first?), fluids done, the usual "I've ignored this crap for way too long and just been having fun" stuff, and a general check-over before trusting it to family duties. Asked a local mechanic down the road and he said he doesn't touch imports. No idea why. I'm not to keen to drive it too far with brakes spongy, so something close would be awesome. Thanks.
  5. vic 

    M35 Stagea RS - Wrecking Wrecking my M35 Stagea Parts (off the top of my head) that are sold are: Aero Body kit (sold) Front guards (sold) Tein Coilovers (sold) Whiteline Sway Bars (sold) Rear Compartment cover (sold) Headlights (sold) Eyebrows (sold) Centre head unit (sold pending payment) Steering wheel (sold pending payment) Reverse Camera (sold pending payment) Number plates also for sale: M35WGN All located in Lilydale, VIC Pickup preferred, however will post items at your expense Message me if you are after something specifically, and i'll let you know if it is available
  6. Genuine Nissan Stagea PM35 Autech wheels with good tyres. Genuine Nissan Stagea Autech wheels & tyres. Currently on vehicle, but is not being driven. Fitted to a 2005 PM35 Stagea. In good overall condition bar slight gutter rash on all 4 rims. Front tyres are Michelin pilot sport, even wear with 70-80% tread remaining. Rear tyres are Mazzini ECO605, also with around 80% tread remaining. Wheels are 18x8 with a +30 offset. Tyres are 225/45R18. Commonly fitted with 245/45R18 also. Located central west N.S.W. Purchaser to organise freight, happy to drop off at a Depot in Orange or Bathurst.
  7. New Wagoneer Heya all! New person from NSW! Just picked up an m35 stagea turbo as a new daily car. Thought I'd join up and keep up with advice and maybe get to an event when I get the time
  8. WTB Lower ball joints - PM35 Don't mind second hand as long as they are still in good working order. Having trouble finding ones that fit, as the ones I purchased from ebay for a 2002-7 M35 have 14mm bolts as opposed to my 16mm bolts. Located Sydney Thanks
  9. Perth - Stagea gauge pod (free?) I used to sell my own design gauge pods for many imports including most Nissans and a few years ago closed the business down. I have found a small box of "seconds" gauge pods in storage and need to confirm what model they are for, although I'm sure they are for the Stagea (C34). I need someone in Perth (WA) to test fit one in their Stagea and if it fits, then you can have it for free for your trouble. They are painted black, however the paint job is average quality so will need repainting. PM me for details. This is what the gauge pod looks like with a gauge installed :
  10. Wrecking a C34 stagea, silver in colour, S2 awd auto dual sunroof. All parts available except following listed item. Engine, engine loom, ecu, bonnet, front bar, headlights, passenger guard. Located Newcastle.
  11. 2005 pm35 lower ball joints help! Just sent my 2005 350rx to the mechanic with some ebay lower ball joints. Turns out the bolts on them is too small, so I'm stuck with not many options. These are the ones, they say M35, which I would assume would be the same for pm35 as they're both rwd?? Is there ones off another car like a 350z that would fit? Anyone know this with confidence?
  12. Stagea Rebirth Thread Hi all, Probably don't really need to make a whole thread for the build. But I noticed that there were some grey kind of areas when I searched on how to do things. So I'm kind of just going to try and put everything into this one thread. Keep in mind this is my first car and I had never really worked or touched a car before, so this was all so new to me. If you do have any questions feel free to ask and i'll try answer them. First of all, 27th of Jan (Crash day) Funnily enough I was doing my restricted license test, needless to say, I failed. This was a learning experience for me, so don't crash lol. Damage wasn't too bad. It could have been so much worse, Bent subframe Broken control arms Bent in shock Cracked rim Smashed door Smashed in wheel arch Here are some photos of the crash. 1st of Feb This is where I kind of headed off task a bit and started doing some side jobs that I had listed to do in the future, and since I knew the car wasn't going to be moving for a while (Didn't end up moving for 2 months lol) I pulled off the fenders and front bumper etc, wanted to give all behind there a good wipedown. I managed to strip the last bolt holding on the RH fender so that didn't end up coming off for a fair while. I started trying to drill it out but gave up on that. So I just left it for the time being. 6th of Feb Picked up the new parts from Liam (cheers bro) Got pretty much every part I needed from him, all went into the trusty Hilux. I even sat with the replacement door in the back lol 11th of Feb A few weeks go by and we've done quite a bit of work I guess, all the old damaged stuff out and swapped over the diff, axels etc into the new subframe. This was a pretty long day and we worked pretty hard. I'm sure if we had done this before it would have been a lot faster. 15th of Feb Picked up some new V35 'premium' rims for $300, with 2 bold and 2 5mm tread, and a spare tyre with some tread. Decent deal if you ask me. Definitely should put em on this Golf though 19th of Feb Bought a pair of vice grips and got that stupid stripped bolt out with ease, so now all the front end panels were off and I gave them a good clean down. This also means I could get off the side skirts. 25th of Feb Now I started to sand back the side skirts for repainting as they were pretty shocking, I'd never done any sort of sanding or spray painting before so this was all so new to me. Apparently I sanded it back too far but oh well. I got one of the side skirts plasti dipped (yes, I know, plasti dip isn't really that good haha). Well, It didn't turn out the best, from me dropping my phone on it while it was still wet wasn't the best as that left a huge spot, along with bugs wanting to go and sit on it. I am still yet to paint the second side skirt and am putting it off till I man up lol. 26th of Feb We put in the replacement subframe, which was pretty much all we did that day. We had some issues with the new shocks, they didn't have bumpstops or the shock boot. So we went to swap them over onto the new shocks from the old ones but we couldn't get it over a little lip. My uncle took them away to get them sorted. I also test fitted the new wheels, and bloody hell lol. They didn't sit flush. I sat there googling the specs for the bore and what not, it should all add up! So I made a post on the Facebook group (Join that if you haven't haha) and Jez, straight off the bat said to check for rings around the hub or the wheel, I took a look and couldn't see anything About a half hour later and posting a close up of the hub someone pointed out that the non rusted ring was probably a spacer thing. Turns out it was. Stupid thing. 4th March Another off task thing I did, Stripped out the rear interior and decided I would give cleaning out the spare wheel well a go, as one of the previous owners apparently spilt some fluids in there and they ate away at the sound deadening material, which made the whole area sticky as hell. And everything I did to try and clean all the stickyness off just made it worse. I used like 10 cans of degreaser and yeah, that didn't work. Apparently dry ice works a charm, I tried to find where to get some and bosch sells it, but without being able to drive there that was a no go. I'm a pretty impatient guy so I didn't want to have it shipped lol. I ended up just using a heat gun and scraping it up. Should have just used a heat gun from the beginning because it was super effective, besides my terrible hand eye coordination and me burning my hand which has now left a hefty scar. 7th March Camo wrap arrives!!! I always wanted an invisible door. (thats all that happened today lol) 12th March Gave the spare wheel well a final clean before I put in the Dynamat. Dynamat edges are pretty sharp as i've learnt, and it does sting when you get cut. So that all went in pretty well, I used the 'Dynamat Extreme Wedge Pack' which is 18x32 in size. It seemed to cover the wheel well pretty good, covered more area than the factory stuff. 18th March Oh man, we did heaps, got everything back together, got the shocks installed, wheels on, and the car started for the first time in almost 2 months! Bleeding the ATTESA system was probably the hardest thing over all that we did today. I searched high and wide on threads for how to bleed the system, but I couldn't find one for the stagea which was annoying, so we went with what we could, we opened the black nipple and got all the air out of that, then proceeded onto doing the front nipple, we think we bled that one properly. The plug in the drivers side kick panel was weird. First off with that, my plug didn't have the same colour plug hich confused us but we figured its the only plug that looks like it, so we went with that. We still didn't really know how to make the fluid come out the bleed nipple as when we unplugged the connector the pump started (or a pump) and fluid came out, and we kind of just unplugged and plugged back in quite a few times until it stopped coming out/was just fluid with no air. Not 100% sure if its actually bled lol. Definitely going to be wiring up a switch to that connector as its a pain to get down there. I then left the next morning at 5am to do a 3 day kayaking trip in Lake Tarawera, so bonus pic! 22/23 of March So when we put eveything back in on the 18th we forgot to put on the sway bar, so I had to install that, and faarrk. That was hard with the car up on jack stands as the lower control arms were angled downward from the suspension and weight of the wheels, so this made angling it hard. Along with the fact that I left half of the old swaybar bolt on the old subframe control arm. We got the swaybar installed. And I proceeded to put on all the front end panels and lights. I never got around to opening and cleaning the lights which is annoying but oh well, not that hard to take out. So now its up to date, i'll try update this thread when I do more things I guess. I need to take a trip to the tyre shop and get an alignment done as well as balance and change the tyres over to the new wheels. My rear also looks like it has a bit too much toe in. Oh, and I still need to install the camo wrap. Thanks!
  13. Underpowered M35 Hi guys, New to stageas (and turbos) just bought an axis M35 VQ25DET. I have noticed that the car has a rather rough idle, doesn't appear to be making any boost but don't have a boost gauge to verify that and tends to jerk around when driving. My guess is a blown turbo. Has anyone else had these symptoms? Going to take it in to get looked at when I have some time off. Thanks guys
  14. TEIN Coilovers M35 AWD (G5POO-11931-R) $800 Theses have been great, comfortable ride and handled great. Been on 2 of my Stagea and could no fault them. Travelled max of about 15,000km Happy to arrange postage ***************************** Product Description TEINStreet Flex Coilover Suspension - NM35 PNM35GSP00-51AS3SPECIFICATIONS: Mounts: - Front: Stiff Rubber Upper Mounts- Rear: Stiff Rubber Upper Mounts Springs Specifications: Spring Rate: - Front: 10.0K (200mm) - Rear: 9.0K (272mm) The Street Flex damper is the evolution of our popular Type Flex coilover. Developed to provide the ultimate balance of comfort and performance for both street driving and circuit use, along with wide-range damping force adjustment using our new Advance Needle technology and new damper valving specs, giving the driver a much more noticeable feel in damping force change and controllability. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Full-length adjustability offers separate spring preload and ride height adjustment. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life.Is compatible with the EDFC and EDFC Active systems. *****************************
  15. M35 Parts Laying Around My Garage Got a few things for sale i have lying around my garage. PM me for more info and pics. Postage can be arranged as well. ********************* 17 Inch Stock V35 Coupe Wheels (good for brake upgrade) - $350 White Side Mirrors with Indicators - $250 Woodgrain Momo Steering Wheel - $400) Scotty Coolant Bypass Mod (new never installed) - $150 Nismo Thermostat (new never installed) - $75 Nismo 1.3kg/cm2 Radiator Cap - SOLD Transmission Cooler with Thermostat - $150 White Aero Rear Bumper (small dent with a few marks) - $100 Bi Modal Stock Optioned CAT Back Exhaust - $250 AR-X Stock Bilstein Suspension With King Springs - $300 *********************
  16. qld 

    Gearbox Hey guys got 2 auto awd stagea gearboxs for sale Box 1 has 155000k out of a 97 s1 awd Box 2 has 148000k out of a 98 s1 awd $250 each Or take both for $400 Cheers pete
  17. Attesa not working I have a S1 C34 that is manual converted, with power fc. I have the secret squirrel mod done. It previously had an extreme TSC that I removed thinking that may be the cause, but no change. My AWD has never worked since I bought the car 2 years ago. When I purchased the car the owner said the Attesa needed to be bled since the gearbox had been out. I bled the Attesa and it still doesn't work. I can hear the pump prime when I turn ign on and it runs occasionally while sitting at idle. I have had the awd and abs lights come on and stay on after sitting idle for long periods. I don't seem to have any fault codes to try and work out why it doesn't work. I have checked that the Attesa ECU is receiving a TPS signal and that is all ok. I'd really like to get it working, as it is hard getting the power down just through the rear wheels. I've been reading and am thinking either pressure switch or accumulator. Is there any way to check these for sure?
  18. M35/V35 Front underbody brace Front under body braces M35/V35/Z33 I have four chassis braces with two options of size and fitment. All of them are 1.2MM galvanised tube so they are stiff, yet still lightweight. They are MIG welded, so not as pretty as TIG options (Dale's ones), but they're of the same strength.2x 20MM bar that are a direct bolt on using M12 bolts. ($125 each)2x 25MM bar that require the mounting holes to be enlarged to accept M14 bolts. Being larger they are stiffer than the 20MM option ($150 each)Each one has been bolted onto my car to ensure they all fit correctly. All unpainted but have Cold Galv primer applied where the welding was done. Prices include shipping AUS wide but cheaper for local pickup obviously. PM or Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102. 20MM OPTION 25MM OPTION
  19. Nissan Stagea WC34 1997 Series 1 RS4 V Auto Nissan Stagea, WGNC34 1997 Series 1 RS4 V Auto Price: $4,200 Located in Anglesea, Vic (on the Great Ocean Road) 140,000 km (imported with just under 80k on the clock) First Australian owner (11 years I think I've had it now) Modifications: 18" wheels 3" turbo back exhaust, including stainless split dump and high-flow cat K&N filter in standard airbox The good: Low kms Neat interior Near new Pirelli tyres (Cinturato P1) Stock engine and gearbox, not boosted or thrashed The not so good: The car was painted in Japan, poorly. It should be dark green and really needs a respray, if you are fussy at all Body kit was also fitted in Japan and requires attention, fitment, paint and some repair (fibreglass) Rust in the doors under the mirrors, both front doors need replacing. I have sourced one that will be included in the sale (pearl white in colour) Rust in the centre of the tailgate, was behind badge (I have the badge still) needs repairing, tailgate could be repaired or replaced Coil packs need replacing (hot miss at idle) Small exhaust leak somewhere, I haven't tracked it down yet The clear coat on the wheels has passed it's used by date and they all need refinishing Contact: Luke Phone: 0414 766 260 Email: luke [at] munchdesign [dot] com
  20. WTB: Nismo S tune suspension M35/PM35 [NSW] Hi guys, I'm looking to firm up the ride of my 350rx a little bit and give it a slightly better stance, but not looking to go super crazy with stiff coilovers. Nismo S tune shocks and springs seem to be my best bet, also because every other option I can find involves coil-over-shock in the rear of the car, which doesn't seem good for the car. Is there any second hand sets floating around Sydney?
  21. Is it legal to import and register a Nissan Stagea in America? Hello, I'm a teen relatively new to the "tuner" scene. I discovered the work of art the is ,the Stagea, and would really love to own one. I've seen online estimations for the cost to buy and import one to the nearest port to where I live (which is in the U.S). The numbers are in my budget, but now I do not really know if it would be possible to legally import and register one. If there is somewhere I could go to find this info, or one of you already know, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Caleb
  22. Racepace built Nissan Stagea RS4 manual 300kw For Sale $17,500 I’m taking expressions of interest as i'm deciding if I should part out my car or sell as is. The Car: Modified 2000 Nissan Stagea RS4 WGNC34 manual (converted), personal vehicle owner of Racepace Motorsport. I have owned this vehicle since 2009, it has 220,000km on the chassis 51,000km on the engine. The chassis is straight, but is showing age with car park scratches, paint chips and worn interior parts, as well as other small annoyances like clunks behind door trims on big bumps, but generally in great condition for its age and presents well. I have since purchased another daily and need to decide what to do with this car. The Stagea drives well, handles quiet reasonably, has plenty of torque and has been super reliable for me. I have used on three occasions as a tow vehicle for the track GTR and it performs well. The engine bay looks standard enough to pass roadworthy and satisfy road side inspections. The car is making a reliable 290kw on 98 (stock piping is holding this back a little) and I have had it on E85 as a little test making 340kw at the wheels. Piping could be changed to increase the peak power output if desired, but this car was built for the torque and mid power and I wanted the bay to look stockish and see how far we could push the OEM manifold and piping etc. Plus I didn't want any extra attention if pulled over. Car is located in Ferntree Gully / Bayswater, VIC I have found it difficult to come up with an evaluation / sale price, as I appreciate the market value is low and will never reflect the price of the modifications. So my thoughts were to come up with a list of all the parts and come up with prices I think are reasonable on the second hand market as per below. I feel I would be happy to let the car go as is for $17,500, but if I can't get this, then it will be worthwhile to part it out. Here is a list of the modifications and my evaluation: Racepace built RB30/25 with neo head, built in 2009, this is built to our stage 1 package with forged pistons, RB30 OEM crank and rods, N1 oil pump, new thermostat, full head recondition, Racepace custom bearings, full balance, precision assembly etc, with sump adaptor, diff ratios are C34 auto 4.08:1 $7500 Racepace 3.5" exhaust with 3.5" CAT and two Racepace 3.5" mufflers and 3.5" dump / front pipe $2200 Garret GT35 ball bearing with smaller FG XR6 compressor wheel, 0.82A/R internally gated turbine housing and 14PSI actuator $850 Shockworks custom coilovers (we have tried multiple valving codes and spring rates to get the ride optimal) $1200 Wheels and Tyres - 18" Enkei RPF1 with ATR sport tyres $1500 Brembo F40 330mm two piece front brake kit $1700 Blitz Intercooler kit (stagea version) $250 NIStune RS4 ECU $200 Rescaled stock pink 3pin AFM to Z32 Scale $200 R35 GTR fuel injectors $150 Split fire NEO coils $400 3+ tonne tow bar with hayman-reece hitch $450 Nismo rear GT LSD - 2 way (modified by Racepace to be acceptable on the street - softened off) $850 Registrable and complied Manual Rolling shell $2500 with: GTR 5 speed, Racepace transfer case modification Walbro 255 fuel pump + relay setup Nismo clear side indicators Mongoose M80 alarm Sony MP3 / ipod head unit, alpine amp Hardrace rubber rear camber arms (plus more) Total estimated parts valuation: $19,950+
  23. For Sale - Nissan Stagea WC34 1997 Series 1 RS4 V Auto Hi guys, Sharing this here for anyone interested, the time has come to let the Stagea go: This forum was a massive help for me over the years, both pre and post purchase. Cheers Luke
  24. Is it legal to import and register a Nissan Stagea in America? Hello, I'm a teen relatively new to the "tuner" scene. I discovered the work of art the is ,the Stagea, and would really love to own one. I've seen online estimations for the cost to buy and import one to the nearest port to where I live (which is in the U.S). The numbers are in my budget, but now I do not really know if it would be possible to legally import and register one. If there is somewhere I could go to find this info, or one of you already know, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Caleb
  25. Is a Nissan Stagea S2 Legal to import And or register in the U.S Hello, I'm a teen relatively new to the "tuner" scene. I discovered the work of art the is ,the Stagea, and would really love to own one. I've seen online estimations for the cost to buy and import one to the nearest port to where I live (which is in the U.S). The numbers are in my budget, but now I do not really know if it would be possible to legally import and register one. If there is somewhere I could go to find this info, or one of you already know, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Caleb