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Found 43 results

  1. Hey everyone I am having trouble trying to find rear brake rotors for my R34 GT non turbo, everywhere I have called and looked list the turbo brake rotors (297mm diameter) but the ones on my car are 265mm. I understand that the GT-V model came out with the turbo brakes and I’m guessing that’s why they list the NA’s with a 297mm rear rotor. if anyone has an idea as to where I can get a pair or even some part numbers it would be much appreciated thanks.
  2. Hey guys, So I was cleaning my R34 GTR the other day and thought I'd do a check on all the lights and discovered that the rear registration light had one blown bulb. I think they're stock halogen ones and I've never bothered to check them as I rarely drive this at night. So replacing them is a must but this begs the question should I leave them stockish halogen yellow or upgrade to LED bright white? I front lights are LED globes so are relatively brighter white (not a fan of HIDs) so rear LEDs would suit but I've seen a few cars with them on and it looks like a midnight disco ball which attracts a lot of attention and looks a bit flashy then again the stock lights on cars like the Mercs have LEDs on the rear but they look nice and more tame. What do you guys think and what have you done on yours? Photos would be great. Cheers, Alex
  3. Hi guys, I seldom turn on my rear wiper but recently wanted to use them after some rain and was surprised to see that they won't turn on anymore. I looked at all the fuses, bought another wiper piece with motor and even try replace the stork but nothing has fixed it. Any idea what's wrong and how to fix? Please post up some photos if you've fixed this. Many thanks,
  4. My rear view mirror in my 32 gtst is very loose. Any bump in the road and it drops down and I have to keep adjusting it. 49196B00-E1D1-4A4C-8831-CBD2C57F86B0.MOV
  5. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me. I'm in the US, and my R32 has been stuck at Nissan because my driver's side output shaft for my axle lacks a c-clamp, so the shaft ever so slightly comes out of my diff. My mechanic is having a hard time finding the right c-clamp to lock the output shaft into the diff. Do you know what compatible vehicles like a 300zx or S13 for instance have the same kind of output shaft that I can snag the correct c-clamp from? Here's a picture of my output shaft too for reference.
  6. hey team so car is a '96 S2 R33 gtst, with a Cusco 1-way lsd. Having an issue with a clunkclunkclunk pulsing feeling coming through the car from the rear when driving in a straight line, present between 25-35kph then goes away, and a grindy/vibraty feel between 1-10kph. But, when going through the 25-35kph range under any reasonable acceleration, can't feel any issue present - although goes through that km range very quickly. Things done so far - rebuilt rear driveshafts just recently, thinking this might have been the issue - no change - replaced centre bearing in tailshaft - replaced all wheel bearings with gen nissan - every single bush replaced with poly, and solid diff front bushes At low speed 1-10kph, the grindy feel is the same as you get from normal operation of the lsd when turning, it's just happening when in a straight line, so thinking it could be the plates are worn and not enough initial torque keeping it 'locked'? Measured the plates and all of them measured as worn by 0.05mm but haven't been able to find out any info about cusco lsd's to see what they class as the min thickness, and when to be replaced.
  7. R34 GTT NISMO Front, Rear Bumpers and Bonnet FOR SALE: 1 x R34 Genuine Nismo Front Bar Will need to be rubbed back. Only a small crack toward the rear of the bar (Where it says SKYLINE) Pictured. Easy fix. $350 ONO Hello, Have some left over parts off a R34 GTT, All items located in MOOREBANK 2170 Freight/Shipping (if needed) will need to be organised by buyer. 1 x R34 Fibreglass GTR Look-a-like for GTT Front Bar Does it fit? Not Perfectly... Can it fit? After some hours, sure. Fitment pictured $250 ONO 1 x R34 Genuine Nismo Rear Bar Will need to be rubbed back. No cracks but a small crease in plastic (Pictured) Again.. Easy fix. $300 ONO 1x R34 Blits Fibreglass Bonnet. In good nick. Small chip in Fibreglass. Easy fix. $600 ONO Cheers
  8. Knocking coming from r33 gtst rear Hey there, So recently I noticed quite a loud knocking sound coming from the right rear and sometimes the left front of my r33 gtst. I notice it more from the rear when going over bumps (kinda sounds like metal on metal) and notice it from the front when turning into my driveway. Just wondering what you guys think it could be, I was thinking maybe the cv joints or the shocks, but that is just an idea from reading other posts. Cheers
  9. Rear diffuser for R34 GTT Hi guys, I've searched all over and I can't seem to find any places that sells carbon fibre rear diffusers for the GTT. Just wondering if anyone has one fitted to their car? Preferably on a stock rear bar. If so, would really appreciate some pictures of it, and also info on where to get them. Thank you!
  10. R32 FRONT & REAR WINDSCREEN 2 door coupe As title says searching for r32 coupe gtst 1 x rear and 1 x front windscreen glass. Im located in central coast 2257. Pm or message here. Cheers.
  11. M35 rear shock top hat/mount Apologies if this has been covered before but does anyone know where I can buy new top hat/mounts for the rear shocks on an M35. Went to install my Nismo S-tune kit today and found the gaskets on the rear mounts had failed allowing a load of water to collect. The top nut is rusted to buggery and I can't remove the top hat/mount thing to put onto my new shocks. Any ideas anyone?
  12. Rear main seal query for mechanically minded sau'ers Hi All, Took my skyline about 6 weeks ago to a new mechanic who has told me the rear main seal has a leak and needs to be replaced. While it was up on the hoist, he showed me a single drop of oil on the bottom. However, 1. it hasnt been losing oil 2. as soon as he told me, i put some cardboard under the area where i park and in 6 weeks i havent had even one drop of oil fall onto the cardboard. So does the rear main seal need to be replaced? or is there another possibillity for why there would be a small amount of oil on the bottom of where the rear main is? Thanks for your help, id rather not spend a large wad of cash for something that might not be a problem!
  13. Hey, My R34 GTT has a lock bar fitted, however the thread on the tie rod, going into the lock bar is completely stripped and therefore the lock bar is ineffective. At the moment Im thinking I either try rethread it with I assume a m14, or m15 die, or repalace the inner tie rod all together. At the moment I'm stuck with getting the inner tie rod to come loose. Its got some flat spots to use for adjusting so thats where Im starting, but for the life I me it wont come loose. Is this the right procedure, or is it easier to replace both the tie rod and tie rod end. Although Ive heard even the end can be just as tricky. Keeeeen for any advice Cheers
  14. Stock r34gtt coupe rearbar with original metallic black paint in VGC from a fresh import. It has some light scuffs and scratches mainly on the bottom edge/underneath. It might fit 4 door cars I'm not sure. Pickup only at this stage from Algester South Brisbane. Can drop it off locally. No swaps thanks.Asking $250
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know if an R32 GTR rear diff bolts directly into an R34 GT-R? Ie - not the lsd centre but the actual read diff housing... Cheers, Glen
  16. Hey Peeps, As the title suggests, I want to buy a pair (L and R) of R32 GTR rear tail light housings in good condition with no broken clips or brackets or cracks. I dont need the dress plate off them, as i will be retro fitting an LED kit into them. Would prefer pick up as close to wollongong as possible, but will consider other options if the price is right. Please post pics of what you have to offer, how much you want (including shipping if need be) for them, and your location. Cheers, Damo.
  17. Wanting to buy a set of Top Secret rear pods to fit an R33 GTST. Willing to pay extra for postage if necessary. Located in Canberra. They look like this:
  18. Brand new Super Pro Bushes, bought them for my R34 GTT, but not going to install them anymore. SPF1202K - (RRP $74.06) Front Strut Bar To Chassis Mount Kit SPF3153K - (RRP $102.60) Front Control Arm Upper-Inner Kit SPF1811K - (RRP $181.06) Front Control Arm Upper-Outer Eccentric Kit SPF1483k - (RRP $155.00) Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Bushing SPF2681K - (RRP $41.39) Steering Rack & Pinion Mount Bushing Kit SPF1750K - (RRP $74.46) Rear Control Arm Lower-Inner Bushing SPF1638K - (RRP $81.82) Rear Control Arm Upper-Inner / Outer Kit RRP is based on GSL Rallysport, and it comes to a total of $710.39. Willing to let them go for $660, as I don't really want to separate them. Check http://www.superpro.com.au/ for more information, to make sure it fits your car. Pick up from SE Melb or posted at your expense.
  19. Silver Front and Rear Bumpers off a 2 Door Coupe V35 or G35. Mint Condition, comes with Front Grill, Badged Nissan, Oem Plastic, No cracks and comes with Foam Support Bars Front Bumper $250 Rear Bumper $250 Located, Tascott NSW 2250 Willing to Post PM or Text Msg Anytime 04049212EightSeven
  20. Guys need help i need to replace my rear shocks on my r33 gtst 1994 iv'e looked at a couple on the internet however im getting confused which one to get because there are two different designs for the shockers i will upload them, and can u tell me which one is correct to get
  21. Looking for an R32 GTR rear subframe in Melb if possible unless willing to ship. PM if you have one or know someone who may have one. Thanks all.
  22. Hey guys, Been trying to find out what this rear bar/rear pods are? Anybody know? And where to get them? Thanks in advance. - Justin
  23. For sale: R33 rear strut brace good condition $100 Text Lucas 0413 733 433 cheers Please don't pm on here i don't check it much Located southern Adelaide
  24. Hey guys! I'm after both rear quaters for an R32 Gtst Please call or text 0425896150
  25. Hey guys! I'm after both rear quaters for an R32 Gtst Please call or text 0425896150
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