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  1. I must not have gotten the notification. My bad
  2. It won’t let me private message him. I can’t call since I’m out of the country lol.
  3. Do you guys have a high flow G2 turbo for a rb20?
  4. Small fee is fine with me. If it’s reputable as y’all claim the company is I don’t have a problem paying more for direct bolt fitment.
  5. I e mailed hypergear to see if they have any they can ship me without me having to ship them mine.
  6. It’s odd to me that a car with such popularity doesn’t have many “kits” already made for ppl to order for.
  7. Fair point. I guess I’ll have to stay stock turbo than.
  8. In all my boosted cars I’ve never cut corners especially with boost. I e mailed Garrett and am seeing if they can make a gtx2860 with the Nissan hot side. If hypergear has one in stock instead of me having to ship them my turbo I’d be okay with that.
  9. Does this kinugawa turbo have any lag for the rb20 and is there “billet” wheel actually good quality billet material?
  10. Looks like fitting s Garrett is more expensive than I thought it would be then.
  11. And I’m in the states as well. Shipping could be a pain. And we don’t need a cat where I live. Emissions free zone 😊😊😊
  12. That does sound awesome. But wouldn’t that be very laggy on a 20
  13. Right my question has to do with just the dump side. Or would it be do able to use the exhaust housing side from the stock turbo and switch it over to the Garrett turbo to keep the six bolt flange and not have to do any cutting welding or making s new dump. And no I don’t have the tomei dump in my possession.