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  1. SeanR32GtSt

    I got myself a walbro to install in a couple weeks after my hypergear turbo arrived. Try using this tutorial
  2. SeanR32GtSt

    Is 3.5” not overkill on a stock rb20 motor but high flowed rb25 turbo?
  3. SeanR32GtSt

    There are welders everywhere but problem is trying to track one down that’s not too busy. You’re Probably right on the shipping.
  4. SeanR32GtSt

    It’s too bad you sold yours.
  5. I bought a hypergear rb25 turbo beginning of this month and am waiting for it to get shipped to the states. I’d like to replace the current suction rubbery oem crappy hose that it has right now. I fear right now it might be getting partially collapsed under WOT. I found this one here anyone else have experience with these?
  6. I must not have gotten the notification. My bad
  7. It won’t let me private message him. I can’t call since I’m out of the country lol.
  8. Without me shipping them my turbo.....?
  9. Do you guys have a high flow G2 turbo for a rb20?
  10. Small fee is fine with me. If it’s reputable as y’all claim the company is I don’t have a problem paying more for direct bolt fitment.
  11. I e mailed hypergear to see if they have any they can ship me without me having to ship them mine.
  12. It’s odd to me that a car with such popularity doesn’t have many “kits” already made for ppl to order for.
  13. Fair point. I guess I’ll have to stay stock turbo than.
  14. In all my boosted cars I’ve never cut corners especially with boost. I e mailed Garrett and am seeing if they can make a gtx2860 with the Nissan hot side. If hypergear has one in stock instead of me having to ship them my turbo I’d be okay with that.
  15. Does this kinugawa turbo have any lag for the rb20 and is there “billet” wheel actually good quality billet material?