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  1. Got a new set of shifter boots. Anyone else recommend some other interior upgrades? Maybe for the door cards? 27307215-D23C-4ED9-9678-238DA75509A6.MOV
  2. Is anyone else here straight piped? Yesterday while cruising at like 3.5k rpm for bout half a mile or so I came to a res light and saw a little bit of smoke from the tail pipe and it had a burn like smell for a split second. Then today I checked rear view mirror after giving some throttle from a res light and saw a little bit of smoke too. This hardly ever happens. Just wondering if it’s a no cat kinda ordeal. My ford is straight piped as well but I haven’t driven it in half a year due to an electrical issue.
  3. I was gonna say I’ve had similar noises on a different car and turned out it was a bolt that had backed itself half way out of my water pump pulley.
  4. That is quite loud. Does it get louder with rev as well?
  5. Here’s mine. 897876F3-4848-422B-A344-CCF599F766BA.MOV
  6. SeanR32GtSt

    no issues with re timing
  7. I’ve already done the spark plug cover in blue. Was wondering on taking off the cam gear cover on what it consists of. Is there anything to look out for on the exhaust gear with the timing sensor plugged in it.
  8. SeanR32GtSt

    Seems like the 32 was the platform for testing things.
  9. SeanR32GtSt

    I will try the grease first
  10. When I push the clutch in t has an annoying squeak. What have you done to fix this?
  11. SeanR32GtSt

    wow man that's a total difference. puts a good modern look to a classic
  12. All fixed. 👌🏻👍🏻 A3B3D95C-D9E1-4944-B2E7-7597C2AA448D.MOV
  13. I’m gonna tackle it today after I get done stripping the stain off my front porch. I’ve used the car couple times since and of course the windows worked fine but it still needs addressing in case I use it to drive into downtown and can’t roll it up when I park it.
  14. Mines still under the bonnet for now