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  1. SeanR32GtSt

    I used a turbosmart manual controller last week. Upped it s couple clicks and did s handful of pulls. Car felt good. I didn’t know about the battery/ecu reset steps needed.
  2. SeanR32GtSt

    Good call there. Now it’s a matter of choosing which controller.
  3. SeanR32GtSt

    I see there’s not much slack in the hose to T off of 80E55971-E686-474D-9847-5A1497AFE372.MOV
  4. SeanR32GtSt

    How difficult was it for you to gain access to the wastegate hose?
  5. I’m looking at putting a manual boost controller in my car to up my gtst to 14 psi after the Nistune is installed. Which ones have of y’all chosen?
  6. I assume you have a gtst as well? When do you feel your power band fall flat.
  7. I can definitely feel the fuel being too much in the mid to higher rpm range. Does having a VTA blow off valve have a negative effect on that as well.
  8. I was thinking along the same lines as well. I heard the factory tune on these is a bit rich?
  9. I was gonna say the same thing. I was just trying to utilize the most hp out of what’s in the car now. Idc if it’s 10rkw or 5rkw
  10. I have a local guy here (state side) who is a tuning guru and I’m gonna give him a ring this week.
  11. Any other things required besides the Nistune board?
  12. So my car has 3” turbo back exhaust, front mount, new spark plugs and loom, and soon to be installed splitfire coil packs. So my question is, when is it optimal to get say a Nistune installed to yield the most power out of the current mods on the car.
  13. SeanR32GtSt

    Already done and fitted mate I also had to trim my fan blades a bit as when I closed the hood the pipe would get pushed down a little and touch the blades E9DEB67C-4B7C-4AC1-9517-76A725E8E406.MOV
  14. Got my kit put in today. Looks great. Only had to trim the air dam about 2”. 68A7FB22-8091-421D-B80C-5FBC85E7A802.MOV
  15. SeanR32GtSt

    I just hope I don’t do a shit job when cutting that fiber glass