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  1. SeanR32GtSt

    Did your plug look like this?
  2. SeanR32GtSt

    Reading another post I cycled through the hot and cold air temps and seen that the servo motor arm doesn’t move at all. I also noticed a white male loom connector just laying there not connected to anything. 7F16F90D-2E09-4F48-A4D2-BCFBCFCAC783.MOV
  3. SeanR32GtSt

    I didn’t think so. It was a shot in the dark.
  4. So I got the car up on ramps to start cleaning the underneath of the car when I noticed that the AC unit does not have an accessory belt running it. Could this be why my car always blows hot air inside as well. 4C9F98C9-446D-4037-96B0-ED61A707346B.MOV
  5. SeanR32GtSt

    I had the similar convo with the guy in the comments of his post.
  6. Browsing Instagram and saw this post from a US based company making “smart coil conversions”. What’s the point in doing this?
  7. SeanR32GtSt

    I agree with gtstboy. Especially with the Nistune board. It’s what I have and I got it dyno tuned couple months ago. Made 248whp and could’ve made more if not for the limit of the stock pump. Problem with finding a different turbo is going to be the exhaust housing. Nissan uses a 6 bolt outlet.
  8. I’m American and idk what he means by turbo outlet pipe? To me that sounds like the down pipe?!?
  9. SeanR32GtSt

    A quick update. Being swapped with school I finally had the chance to go check if my current rods are stock. They appear to be. F5795C66-7985-4F4A-B723-255FBF2A1900.MOV
  10. SeanR32GtSt

    I’ll be getting under it in a few days to check.
  11. SeanR32GtSt

    Is there anything missing from these that would need replacing like a bush inside the endlinks before attempting to install? And do they actually make a rattling noise?
  12. SeanR32GtSt

    And would obviously require an alignment after install yes? Also with my new coilovers when they come in after I install them even though I’m matching the ore existing ride height do I need a re alignment?
  13. SeanR32GtSt

    Hmm so these are for thE fronts eh? I would’ve assumed for the rears.
  14. SeanR32GtSt

    Thank you for the advice. Ya I plan to do bout 2-3km drives after each adjustment.