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Found 341 results

  1. Hello from Switzerland Hello all. I'm Joao, from Portugal but living in Switzerland. In the past (2007-2008) I had a Nissan Skyline GTS-T M-Spec Series2 AT-Gearbox. In this moment I'm waiting for a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT with GTR front bumper and Nismo Aero Kit. As soon as I receive the car I post some photos. Greetings.
  2. Full ad: – Photos: ^^^ If viewing on the SAU app please tap the image and select View in Gallery Note: This is a replacement thread for the original EOI: ... Asking $19,500 with some exclusions, please see the full ad. PM for further details.
  3. HI guys. Hopefully this build thread will last a little longer than my last 34, hopefully won't make the same mistakes as I did on the previous. Bought this January 2014 after searching for a few months. Owned by an older gentleman (who didn't know much but had cash), with receipts, import papers, all the goods. Only 106k kms on it and fresh timing belt service, and a very good price for the amount of engine work done. Specs include intake/exhaust, FMIC, 600cc injectors, fuel pump, type a poncams, powerfc, z32 and garret gt30 @18psi. Making a fairly responsive 350rwhp. I ended up doing a compression test for piece of mind after I bought it, and got between 150 and 155 over all 6. Engine pulled hard, started and ran great. The intention of this car is to just be a weekend cruiser. First point of call - put my old plates on 6000k HIDs high and low. Also painted the interior trim. Will be professionally hydrodipping it later on, this is just a temp because the "sticky paint" was really bad It was about this point I started noticing some really dodgy stuff going on. Nothing major, and nothing to do with the engine performance, which I still stand by. I call this segment: "Things that I have found" - "Why I believe he has done so" Wrong size battery for mount - Because I have no idea (you can also see the quality of my ballast install, which was the reason for the photo initially) He has hacksawed the gear shift knobs' thread off, and rethreaded a new knob on, lowering it by around 30mm. He also replaced stock gaiter with this abomination. - Why? Because F**K YOU that's why. Have no idea why this was done. But I sourced a new shift arm locally, and bought a new gaiter, and better feel shift knob. You can also see my half assed paint job here. Drivers side wiper arm had snapped, so he had just taped it back together - lazy I guess? It was summer, I probably would have done the same thing. New arm sourced. The worst of the lot. The boot would not "pop up" when you pressed the handle or used the key, but if you lifted it slightly it would. I removed the trim to find out someone had COMPLETELY filled the boot with expandable foam. The rear light had also been welded over from the inside, and a new light had to be put in the rear windscreen. - My guess is that previous previous owner had a sub, and to stop the boot from vibrating he decided that weighing it down with 3kgs of foam would help. On the plus side, with my sub in there, it certainly does not rattle. At all. Ever. (pics to come) Replaced stock gauges with nismo. Will be replacing dash if one comes up locally. Bonnet struts. Which work perfectly because the bonnet latch height made me hit my head, this raises it that little bit so my head clears it Decent fitting rims, and tien super street coilovers Got an oil cooler going in today as temps do get high, even in winter. Going to try a different brand of oil as well, going to try Nulon 10w40 Got front tie rods and ball joints (as my FL was seized), HICAS elimination kit and front and rear cambers arms coming as there is -2.5 deg camber all round. Have also replaced that $50 head unit with a decent one with bluetooth, and put a small sub in the boot. More to come.
  4. R34 GTT Window Rubber/Seal/Moulding/Glazing Replacement? Hi guys I'm busy trying to restore my R34 GTT to immaculate condition. I want to replace the rubber seal that goes on the windscreen at the bottom. I looks dried up from the sun and caused it to warp and break. I've attached photos. I would like to know where I can get my hands on something like this as I would like to replace it. Also, on the driver and passenger window upper seals, there seems to be a line of glue that was left behind from previous owners putting wind deflector/visor guards on it. How would I get this off the rubber? Also, there seems to be a huge gap between the rubber and the frame. Is that normal on R34s? Could I just replace it? And how would you restore all the rubber seals so it looks brand new? Thanks
  5. Where can I get a Steel Induction/suction/intake pipe? [RB25DET] I've googled and googled, I can't find a metal induction pipe that will go from my factory MAF to factory turbo. It's for my R34 GTT RB25DET Neo, and I'm going to get my factory turbo highflowed by Hypergear. They recommend to run a 3" steel induction pipe to the turbo. I have a silicone one right now and I think it's collapsing when I hit 1.3bar with my factory turbz. So I've searched every where and theres nothing out there. Can someone please link me to a site or someone that might sell one. Or does one usually weld one up? I'm also thinking of getting a Z32 in the future so will have to fit that too if possible
  6. New Here! New owner of '99 R34 GTT From Canada Recently purchase a 1999 R34 Skyline from a friend of mine. In mint shape but definitely have to change a couple things to make it my own. Located in Canada. Car has stock body, 1000cc injectors, gtr fuel pump, tunes on nistune.
  7. R34 GTT Spoiler mounting help Hey guys my 34 came without a spoiler, however, i like the look of them so i found one same colour and all but just wondering if any one knows the measurements of where is supposed to sit ? i dont know any one else with a 34 so i can measure it up from theirs if any one knows please hit me up cheers!
  8. R34 exterior parts (GTR & GTT) Hi guys, I sold my r34 late last year and I'm looking to offload the leftovers sitting in my garage. If I find other bits and pieces around I'll update this thread with prices and pictures. 1. OEM R34 GTR Boot lid - factory white, perfect condition, purchased from a highly reputable member on here a while back, no defects: $100 2. GENUINE Garage Impul R34 GTT front bar - black, slight fibreglass damage and paint cracking, much higher quality however than the replica bars that sell for around $400, repairs required: $250 Pictures to come this afternoon, drop a PM if interested. Freight to be organised by buyer, at buyer's expense. Pick up is fine, located in Canberra Tom
  9. R34 Combo Meter/Instrument Cluster Question I replaced my globes ages ago with LED wedge T5 globes for my Instrument Cluster on my R34 GTT (manual). Since then the fuel gauge doesn't work anymore (only shows yellow light when fuel is close to empty). Recently I replaced the globes again with white LED wedge T5 globes and noticed that there are no screws where it says "GND" on the back of the cluster (right side). Is that normal? I would like to get my fuel gauge working again. I did have this problem ages ago and then I fixed it by cleaning the fuel sender last year, but I can't be F'd doing it again... It can't be dirty. It happened when I replaced the globes in the cluster. So many people get this problem and there is no answer out there to why it happens. So I would like to know if there is someone out there that have a solution to this problem before I go to try clean it. BTW, all wire harnesses to the cluster are pressed in very good and wire harness going to fuel tank is in firmly (I did check).
  10. Buying Bodykits I've been looking around trying to find a body kit from my r34 gtt. I'm not looking to make it l9ol like a GTR. I want something different. Anyone know of any good sites that sell them. I have looked at east bear but not quite what I'm looking for. Any ideas on keeping the stock body and making look more custom? Ive been debating just adding a front lip and dropping it a bit. Any input at all would be great thanks.
  11. R34 gtt idle problems and bad running So basically as title suggests i have an r34 gtt. Basically stock except using power fc with rb25neo, steel bearing turbo tuned to 13psi, and walbro fuel pump (255 i think? Cant remember exactly) Her idle is running terrible. Constantly hunting idle making it sound like its got fat cams lol, and even worse when cold and cold nights. Tends to surge on cruise speeds (60, 80, 100) as well and a light throttle tap temporarily stops it. Under boost she pops alot on revs over 4k and just found that shes making sucking noises under the hood somewhere, IAC have been removed and no gunk is inside but cleaned and replaced anyway. Just today she started getting worse, started making a weird (soory for the silly description but its all i can associate it to) robotic kinda wirring noise everytime it tried to raise the idle rev during hunting and then stalling not long after. Will attach video link. Ive taken it to multiple mechanics and all just seem to be trying to drain my money coz ill get the car back "fixed" but its not and all they say when i bring it back is "no idea why its doing that". Its driving me absolutely insane... just want her to run right as shes currently my daily Any help will be amazingly appreciated, shes due to go into a new mechanic that specializes in rebuilds but even they say they may not find the problem.
  12. Suspension mods for an R34 GTT Hey Guys, What suspension mods would you recommend doing on an R34 GTT to improve the handling, currently the only suspension mods i have are some BC coilovers. The car is my daily, it doesnt see any track use, just some spirited driving outside town around the windy roads where i live.
  13. R34 Forward Facing Plenum and Front Mount Install Hey everyone, I've been looking around the boards for any information on how to do this but haven't been able to find any I'm looking at installing a forward facing plenum onto my GTT, i've already done the front mount and the lag it suffers is horrendous doing basically 3 laps of the car before reaching the intake. Has anyone installed a forward facing plenum and have any tips on how to go about it? However I'm more after ideas on where to run the intercooler pipe from the exit? Will i need to relocate the battery or is there a section on the GTTs where I can safely run the piping? Any help / thoughts would be of great help! Cheers
  14. looking for nismo gauges for r34 gtt im looking for both sets of nismo gauges the main cluster in a manual type and the 3 pod cluster, for a r34 gtt skyline. if anyone has them or know of someone that has them a are able to help get them to Canada that would be awesome
  15. Leaking engine? Cracked hoses? Or something worse.... Hiya folks. Been with my gtt for a little while and problems have been popping up but I've been getting those fixed as soon as possible. Had the ac compressor replaced last week and everything has been running fine until today. Went out in the afternoon and found that the car was going through some really rough idling. Usually its at 1300rpm but today was going up and down between 2500 and 1800. Oil temperature went wayyy up in the 100+ usually its at 70 - 90. Pulled over and had a look under the hood. Looked near the back of the engine towards the firewall and saw that a plug or a nozzle had cracked or popped. Not entirely sure what it is... Seeing if anybody here has experienced anything similar.. Or any idea whats going on with this. Any help is much appreciated.
  16. R34 GTT Auto High Revs 'Mystery Noise' Hello experts, I'm experiencing a very strange problem with my R34 GTT (Auto Tiptronic) at high-revs as I change between gears, usually between 3 & 4 but can't say for sure (I've not driven it for quite some time as the water pump has gone and I'm waiting on parts as it'll be a full 100k service anyway so I cant say for sure). Basically, If i plant it, I hear a unique "BRRRRRRT" sound between some gear changes and sounds like its coming from underneath the car (the A/T?) and is usually followed a puff of black smoke out the back of the exhaust, like its delayed that fraction of a second and the exhaust gases have backed up. I know she's running a bit rich, it's mostly stock but this is something that I really noticed after I had most the stock exhaust system replaced (X-Force 3.5 Catback, Venom 5" Cat - yet to fit a dump to complete the system). My gears change just fine under normal load/cruisey driving, I dont have any issues or lag between changes, and I dont often flog it as its a daily driver (only every now and then to clear out the crap and whenever there is some p-plater pleb in a commy at the lights trying to get a rise out of me). As I'm at 197,000k's (and just done a water pump), I'm conducting half the 100k service myself for the minor things such as oil & fluids, filters, radiator flush and my local mechanic will do the water pump, timing belt, seals etc - would it be worthwhile having it booked in to have the A/T serviced or is this issue cause by opening up the exhaust a bit. Any light anyone could shed would be fantastic - it's not overly problematic, but it can be quite embarrassing really. Cheers! Mike
  17. Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Stock Wing with Wing Risers/Pillars - Red Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Stock Wing with Wing Risers/Pillars - Red $200onoGood ConditionPickup rydalmere nsw
  18. (WANTED) 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 Coupe GTT BLACK REAR BUMPER Hi there everyone, If you can believe it a family member has driven into the back of my GTT. I am looking for a 1998 R34 GTT Coupe BLACK (GV1 - Black Pearl) Rear Bumper replacement. If anyone has one for sale or if you know of someone who does or just the best place to get a Genuine replacement it would be of great help! (Should i go through Nissan directly? Or Nengun East Bear or what??) Insurance is a no for them so they'll be paying out of their pocket. I was extremely angry as I've just got my car back from major repairs due to another bout of stupidity by someone else. Much regards
  19. STOLEN: Silver R34 GTT Tommy Kaira Stolen from Malvern East: Admin - feel free to move this if it can be in a better spot for peeps to help me out. 1999 R34 GTT genuine Tommy Kaira REGO: WGF 296 Silver with red/pink TOMMY KAIRA Decals on the side. Totally badged as TK all round with classic turtle badges. Massive Tommy Kaira Aluminium wing If any one spots my car cruising around, or parts for sale (GTX3067r, TK digital dash, EVC 5 controller, tommy kaira seats, TK branded titanium exhaust....) going cheap on the open market please call me or the police to report. Contact Marcus - 0413623517 Thanks for the help my dudes
  20. R34 GTT Parts for Sale NSW Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Parts for Sale: · Standard Wheels Painted no centre caps $350 · Tail Lights $120 · Bootlid no spoiler holes $400 · Bootlid (shaved keyhole) no paint $100 · Standard Intake Rubber $50 · Cross Overpipe polished $70 · Airbox Snorkel $60 · R34 ECU $80 · R34 Air Flow Meter $70 · Bootlid Spoiler $140 · Roof Spoiler $120 · Weathershields NEW $80 · Standard Dump Pipe $50 · Engine Cover $120 · Climate Control Unit $120 · Cam Covers $140 Series 2 front bar (intercooler cutout) $80
  21. Rear diffuser for R34 GTT Hi guys, I've searched all over and I can't seem to find any places that sells carbon fibre rear diffusers for the GTT. Just wondering if anyone has one fitted to their car? Preferably on a stock rear bar. If so, would really appreciate some pictures of it, and also info on where to get them. Thank you!
  22. Finally Back from the Eastern Suburbs Morning SAU. Been browsing these forums for the past 6 years and it's finally that time where in the next few months I'll be finally getting a R33 GT-T. Not the car I wanted when I was 11, but a 19 year old doesn't have 100K + for the prized 34 GT-R... Hoping to get the car in a few months, sooner rather than later and going to be parking it up on a property to work on it until I can get my full license so I can drive it (1 year away ). Build thread will be imminent however. In the process of looking for one at the moment but it's hard to find one that isn't molested and one that is priced out of my price range. Don't too much care about the engine mods as I'm going to be rebuilding it as a 30/25 but do want it in good working order stock engine without mods would be ideal but in a world of reality that's probably not as easy said than done but trying to find one where the interior/body isn't just drift spec thrashed, budget being 6-10k for the car itself obviously the lower the better because I'd rather spend that on things I want. If when I do find the right car if anyone from NSW Club wants to come check it out with me that'd be awesome!
  23. 18in Works XT7 rims - Powdercoated Satin Black Hi Guys, I have had these Works XT7 rims for nearly 10 years as they came with the car when originally purchased. The rims are 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 and sit perfectly on an R34GTT with no spacers etc... Ill have to check the exact offset but i believe it was around the +30 mark from memory. The rims have been professionally sandblasted and powdercoated in a Satin Black to match my engine bay and car theme at the time. The rims had some rash repaired back in 2012ish (Check my build thread for pics and exact dates as its all in there)... This was when the powdercoating was applied. Genuine reason for sale, i held onto these for a few years after upgrading the car as i intended on getting another GTT for a daily but plans have changed and i would rather upgrade the race car instead. I currently run 18x10.5 rims all round due to the new widebody setup so these are no longer of any use for my GTT. The rims are off the car with no tyres fitted, they have been polished and stored in the house for the last few years so they are clean! I have an old set of 275 tyres for the rear i can chuck in with the sale, they were fitted to the car at some stage. I also have the original blue alloy Works wheel nuts, lock nuts and locking key, however they were removed from the car as one or two of the nuts had a damaged thread... I can get decent pricing on tyres through a good mate, if you are interested in tyres please let me know when you enquire and ill pass on the information. On the front rims i have previously run 235/40/18 and also a 255/35/18. On the rear i have run 265/35/18 and also a 275/30/18 (The 275/30 can be thrown in with the sale at no cost as they are just sitting in a rack). The rims are located in the Newcastle area. Not keen on shipping them anywhere just yet, would prefer the buyer inspects them prior to purchasing. If shipping must be done it will be at the buyers expense and although they will be packed the best they can be i will not be responsible for any damage caused in transit. Asking price is $1000 and is not negotiable. Best method of contact is via PM as it will notify me on my phone and ill get back to you ASAP. Cheers Mat
  24. Skyline ER34 GTT Turbo - TE37SL Tenis Coilovers Wide Bodykit Nismo 1998 S1 Nissan Skyline ER34 GTT RB25DET 2.5L straight 6 cylinders turbo charged Very good condition overall, very well looked after, a major service has been recently done at 130000kms. Only GENUINE Nissan filters and fluids used. Changed engine oil, transmission oil, diff oil, coolant, brake fluids. And Oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter. Mechanically A1. Starts every time, engine runs smooth, no smoke no knock no weird noise. Ice cold air conditioning. Everything works, no issue. Interior condition is very good, clean and tidy, very few scratches and wear. - New Supercharged battery $190 - Replaced rocker cover gaskets $200 - New set of NGK platinum spark plugs $130 - New genuine ignition coils wiring harness $160 - Serviced air conditioning $90 - Replaced all belts $140 - Complete set of factory floor mats - New windows switches surround $100 - Factory Nismo body kit - Reverse parking sensors - Black factory weathershields Upgrades: - New wheels Rays Engineering TE37SL 18x9.5+22, Falken tyres $3900 - New Teins Superstreet coilovers, height and damper adjustable $1200 - GTR style wide fenders kit front and rear $1000 - 52mm alloy radiator and new hoses $290 - Front dimpled slotted brake discs $280 - IPR BOV blow off valve $130 - HID 5000K headlights $150 - Clear side indicators $80 - Series 2 boot lid spoiler $170 - Factory alloy pedal covers $140 - Pioneer MP3, AUX, USB, Bluetooth hands free head unit $170 - Kenwood door speakers $90 - Carbon fibre vinyl wrap center console $50 The imperfection: Paint condition has seen better days. A few scratches and dents is very usual for a 19 years old car. Front wide guard and boot spoiler is in flat black, rear wide fender hasn't been put on yet but will come with the sale. Oil sump has minor leaks, but nothing serious at all, maybe a couple drops a month that's all. I have been very honest with the condition of this car, I'm a car enthusiast, countless hours and dollars spent on her, I will be very sad to see her go, but due to some reasons life has to move on, I wish her can go to a good home, put on the rear wide fenders and a fresh layer of paint job, and she will be the best R34 you have ever owned. $18000 ono 0432299922 Shaun REGO till May. RWC is not supplied! Price is quite firm, low ball offers will be ignored. Any onside inspection are welcomed, test drive only allowed when you can proved you have the adequate finance, or I will take you for a drive.