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Found 352 results

  1. Hey everyone, Just wondering where are some places to look to buy a second hand r34 gtt gearbox? Cheers in advance.
  2. Hey everyone, So 2 of the rims that came on my car when i brought it have now cracked in the same spot, so figured i may as well buy all new wheels. i've spent a couple hours last night searching the wheels and offset thread, found alot of good information but couldn't find enough to get a proper answer. I am looking at getting some Rota P1R wheels. having some trouble making sure i've got the right offsets tho. The choices are the following 18x9.5 +27 18x9.5 +35 18x9.5 +38 Have compared my current to the the following on, but still not sure which would be the best choice, i think the +27 on the front would stick out to much but not sure if the +35 would be to close on the inner. But i think the +27 would fit the rear pretty nice, Going to jack the car up this afternoon and try and check clearance. Just wondering if anyone knows off the top of their heads the best offsets to get? Cheers in advance.
  3. Hey guys I'm new to this forum let alone any forum so if I did something wrong already let me know lol. Anyway I'm getting off my provisional licence soon and just finally keen to get my R34gtt. I have a few questions though. Firstly, I have a 1 and a half year old child, I know that a two door car isn't convenient but it's my dream and my Mrs agreed so it's a done deal, although I've heard that baby seats will be an issue. If anyone has a baby seat in the back of there r34 please upload pictures and let me know what model seat it is. Done with that point, I'm looking to get a manual so when I go r34 shopping what are some serious things I should keep an eye on. Not an expert with cars so I will bring someone with more knowledge but is there some things in particular that I should be aware of? Anyway thanks and drive responsibly 😉
  4. Hey everyone, I am wanting to look at getting a different diff ratio for my R34 GTT, the reason behind this is, that it is starting to annoy me that if i go out of town i need to take a different car because the skyline sits really high on rpm around 100-120km/h and just chugs way to much fuel. Started looking around and researching, correct me if i am wrong but the diff i have is 4.11 ? Just wondering if there another diff that i can put in the car with a lower ratio. i have read that s15 diff will bolt right in, but i think they have a ratio like 3.6 which i think would be to low. what wold my options be ? Cheers in advance
  5. Hi i have a r34 gtt factory manual car. Pull clutch setup. I'm changing the clutch and want to get the fly skimmed but want the car off the road for only a few hours so I want to get a spare flywheel and skim it in prep are all rb25 flywheels the same ? Or do I need a neo specific one and is there any recommended ones I could buy off the shelf that are lightened or just leave it standard? thanks
  6. Hey guys, just have a couple of questions. I'm looking to get a pair of Z-tune style side skirts and rear pods for R34 GTT from JSAI and just wanted to check if anyone has them? And if the rear pods are made to fit the factory rear bumper? Also, I came across JustJap which stocks Jsai parts. If i remember correctly, I think I have come across several posts on SAU about members having issues with getting their parts in a timely manner from one of these companies? I might be wrong, but hoping to get some clarification on any personal experience that you guys have had ordering from them. Thanks!
  7. Hey, Been lurking the forums on and off for the past 6-9 months. Finally pulled the trigger and bought a fairly stock r34 gtt. Pretty new to JDM cars in general let alone skylines so i'm sure ill have a bunch of dumb questions coming up soon. Havent done anything to it yet aisde from touching up some paint chips, still deciding where i want to go. Leaning towards a good handling/power balance without being excessive as its my daily (for now) Probably start a build thread once i actually start building it haha. Thanks for all the info and tutorials on here already, maybe i can have a crack at making my own in the future.
  8. Hey everyone, Looking to get back into a skyline after quite a long hiatus. Currently very little of interest that is available on carsales or gumtree. Located in Melbourne, so would prefer local, but will travel for the right car. At this stage open to anything. Prefer modified. Looking for a street registered track car, so the closer to that the better. Looking to purchase in the next 1-2 months for an honest price. Im not going to pay $65k for your r32 GTR. Feel free to also contact me on my mobile, 0457725577 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks everyone! Michael
  9. R34 GTT/25T door trims/interior trims - VGC Located Tasmania, happy to ship at buyers expense. Ask for a quote. $200 ono. Paypal/Bank Transfer required before shipping.
  10. Hi Folks I'd really like a speedo, but the donor gearbox I put in was clearly cable driven in the past. I would love a second hand sensor if anyone has a gearbox kicking around gathering dust for some reason. These seem hard to find as understandably people rarely seperate them. But hey if thats you, please PM!
  11. Hey guys, Trying my luck.. Wondering if anyone is selling an HPI manifold for an rb25 turbo to suit stock location? Cheers
  12. Full ad: – Photos: ^^^ If viewing on the SAU app please tap the image and select View in Gallery Note: This is a replacement thread for the original EOI: ... Asking $19,500 with some exclusions, please see the full ad. PM for further details.
  13. Where can I get a Steel Induction/suction/intake pipe? [RB25DET] I've googled and googled, I can't find a metal induction pipe that will go from my factory MAF to factory turbo. It's for my R34 GTT RB25DET Neo, and I'm going to get my factory turbo highflowed by Hypergear. They recommend to run a 3" steel induction pipe to the turbo. I have a silicone one right now and I think it's collapsing when I hit 1.3bar with my factory turbz. So I've searched every where and theres nothing out there. Can someone please link me to a site or someone that might sell one. Or does one usually weld one up? I'm also thinking of getting a Z32 in the future so will have to fit that too if possible
  14. Buying Bodykits I've been looking around trying to find a body kit from my r34 gtt. I'm not looking to make it l9ol like a GTR. I want something different. Anyone know of any good sites that sell them. I have looked at east bear but not quite what I'm looking for. Any ideas on keeping the stock body and making look more custom? Ive been debating just adding a front lip and dropping it a bit. Any input at all would be great thanks.
  15. New Here! New owner of '99 R34 GTT From Canada Recently purchase a 1999 R34 Skyline from a friend of mine. In mint shape but definitely have to change a couple things to make it my own. Located in Canada. Car has stock body, 1000cc injectors, gtr fuel pump, tunes on nistune.
  16. R34 gtt idle problems and bad running So basically as title suggests i have an r34 gtt. Basically stock except using power fc with rb25neo, steel bearing turbo tuned to 13psi, and walbro fuel pump (255 i think? Cant remember exactly) Her idle is running terrible. Constantly hunting idle making it sound like its got fat cams lol, and even worse when cold and cold nights. Tends to surge on cruise speeds (60, 80, 100) as well and a light throttle tap temporarily stops it. Under boost she pops alot on revs over 4k and just found that shes making sucking noises under the hood somewhere, IAC have been removed and no gunk is inside but cleaned and replaced anyway. Just today she started getting worse, started making a weird (soory for the silly description but its all i can associate it to) robotic kinda wirring noise everytime it tried to raise the idle rev during hunting and then stalling not long after. Will attach video link. Ive taken it to multiple mechanics and all just seem to be trying to drain my money coz ill get the car back "fixed" but its not and all they say when i bring it back is "no idea why its doing that". Its driving me absolutely insane... just want her to run right as shes currently my daily Any help will be amazingly appreciated, shes due to go into a new mechanic that specializes in rebuilds but even they say they may not find the problem.
  17. R34 Combo Meter/Instrument Cluster Question I replaced my globes ages ago with LED wedge T5 globes for my Instrument Cluster on my R34 GTT (manual). Since then the fuel gauge doesn't work anymore (only shows yellow light when fuel is close to empty). Recently I replaced the globes again with white LED wedge T5 globes and noticed that there are no screws where it says "GND" on the back of the cluster (right side). Is that normal? I would like to get my fuel gauge working again. I did have this problem ages ago and then I fixed it by cleaning the fuel sender last year, but I can't be F'd doing it again... It can't be dirty. It happened when I replaced the globes in the cluster. So many people get this problem and there is no answer out there to why it happens. So I would like to know if there is someone out there that have a solution to this problem before I go to try clean it. BTW, all wire harnesses to the cluster are pressed in very good and wire harness going to fuel tank is in firmly (I did check).
  18. R34 GTT Spoiler mounting help Hey guys my 34 came without a spoiler, however, i like the look of them so i found one same colour and all but just wondering if any one knows the measurements of where is supposed to sit ? i dont know any one else with a 34 so i can measure it up from theirs if any one knows please hit me up cheers!
  19. Suspension mods for an R34 GTT Hey Guys, What suspension mods would you recommend doing on an R34 GTT to improve the handling, currently the only suspension mods i have are some BC coilovers. The car is my daily, it doesnt see any track use, just some spirited driving outside town around the windy roads where i live.
  20. R34 Forward Facing Plenum and Front Mount Install Hey everyone, I've been looking around the boards for any information on how to do this but haven't been able to find any I'm looking at installing a forward facing plenum onto my GTT, i've already done the front mount and the lag it suffers is horrendous doing basically 3 laps of the car before reaching the intake. Has anyone installed a forward facing plenum and have any tips on how to go about it? However I'm more after ideas on where to run the intercooler pipe from the exit? Will i need to relocate the battery or is there a section on the GTTs where I can safely run the piping? Any help / thoughts would be of great help! Cheers
  21. R34 exterior parts (GTR & GTT) Hi guys, I sold my r34 late last year and I'm looking to offload the leftovers sitting in my garage. If I find other bits and pieces around I'll update this thread with prices and pictures. 1. OEM R34 GTR Boot lid - factory white, perfect condition, purchased from a highly reputable member on here a while back, no defects: $100 2. GENUINE Garage Impul R34 GTT front bar - black, slight fibreglass damage and paint cracking, much higher quality however than the replica bars that sell for around $400, repairs required: $250 Pictures to come this afternoon, drop a PM if interested. Freight to be organised by buyer, at buyer's expense. Pick up is fine, located in Canberra Tom
  22. looking for nismo gauges for r34 gtt im looking for both sets of nismo gauges the main cluster in a manual type and the 3 pod cluster, for a r34 gtt skyline. if anyone has them or know of someone that has them a are able to help get them to Canada that would be awesome
  23. Leaking engine? Cracked hoses? Or something worse.... Hiya folks. Been with my gtt for a little while and problems have been popping up but I've been getting those fixed as soon as possible. Had the ac compressor replaced last week and everything has been running fine until today. Went out in the afternoon and found that the car was going through some really rough idling. Usually its at 1300rpm but today was going up and down between 2500 and 1800. Oil temperature went wayyy up in the 100+ usually its at 70 - 90. Pulled over and had a look under the hood. Looked near the back of the engine towards the firewall and saw that a plug or a nozzle had cracked or popped. Not entirely sure what it is... Seeing if anybody here has experienced anything similar.. Or any idea whats going on with this. Any help is much appreciated.
  24. R34 GTT Auto High Revs 'Mystery Noise' Hello experts, I'm experiencing a very strange problem with my R34 GTT (Auto Tiptronic) at high-revs as I change between gears, usually between 3 & 4 but can't say for sure (I've not driven it for quite some time as the water pump has gone and I'm waiting on parts as it'll be a full 100k service anyway so I cant say for sure). Basically, If i plant it, I hear a unique "BRRRRRRT" sound between some gear changes and sounds like its coming from underneath the car (the A/T?) and is usually followed a puff of black smoke out the back of the exhaust, like its delayed that fraction of a second and the exhaust gases have backed up. I know she's running a bit rich, it's mostly stock but this is something that I really noticed after I had most the stock exhaust system replaced (X-Force 3.5 Catback, Venom 5" Cat - yet to fit a dump to complete the system). My gears change just fine under normal load/cruisey driving, I dont have any issues or lag between changes, and I dont often flog it as its a daily driver (only every now and then to clear out the crap and whenever there is some p-plater pleb in a commy at the lights trying to get a rise out of me). As I'm at 197,000k's (and just done a water pump), I'm conducting half the 100k service myself for the minor things such as oil & fluids, filters, radiator flush and my local mechanic will do the water pump, timing belt, seals etc - would it be worthwhile having it booked in to have the A/T serviced or is this issue cause by opening up the exhaust a bit. Any light anyone could shed would be fantastic - it's not overly problematic, but it can be quite embarrassing really. Cheers! Mike
  25. Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Stock Wing with Wing Risers/Pillars - Red Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Stock Wing with Wing Risers/Pillars - Red $200onoGood ConditionPickup rydalmere nsw