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  1. Hey guys, I have to back out of this. I sold my car today. And I am very sad about it..... So if anyone wants my spot, let me know.
  2. Price drop to $13,500. Putting the car up on carsales and whatnot now, but I would love to see this car go to someone from the forum.
  3. Moving back to Canada in June. Not looking for a swap. Have a 32 gtr waiting for me there Exedy HD single with 3000 km
  4. Rob: oh-45-oh-83 double two 42 r_bellemare at hotmail dot com
  5. Hey guys, Looking for $16,000 obo. Regretful sale. I had intended to ship the car with me back to Canada, but I would have to wait until October, which is not possible. Some people around the forum know me, and know I'm a mature guy who takes good care of his car and doesn't drive like a hoon. I have owned this car for 2 years, from 97k to 120k. The suspension is solid and feels great, and the car has been modded in order to come on boost early. Makes ~220 rwkw. Dyno'd at 197 by Tunehouse before I put the coils and the cat. I have made sure she is nice and quiet, stealthy, and she hasn't given me any notable problems. All engine work done at Tunehouse, all suspension done at Heasmans. Features: - Full 100k service done at 97k after buying the car (Gates timing belt, tensioner, water pump, fluids, etc.) - turbo back exhaust with 3" bell mouth dump/front pipe, 3" 100 CPSI Venom metal race cat, 3.5 to 4" cat-back - Turbosmart manual boost controller @ 10psi - Splitfire coilpacks - HKS pod filter with Hi-octane racing prototype shielding (my car was used for their ebay ad) - HKS Hipermax III coilovers, height and damper adjustable - Turbo has 47k, and plenty of life left - Fully wired up sound system, top of the line Sony equipment 4-way 3.5" fronts, 12" competition sub, with pioneer 4-ways 3.5" in the back. - New SRI tie rods, and alignment done yesterday. - Full impul "inspired" bodykit - +25mm vented front guards - 350z anniversary wheels powder coated to match - New 52mm radiator Super bonus: - 4x 255x35x18 Federal 595 RS-Rs with 70%+ tread Bad: - Rear bar and front bar have paint chips from a less than stellar spray job
  6. Lol yeah that's what I sent him a PM about that prompted his update. If you find one, let me know.
  7. rgb

    Er34 Cluster Bezel

    Also randomly saw it pictured in this thread: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/405483-r34-parts-hks-intercooler-jap-front-pipe-r32-gtr-lip-wind-deflectors-roof-spoiler-plus-more/?hl=%2Bturn+%2Bflow+%2Bintercooler
  8. Me and MrStabby are in on this. PM sent.
  9. Hey all, Saw a member's R34 cluster and it had a really nice carbon fibre looking bezel / fascia with chrome circles that surround the dash cluster's gauges. Looks mint and really updates the console. Was searching online and I found a person was selling one for an AT back in 2009, other than that I can't even find a picture of it anywhere. If you know where I can find something like this let me know.
  10. Which MAF are you using? I would assume that a single r33 GTR MAF would restrict airflow into the turbo too much, and you'd be having an airflow constraint resulting in much less power. Most people get a custom Y pipe that joins two MAFs into the turbo.
  11. Make sure your wastegate can travel freely and is not getting caught up on the split dump pipe.
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