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  1. The pit bike is getting the winefuelled colours ( drunken pit skidz will be had) Also if ya want a shirt 85 to charity and we will send you on
  2. I going down to lowball a qx80 4xd 50k
  3. Go back in time roof chop https://youtu.be/0-D-A-m-1Q4
  4. Bmw motor I can taste the oil leaks already
  5. Jim Richards the original paul walker?
  6. Rb30e is almost as disappointing as a rb20det
  7. Though I would start another thread introducing the winefuelled r32 7 weeks till the 24 hr lemons at the bend The concept for this car came together when we did a Redneck rally after a solid 7 night dei king heavily basic specs r32gtst( roof chopped off) engine swap to a dirty rb30e extensive bracing for the cage important lemons information jim Richards loves it “ we love you jimmy” runs a 15.4 @84 mph at the strip and is a f load of fun to drive anyway this thread is to let to let you know how awesome we car and if your in south Australia and near the bend come out for a beer and or sausage on 12-15 October
  8. 3600 better be as good as a. 8374
  9. I would be disappointed with 600ponies at 20 psi lol You farkers r special
  10. fatz

    Skyline Festival

    You need some extra red cars
  11. Even I have entered gtr festival its the one and only time I drag race tge pantyhose rides up too much #14sinar31
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