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  1. You guys need a 6boob with a extra thick flange i just happen to have one for sale
  2. Not sure if dry sump line is mean to hang this low
  3. fatz

    Patrol is 65k
  4. fatz

    200 if you want to go off-road q7 tows as well but much nicer when not towing which is 90% of lyf landcrusher always wins on resale cause Toyota fan boys but all the 50k landcrushers r 250k on the clock so just buy new as money wise it’s a similar depreciation
  5. fatz

    Yea 3 litre td averages 10 empty and 16 fully loaded with gtr
  6. fatz

    Updated above post still going it’s due for new oil at 330k will report back then
  7. fatz

    If you took it to audi x5 on all prices
  8. fatz

    Oil change every 7.5k $150 oil and filter every 15k $300 new rotors every 50k $500 pads every 30k 250 one satnave in 300k $1000 power steerin 1.5k blower fan $400 new battery $550 water temp sensor $50 also did diesel pump belt and water pump at 200k ( this didn’t need doing but fingered I was in it for the long hall) Every 100k gearbox and diff oils 1k tyres last 40k(rear) 60k front
  9. fatz

    I bought at 70k on the clock for 7 years ago bought for 55k probably work 10k max now
  10. Yea only looked at say 200 odd gtrs to buy about 5 were good most owners pretend they didn’t know