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  1. Some inspiration for wtac gtrs parked looking shiny dont take em on the track cause they catch on fire I am definately heading in the correct direction with the stance lyf
  2. Ordered some brake adaptors from racepace ahould help it to stop
  3. And just so you think I ain't taking this stance shot seriously i went to IKEA and got some flatpack suspension goodies just need to get them in now
  4. Stance rims will make me stand out like dogs balls also stance rubber a050
  5. That is my main aim in lyf
  6. That would be the shit
  7. Stance rims and rubber in the house 18x10+20 the stance kids love that shit plan is to have lots of camber for hecticness
  8. Track is not cool atance is lyf
  9. I always have a giggle when new gtr "enthusiasts" tell me how much better the v spec is. They are normally stancers who love hard parking. Anyway v spec out and non v spec going in in the below photo I am testing how low I can slam the cradle
  10. Also on the lookout for a twin element genuine fake imitation voltex wing simar to below
  11. stance builds take time cause I like to swap vaping ideas seen heaps of stance ladies hit walls on the way in to hard park their gtr at eastern creek. so I need to be able to turn as I don't want to be on Facebook chucking a skid into a fence at the entry like my other flat cap ear vagin mates
  12. Stance requires a few things such as lowering the car this causes issues with the sump (scraping in the ground) so I have decided to stance the sump Normally stancers don't factor this in but I do
  13. Been working on some tyre sticker options thoughts
  14. Well I bought two slabs of piss have gas mig will party and will be doing seat rail on Sunday bellow is what they look like now so it's a high priority for a stancer to have some metal holding the seat in makes fat arming easier also will discuss oiling if we tuck into a third slab ( as the accusump line are rubbing on the drive shaft which may or may not be a problem)