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  1. fatz

    500kw is more like 145mph?
  2. fatz

    Can someone do bnr32310027 cheers
  3. Is there a flow graph that translates seat dyno comparisons
  4. Slow progress all scavange stages sorted
  5. fatz

    120 page thread get reading
  6. fatz

    Sell crd 3.2 boom motor and profit?
  7. fatz

    Just saying a long motor is 8k From spool swap your shit on boom running car 2 days later
  8. fatz

    Why not slap a 3.4 in?
  9. Pic this up tomorrrow which means it’s time to chop the roof of a perfectly good r32
  10. Slowely getting there with the dry sump fire wall -16 are stupid overpriced
  11. fatz

    2ah battery maybe 1-2 hours of ratcheting 6ah all day
  12. Egts done Well not really still have to play the halatech box game
  13. Working on dash and shit now h sensor looked f**ked
  14. Need a computer to run it as I used the old halatech on the 32 gtr
  15. Still finishing off dry sump then Start her up