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  1. There is a racetrack next door if you want to test your skills
  2. I have a complet dry sump setup available for 5.5k if you want to do it properly
  3. I can also confirm Neils joint is good accomodation and storage for skylines when you crash them ( beer fridge always stocked like a good boozer)
  4. Cause this thread was started by circuit racers who only had 300-350rwkw back in the day e85 bumped that up to 400rwkw noW all the drag kids with 700-1000hp(that converts to 1000-1400hp in trump land) are on board and Reading info from circuit guys from 20 years ago
  5. You only need to worry about weakening the block of going over 450-500rwkw eg drag fags
  6. Next track day is Aus time attack july then lemons at calder the lemons at wakefield and maybe gtr fest is the gtr is tunned
  7. 3 pumps and a hot engine bay and running low fuel 10-30litres in the tank probably from everywhere
  8. Not much to understand do more laps fuel gets Hot doesn’t burn as well ad fuel cooler and all good ( or add temp compensation to your tune) thus why race cars have logging so ya can check shit
  9. Do > 5 laps and your ps gets very hot also why there is a fuel cooler next to it that e85 likes to lean out when hot
  10. So looks like previous owner did a shit install of front bearing and then drove on roggered bearings for two long can Be saves just But it’s marginal so anyone have some r33 gtr front hubs drop me a line
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