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  1. fatz

    Is it on the dyno yet how much whoosh did it make
  2. fatz

    True if your under 5’8 go defender if you any taller you won’t fit
  3. fatz

    10% grade audi maintains 130km/h defender 25km/h
  4. fatz

    https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Audi-Q7-2010/SSE-AD-5495660 tgat will tow your shit to the moon and back
  5. Are you trying to say there are alternatives that are pretty good but the Gtr Jesus (motive DVD) tells otherwise... #stockbottemendworldrecord f**k now I will have to sell the auto gearbox
  6. fatz

    America f*k yea
  7. 35k lay at off the crack pipe
  8. fatz

    And seppo land to that’s more like 200hp
  9. Sadly won’t be apples with apples however will report back ( mainly with lap times) same motor but upgrades include: valve springs, coil packs, crank kit to keep halal tech happy, dry sump and 4:4 diff gears it better feel better
  10. Rally car ready for redneck rally( I cheated and just got jez to put turbo on ) ps sponsor me 32 full rebuild ( new driveline used most of the 33 bits to get running) just needs to go to jez for a tune mainly thanks to Andrew for for wiring Will start on 33 once 32 is tuned and registered
  11. In ten year time we will talk about this build pigsarse has become the new merli the car car that never was
  12. fatz

    Head job you say