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  1. Summary of ongoing progress
  2. Instead of go find me was thinking of vapemycok web page
  3. I can run fastererer oh f*k I can't
  4. Lol YouTube proof duncan is a wanka lol #handycausekelisashortarse
  5. And that's why why decent trailer is worth its weight in gold
  6. Just need to build it for one event a year #morethanoneperfectlap
  7. Yea I actually bought two mnp 33 gtrs combined all the cool shit onto my race car then sold the other rolling shel
  8. Na just a smart as through and through
  9. Hate to be like every other thread where every wanka thinks their 10k gtr is worth 130k and want to revert the rusty crashes POS with genuine km to showroom spec whilst talking about how they polish it and snow foam it on weekend to attend stance meets i still live in the past of smart are dickheads who only want to go to the track and tell everyone how awesome I am after it breaks down after 3 laps f**k yea
  10. Will also start my own world record like motive dvd Fastest purple gtr with white rims, high mount and stock bottom end to never go to the drag strip
  11. Will need one of those cock rings for the rear bar that all the vape wankers have
  12. As long as it's the female sanitary product ones
  13. Kv8 come with a garenteed 8 month wire in time ? Lol
  14. Started with some stickers to make it look $$$ speed hunters those poofs now how to stanace and lowdown and vap i dream of being featured on speed hunters its my dream and shit like a hole in the farken head
  15. 6 boob and to4z going on the old dog the way a 32 should be laggy and fun will make the coffe shop run fun for jenna