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  1. fatz

    Good Tow Cars?

    Smashed it off road put some 32 inch all terrains on and a home job 2 inch lift
  2. fatz

    Good Tow Cars?

    I am the minister for q7 Aold mine with 340k for 5500 bought a patrol and the regret is real
  3. Is there a tow thread this one if for roofless r32 f**kers
  4. You can snap up the old v12 for 60k these days that would be the business
  5. O6 grande we have towed with 2015 as well to south Australia that was a long trip with 3t on its arse
  6. Prado was 4 litre i do miss the centre console beer cooler
  7. Lol typical vag mechanic wanting to fix shit that doesn’t need fixing they all needed doing but why would ya cause it results in a little weep that you degrease every 50k
  8. Did 350k in my old prado towing did 350k in the q7 towing if you want to tow any wear near the speed limit go the vag if you want to have resale go the prado actually prado was f**ked after 250k but never stopped and q7 always had a check engine light on but never stopped as well
  9. So the convertible is hitting up ludenham next week you “may” even see it at a later date as part of this haltech series
  10. Yea my bro has one get a tune and a catch can in and they are the goods 180rwkw
  11. Just billet gear the stock pump for a gtt and a ten litre sump ( if you know what the throttle does) if your a drifter that has to use the limiter to be cool and have no throttle control go the nitto pump
  12. Rb30 powers lappo hill with 2.7 t on the back q7 sit on 120km/h gq rb30 patrol down to 50km/h can stack fat birds from kfc ten high in the gq patrol though.... therefore it’s better
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