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  1. I would be disappointed with 600ponies at 20 psi lol You farkers r special
  2. fatz

    Skyline Festival

    You need some extra red cars
  3. Even I have entered gtr festival its the one and only time I drag race tge pantyhose rides up too much #14sinar31
  4. I’m sure they will be smashing 1000hp in merica probably not down here
  5. Gents can I have wgnc34 - 105114
  6. Cofff have whole rear hubs in Sydney for a slab of beer cooooofffdddd
  7. Lol i have all tgat shit at my house two slabs of beer come get it
  8. I assume your drunk yea did all that and guess what still f**ked
  9. Fine if you don’t let them sit for more than 2 months so no good in most gtrs
  10. Yup thrown 2 sets in the bin first got warrenttteeyyyyyy
  11. Ryobi is good but sadly double the size which is shit
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