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  1. Gents can I have wgnc34 - 105114
  2. Cofff have whole rear hubs in Sydney for a slab of beer cooooofffdddd
  3. Lol i have all tgat shit at my house two slabs of beer come get it
  4. I assume your drunk yea did all that and guess what still f**ked
  5. Fine if you don’t let them sit for more than 2 months so no good in most gtrs
  6. Yup thrown 2 sets in the bin first got warrenttteeyyyyyy
  7. Ryobi is good but sadly double the size which is shit
  8. 6 months on a 12v ratchet is still my favourite tool Man I need that stubby
  9. That’s American horses remember so achievable your sneaky edit makes this post sound dumb
  10. need to rip insulation out and get these bad boys mounted flatcaps will fizz at the bun
  11. Stance build update flogged off my r32 gtr so had some spare $$$ to inject into the stance build picked up the following plug in pro kebab logger dash ross dry sump inlet rear brake I re purposes the fronts with a 345mm rotor and bit bullet on a decent set of pedals cause stance fags love that crap iike all poofs who own a gtr my aim is gtr festival for a “reveal “ ( yea na I’ll go to the track day next door)
  12. -10 are suitable shit so acceptable
  13. Piss all that shit of and go a proper t51r like twin 3037s or twin td0620g also acceptable all less gtrghay
  14. Finally sorted 4wd on the 32 traditional Australia Day grass 4wd test https://youtu.be/e229vKe-QQk
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