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  1. So my question today for you guys is, and after looking everywhere I couldn't find anything. I'm really wanting to add a Chassis Mount Spoiler to my ER34 (GTT). Does anyone know where I can get one, which is compatible with the skyline, and if it even is possible. And if anyone has even done it. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone, I’m wanting to buy a R34 GTT with low kilometres and in immaculate condition. (Stock standard) Must be manual and preferably white. I’m willing to pay the right price for the right car. Message me if you want to sell. Thanks
  3. Hey all, just doing a +t conversion to my 25de R34 coupe. Just hoping someone might be able to help me out with what sort of kw/psi I would be able to push through the de without sending a rod to the moon. I got a pretty stock kit off a DET with a few upgraded bits. - All factory piping, intercooler, fuel rail, intake mani and throttle body, exhaust mani, 3" dump through to xforce exhaust. - High-flowed factory turbo (20psi) - Bosch 1000cc injectors - Apexi FC with controller I know a det can push 500rwhp without upgrading internals but cause of higher comp in the DE I don't know what I should be pushing out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would still like to daily it but have a fair bit of go if I put the foot down. Thankyou all
  4. Hi all, Currently I have just installed a turbo and supporting mods on my r31 silhouette which will in future become my daily driver. I am now just wondering the best possible way to get it legally on the road, it is currently registered. I've been doing some research about engineer certificates and a VASS certificate (I'm in Victoria) and just want to know if most of the modifications I have put in will pass the test. Currently it is running a top mount turbo, front mount intercooler, billet fuel rail with 1200cc injectors (stock intake manifold) and all the small little supporting mods. Also planning to install coilovers soon. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can share their knowledge or experiences with similar situations and the legality of the mods i have carried out. Huge thanks!
  5. Hie skyline enthusiast! The names Sean and im from Malaysia. Been lurking in the forum for a while now, just decided to create a topic to share with you guys regarding my project and updates. A teaser of my car just out from paint.
  6. Hi team. I decided to move my 2005 V35 Coupe on (got tired of having a boot only big enough for a bunch of bananas) and bought a 2013 370GT Crossover - or the Infiniti EX37, depending on what side of the ocean you're on. I'm curious to know if anyone else here has decided to go the same way, or perhaps thinking to. Very happy with the Crossover - I can actually put my whole mountain bike into the back - but I'm missing my coupe on the roundabouts... Also having issues with the dealer I bought it from (it's the first 2013 and it wasn't complied properly, and I'm having issues getting him to come good), so sadly my bonding experience has been impacted. Happy to share specifics about the car if anyone is remotely interested.
  7. Hi, trying to look for a good coolant hose kit to replace on my rb25det Non neo. All the small coolant hoses under the intake manifold and heater hoses, had a look on kudos and couldn’t find anything. Ebay only showed hoses from China and not really a fan of getting cheap quality products. Anyone have an idea of where to get a full hose kit?
  8. Hi all! *** 2K for the lot ***Garage Clearance TimeIf no photos of what I have described, just ask.Just sick of timewasters so take the lot for 2k!6 x Denso 195500-2240 Injectors1 x JR Pod Filter4 x Jecs A46-00 Injectors1 x Nissan RB26 block1 x Universal Catalytic Converter 2 & 3 way – 5.9L / 6000LBS – 4” Round / 11” Long / 3” Ends5 x New CP Piston Rings CPN-340650 x Oil Filters1 x Microtech LT-8s Sequential Fire Ver. 10 ECU2 x Garrett Turbo 466071-6C (stock off an R33)1 x Power Distribution Block 1x0GA into 4x4GA1 x Jecs MAF Mass Air Flow Meter A36-000 N62 / 22680 30P001 x Malpassi Fuel Injection Regulator1 x R33 Twin Turbo Pipe1 x SX Performance Fuel Regulator 154041 x Nissan ECU A11-000 RG3 - S131 x Nissan ECU A11-000 G90 - S131 x Set of 6 CP Carrillo forged Pistons suit RB30/261 x SR20 Crank Shaft 60J401 x SR20 Red Top Block1 x SR20 Black Top Block (non VCT)1 x 52F SR20 BlockBrisbane Location - FREE delivery
  9. I'm looking to modify my headlights I simply cant (or at least cant find anywhere on the internet or modification shops) modify my ichikoh 1535 headlights as they have a ribbed lenses and its not legal to do anything in NZ with headlights without doing the whole lot to suit said change. long story short i want to know if 1533 clear headlights fit in the place of 1535 headlights
  10. Hey everyone, I have a Nissan skyline 350GT CPV35 2004 and I just changed the clock spring. (OEM PART FROM NISSAN DEALERSHIP) Been driving it for a month, after getting the codes cleared, and the car tested from the auto electrician. The ABS has been kicking in way more than normal. My old clock spring I didn't even notice it but driving fast through bends and corners makes the car "spaz" out with the abs sounds and tries overly breaking for me, to the point wheres its feels dangerous. Should I get it retuned? Take it back to the auto electricians? Any advice would help.
  11. Hey everyone, I've got an R34 GTT manual turbo from an auction. The goal is to get it road registered in WA but I've ran into some issues and I need some help. I took it for a test drive today and the following happened: All 4 wheels/brakes siezed after driving approx 3km with no issues and an idle warm up. Smelt burning and saw smoke coming from engine bay, passenger side, but no drastic change in temp on gauges. never happened when idle testing. Idling poorly after driving Things that I know need to be fixed on the car prior to this happening: No immobilizer and a lot of loose wiring around the column (pictured) Fans and AC don't blow out Needs wheel allignment Needs new clutch, struggles going into gears etc. Needs new gearbox oil The plan was to get the immobilizer installed tomorrow but it now has to go to a mechanic to get these new issues fixed. I would be grateful for any ideas and advice.
  12. Hi all, I'm spending a few months in your lovely city of Sydney doing some work at the Garden Island naval base. I believe my Stagea (rb25det neo) requires an exhaust manifold gasket. Whining when warming up from cold, chuffing/ticking when hot. It has 200k kms and a highflowed turbo by hypergear roughly 35k kms ago. Where is somewhere reliable and knowledgeable I can take it? I have searched and the threads are a few years old so just want the most current info incase someones favorite mechanic has moved on elsewhere etc. Currently staying in Coogee. Anywhere between GI and Coogee would be a bonus but I realise most places will be west but that doesn't matter as I don't need the car thru the week. Japlink seemed to be mentioned in a few threads. Still on a winner if I contact them? Cheers fellas
  13. hey all sold my r32 a bit ago now looking for a 180sx, r32 or r33 turbo and manual. must have reg if not rego can try work around that. dont wanna spend too much either. so prices are strict. i remember when i used to buy skylines for around 2,000 about 9 years ago. up to 5k to spend on a car. let me know, post here or inbox cheers.
  14. Located VIC 3978. $9500. Price negotiable. Selling due to need for 4x4 for work related reasons and to be completely honest, all the car needs is a financially stable owner. Due to a string of bad luck I've been unable to maintain employment for more than ~ 4 months at a time since purchasing the vehicle. More pics @ instagram.com/cevlol 1993 Series 2 GTS4 sedan, white. Engine: 152xxx K's (speedo swapped out, original one f**ked). Fairly stock RB20DET Turbosmart boost controller. Remapped stock ECU. 42mm Alloy Radiator. Custom FMIC w/ Ford core, shorter piping, more spool w/ brand new Proflow joiners + brand new hose clamps. No BOV, can plumb one in with silicone T piece for RWC. New water pump less than 7k's old. Full 3" turbo back w/ 3" dump/front pipe, stainless steel exhaust w/ high-flow cat & rear oval muffler. Note is 1hunnid. Brand new genuine Nissan oil filter, less than 1000k's ago. Brand new Motul Chrono Ether 300V 10W40 motor oil, doesn't need to be replaced for 9,000k's. Brand new BCPR6ES plugs, less than 1000k's ago. Interior: Brand new R34 V-Spec Aluminium Pedal set. Brand new Superior Auto Creative Carbon shift & handbrake boots. Brand new Nissan shift knob. Factory Series 2 GTST/GTS4 seats in very good condition. Factory GTST/GTS4 steering wheel. Exterior: Brand new R32 GTR N1 front bar w/ eBay FRP vents. Brand new R32 GTR N1 front reo. Brand new Bosch Aerotwin Flat Wiper Blades. VGC genuine R32 GTR front lip, could use respray but otherwise perfect cond.Average condition R32 GTR wing FRP, minor hole one side. Driveline: R32 GTR rear shocks. R32 GTS4 factory shocks. HICAS lock bar / eliminator kit. NISMO strut brace. Brand new Exedy HD Organic clutch, freshly machined stock flywheel, less than 1000k's old. Penrite full synth in box atm. ATF in transfer case/ATTESSA. Custom 4WD/RWD toggle switch for sliding fun, don't use it often to be honest. Car stays in 4WD most of time. Brand new Nismo R32 GTR slave cylinder. Brand new HFM R32 master cylinder. 40% RWC tyres on R33 stockies. Misc: $1000 alarm system. Remote central locking, immobilizer + alarm. Receipts from myself + last two owners. High level brake light fitted to clear RWC fault as GTR wing is aftermarket. Headlight loom completely rewired, no f**k arounds. H1/H3 combo w/ T10 parkers. $3000 worth of sound gear, including Dynamat throughout. Can remove/include for adaptive pricing. Bad: Needs respray imho. White is 326 Crystal White but rough on quarter panels (in touch up paint atm, still very nice looking). Bonnet clear is well, peeling. 2nd gear very minor crunch. Could benefit from Redline treatment. Input shaft bearing noise when clutch not pressed, goes away after 5 min drive. Very common issue that does not affect performance. More pics @ instagram.com/cevlol Reply here and/or email: [email protected] Mobile outta order atm, changing carrier. No swaps, unless you have a dope D22 Nav w/ 150k's or less (friend's selling me his for $9k).
  15. Hi All, Selling my 1993 R32 GTST Japanese Import Skyline. Just under 88K on the clock, I have Japanese log books. In good condition for it's age. Has had a good amount of upgrades done to it and will come with RWC and currently has 11 months registration. Almost new Fujitsubo power getting exhaust 3 inch Splitfire coil packs 2k kms NPC 10 inch clutch and lightened flywheel with less that 10k kms watanabe speed star rims installed but also have Nismo LMGT4s that could be arranged at extra cost and will not be included with (RWC) always serviced regularly also have spares not install- gk tech lock bar, gk tech caster arms (both brand new), gtr spoiler, gtr cat, stock steering wheel (momo steering wheel currently installed with BOSS kit) Great condition and priced more than reasonably for the condition of the car.] Can provide pictures upon contact. Not open to swaps No Joy rides Located in Melbourne 0412751017 Rory
  16. Hey guys Sold my car and have some parts that never got a chance of using and some OEM used ones, basically a garage clean out will keep adding as i find more stuff. 1) Brand New in unopened box CST Type Vettel V36 coilovers fully adjustable with 14k front and 9k rear spring rates and 16 way damper. These are made in Japan and distributed by Tanabe. $1500 ono (pic of suspension out of box from google, i havent opened my box yet) 2) Blitz Power-sus intake panel filters also BNIB $120 3) V36 Type S and SP front lip kit ( Fibreglass sides with CF middle part, see pics) $550 ONO 4) RS-S LowDown springs BNIB $400 5) OEM Used Exhaust axle back Muffler and y-pipe $100 6) OEM Used Manifold $100 (good for anyone needing to send one into z1motorsports as core unit) 7) OEM Used rear chrome bootlip $50 8) OEM Used 18" V36 Coupe wheels made by enkei in excellent condition need tires $500 9) OEM Used 18" V36 Sedan Type SP wheels also in excellent condition (front tires good, rears need replacing) $500 10) BNIB plug and play V36 cruise control kit (comes with a little wheel knob that can be used to set/cancel and increase/decrease speed see pics) $500 ONO Thats all from the top of my head, like i said if i find more stuff ill keep adding. Offers only accepted if i have put an ONO next to the price or else its non-negotiable. PM will be the best way for enquiries and everything located Southwest of Brisbane
  17. After owning this car for about 14 months its time for me to sell. I moved to an apartment with no car park and as a result the car has sat in my parents garage for about 6 months and I have driven it 3 times during that period. I took it to get a pink slip (because i forget that rego wasn't due til September) and my mechanic told me i had done 2 or 3000 kms since my last pink slip. Its a total waste sitting there. I bought it off a forum member mid last year because it was the best looked after example I saw plus it came with some goodies. I have copy pasted a chunk of his for sale post because really little has changed. Specs '03 350gt V35 skyline (top of the range) 3.5L VQ35DE 6 speed manual Brembo brakes all round Half leather/ half swede seats Bose Stereo system Factory HID's 9XXXX KM ( will confirm next time I jump in it) Mods -Tananbe Coilovers -Fujibitso stainless steel exhaust (stock extractors but from there back is aftermarket) -Veilside Andrew Golt wheels, 19x9+9 and 19x10.5+5 -350z 'Rev up' Intake. -Clutch apparetly Excedy HD, nice bite but not heavy for everyday driving -OEM style badgeless grill -Nismo Leather gear knob -Clear side indicators -Front number plate holder deleted and tow hook cover sourced -Extended wheel studs installed all round Pros: Tyres are pretty new Replaced the front brakes/pads and will provide rear discs and pads (EBC red from memory) It gets regularly serviced and I will service it again in the near future before I turn it over Insurance risk just got reviewed! The bad Body isn't perfect. The passenger side door has a scrape on it and there are scratches from when it was much lower. I raised it so I could get in my driveway The front lower control arm bushes are a bit munted. I found this out when i took it to get a wheel alignment. This should cost about $300 bucks or so to fix and I have factored it into the price. Rego is due in September Price wise I'm after about 14k considering that there isn't much rego left. Contact on cameronjpascoe at gmail.com or zero four 31679674 Please message during work hours or if you don't get through as I have uni at night as well. Located campbelltown
  18. This 2005 260kw Ford Falcon XR8 BA Mk II Auto is great for those who love getting behind the wheel and having raw power on demand every time. It has 18" alloy wheels, power door mirrors, air conditioning, cruise control and driver & passenger airbags. This car has full body kit, ABS brakes and multi-function steering wheel. This car has 2 airbags fitted for your protection. Just had a Big Service. Front drivers side wheel bearing has been replaced. Oil, Fuel And Pollen filters Replaced All Fluids Flushed and Replaced. Fitted with front Alpine Type R 6" Speakers Only selling because the car is way to powerful for my wife to drive. Will consider swaps for a smaller car with cash my way. Bad Points: Front Bumper could use some love, quoted $180 scratch on top right door, quoted $250 Merely cosmetic markings which have been reflected in price. YOU WILL LOVE THESE FEATURES - Cruise control - Remote central locking - Full body kit - Automatic headlamps - ABS brakes - Leather steering wheel - Front & rear power windows This 2005 Ford Falcon XR8 BA Mk II Auto is exceptional value at $9,999. I prefer to have it sold before i go overseas at the end of the month, but is not a desperate sale. May be looking for another R34 gt-t Manual.
  19. WTB: RB20DET stock ecu's, preferably unopened message me with a pic of the cover ( so i can ensure it’s the correct part number) price and location 0425896150
  20. For Sale 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS25 205 xxxx Kms Gunmetal 2 Door Awesome car for P platers or anyone looks for a chilled daily that isn’t defect city or even as a good base for a project. Pretty unassuming, never been pulled over or hassled. I’ve owned it for the last two years, spending a lot of last year just freshening things up and making it a reliable daily. With Full time work and uni hasn’t done a lot of driving in 2014 mainly just weekend stuff and cruises. The paint is a bit rough, as expected with a car that’s 22 years old. Mechanically A1 has never missed a beat, only selling as I have 2 and one has to go. Price is $8000 ono All offers are considered, looking to move it relatively quickly PM me or reach me on 0420 three one two 080 or [email protected] Generally won't answer between 0830-1700 but if you leave a message I will call you back ASAP Available most week nights for inspections Mods/Recent work as follows Engine: RARE Factory Fitted RB25DE (not an engine swap) High flow cat (not a bashed cat) with cat back exhaust unknown brand Splitfire coilpacks and brand new genuine Nissan Ignition Loom <500 kms old Water pump, thermostat, timing belt, RCG < 5000 kms old Clutch master and slave cylinder replaced, junction box and associated lines deleted at the same time and replaced with custom hard line from master cylinder down the firewall to braided flex line into the slave. <5000kms old Cooling system (block to rad) replaced with Teflon braided line and AN fitting with custom collector retaining factory radiator hose positions. All work has been leak tested with only genuine Speedflow fittings used (Over $500 of lines and fittings). <1000 kms old Brand new coolant temp sensors <1000kms old Drivetrain RB20DET 5 Manual Gearbox Conversion (Not completed by myself, already done when I bought it. Seller was unsure of parts used.) Unknown Clutch/Flywheel Suspension/Steering: Custom valved Slide Industries coilovers 32 click damper adjustable shocks, base height adjustable, 12/7 kg springs (Valving suits a Targa/hill climb car) Nardi Deep Dish 330mm Rear adjustable camber arms rose jointed (Not installed but can be) R32 Standard Turbo Rear Strut tower bar Front Strut tower bar (Unknown Brand) Lower Ball joints, tie rod ends, rack ends all replaced <5000 kms old Hicas Lock Bar and hicas lines removed up to the firewall with custom hard lines Wheels/Brakes: R33 GTS-t brakes front and rear and 5 stud conversion Front: RDA Slotted and dimpled rotors with Bendix Ultimate pads Rear: Standard rotors with Bendix pads Braided brakes lines front Non ABS R32 Gts-t Stock Wheels Interior: R32 GTR Interior (Front + Rear Seats and door cards) Factory Sunroof (No Leaks works perfectly) Pioneer Head unit with Bluetooth hands free Trust Gear Knob Skyline Floor Mats Front Exterior: Gunmetal Paint except front bar. Will come with a copy Fibreglass GTR front bar in gunmetal GTR spoiler Type M rear pods Fibreglass GTR bonnet Genuine GTR Bonnet Lip Genuine GTR Grill (Not Fitted) FIbreglass Boot
  21. Hi up for sale are my stock 350z rims. they are 2nd gen model rims for the 350z. Sold my car so no longer need them. All in good condition. few stone chip marks. Rear tyres needs to be replaced Front Tyres are about 40-60% Size: 18x8 5x114 Price: $550 Location: Smithfield, NSW, 2164 Contact: Send me a text on 0401017511.
  22. Hi all, I am looking to buy a NON-TURBO MANUAL Skyline 32, 33 or 34, any is fine in good condition. Brisbane area but willing to travel a reasonable distance. Nothing over $6,000 please Thanks, Eliza
  23. Hey guys Looking at swapping my r33 I'd love a gtr I do have cash I can throw in Exterior Genuine gtr bumper Carbon fibre grill gtr New painted factory side skirts Gtr style rear pods Gtr fibreglass spoiler Bnr34 side skirt extensions Jjr weathersheilds Work meisters Front 18x9 +30 Pirelli p1 tyres Rear 18x10 +20 long life semi slicks Suspension Bc gold coilovers Jjr rear cambers arms Jjr front castor arms Hicas lock bar Dba 4000 series t3 slotted rotors Ultimate pads Interior R34 gtt seats Sparco leather steering wheel Hkb boss kit Sparco gear knob Shadow boost and oil pressure gauges Drift electric water display Pioneer double din Vibe 6" speakers Vibe 6" splits 5 channel amp oa Twin 10" woofers in Removable enclosures Motor Rb25det Gtx3076 .82 all speed flow lines Powertune steam pipe high mount manifold, genuine gasket,studs and nuts replaced Turbosmart 45 mm hyper gate with speed flow lines Turbosmart boost solenoid Hybrid front mount Custom cooler piping Forward facing plenum Deatchwerks 740cc injectors Turbosmart fpr800 fuel reg with speed flow Walbro 400 intank Timing kit done with genuine water pump and thermostat Tome Poncams 256 Cooling pro radiator D1 spec overflow tank Arp headstuds Apexi Headgasket Custom mild 3" dump pipe Factory location blitz front pipe 3" Catch 100 cell cat Hks 3 3/4" catback Varax cannon muffler Greddy catch can with speedflow Carbon valley and timing cover Exedy heavy duty clutch Haltech platinum pro plug in Haltech boost controller Haltech wideband controller with gauge Car made 310kw on bp98
  24. hey all, my 2004 Nissan skyline 350gt needs 4 sets of brake pads, I was just wondering the average cost of getting a mechanic to do so? they are just stock standard brakes. my mechanic said it would be around 600 off the top of his head, but to me that seems a bit much? what do you guys think?
  25. Hi everybody! I am not here in the forums very often, and I have a hard time finding the answer to my question, but might I ask it here? What engine parts are specific and designated ONLY to an RHD R32? I am currently listing parts for an R32 GT-R project, and I just want to know if the parts I listed are compatible with an LHD R32. Some of you might be shocked to why I have to say "LHD"; but to clear things up, my country doesn't allow RHD cars to be driven on public roads. Philippines is strict with LHD cars only. Please help me, I am so deep in the list already, I even chose parts off plenty other options. And I want to know if it's still worth listing down parts. The parts I'm asking about include anything in the engine; maybe manifolds, downpipes, exhausts, radiators, anything! Please help me take note of them. I am looking over parts from JDM aftermarket manufacturers including TOMEI, HKS, and many others. I hope for meaty replies Thanks in advance! P.S I attached the list I've ever so worked hard on, hopefully you can tell me which parts are only for RHD Options.txt
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