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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am in the process of installing a headunit on my 08 350GT and I have unable to find the remote turn on wire to connect from my Pioneer loom. Unfortunately I am unable to use harness adapter as the previous owner butchered the factory loom. Does anyone know what colour the wire should be? Or if it's easy to replicate the remote turn on signal? Thanks
  2. New headunit but still poor radio reception I replaced the aftermarket headunit that was already in my stagea with another aftermarket one (old one had shitty reception too) After connecting all the wires to the correct place the signal is still crappy. I understand that the antenna booster needs power? (the blue wire?) or should I be powering it using the red power wire? I'm lost with that so i thought I would try using a bit of wire as the antenna but turns out you can't do that because the headunit doesn't power on unless the original hardwired antenna is plugged in (wtf) Any help appreciated..
  3. Hi All, Has anyone incorporated the climate controls into a headunit for a R33 Skyline? I want to look at a double din system but dont have the space so I need to get rid of the AC control's. The third slot will be used for gauges. Thanks!
  4. WTB: R32 GTR Radio and Rear Strut Brace Hey Guys, As the title states, I'm looking to purchase a late model radio from a R32 GTR and a OEM rear strut brace. Please message me if you have one or know of anybody who is selling one. Thanks 0449220990 Jason
  5. Got a whole new setup so selling old setup. -Two JL AUDIO TR600cxi Speakers, (JBHIFI Sells for $160.) -Two Boss Audio basp6 Kevlar Speakers. -Two Boston ProSeries 6.5x Crossovers. -Two Kenwood Tweeters. I want this all gone asap, located Thomastown, Melbourne. I'd rather not post in case the items get damaged, but if the buyer is willing to risk it i will post at their expense. I want $100 for the whole setup, which is bloody cheap. Hit me up with a text on 0413323385.
  6. Used these for 5 months before I bought a new car with a decent system already installed. So i had these boxed up for about a year. Just need to get rid of it. I'm asking for $300 for the lot. Contact me for more details and info. Cheers
  7. Hi all, So basically my Series 1 C34 stag was stolen and I was lucky enough to get it back! When I got it back I noticed my Xanavi system won't turn on at all BUT my climate control is working and seems to be permanently stuck on auto (my xanavi system houses my climate control so there's no way to turn it off without getting the xanavi to turn on). Before I go spend some cash on an auto elec to diagnose/ fix, just wondering if anyone's had this issue before or would have an idea of what my problem could be so I could have a more educated look myself? Would the thief unplug something when stealing the car? unlucky timing with fuses? Extra info; Cigarette/ 12v power still works my gearshift lights (P R N D 2 1) turn on from time to time but very occasional - worked perfectly before the light for my "power/ snow" switch still works when in power mode when I got it back my centre console was popped open (assuming it was done when stealing) Any help would be appreciated, Cheers, Nick.
  8. After Market Headuni dies Hi All, Suddenly there is no power to my headunit which had been running fine untill now. Could you guys please provide a procedure where I can start troubleshoot with? This headunit is installed by previous owner hence I have no knowledge on how it was set up. Regards, Wayne
  9. Hey guys i wanna sell my amp asap due to upgrade. it's a Response Precision AA0426. It's 4x100watt 760watt rms bridged. Had it for a while, pumps my twin comp 1000watt each subs. I want it gone asap located in Thomastown, Melbourne. Hit me up with a text on 0413323385. I'm selling it for $150 ONO. THATS ALREADY CHEAP AS SHIT, ILL TAKE ANY OFFER CLOSE TO IT I WANT IT GONE.
  10. Selling my whole speaker setup and touch screen headunit cheap as f**k! JVC KD-LHX555 Touch screen headunit, has own equaliser, takes sd cards. Two JL AUDIO tr600.cxi speakers, last time i checked JBHIFI sold them for $160 a pair. Two BOSS AUDIO basp6 kevlar speakers. Two BOSTON ProSeries 6.5x crossovers. Two KENWOOD tweeters. I'll also chuck in some RCA cables if you want! Oh and the headunit has 4 RCA ports. I'm located in Melbourne, i will post it you're going to pay and are willing to take the chance they wont get broken or anything.. I want $150 pretty firm. Will swap for aftermarket r33 bits? Hit me with a text cheers guys 0413323385.
  11. M35 Nav/Stereo console Pulled this out and replaced with a double din. CD player is jammed but radio,A/C and Nav screen worked fine. (pic pulled off web because I'm lazy) I was going to bin it but i'll throw it up here for a few weeks. $75 including postage Australia wide. PM Brendon or contact on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  12. Any good audio shops for double din Gold Coast? Hi everyone, I am looking at putting a double din unit into my car and then having a screen for audio, AUX, Bluetooth etc as the 2004 model I'm importing does not have iPod input (attached is the photo of my current system). Does anyone know good shops on the Gold Coast that can do it? It's a JDM car, so I need someone who has worked on the Japanese market model of the v35, also, if they can do the translation of the pop-up unit that would be great too. I am fine with travelling as long as it's reasonable, i.e. >200KMs I would also like to remove the navigation system (2nd Pic) to get the glovebox space back, as I have heard it doesn't work in Australia. Is this possible? Thanks, Lachlan P.S. This is my first post, please let me know if I have done anything wrong, thanks.
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