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  1. I got a tuner off ebay. The sellers claimed it would still have reception @ 160km/h+. It struggles at 40-60km/h let alone 160km/h, its like joshm35 said, picture freezes and you lose reception. Problem is you can tune it in @ one location, then as you drive you lose the signal. But i didnt get it soley for the tv. I got one with a usb input, plugged in a 32gb flashdrive, so then I could use it as my media player, playing my music (cd player died a couple of years ago) and movies for the little one.
  2. Well if its not charging it could be the internally mounted regulator which has died. Im sure any half decent auto elec can test its output. Sounds like he just doesnt want to deal with it coz its not a holden or ford. If it is the reg, then consider the option of replacing it with a complete bosch unit, then it will be easier to get parts for later on.
  3. On the occasions I need paint work done, I used Silver Motor Bodies @ Windsor Gardens. They do a lot of late model high end cars like porsche, Range Rovers etc. Also they dont look down @ you for driving a Nissan. Speak to Tony (owner) or Joyce.
  4. I'd like to get a copy of these instructions for a V35....
  5. OK So it's confirmed now. I have rechecked my wire colors and have compared them with 2003-2009 g35/g37 sedan and coupes and the usdm I can say without a doubt, are different to my car @ the least. Does anyone have a V35 factory service manual?? PLEASE FYI Here's what my M39 plugs consists of, assuming the wire I need is in fact in this plug.
  6. Hi Nick Yes I did look @ the manual you supplied,and though i took photos of my wiring earlier in the week, I dont think they are good enough because i cant see all the way round them, so I will look @ them again with a copy of your diagram and see if it matches up.
  7. Yes well thats where my problem lies, in mine doesnt have an external trans ecu like yours, and I checked last night I also dont have the wire taped to the a/c duct that i circled in my previous post. Unless mine is more like your V36 in that I can tap into the obd plug. How did you come to find out you could do that on your V36? Do you have a wiring diagram for the obd plug? Thanks
  8. Nick Did you put cruise in your m35 then, if so did you just use Leon's version of instructions?
  9. I've been told by the supplier of the cruise that my car 'should' be running speed down the can line and on a analogue line, hence why I got an analogue cruise kit and that's what Leon is also supplying from memory. I was looking at the 'engine' ecu where the signal inputs to it (btw my car doesn't have an external trans ecu, its built inside the trans). Your correct I don't want to mess around with the abs module either. I've found a spreadsheet which talks of a speed wire which apparently is pin 2 at brown 4-way connector, LH of steering column taped to climate control duct but Im yet to look and confirm this, that was for a skyline 350gt. I have attached a picture which I believe is the a/c hose greg and the spreadsheet are referring to and I've circled in red. Correct me if Im wrong. Thanks
  10. Thanks for that Nick. Yes I did consider Leon's option of the speed wire @ the audio unit, but on his car he has 4 plugs with the speed wire clearly identified and my car only has 3 plugs, of which only 1 of the plugs is identical in wire colors and its not the one with 'his' speed wire in it. I've found my obd connector but again I'd need a relevant wiring diagram to find out which wire is what.
  11. HI I wanting to hear from anyone with a 12/2004 onwards V35 350gt skyline preferably auto, or even a PM35 who has successfully fitted cruise to it to please reply. I'm trying to find the speed wire for my PM35 and as much as Leon has helped me (Thank You VERY VERY VERY much Leon ) unfortunately his car and mine are different in the wiring dept. I was hoping to pick it up off 1) the navigation unit with cd drive, or 2) the navigation transfer unit which is bolted to the ecu in my car, or 3) as a last resort the ecu itself. If you have a wiring diagram for the above parts for your v35/pm35 or you just know the color and location of the speed wire that would also be of great help to me. At the moment this seems to be the only hurdle I need to jump and any help would be greatly appreciated. I've spent many hours trawling the net for wiring diagrams all to no avail. Thanks in advance guys. Frank
  12. As with many filters, you can have several filters which will fit the same motor. I remember years ago many v8 heads would ask for a Z40 filter because it was a lot shorter than the Z24 listed for their holden v8, but it wasn't 'technically listed' for their car but they used in race/restricted space applications. I even think I had a z445 equivalent on my car when I first got it, but after cross referencing the genuine number went for the Z436 filter whicb is also listed for the V35 Skyline. If you compare the two filters on ryco's website there's barely 1mm difference in the dimensions hence why both work.
  13. From what I have learnt by going to Bosch training nights many years ago, I recall Bosch saying that oxygen sensors measure the amount of air/fuel in the exhaust gas many times/millisecond. What happens is they become 'slow' in reading the mixture and this can cause fuel consumption issues as the ecu cannot lean or richen the mixture as needed as accurately as when they are new. Granted there are other factors which affect fuel comsumption which were also mentioned, plugs, air filters, fuel filters etc but I dont believe that o2 readings only matters when the car is idling or driven at a constant speed. To the contrary, if your driving at a constant speed the fuel/air mixture should be fairly constant and would need little adjustment. The o2 sensors read the values all the time and could be why your car feels less smooth and less responsive. Thats my thoughts.
  14. I know what you mean about the way it drives. Before I got my PM I testdrove a local M35 and wasnt real happy in how it drove. The PM feel more secure on the road and turned in a lot better, and the nvh seemed better in the PM as well. Mine also has a sensor next to the interior mirror and it looks like it has holes in it underneath possibly for a speaker or mic. I think it might be part of the carwings which is useless but I couldnt be bothered taking that as well as the etc reader next to my left knee out. Not knowing what filters you have, I use z436 on my PM35. If you dont use ryco, you can cross reference what you do use on thier site and it will give you a ryco equivalent. Im using Mobil 1 5w/30 full synthetic.
  15. Not a V35 but a Pm, but I like to put in my 2c on this topic. PM35 5 speed auto Stock except for K&N filter in the stock air box. Light outer city/suburban driving in adelaide. Mobil 1 5W/30 Full synthetic oil. Last 4 fills averaged between 9.9l/100km - 10.30l/100km. (Actual Figures). No A/C used on those trips except for 1 day when it hit 38. I think I could do better when I get cruise. Using BP Ultimate or Mobil PULP. Trip computer is more generous but not real world. I havent worked it out yet but think it works on a 'sliding scale' than by actual 'fuel usage'. IDK.