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  1. Why go to all the hassle of using the aux. If you have bluetooth in the car, just use that and stream all the music off your phone. Easy as.
  2. Confirmation from Fast.... The PL and I guess the LF are for the DE engine which hav different plugs to the HR. If for the HR motor I would be heading towards the DF7H-11B, myself.
  3. I haven't had much luck yet; Been a bit slack and a bit nervous probing back there even though I do have some US FSM. I was even given a probe extender (a wire with a sharp point on one end) so it would make the job easier. I just have to get the courage to get in there and test it for myself.
  4. When I mention I've searched the above FSM, they all show a red speed wire going to pin 28 @ the a/c amp/unified meter, (for the trip computer data) but my(our JDM) cars dont have the same wire in the same spot, which I was hoping if anyone else had come across this and solved this problem. Yes I know of this, I have done this in my Stagea, and now wish to do the same in my V36.
  5. Im trying to fit an analogue cruise control kit to my 07 V36 Does anyone know where to find an analogue speed sensor wire for an 07 V36? I've searched high and low through many g35/g37/j50 FSM and cant find any wiring remotely close to the JDM Skyline cars. I've also searched on here to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Im interested in this unit. do you have any details, maybe an ebay item number. Was it on the Oz site or American? Any other details you care to divulge would be interesting to know thanks
  7. Does anyone have one of the switches and surround for sale like the ones pictured? I contacted Chris but had no reply, so here's hoping someone here has one. If you can reply with a picture and price, thanks
  8. ... and you are running those tyres on the original V36 wheels?
  9. Does it give you a wiring diagram for the switches? I'd love to get a copy of it if you have it please.
  10. Have you had any issues with ABS or VDC or even scrubbing the suspension by changing the size of the front tyres? Out of curiosity what tyres are you running ?
  11. For what its worth for any one reading this, I bit the bullet and bought the band expander from Sinergy. It was a simple plug and play exercise and took approx 30mins or so. I can say it works fine and where the band expander in my PM35 struggles to pick up a station, (on FM) the one in my V36 excels, I live approx 30km from Adelaide CBD and what could be classed as in the foothills so that always played havoc in my PM35 until I started driving towards the CBD.
  12. You mention top left corner to bottom right corner with two different measurements? How can that be?
  13. You have me a little bewildered with your reply. With my very crude drawing, is this what you mean?
  14. V36 Front Bar Hi Does anyone out there with an 07 V36 Sedan Type S know the height of the bezel/grille in the front bar, where fog lights would normally go. Also is it removable? I've tried looking at pictures and it seems small. I want to fit 90mm lights down there and Im preparing in advance so I dont have a car to look at. Pics for clarification. Any help greatly appreciated.
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