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  1. Just a quick update peeps , looking at the market i have adjusted the price to $11,500 , if anyone id interested message me. The car has had a full service done good for another 10,000kms and no need to covert it to English since that is also done. Now its just sitting at my parents place until its sold if not then it will just be spare car , its just a bit of a waste sitting there running out of registration that's all. Cheers Pac
  2. Guys , i'm going to to placing the ad for this car on Gumtree as well but thought i would give a chance for a SAU member who might be interested first , so if i don't get much traction this weekend , i'll post it up there on Monday, if it sells outside of SAU i'll make sure to update this post.
  3. You might be right there but looking at the market i'm in the middle on the price point and trying to fair with buyers since it can cost around 2-2.5k just to get the car converted to English and that is if you are lucky to find someone who can do it , it has the VQ35HR which is around 235kws so not as much as the v37 which has 250kws but its still got some go for its size.
  4. Yes that is a asking price , which as noted in the post I'm happy to negotiate a fair price for a serious buyer , I know you can get them for less but it won't be converted into English with maps for Australian roads.
  5. Hey Team SAU Time has come for me to let go of my PV36 Skyline Sedan. My new car arrives next week and i don't have space to keep both . I brought it cause i had a few months wait for the new car to arrive and it hasn't given me any issues , very reliable daily driver with all the luxury features leather heated electric seats , reversing camera , DVD, Australian sat nav , music box , usb , full climate control etc... Its got just under 124,000 kms and due for a service which i have booked it in for one Tuesday the 24th April ( i believe in good karma so i won't be selling the car until i'm sure it has been checked over and been serviced) Th Rego isn't due until 28 Dec 2018 The only thing i can think of that it does need is a good polish to remove the surface scratches in a few area's apart from that its a very nice car. As for the price i'm not looking to make big money here ,factoring in the KM's , condition , similar vehicles on sale , the English conversion , full service i'm looking at around $12,500 , but i'm willing to negotiate (not bargaining) with someone who is really interested and make a fair offer. Message me if anyone is interested
  6. Mate the unit was for sale on USA ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/172513428008 It comes posted Estonia so it can take a 3-4 weeks to be delivered and they don't seem to have many in stock. ( I think 3 left online at the moment) You will need to send pictures of you current unit in operation (screen) from my understanding that some units need a monitor as well and others just need the box. It does cost around $990 US plus $50 delivery , so you are looking at around $1400 aus . ( My guess is the prices people quote around $2500 for conversion in Australia would be the unit maybe also the monitor , a couple of hours of work installing it plus markup for the installer ) It does take a bit of work getting it installed since the box it replaces does have slightly different connections but the harness provided does help it and the seller does answer any questions you have on how to install the unit. Hope this helps you with your conversion.
  7. Hey Guys Moving house so i'm clearing out the garage i have a few items which would suite r33/r34 models. ALLOY RADIATOR - R33/R34 & STAGEA - $150 Factory R34 GTT intercooler - $50 Generic Oil / Transmission Cooler - $15 I also have a U13 attessa bluebird factory intercooler ( front mount) , i'm not sure anyone would be interested in that happy for any who wants it to make an offer. I'm in western Sydney(penrith) I would prefer to sell it to some who can come and see the items just in case they are not happy with condition . The Rad is in fairly good condition i brought is awhile ago from just jap but never installed it and intercooler will they came out of my GTT so its used but it could be good upgrade for a factory r33 unit. Cheers Pac
  8. Max , the conversion harness does come with connection to the side camera but i just don't have the energy to run more cables though the car , plus i only have the v36 for another 2 months then i'll be selling it when the new car arrives . I still have the old unit actual i have 2 of them now since i wasn't sure what was wrong with it when it switched off i had to buy the full set from a spare parts place , so now i have a spare box and the top cover and switches.
  9. Its the Xnavi unit from eBay , the guy selling it was really good her give a few directions and i figured it out after that , it took me about 2 hours to fit it properly and get it started. I left the buttons in Japanese , since its not that heard to figure out what each one does and it still leaves it with the JDM look , the only thing i wasn't able to connect with the wing mirror camera and the voice control but the rest works. I'm happy to help people with some guidance if they buy this unit on how its installed.
  10. Nick - No need to bite mate , i converted it about 2 weeks ago , but the GPS was acting up so i opened it up again and thats when the relay gave up on me , but now all its working. Ben - Happy to be in the no hooning naughty corner but can yo at least not take away my support , its rough trying to work on this imports ..
  11. Worth a thought , but i'm too old to be doing that , back in my r34 days yeah but in the v36 i'm not sure if it suits it.
  12. Great News ! i got the aircon controls up now , i brought a spare air con control unit cover just in case if that unit was faulty just replaced it and everything is back online. Thanks to all you SAU members for the help .
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