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Found 434 results

  1. Hey , so new to this forum thing , even though ive used it loads over the years . Thought it was about time to join . Stepped up the quality of cars im working on these days . Gone are the days of chopping the springs in my 1985 Mitsubishi mirage , and re routing the windscreen washers inside to squirt the passenger had over 30 cars at this point most of them being shit with a few gems in between. Right now i have 6 cars im working on R34 GT4 R34 GT GTI-R Pulsar A31 Cefiro R33 GTST Mazda 3 MPS Turbo the mazda is the daily and the rest are in different stages of completion . First to be finished will be the R34 GT heres a quick rundown. Photos and videos can be found on the DET COLLECTOR Facebook Page This is the go so far Started life as a standard factory R34 GT Automatic All Work Done By DET COLLECTOR -ENGINE Original NA engine removed and put in black swans cefiro -RB25DET stagea AWD neo ( fully rebuilt , factory internals ) -modified AWD sump to suit RWD -Manual conversion -New 5puk clutch -Hydraulic throw out bearing (push pull conversion) -New belts -ARP head studs -RB26 engine covers -12 fittings -Otaku Garage plenum -R34 GTR intercooler -Otaku Garage 90mm throttlebody -Otaku Garage fuel rail -8 -1250cc injectors -Multi layer headgasket -Non neo head drain added -Garret GTX3576 gen 2 Turbo -4 inch intake -12 braided turbo drain -6 boost top mount manifold -Turbosmart pro gate 50mm -Screemer pipe -4 inch stainless dump pipe -Custom catch can -Custom power steering bottle -Custom overflow -Braided oil and water lines throughout -Braided power steering lines -Heat exchange delete -Oil filter relocation -Oil cooler -Battery in boot -Interior all factory interior painted black with fabric paint Bride bucket seats -Drive line -R33 GTST Rear Cradle -R33 GTST front knuckles -R33 GTR brembo calipers & rotors -Solid cradle bushes Solid diff bushes -R33 gtst LSD -Adjustable rear lcas -Camber arms -Traction arms -Castor arms -Hicas lockout bar -Hsd mono pro base height suspension -30mm extended LCAs -Rack moved forward -RB Factory steering lock kit -18x11 rims all round -Body -Z-tune fibreglass front bumper -R34 GTR overfenders -R34 GTR rear bumper canards -R34 Carbon GTR wing -R34 carbon extended spoiler legs -R34 GTR fibreglass over fenders -Fuel system -8 braided teflon feed and return lines -inline -8 fuel filter -turbosmart fpr 800 v2 -flex fuel sensor -Engine management link G4 ECU Flex fuel sensor 4bar map sensor -Audio -pioneer headunit -2x kicker subs -jvc speakers all round -6x9 spacers few thing missing and a few more things to buy but you get the idea Ive been so caught up with working on this project ive been slack on videos and photos , but at least ill be able to get a bit in these final stages . Im going to put up a full build thread and a bunch of videos on the next project which is the R34 GT4 RB26 Project which i am very much looking forward too. I guess ill just keep adding to this as i go along , heres a few garage shots
  2. 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 series 2. Location: Mackay, Queensland engine: rb25det (122,xxxk) Gates Racing Timing belt, new bearings, power pump (was done while in the process of installing the bolt ons) Brand New Radiator hoses (gates brand) New Genuine nissan rocker cover gasket and half moon. Project Mu anti spill bands (brake reservoir and power steering reservoir) Project Mu Magnetic Drain plug 1000cc Xspurt Injectors Walbro 460lph in tank (wired with milspec e85 submerssible wires and insulation. New Bosch Alternator New Gates Belts Plazmaman Intake plenum Plazmaman Metal intake gasket Plazmaman/turbosmart collaboration fuel pressure regulator Plazmaman billet throttle body Plazmaman fuel rail Plazmaman Intercooler (bar & fin) Aluminium radiator with greddy high pressure cap Toyota Yaris coilpacks Nissan Cas with AEM 24 hole disc (great mod to reduce timing scatter) 6 boost manifold New High tensile studs and nuts Cometic MLS manifold gasket turbosmart pro gate lite 50mm wastegate screamer pipe K&N 4" Pod Filter K&N Pod filter sock Garrett Gtx3076r .82 rear housing with t51r mod by OCD works in tennesse u.s.a (the pioneer of t51r mod. orgasmic turbo whistle gauranteed) 3.5 dumppipe HKS Hi-power (bought from japan) Turbosmart Ring worm clamps Proflow: -silicone joiners -teflon braided lines -e85 compatible fuel lines -catch can -all an fittings Fabwork: custom windscreen washer tank by full lock automotive All turbo and exhaust pipings are done by proximity motorsports Pcv delete and shave done by full lock automotive gutted cat with test pipe done by soundrite exhaust shop Drivetrain: New 5 puk NPC Clutch (rated at 450kw) Hel Braided clutch line arp flywheel bolts resurfaced stock flywheel Redline Shockproof oil on the gearbox Short shifter gktech billet knob Engine Management: Link g4+ GTR/GTST Link MAP sensor Link wideband and CAN Link/Continental Flex sensor (ethanol content and fuel temp) Link Intake Air Temp Sensor Link Boost Controller (MAC Valve) Handling: BC Coilovers (reds) RDA drilled and slotted front rotors EBC Reds Brake pads Interior: Custom paint job on dash and rocker covers with didspade prisima flakes. Custom missile style switch for motorsport features (2step, anti-lag, ecu logging) turbosmart boost gauge Exterior: WORK Emotion Kiwami 18x9.5 +22 on all 4 WORK lugnuts with security key WORK Emotion center caps Federal RSRR Semi slicks 265/35/r18 (square set up) Gaurds are professionally rolled by proximity motorsport. Car is tuned by JP Tuning Fabwork is done by Proximity Motorsport & Full Lock Automotive Mechanical work is done by Proximity Motorsport. Currently making a safe 460hp on E85 and 400 on 98 2 step launch control is activated by a switch. car is well looked after inside and out and oil service every 4500-5000k using penrite ten/tenths and HKS Race oil filter. I got another car coming and selling this car would help me pay off the new one that ill be getting. Grab yourself a bargain for a really steal price of $15,000. anyone that has build a car like this knows that this is pretty much a give away price. car will be sold unregistered Price is firm! you can email me at [email protected] or contact me 0422792934.
  3. Hi all I'm currently looking for a pair of tail lights for a R32 2 door, preferably with factory dark blue (paint code TH1) surrounds. I would also be interested in purchasing just the covers if anyone is just selling those. I'm also looking for a 2 door boot lid. Not worried about colour but would be a bonus if it had no holes in it. I'm located in ACT but happy to pay postage or travel if you're closeish Thanks, Nic
  4. A pair of brand new OEM diff bearings 38440-03VO1 to suit RB front diff. I believe, but you should check for yourself, that these will fit GTR, GTS-4 or AWD Stagea. Price for both AU$110 including postage to anywhere in NZ or Australia (may be extra to the US) Please PM if interested!
  5. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me. I'm in the US, and my R32 has been stuck at Nissan because my driver's side output shaft for my axle lacks a c-clamp, so the shaft ever so slightly comes out of my diff. My mechanic is having a hard time finding the right c-clamp to lock the output shaft into the diff. Do you know what compatible vehicles like a 300zx or S13 for instance have the same kind of output shaft that I can snag the correct c-clamp from? Here's a picture of my output shaft too for reference.
  6. Hey guys just wondering if R33 GTST boot will fit a GTR? Or are the boots different on GTR compared to the GTST
  7. Hi guys does a R33 GTR intake snorkel fit a GTST?
  8. Hey guys So I still have to connect the last one of 3 Defi gauges; "unfortunately" its the sensor for ext temp. So as much as I know, I got to drill a hole into the manifold, keep it clean fropm the metal cuttings, create a thread, clean it again and put the sensor parts and holdings in. Is that correct? So now, where would be the smartest place to do so? Obviously a spot I can work on but what also would be a good spot to get precise results on my gauge. Where did you guys install that? Its an R33 Gtst with an rb25det logically EDIT: Ok so Ive read a couple of times, it would be safer to put it in the elbow instead of the manifold, just to make sure the mani wont crack or that the turbo will eat flakes ^^. Guess that makes sense, since the manifold wont get any better with increasing milerange I suppose thaaaanks
  9. Hello all, recently I’ve been having some trouble with my drivers side window. The symptoms it was showing would lead me to re solder the window relay, I ended up getting a new one and the problem did not change. The window is stuck up, when I switch the switch to the up position, there is a click from the relay (which is good), when I click the switch down there is no click. So I’m wondering if the problem is the switch or the regulator motor, I’m hoping it’s the switch but I really don’t know. I also took the switch out and cleaned it, then I put it back in and the window went down, so I put it back up again, and when I went to put it down and it was stuck up again. Thank you for any help.
  10. hello, will this sandwich plate fit on my '91 gtst with the rb20det. or do I need Thank you.
  11. Hey guys so I need a bit of help. i read a thread on here about a shop called MV Autos over there in Australia that does a pretty awesome modification to the automatic trans in the r32's. Seemingly, it requires the car to be shifted manually and there is a shifter kit to go along with this? any info would be great!! Please and thank you! i reached out to MV auto but no response. Are they the only shop that does this? I have a specific reason for wanting this vs a manual gearbox she arrives stateside this Friday and I'm dying to get going right away with the modifications.
  12. Hello all, Because most of the people ignore long posts I'll try to make it as short as possible. I'm Kevin from Belgium, all my life I've been passionate about Japanese cars. This is my first car, the most things I learned about cars is with this car. I swapped it myself from a 4A-FE to a 4AGE 20V 10 years I went for the first time to JAE in the UK and saw a lot of JDM cars that I have never seen before (because Belgium is LHD) I saw a white R33 and it was love on first sight (even tough I was a Toyota enthousiast). Years laters I bought my own white GTST with the 40th Anniversary bodykit, exactly like I wanted it (except the f*cked up front bumper) Unfortunately the previous owner maintained it badly and "upgraded" it with bad parts. Unichip piggybag,cheapass IC installed badly and saw pieces out of the bumper, Greddy boostcontroller with turbopressure that went all over the place. First time I drove it the little tube on the cam covers came of. Not a big problem, I fixed it. Besides that I had the turbo pressure problem so I removed the Unichip and boostcontroller to make as stock as possible. I drove a little bit on wastegate pressure and it drove ok. I only drove it a month and then it went in wintersleep. I bought a house that needed some work so I stayed in hibernate for 2 years. I get it back out, refresh oil and wanted to set it to 0.7bar with a manual boostcontroller. After some pulls the engine went bang, I think I drove it for 1000miles since I bought it. Put it angry back in the garage until a friend took the initiative to help me to remove the engine. I took the opportunity to clean the engine bay. They removed the inner board of the wheel arches for the IC pipe so everything was very dirty. I'm almost half way :-) I also started to disassemble the engine. Long story short: Pistons broke: oil pump: This week everything will be cleaned and measured. What certain needs to be replaced: - Turbo (still original) - Exhaust manifold (cracked) - Pistons obviously - clutch (cheap ass worn in 6-pad) Goal: +-400bhp but most importand fast spool, torque and fun to drive. I'm not a dyno figure kind of guy. ATM I'm thinking about a "oem" like exhaust manifold with a GTX37xx turbo. But all imput is appriciated! Thanks!
  13. When in neutral, i push clutch right in, and give it some revs. 3500-5000rpm it grinds. Even when its in a gear and clutch right in, rev and it grinds. And when driving, changing gears at high revs grinds. If i let revs drop to 2000-3000rpm its no worries. 1993 nissan skyline r33 GTsT. Manual, single turbo. RB25DET.
  14. nsw/act 

    Posting for a mate. 300RWKW R33 - Track ready (with spare tack rims) - rego'd - mechanically A1 with lots of goodies! 15k negotiable, no swaps. All info is in the ad
  15. Hi all! Have this r32 GTST arc induction box for sale good condition very hard item to find selling for $280 Pick in Berwick 0421556080
  16. Has anyone ever put Evo 9 wheels on there R32? I have an R32 GTSt and i have some access to a set of Evo9 wheels relatively cheap. Here in the states R32 GTR wheels are far and few between and expensive when you do find them. Same with R33 GTR wheels. As far as i can tell the stock R32 GTR wheels are 16x8 +38 offset, while these Evo 9 wheels are 17x8 +38 so i dont see why they wont fit but maybe someone knows something i dont? I had a friend do a quick photoshop with Evo VII wheels and Evo IX wheels.
  17. Hello all, Can someone who has a GTR or has cut their GTst bonnet to look like GTR bonnet supply me with some measurements please so I know where to cut. I have access to a laser and stuff to line it all up. What i mean is put a laser across the bonnet and then take measurements from there - or a common measurement on both bonnets. Thanks,
  18. Hey everyone, Looking to get back into a skyline after quite a long hiatus. Currently very little of interest that is available on carsales or gumtree. Located in Melbourne, so would prefer local, but will travel for the right car. At this stage open to anything. Prefer modified. Looking for a street registered track car, so the closer to that the better. Looking to purchase in the next 1-2 months for an honest price. Im not going to pay $65k for your r32 GTR. Feel free to also contact me on my mobile, 0457725577 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks everyone! Michael
  19. Just chasing the rear stock strut brace for the R32...
  20. Hi everyone, Apologies for my first post being a sale. Selling my 1995 Series 1.5 R33 GTS-t Located in Canberra Price: $23,000 - open to reasonable offers Currently serviced and tuned by Autotech in Hume. I've owned the car since December 2014 but I need something a little bit more practical. It's never been tracked, only used as a part-time daily driver and weekend cruiser. Car has a fully engineered RB25/30 with slightly under 30,000km's on it ( engineering paperwork will be supplied to the buyer). Currently makes 425rwkw on United E85 @25psi. Car has a flex-fuel sensor and can run any combination of E85/98. Car also has a boost controller so you can run either 14psi (wastegate pressure) or 25psi (car makes 323rwkw on 98 @14psi). The body of the car has done approximately 161,000kms and is in great condition for a car that is 22 years old. Car is clean, always garaged, washed every week and is serviced regularly, with only a couple of minor imperfections (including a small stone chip on the front bumper that was on the car when I purchased it in 2014). The inside of the car is clean and in good condition. Pictures of the car can be found at Modifications are as follows: RB25 head (ported and polished) Greddy intake manifold Camtech 274deg camshafts Tomei adjustable cam gears Tomei solid lifters Performance heavy duty valve springs Spitfire coilpacks ARP Head Studs RB30 block CP forged pistons Nitto H-beam conrods Ross harmonic balancer ARP Main Studs Garret GT3582R 6Boost steampipe top mount manifold Turbosmart pro gate 60mm wastegate (plumbed in) with 14psi spring Turbosmart Plumback blow off valve Hypertune 90mm throttlebody Front-mount intercooler with custom piping 3inch turbo-back high-flow exhaust Magnaflow dual tip rear muffler Walbro 460lph in-tank fuel pump Custom made surge tank (under car) 2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps (under car) Turbosmart adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge GReddy dual feed fuel rail ID1300cc fuel injectors Braided lines throughout Haltech Platinum Pro ECU Haltech flex-fuel sensor Haltech I/O Expander Box 3 bar map sensor O2 wideband sensor Mongoose 3-point car immobiliser and alarm Rebuilt standard gearbox Mantic custom built twin-plate clutch Lightened flywheel Short shifter Bilstein shocks (adjustable) King springs Whiteline adjustable sway bars Full front and rear suspension rebush Hicas lockout bar Rays Volk GT-7's (originally chrome, but inside piece has been plasti-dipped in dark grey) Bridgestone Potenza RE003's (265/35/18 rear, 235/45/18 front) DBA4000 rotors Bendix ultimate brake pads Car is registered in the ACT until December 2017 and can be supplied with (+$500) or without RWC. Serious buyers only. No swaps. I'm happy to take potential buyers for a drive, but I won't be offering test drives. If you want any more information about the car, I'm more than happy to help. Thanks
  21. Hi all current break set up DBA slotted rotors front and rear EBC red stuff pads front and rear HEL braided break lines front and rear Motul 600 high temp break fluid have purchased attkd front break kit 6 piston 330x32 question is do I need to do anymore modifications to the rear set up for now or can I keep it as it is car is used for track days thanks in advance
  22. Up for sale is my 96' Nissan Skyline R33 GTST S2, Ive owned it for about 1.5 years and has been a great car but time has come to sell up. When i purchased the car it had the typical basic mods such as intercooler, catback exhaust, pod filter etc. During my ownership ive added a few more mods that i will list below. As ive mentioned before the car has been very reliable although it isnt driven much these days. Car is always serviced every 5000k's by myself with Penrite 10Tenths Racing Oil (10w-40) and ryco oil filter. Comes with folder with various receipts for services/repairs done by previous owner as can be seen in the photos. Pros/Mods: - 4months Rego - NPC 10" Carbotic Button Clutch (less than 15,000 old) - HDi Intercooler with Piping - HKS Mushroom Intake Filter - 3" Custom Turbo Intake Pipe - Hypergear Hi-Flowed 21U Turbo (stock turbo highflowed) - Tomei 3" Expreme Bellmouth Dump Pipe, Custom 3" Front pipe, Nvidia RSR Catback with Nvidia RSR Muffler - Koyorad Radiator with JustJap top + bottom radiator hoses - Power FC ECU + PFC Commander handset - Z32 AirFlow Meter - Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit + NPW water pump installed less than 10,000k's ago - Ohlins Coilovers (height and dampening adjustable) - Greddy Copy Forward Facing Plenum sprayed in Wrinkle Black - Billet Perfomace Parts (BPP) Top Fuel Rail conversion kit - Bosch 1250cc Injectors - Walbro 460 (12V hardwired with relay, can be seen in photos) - Double Din Kenwood with Sub+Amp wiring in boot (Sub+Amp not included in sale) - Bose Tweeters - Near new front Potenza RE003 (235/40/17) tyres (Rears are Toyo Proxes R888 Semi's, will need replacing as a bubble has formed on sidewall) - Fully recirculating Oil Catch Can setup - Turbosmart Plumb Back Kompact Blowoff Valve - Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR800) - GTR R33 Front Seats (Very good condition) - GFB GeForce II Boost Controller - Interior Surround Sprayed in Piano Black (gloss black, can be seen in pics) - XXR 17X9.5 Fronts, 17X10.5 Rears - Nismo Gearknob with Suede shifter gaitor - Cometic Multilayered Intake Manifold Gasket + Exhuast Manifold Gasket - Aircon works perfectly - Paint is in Very good condition for its age, it is regulary washed and waxed (except for bonnet has stone chips) - Sunroof fully operational - All 4 guards rolled professionally by John The Guard Roller. Might be a few things ive forgotten but thats 98% of it, i also have most of the reciepts for the parts i have purchased. Car has been tuned to very responsive 290KW/390HP (20psi E85) at the wheels by Adam From Just Engine Management (JEM). Has 6 Boost settings: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 Car runs full time E85 (Cannot run Pump98 without retune). Cons: - Bonnet needs attention, paint isnt bad itself but has bad stone chips (can be seen in pics) - Driver side carpet has hole in it - Rear tyres need replacing - Rev Counter sometimes plays up + one led needs replacing flickers on and off. $16,000 If interested or want more pictures or info feel free to call or txt anytime on: 0449957447 - Goran Located - Sydney Reason For Sale : Puchasing a new car to replace company car as my daily as i no longer have a company car at my disposal and i cannot afford to keep both nor to use the skyline as a daily commuter. Note: No test pilots unless serious buyer and deposit taken, although i am more than happy to take you for a drive. Thanks. Tried to upload photos but keeps failing to post so photos can be seen here:
  23. Hey everyone! just bought my first JDM, a 1996 R33 GTST series II with 100,000 kms. Spent a long time searching and found this super clean example. Tein adjustable coilovers FMIC HKS boost controller KKR430 and a list of other standard bolt ons. car made 230kw on the dyno with no tune done. Will be getting it services and tuned at NAS automotive very soon! I understand I'll need an R32 ECU and a nistune to do any kind of mapping? I love it
  24. Hey guys, My 33's exhaust is getting a bit old and I'm wanting to get a new system. I'm not sure whether to get one made or to buy one of the abundances of off the shelf systems online. There are a few systems for around the $1,100 mark on RHDJapan which seem okay, however I don't mind spending more on getting something made if that is the better option. Any opinions regarding whether custom is better, or some indication of what the best off the shelf system is? Thanks in advance
  25. Just wondering here guys...what problems would a rich rb25det face.....lost of power etc?im not sure...thanks in advance