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Found 400 results

  1. Hey everyone. Thought I'd be a member as I found myself browsing this site for guidance most of the time. I drove my first car for nearly 10 years; Acura RSX (or Honda Integra to the non-US members). After these cars became legal in 2014 for the US, I devoted myself to save money. Three years later, I found a great deal that was within my budget and bought my first skyline in March 2018. Not bad for my second car ever right? Don't worry, I'm not driving it daily because soon after I sold the RSX, I picked up a third car for cheap to drive every day instead. My Skyline is a 1990 GTST Type-M. I bought the car with the exterior's paint in rough condition, but since my ownership, I did my best to restore it. Maybe I'll make a build thread some other time. Here are some photos from the day I first purchased it to how it currently looks.
  2. Howdy, long story short, I took my car for a 10 minute drive up the road and back. After not driving it for about 3 - 4 hours i decided to move it BUT when I went to crank it the fuel pump didn’t prime it made a humming noise but wasent priming. I checked fuses, ground and still no luck. Next I replaced fuel pump and fuel relay and got a electrician to do it so it’s not dodgy. The fuel pump did the same thing as the last one hummed but didn’t prime and now it isn’t even humming? What should I try next cheers
  3. Hey guys , quick question ... what would one say labour is to replace water pump & timing belt kit on r33 gtst S2 rb25 ? Hours and pricing would be most helpful
  4. So, i've had this odd noise coming from my podfilter, as in my opinion sounds like a grinding metallic noise. This isn't something new though, it has been going on since 2016. It isn't that apparent irl but you can definetely hear it on idle when standing near the engine xD. I recorded a video with my phone which managed to capture the noise really well (since it's quite high pitch). I will link a clip with the noise below. Any wise thoughts on what it could be? cheers! IMG_8820.MOV IMG_8820.MOV
  5. Brand new never usedPurchased for my track car and never ended up fitting themAlso suits Nissan Silvia S14 / S15RRP $745Take these ones for $600Pickup in Bathurst NSW or willing to include postage in Australia for the asking priceLink below to Hardrace websitehttps://www.hardracesuspension.com.au/front-adjustable-lower-control-arm-for-nissan-skyline-r33-34.html
  6. Hey Everyone, Here is my 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS25T with a full authentic Veilside bodykit! To my knowledge the car was imported into Canada with the bodykit already installed which is why I have decided to keep it on for now as a tribute in sorts to the cars history. Not many people are a fan of the kit but I personally love it and all of its uniqueness. I have found many answers to my trouble shooting problems on SAU so figured I'll sign up! Feel free to ask anything and everything about the build! Cheers!
  7. For sale. NISMO blank key. Uncut 8 Point. Box is in fair condition but in one piece. Key is in excellent as new condition. No scratchesdents marks or blemishes. Bought from Kudos Motorsport through this forum years ago before being discontinued. Price includes registered Australia Post. International buyers welcome . Pm with any questions. $550.00 including postage. Thanks. Russ.
  8. Hi. When i bought my r33 gtst in 2005,these 17’s were on there. 235/45 17’s on the front and 275’s on the back (Nice dish and fair bit of camber on the rears). Corners? Yeah,incredible. The centre caps were missing and i saw a gtr from Newcastle area which had them and the fella stopped and had a quick chat to me about them. The centre caps definitely look better missing,but,i dont know what brand the wheels are. Im wanting to sell them potentially,but dont know what they are worth. Unfortunately,their stint under the house was unkind and they need a bit of a restoration. Iv tried looking but,no success. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Bit of a rookie question boys, but do R33 GTS coilovers go on a R33 GTST? Bout to buy some and I just want to know for certain. Cheers.
  10. So I'm looking at getting some wheels for my R32 GTS-T and I want to know what I can fit under the gaurds without doing any of this stupid stretching of tyres. I'm looking to get 17x8 +32s under all corners. Is it gonna work with 235s or 245s? Gaurds already rolled of course
  11. Hey All, Any help would be much appreciated! Im new on here so im sorry if this is the wrong place I am looking at purchasing a new set of Panasport G7 c5c2, they are odd sized so im not too sure about the inner guard clearance. Fronts: 17x9 +22 Rear 17x10 +42 I have used willtheyfit.com to find out that the poke on the front is slightly more than the rear. Main questions are, will they fill the guards? and will they clear the rear coilovers? has anyone fit this sized wheel before? Can anyone also confirm the difference in guard clearance on an R32 gtst coupe? because it seems everyone likes to run staggered wheels with larger on rear? Any help on this would be awesome! Cheers, Dan
  12. hey sau, not to bad yourself? been a member here for about a year though I have not done intro or been an active member in anyway. I decided I should become more involved or at least say hi lol. I have a r33 gtst headache with the stock rb25det. been working on the car for about 3 years though it sat for 18 months at one point. my mechanical background is only 1 year as a light auto apprentice 10 years ago. I have no end plan for the 33 just fixing and learning about the platform as go. I'm from the Hawkesbury in Sydney I'm not really involved to much with jdm or any car scenes atm. anyway cheers sau you guys have definitely got me out of trouble a few times with the huge amount of info here.
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for a deep sounding exhaust for my Gtst 32, just want to know what will drone a little bit, give the rb20 a deep note to it, and not have a raspy obnoxious exhaust. Thanks
  14. Hello all, I just bought a 1991 R32 GTS-t bone stock (minus a new cat back exhaust and hks instake) two weeks ago, with no issues other than a crap hicas (getting deleted very soon). The car has started without any issue whatsoever and ran perfectly for these past two weeks until today. I was going for a drive with some friends who were on their bikes and we pulled into a gas station so they could fill up (like 5 min into the drive) and I turned the car off to wait. Went to start it and all lights and power worked, turned the key all the way to start, and nothing. Only a click from the clock area and the red hot cat light lit up a lil brighter. No starter, no starter click, just a turned key and acc (radio, toll card reader, and clock dimming) would shut off until I turned the key back to it's regular 'on' position. I had the biker boys go get a new 30A block fuse (one that goes under the hood) because it looked like it might have burnt out... 15min later and we put a new one in, turned the car on, and vroom it was all good. Went for the drive, no issues, about 30min later we stopped by the beach to take a few pictures. Turned off the car, went to start it 3min later and same issue. No starting at all, and same reset of the acc. Started looking at everything we could there, still looked good, started looking up any info on my phone and only found the classic "turns over but doesn't run". No one with my issue from what I could find. While on my phone searching, I decided "heck it, I'll try to start it again why not" and it started right up with no issues. Decided to go straight home to try to figure it out. Got home just fine and turned it off, then back on and it was fine. Turned it off and tried again but nothing, same issue as before. We checked every fuse we could find (under steering area and hood), none had any issues at all. Took off the steering area plastics to get to the ignition switch, and saw that the brown base was slightly loose, although the screw was very tight. Tried to get the screw out but no luck, so we tried starting it again and it started right up. Turned it back off and tried it again, nothing. Same issue as before. At this point I have no idea where else to look, or how to get the ignition switch out. It's a saturday right now and I have a mechanic who's really good with odd cars and I plan on bringing it to him monday. I'm open to suggestions on what to look for or try. I have yet to look at the relays by the fuses but that's the only other thing I can think of. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them because I have no idea. Battery is also new and tested good. Thank you in advance!
  15. Okay so I have a r33 NA rb25de motor/ gearbox that I’ll be putting in a turbo r33 shell and was just wondering if I can use the same loom or will I have to change it to the NA one ?
  16. Hey so we found out that the car is being flooded with gas after stalling or being driven around a lot, the plugs were soaked after testing it. So sounds like things aren't getting hot enough in the ignition system, do you think it needs new plugs and coilpacks? if so what types should I get? I've heard about people running ls1 coilpacks in the rb25
  17. After doing a 5 stud conversion + brake upgrade (r33 gtst brakes) onto my r33 gts I cant get my brake pedal to feel firm. The car used to have ABS but everything has been removed including the sensors on the calipers. I have compared my brake setup to another non abs r33 and its exactly the same so theres no reason it shouldn't work. Ive already had a mechanic look at it, tried to bleed it, but still no improvement on the brakes. Besides that I have also tried to bleed the brakes and master cylinder using the brake pedal and a hand pump vacuum bleeder. With the car not running, the first 20% of the brake pedal has play, and the last 80% of the brake pedal feeling solid as. With the car running, is literally the opposite, 80% of the brake pedal is useless and the last 20% is when the brakes stop the car although i haven't tested it at speed higher than 30km/h. Theres no leaks, every connection is tight, fresh brake fluid etc. The brake booster is also from a turbo r33 to match the turbo gtst brakes. Could the master cylinder be broken? is there a way to test if it is? the brake booster and master cylinder both worked before installing them. I read on a forum from someone who did the same brake upgrade, same car, and had to upgrade to brake booster and master cylinder cause the brake pedal always felt soft/spongy. But there was no information on the upgrades he made? Any help would be appreciated!
  18. pic1 pic2 pic3 Howdy, About 2 months ago i bought my first skyline from some guy who did alot of backyard modifications to it. I bit off way more then i can chew but i have been trying to get into cars/find myself a new hobby. Basically after i bought it i was transferring interstate to VIC and getting a rwc was a nightmare. Turbo to big, cammed, disgustingly loud , to many mods etc etc. Finally 2.8k later I got it Plugged up to quieten it down, had all its lights and such fixed,blinkers etc etc fixed. Now its in a RnR mode, Cant idle correctly, and basically needs a ECU and a tune because as far as i can see, it has an old LINK chip and a tuning cable (which plugs into a a hand controller with a serial connection,which didnt come with the car). So now im in country victory, with no tuners nearby, with a car that can barely run, and hopefully in next few months, ill save a bit more for a haltech ecu + a tune. Ive been just doing little projects on it now since ive finally got the car in my name from the road worthy. Such as swapping steering wheels, fixing the seats, trying to find cutouts and matts because boot didn't really come with a liner. If anyone has any info on nearby tuners such as ballarat or geelong (im located in warrnambool), rather then going all the way to melbourne that would be great =D. (no access to trailers etc) Any cheaper alternatives for an ecu im happy to hear. Hopefully over next few months ill get her running sweet and be good for cruises. Been hovering these forums for months just trying to learn anything i can since ive basically spent my whole life on computers. And i hope this forum and car can help me gain some new experiences, friends , and knowledge. cheers
  19. Hey guys, I'm having a large uncertainty in what brake lines to buy for my R33. I have a NA R33 Skyline, and I'm doing the classic GTST 5 stud & brake conversion. To my understanding, the hoses are different. Can anyone point me in the direction of hoses that will go straight on OR a way to get around this properly? Cheers
  20. This is my story and how I got to own my dream car. I was once a youngen and always loved playing car video games from a very young age. At that point I knew there was something about them that always made me happy. My parents always told me that they wouldn’t want to see me driving one as they’re for hoons and bogans. Well here I am. I told them I always liked skylines, there was just something about them. So as I got older I started to get more into them and getting more obsessed. I couldn’t wait until I got my license, i had the usual shitty cars just to get me through. I went to many car shows as it was getting more enjoyable and I still didn’t know a lot about them but wanted to. So after many years, at the age of 20 I bought a gts-t type m. I just wanted one. I didn’t care at the time. It was my dream to have one. I told myself that I’d give it 10 years to finish it as a project. I only said that as my family didn’t want me spending all my money on cars. Thy got over it eventually though. I had lost my license for 8 months as I just bought the r32. Waited and waited until I got it back as I just wanted to drive it for the first time. It was the best feeling to drive it. But ended up getting pulled up on the second drive. Didn’t know a whole lot about modifying at the time. But I wanted to do crazy stuff to it. So after some thinking, I left my shitty job to find something better and get more money. I did, I worked at a car wash for a year and a half. The first 2 months I was there I bought a body kit for my car.
  21. Hi! Has anyone tried replacing the hicas computer between a r33 gtr and r33 gtst before and knows if this works? Gtst art: 2850519U10 Gtr art: 2850524U10 The reason for this is that my powersteering goes heavy from time to time, and recently stoped working fully. I did try to fix my old unit without succes. (gtst) I now have a second hand hicasbox from a R33 gtr. The units look exactly the same on the outside with identical pin connections, but Inside it looks alot diffirent! For example, In the gtst box there are 2 circuit boards, in the gtr it's only 1 etc..😅 I'm just want to retain the powersteering function! as my Hicas steering is removed.
  22. Hey SAU members! im currently looking for a Nissan Skyline R33 gtst sliver (WHOLE CAR) with RWC/REGO, preferrably stock, less than 150k km's and willing to spean up to $7k please post your r33 skylines here if you are interested in selling! msg or call, 0423 932 035 for Oj
  23. Hi, As topic states, I'm in need of a used front mount intercooler kit to suit rb20 / rb25. can be a cheap china hybrid style one. I don't care, as long as it doesn't leak or is too badly damaged. I'll also accept just the pipe kit as I have a core sitting around. It's going on my r32 gtst drifter, so the cheaper the better! Pick up sydney or will pay for post
  24. Hi All, I have the following items for sale: Altstar rims (18x8+32 and 18x9+35) w/ TOYO Proxes 4's tyres (18/45/235 - 2 are worn other 2 have 70%) - $200 2 rims have a bit of gutter rash APEXi boost gauge (blue ilumination) - $50 R32 suspension (Front - bilstein coilovers, rear - stock) all with King springs super lows (KDRL-102) - $150 NOTE: bought this set of suspension second hand 2 years ago but never used them, look to be in poor condition with cracked rubber, I don't know much about the them. R32 coilpack loom (no broken clips) - $50 R32 front rotors & calipers - $120 R34 GTT engine cover w/ bracket - $40 Located St Albans, Melbourne. Cheers, Jason
  25. bought the car, 1998 R33 gtst 40th anniversary series 2 or 3 i dont know, debatable, anyways, drove for a month, no dramas, one day lose boost and power so crawl 2km home whilst making ungodly bloody grinding noise, figured i blew turbo, so, bought a stock r34 turbo, installed it, topped up water and it was back to its old beastly self, infact running and sounding brilliant, so i kinda guessed problem solved right? wrong!! 2 days later, same situation, just putting along, not giving it balls, all of a sudden, loses boost and power again, same as before, did i do something wrong?? is there a blockage in the oil line? was it just a crappy used turbo at the end of its life?? split hoses have been replaced i dont know what else to do, buy another turbo and blow out the engine line with an air compressor?? kinda stumped any advice would be ace, cheers
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