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  1. Willing to post at buyers expense RB20 Silver top Valve/Cam covers + Coil Cover - $130 ono RB25 Turbo 45V1 with factory lines $250 ono 2x RB20/25 Dump Pipe $50 ono Denso 550cc Top Feed injectors with plugs $350 ono Genuine Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket to suit Nissan Skyline GTR - RB26DETT - NIS-14035-05U10 - New $40 ono Tomei Metal Intake Manifold Gasket - Nissan GTR & Stagea 260RS (RB26DETT) - New $80 ono Factory Valve Spring Retainers - used $50 ono Performance Springs RB26 - Used $120 ono Brian Crower RB26 valve springs - Opened, Never Fitted $220 ono Genuine Nissan Intake Manifold Gasket to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GTS / GTS-4 / GTS-t - RB20DE & RB20DET - NIS-14035-72L11 - $20 Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Kit (NSK-7056HD) to suit Nissan Skyline HR31 (JDM), R32 GTS-4 / GTS-t & R33 GTS25-t - RB20DET & RB25DET - New $380 ono Exedy Lightweight Flywheel (NF01) to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GTR / GTS-4 / GTS-t, R33 GTR / GTS25 / GTS25-t / GTS-4, R34 25GT / 25GT-4 / 25GT-t & Stagea WGNC34 260RS / RS-Four S - New $540 ono RB26 Fuel rail with NISMO Adjustable fuel reg $150 RB20 Ruel Rail $20
  2. RB20 Turbo selection (twinscroll housing advice) Hey all, To start, this is not going to be another "i just bought my mates R32 and it had stock turbo can you plz reccomend an ebay turbo for 300kw maxx plz thanks". I started this topic because i couldn't find anyone or anything on this forum close to what i want even after searching and reading the whole "RB20 turbo upgrade" thread. The basic info/Supporting mods > Completely standard RB20DET Silvertop (with the possibility of doing valve springs) > NIStune with flexfuel setup > ID1000's > 3" straight through exhaust > 45mm divided turbosmart hypergate > RB26 inlet manifold including ITB's > Hypertune FMIC > Gibson Motorsport GTS-R T3 twinscroll exhaust manifold This is in an S15 that will be my (secondary) daily and 90% drift 10% circuit car. My goal is to make a minimum of 230ish kw on 98 octane fuel, while keeping everything as responsive as possible. Yes i know that responsive and RB20 don't belong in the same sentence and i know that it's never going to happen, but anyway. There is plenty of results all over the net for highflows/GT2871/TD06 in 18 and 20G formats, but these are all using either the stock manifold or various brands of high/low mount open T3 manifolds and standard intake piping with generic intercoolers and long piping. Basically nobody as far as i can tell has ever gone to the lengths that i have to give the RB20 as much of a fighting chance at making some decent power as early as possible. So my question is what turbo setup should i use. Keeping note that any turbo i will run will have a twinscroll manifold and twinscroll rear housing to try and keep as much response as possible. I can use something like a GTX2860/63/67/71 or bump up a frame size to a GTX3067 (Note: 67 no 76). Originally i had canned the GT28 series idea because i was under the impression that there wasn't any twinscroll T3 housings available for GT28's so i had basically accepted that i was going to have to run a GT30. But i found that ATP have this housing available that is exactly what i need. So now knowing that i am back to the drawing board to try and decide what best suits my application. Things of note, 220-230kw minimum on 98 octane would be ideal, but i will be running E85 and a 45mm turbosmart hypergate off the exhaust manifold and i am happy to run big boost (20-25psi) on ethanol to make some decent numbers. Hopefully the 45mm gate should relieve some pressure on the turbo if i decide to go with a GT28 based setup. GTX2860/63/67 with twinscroll T3 .82 A/R housing or GTX3067 with twinscroll .83 A/R housing. Hopefully someone like Lithium/disco/darren can chime in and give me some insight into roughly what power these turbos are capable of on an RB20 that has been given every chance haha. Thanks (INB4 why the fark is some idiot wasting his time and money on an RB20)
  3. Hello! I've been trying to look for a clear answer regarding rb clutches. I've read that NA Clutch Discs are smaller than the turbo version. So as the clutch cover bolts. I'm trying to look for a clutch kit and a lighter flywheel for my rb20de HR34. I hope someone can enlighten me. I'm a bit confused.
  4. Looking for what actually classifies an R32 as being an M Spec? I've been told mine is but I'm not sure? All they're going off of is that it has blue dash clusters? For reference it's a 32 sedan, factory 20de manual.
  5. selling my 1992 r32 skyline, need the cash to travel and moving to a island when i get back so no real point keeping it, although it will be missed. its had a bit of work done to it nothing internal all bolt ons but still goes alright with a super clean look to it. Just finished putting in a imported engine, still rb20 but only done 110,000 on the engine itself the car has (will put up tomorrow) but haven't had anything major happen to it other than the alternator which is now a rb25. bit of damage on drivers door from a hit and run was so devastated when i found what had happened. i'll cut it sort to what mods it has and cons. rego: KKR 430 turbo turbosmart eboost2 blitz ecu chip simens injectors billet twin feed fuel rail saed fuel reg. HD full faced clutch NPC lightened flywheel intercooler trust BOV upgraded fuel pump splitfire coil packs exhaust HID lights oil cache remote start ( gets lots of attention haha) viper car alarm and central locking k&n pod filter and body kit with pearl flec paint job sound system with dvd screen nismo interior short shifter switch to isolate BOV to switch to flutter lowered 18" rims tint list goes on but these are the mains. have a full folder full of receipts. cons: pearl flec has a little de-lamination happening mainly on the bonnet and boot drivers door from hit and run front kit is a little how you going but still looks ok needs new break pads but should be right for a while all are shown in photos great clean looking car really don't want to sell it to go to a beat up old camry haha but needs to be done ************will upload a bit more info tommorrow and day pic's ************** $6500 ono give me a call or tx for viewing or if you want any more information on 0423456426 cheers, Kieran.
  6. Hi guys, I have a new Whiteline 27mm SOLID 3 point ADJUSTABLE front swaybar, made to suit SR S13 Silvia or 180sx with an RB conversion. (Possibly suit others) Whiteline part code 'BNF43Z' Comes with all fitting hardware, bolts, d bushes, all as originally packaged. Some scrapes on the silver paint from a test fit. S14 swaybar in below pic not included. http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail...;sans_vehicle=1 RRP: $329.00, Sell for $250.00 Pickup from Port Melbourne or Bundoora (after hours)
  7. Hey everyone, I am wrecking a S2 R33 GTS T so have a whole heap of spare parts ready to go! Check out this list below for parts and prices, if there is anything that you need but don't see here then just ask. I may have it. R33 S2 Rear cradle inc drive shaft/brakes/cables $200 S2 R33 Doors $150 each S2 R33 Boot with spoiler and hinges $200 S2 R33 Bonnet $300 S2 R33 Front Seats $80 S2 R33 Rear seats $35 R33 Rear Bumper $100 R33 Stock Cooler $80 R33 Front Rio $50 R33 RHF Guard $100 S2 R33 RH Side Skirt $50 S2 R33 Door trims $20 R33 Switch pack rits $50 RB25DET Ignition coils & Plugs $100 R33 RHF Fog Light/Indicator $100 Seatbelts $50 RB Radiator $20 S2 R33 Headlight $400 pair S2 R33 Grill, Skyline Plate $30 S2 R33 Centre Console $30 S2 R33 Tail lights $500 pair S2 R33 Washer Bottle $20 S2 R33 Coolant overflow $20 S2 R33 Rear pods $80 pair S2 R33 Glove Box $30 S2 R33 Boot insert $30 S2 R33 Speedo $50 S2 R33 Centre Dash $50 S2 R33 Dash Surround $50 S2 R33 Windscreen Wipers $30 S2 R33 Suspension $100 S2 R33 RH Control arms – Upper & Lower $100 S2 R33 Rear steering rack $50 S2 R33 Rear Strut $50 S2 R33 Door Inserts $50 S2 R33 Parcel Tray $50 S2 R33 Air box $150 S2 R33 Break Booster $50 S2 R33 Hand brake $40 S2 R33 Clutch slave & Pedal Box $50 S2 R33 Front Steering rack $50 S2 R33 Front Cradle $100 S2 R33 Sway Bar & connection part $70 R32 R32 Diff $300 R32 Front Brakes and vertical link $200 RB20DET Engine no loom $400 Rb20DET Gear Box $200 All prices are negotiable, make an offer. Need these parts gone! Cheers, Leong 0401 526 517 [email protected]
  8. Item: R32 Cusco D1 6 point full cage including side intrusions. Resprayed in Cusco blue(except for 1 bar too show authenticity) Cond: Excellent, couple of scratches on side intrusions. Reason for sale: Going weld in. Location: Melbourne, may ship at buyers expense Price: $1400ono Item: whiteline 24mm adjustable R32 gtst front sway bar Cond: good, perfect working order. Reason for sale: not needed Location: Melbourne Price: $200 ono Item: r32 gtst turbo injectors Cond: good, working order. Reason for sale: not needed Location: Melbourne Price: $50 Item: Blitz Pod Filter Cond: Good Reason: air box location: melb price: $50 Item: Turbosmart plumb back bov for sr/ca i think Cond: excellent Reason: no bov location: melb price: $50 Item: rb 20 gearbox blown 3rd Cond: blown 3rd, seperated. Reason: blown location: melb price: $50ono please msg my mobile 0407 056 817... i have uploaded a few pics, if u want more just msg me.
  9. Have for sale the following items. All brand new and unused Kinugawa td-06 20g turbo Brand new never used with braided lines kit 5 bolt rear flange to suit sr $600 Plazmaman plenum and throttle body Brand new never used with bag of fittings and hose Both painted in stealth black (from plazmaman) Plenum to suit rb20 and throttle body universal (66mm) Not willing to seperate at the moment Retail for $1290 with the optional paint $1000 together R32 gtr cf coated fibreglass grille Brand new and unused also $80 PM or SMS on 0450155405 Cheers Ryan
  10. Item: whiteline 24mm adjustable R32 gtst front sway bar Cond: good, perfect working order. Reason for sale: not needed Location: Melbourne Price: $200 ono Item: rb20det Clutch Exedy HD Button Cond: excellent, used about 500 k's Reason for sale: new motor/box combo. Location: Melbourne Price: $300 Item: hks pod filter, brand new in box Cond: brand new. Reason for sale: not needed Location: Melbourne Price: $50 Item: Uras Super Kyoshu Rear drum brake shoes for r32, r33, etc Cond: brand new in box Reason for sale: not needed Location: Melbourne Price: $220 Item: r32 gtst turbo injectors Cond: good, working order. Reason for sale: not needed Location: Melbourne Price: $50 please msg my mobile 0407 056 817... i have uploaded a few pics, if u want more just msg me.
  11. After a flywheel to suit a rb20 or rb25, don't care if it needs machining. Can pick up in Melbourne. Cheers
  12. hey guys ive started to modify my rb20 finally with the following mods: turboback exhaust, front mount, pod filter, walbro 255 fuel pump, rb25 turbo, yellow jacket coil packs, boost controller, soon coming are injectors (mainly because new means they're running at 100%) and a nistune along with 14psi boost, was wondering if i needed any more mods for this stage of power (around 200rwkw) such as z32 AFM, anything else i cant thing of at the moment thanks
  13. WTB: RB20DET stock ecu's, preferably unopened message me with a pic of the cover ( so i can ensure it’s the correct part number) price and location 0425896150
  14. My aircon compressor is almost dead and needs to be replaced soon. My mate has a rb25de aircon compressor that came off a stagea. And im wondering if the rb25de air con compressor will bolt right up to my rb20det aircon bracket. I know the aircon lines will not bolt up. I will have to make custom lines for this. I would like to use a rb25 aircon compressor as it uses r134 gas opposed to the r12 the rb20. i know few shops can do a convertion but as i know the r134 operates at a higher psi compared to the rb20 r12 and will likely stress out the old rb20 aircon compressor. If anybody has replaced their rb20 aircon compressor using a rb25 (r33 or r34 neo or stagea) kindly give me some help of information how to do this. Pictures if any would be of great help. Thanks in advance people!
  15. so my skyline is sounding like a wrx, ive already researched on the topic and ive so far replaced the coil packs with brand new yellow jacket ones and new spark plugs, when the car is cold started it sounds normal but after a few minutes of driving the sound appears, it used to appear and leave whilst driving but recently it doesnt leave at all and just continues until the car is turned off and on again, any suggestions??
  16. wanting to change my spark plugs on my 32, wondering what would be the best option, its got minor mods running 12psi
  17. Is anyone else here straight piped? Yesterday while cruising at like 3.5k rpm for bout half a mile or so I came to a res light and saw a little bit of smoke from the tail pipe and it had a burn like smell for a split second. Then today I checked rear view mirror after giving some throttle from a res light and saw a little bit of smoke too. This hardly ever happens. Just wondering if it’s a no cat kinda ordeal. My ford is straight piped as well but I haven’t driven it in half a year due to an electrical issue.
  18. YELLOW JACKETS LS/LQ9/D585 COIL PACK CONVERSION KITS - R32 GTR GTST R33 GTST GTR We are proud to offer Skylines Australia complete LQ9/D585 coil pack conversion kits suitable for: R32 GTST - RB20DET R32 GTR RB26DETT R33 GTST RB25DET (SERIES 1 & 2) R33 GTR RB26DETT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COIL PACK FEATURES: • Increased Ignition Performance • Improved Combustion • Improved throttle response and smoothness • No spark blowout at higher boost • Improved fuel economy • Comes with rubber mounting boots and springs • Solid construction • Comes in a complete set to suit your vehicle type • 2 Year Warranty • Manufactured with Components from GE (USA), BASF (Germany) and Epoxy Resins from Switzerland • Australian owned family company • Individually checked and carefully packed and shipped quickly from within Australia • 100% genuine product. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOUNTING BRACKET FEATURES: • STEALTH BLACK PREMIUM FINISH TO COMPLIMENT YOUR ENGINE BAY • SOLID & LIGHT WEIGHT ALLOY CONSTRUCTION • "YJ" LOGO STAMPED ON BRACKET FOR AUTHENTICITY • BRACKET CAN BE MOUNTED UPSIDE DOWN TO HIDE LOGO IF REQUIRED • COMES WITH QUALITY MOUNTING HARDWARE • DIRECT FIT • 2 YEAR WARRANTY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COIL PACK LOOM FEATURES: The Wiring Specialties LS2/LQ9 coil pack sub harnesses are plug and play to the OEM harness. This makes the installation very simple and makes more power instantly. • Brand NEW Construction • High Temp Nylon looming with adhesive shrink tubing • High Temp wire (280 degrees) • OEM connector specs (no cheap aftermarket connectors that fall apart) • Designed for a factory-like installation • OEM connections and 'T' junctions. No soldered connections at all • Fully tested after production for an easy plug-and-play replacement • No additional wiring is needed • Harness eliminates the ignition chip (where applicable) • Allows for LS coil mounting in the OEM coil location, atop the valve cover, or along the firewall (coils must be mounted sequentially) • Made in USA • Local Warranty --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRICES: COMPLETE KIT (COILS, LOOM & BRACKET) - $780.00 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. COILS ONLY (NO LOOM, NO BRACKET) - $420.00 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. BRACKET ONLY (NO LOOM, NO COILS) - $180.00 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. LOOM ONLY (NO COILS, NO BRACKET) - $250 DELIVERED AUSTRALIA WIDE. Please PM or contact us if you have any questions regarding these items. Cheers, Paul. www.performance-wise.com www.performance-wise.net www.yellowjacketscoilpacks.com
  19. Rb20 random rpm drop and die Hi guys have been having a little gremlin lately with my gts4. Find at random when car is in neutral and coasting to a light my rpm will drop low and cause the car to die, I have also had it happen while sitting at light not moving idling fine at 1k then rpms start to drop, sometimes it chatches itself and revs jump to ~1200 other times it dies. Each time it does whether coasting or just idling it starts right back up like there was no issue. Drives fine 95% of the time though. I have idle set to 1k currently, have pulled IACV and cleaned that and adjusted the spring 1.5 turns tighter.
  20. Wanted: RB20 Coil Pack Loom After a standard RB20 coil pack loom. PM if you have one available. Thanks
  21. Where do I run my coolant return line? I've made a quick little sketch that shows what I'm planning on doing with my coolant feed and return line on my Rb25det. There are 2 positions where coolant can go back: 1 and 3. Number 2 is my coolant feed line. I'm planning on blocking my front coolant return line #1 and using the return on the block #3. So the coolant feed will go to the turbo and then it will flow downwards into the block. Is this okay to do? Will it cause overhearing or am I good to go?
  22. From the album: TurboX's Pix - Orig SAUVIC #55

    Gregs Nissan HR32 Skyline GT-S4 AWD Automatic RB20DET Turbo MODS -Home built Air Bleed for Coolant aeration relief

    © www.TurboClub.com

  23. Howdy, long story short, I took my car for a 10 minute drive up the road and back. After not driving it for about 3 - 4 hours i decided to move it BUT when I went to crank it the fuel pump didn’t prime it made a humming noise but wasent priming. I checked fuses, ground and still no luck. Next I replaced fuel pump and fuel relay and got a electrician to do it so it’s not dodgy. The fuel pump did the same thing as the last one hummed but didn’t prime and now it isn’t even humming? What should I try next cheers
  24. Hi, I'm after a RB20 5 speed gearbox working or not working condition. I'm in Melbourne, Victoria. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  25. Located VIC 3978. $9500. Price negotiable. Selling due to need for 4x4 for work related reasons and to be completely honest, all the car needs is a financially stable owner. Due to a string of bad luck I've been unable to maintain employment for more than ~ 4 months at a time since purchasing the vehicle. More pics @ instagram.com/cevlol 1993 Series 2 GTS4 sedan, white. Engine: 152xxx K's (speedo swapped out, original one f**ked). Fairly stock RB20DET Turbosmart boost controller. Remapped stock ECU. 42mm Alloy Radiator. Custom FMIC w/ Ford core, shorter piping, more spool w/ brand new Proflow joiners + brand new hose clamps. No BOV, can plumb one in with silicone T piece for RWC. New water pump less than 7k's old. Full 3" turbo back w/ 3" dump/front pipe, stainless steel exhaust w/ high-flow cat & rear oval muffler. Note is 1hunnid. Brand new genuine Nissan oil filter, less than 1000k's ago. Brand new Motul Chrono Ether 300V 10W40 motor oil, doesn't need to be replaced for 9,000k's. Brand new BCPR6ES plugs, less than 1000k's ago. Interior: Brand new R34 V-Spec Aluminium Pedal set. Brand new Superior Auto Creative Carbon shift & handbrake boots. Brand new Nissan shift knob. Factory Series 2 GTST/GTS4 seats in very good condition. Factory GTST/GTS4 steering wheel. Exterior: Brand new R32 GTR N1 front bar w/ eBay FRP vents. Brand new R32 GTR N1 front reo. Brand new Bosch Aerotwin Flat Wiper Blades. VGC genuine R32 GTR front lip, could use respray but otherwise perfect cond.Average condition R32 GTR wing FRP, minor hole one side. Driveline: R32 GTR rear shocks. R32 GTS4 factory shocks. HICAS lock bar / eliminator kit. NISMO strut brace. Brand new Exedy HD Organic clutch, freshly machined stock flywheel, less than 1000k's old. Penrite full synth in box atm. ATF in transfer case/ATTESSA. Custom 4WD/RWD toggle switch for sliding fun, don't use it often to be honest. Car stays in 4WD most of time. Brand new Nismo R32 GTR slave cylinder. Brand new HFM R32 master cylinder. 40% RWC tyres on R33 stockies. Misc: $1000 alarm system. Remote central locking, immobilizer + alarm. Receipts from myself + last two owners. High level brake light fitted to clear RWC fault as GTR wing is aftermarket. Headlight loom completely rewired, no f**k arounds. H1/H3 combo w/ T10 parkers. $3000 worth of sound gear, including Dynamat throughout. Can remove/include for adaptive pricing. Bad: Needs respray imho. White is 326 Crystal White but rough on quarter panels (in touch up paint atm, still very nice looking). Bonnet clear is well, peeling. 2nd gear very minor crunch. Could benefit from Redline treatment. Input shaft bearing noise when clutch not pressed, goes away after 5 min drive. Very common issue that does not affect performance. More pics @ instagram.com/cevlol Reply here and/or email: [email protected] Mobile outta order atm, changing carrier. No swaps, unless you have a dope D22 Nav w/ 150k's or less (friend's selling me his for $9k).
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