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Found 191 results

  1. Hi guys, wondering if anyone knows any reputable places in Melbourne that would be able to fit an alarm system/immobiliser/gps tracking in my 34? Had a look through some other threads and couldn't find any that give names of places in vic. Thanks
  2. Hi. I'm interested in hiring a GTR for wedding day. Please reach out to me if you're available in December and have a GTR in Melbourne. Preferably an R34 GTR.
  3. Help finding R31 dif Newbie Rob trying to find any R31 dif complete no rotors been looking for two months any help in right direction would be much appreciated cheers Rob
  4. DRIFT X Calder Park - December 2nd 3rd Hey lads, Just wondering if anyone here is heading to the VDC Drift X at Calder Park Melbourne December 2nd 3rd.
  5. Skyline V36 coupe coilovers Hey Guys I own a 10 v36 coupe, i want to lower it because its sitting like hilux at the moment i approximately want to drop it 5cm at the front and 2.5cm at the rear i can't find springs for that exact height so my next best options is coilovers but i don't really want it to effect the comfort because its quite smooth whilst driving at the moment, and i also don't want to spend to much aswell, so if anyone can recommend me some coilovers that are a good price and good comfort or what other options i have? I would greatly appreciate thanks
  6. Workshop near St Kilda for general maintenance/fixes? Hey guys, tried posting in the workshop thread but I don't think anyone looks there anymore. After a workshop in/around St Kilda area to do some general maintenance/repairs to my C34 Stag. Got a newborn due in a couple weeks and ran out of time to do it myself, need the car reliable again before she arrives. Needs brake booster replaced (should I get it on ebay first?), fluids done, the usual "I've ignored this crap for way too long and just been having fun" stuff, and a general check-over before trusting it to family duties. Asked a local mechanic down the road and he said he doesn't touch imports. No idea why. I'm not to keen to drive it too far with brakes spongy, so something close would be awesome. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys, Looking for a place in Melbourne that can respray my front and rear bar, and possibly a couple of other parts that I am looking to get. Not too fussed about location if they can do a decent job without charging an arm and a leg, but would prefer West of Melbourne. Thanks!
  8. Pre-purchase vehicle inspections - recommendations? Hey guys, can anyone recommend any trustworthy workshops that can perform a used-vehicle mechanical inspection- compression testing etc. Skyline expertise much preferred! Would also be interested in anyone that can do paint depth checks to determine any accident history. Looking at BNR32s and wanting to be very thorough before purchasing as i've been watching the prices skyrocket over the past six years since I've last been on here. We all know an honest one is getting harder and harder to find Appreciate the help guys!
  9. Tuners in Melbourne Hey guys I'm looking to get my GTT nistuned, and I've more or less settled on going to Chasers Motorworks in West Melbourne. They've been a great help and very informative with all my questions via emails. Just looking get a second opinion before I make my final decision, so if anyone has brought their car there please let me know your personal experiences! Cheers
  10. WTB - R33 GTR front bar and ser 3 lip Looking for a r33 GTR front bar and ser 3 lip
  11. WTB in VIC - R34 L/H Headlight and Black R34 L/H Front Quarter panel as seen in the title I'm looking for a Left hand side Headlight and a black left hand side front quarter panel for a r34 in melbourne
  12. Redline oils and the Oil Store Thought these guys deserve a mention. Gary at the Oil Store went out of his way to get me some Redline Lightweight Shockproof. Looking at their website they service Melbourne and I am happy with the price and they courier. comes in under the Oil Store prices but sometimes I prefer to pay for bricks, mortar and service! Cheers
  13. Standard R32 GTR Suspension Have a set of standard suspension to suit 32 GTR. Good condition no leaks. Only melbourne pick up available. $200 Ono
  14. 33 GTR Bonnet Have a 33 GTR bonnet for sale. Bonnet has had slight repairs on two edges so will need painting (had this as a spare however no longer needed). Looking for $500 ono Located in SE Melbourne Vic buyers only.
  15. As stated, looking for a cluster in working condition showing approx. 120,000 - 130,000kms. Currently undergoing an engine/trans swap & car its going in has a faulty cluster where the speedo & odometer doesnt work. Not sure if different but needs to suit series 1.5 with hicas & airbag wiring.
  16. Hi guys, long time lurker, finally decided to make an account coz I need a bit of help. I was involved in an accident yesterday around the corner from my home. I stopped mid way across the oncoming lane in a right turn T - intersection to let a hesitant elderly pedestrian through and another driver somehow didn't see me from 200m away to brake in time and slammed into my front left. Damage looks pretty bad but I'm hoping it can be repaired. I've only got third party insurance and at this point of time, the police reckon its my fault even though I explained its a 50km/h zone and I had to stop to wave the hesitant pedestrian through. I'm after someone reliable and honest to work on my car to fix it up. Hopefully someone who won't overcharge on parts and labour since money is tight. I live in the northern suburbs so something close would be good however honesty on pricing is main thing. Can SAU please recommend someone? I've attached picture of the damage in case someone on here can give me a rough estimate on pricing, etc.
  17. Team IMPUL NS-GT 18' lightweight racing wheels. $1200 ONO 2 air valves on each wheel, as per used in JGTC (SuperGT). 18x9 +38 all round. FAQ: Q: Do they come with tyres? A: Nope, they're bare naked. Q: Will they fir a GTR? A: The offset means they'll sit inside the flared guards. They'll fit, but I wouldn't recommend it, as it'll look odd having the guards about 16mm wider than the tyres. Q: What happened to the decals on one of the rims? A: Did you know that an industrial high pressure cleaner is brilliant at cleaning rims? I did. Did you know it's powerful enough to sheer off the decals? I didn't. Not my brightest moment. Only one decal is missing. It may be possible to replace, but am not sure. Q: Will they fit on my car? A: They should suit 200sx, skyline gtst/gtt, and FDs. If you're unsure, look at your tyre placard and see if the offset matches. Q: One looks pretty banged up. A: The ones in the front are the worst ones. The back ones are pretty clean. I'd rather you see the condition before coming out and taking a look. Q: How many extra KW are these worth? A: Well, if I had to put a figure on it, somewhere between zero and a million. Q: Will you trade for a playstation of dubious ownership and a subway card with almost all the stamps on it? A: While I'm sure these are incredibly valuable items, no, I'm not after trades. Q: They are certainly a sweet set of rims. Why are you selling them? A: Usual story. Bought them, bought a house, had a baby, and now have no time for Mistress Skyline. Q: I'll give you $20. A: Interesting offer, let me get back to you as soon as I finish my "Will rent out posterior for pocket change" sign. Q: Where are you? A: Mitcham, Melbourne, Victoria. Between Box Hill and Ringwood, just off the freeway. Prefer pickup. Q: Will you post them? A: I'd rather not, but if you're willing to organise the freight, I'll do my bit from my end. Q: Do you take cards? A: Cold hard cash is preferred. Bank deposit if necessary. Q: Do you ship overseas? A: No. I don't have any dead millionaire relatives, or a prize in the Equatorial Guiniea powerball either. Q: Can you drop them off to me in a remote oil platform in the middle of Bass Straight? A: Unlikely. If you're nearby, maybe I can work something out, I may even be able to meet you half way if really necessary, but would prefer to sell from home. Wifey is hard to convince when I skip out on putting the little one to bed, as it is a bit of a task at the moment. Q: Are they legit? A: Purchased right here on this very forum from an SAU member who imported them themselves. Yes, they are the real deal. Any queries, feel free to message me here.
  18. Merging my various for sale threads into one, here goes: 1. For sale a full set of 6 Yellow Jacket coil packs to suit R34 GTT, GT, and Stageas with RB25DE/T Neo – $150 2. For sale an R34 GTT coupe steering rack with around 80,000kms on it, off a 1998 car. – $90 3. For sale used leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares – $50 4. For sale R34/R33 transmission parts – $100 See below for details. All parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up preferred. --- 1. For sale a full set of 6 Yellow Jacket coil packs to suit R34 GTT, GT, and Stageas with RB25DE/T Neo. The Yellow Jackets were installed in late 2010 and have about 45k on them. These coil packs are not new or perfect, but run ok. I reckon these would suit a low boost car fine (I'm running 20psi+). Reason for sale is changing over to Splitfires. Full disclosure: I've always had a niggly misfire in the car - hiccups on idle - and looks like it's still there with the new Splitfires too, maybe a touch better, go figure.. The resistance values are 1.53, 1.54, 1.51, 1.57, 1.54 and 1.57 so it's a very even set. Asking $150 ono – a new set is of Yellow Jackets $400 shipped. Melbourne inner north, pickup preferred. Can post at buyer's expense. PM if interested, cheers. --- 2. For sale an R34 GTT coupe steering rack with around 80,000kms on it, off a 1998 car. Decent condition, see photos below. All dust boots are in good nic and there's very little play in the rack ends so should be good for spares, too. I bought this off another forum member but it wouldn't bolt up in my R34 GTT 4door, so there must be a difference between the coupe and the sedan? You're welcome to take any measurements before purchasing. Asking $90 ono. Pick up only due to size, inner Melbourne. --- 3. For sale used leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares Things to note: Hose lengths are 115cm and 135cm This is heavy duty braided hose about ~25mm outer diameter The AN10 hose fittings for each hose are 90 degree elbow at one end and a straight one at the other. The fittings need a good clean. Caveat emptor: These hoses leak at the straight end, so you'll need to replace those two crimped hose end fittings. Standard Speedflow etc. AN10 fittings won't do because this hose OD is larger than the Speedflow AN10 hose. Not worth much so let's try $50? Pick up only, Melbourne inner north. Note: The photo above is of the whole oil cooler kit, new – this ad is for used hoses only --- 4. For sale R34/R33 transmission parts RB25DET manual transmission parts: $50 - R33 Series 2 fuse box to gearbox wiring loom $40 - R33 GTS-t manual coupe tail shaft rear part $20 - R34 turbo gearbox clutch fork (pull type) RB25DET automatic transmission parts: $25 - R34 GTT auto brake pedal $40 - R34 GTT auto sedan tail shaft front part Or $100 for the lot of trans parts. --- Notes: All prices ono and all parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up preferred. Only items specifically listed above are available, there are some in the photos that are gone This is a replacement thread for
  19. R33 grill, colour is dark metallic silver but I'm unsure of the correct paint code. Missing 2 clips on back but still sits well, can be cable tied to make it sit more firm. $55 pickup or $70 posted aus wide. Bov with extra items Good working order, sounds good at high boost. Comes with extra hose to run to manifold & still have a little left over to do other hoses if you wanted. $65 pickup or $70 posted aus wide
  20. Reg model #PF999108 600-900HP -8 3 port efi. Has been used for approx 8,000kms Located in Melbourne Chasing $150 ono
  21. Hey all! Selling some parts to fund another engine.. The Nismo Grill is in good condition, currently painted black to match car. Mesh is intact. Nismo badge is located in the center of the mesh on grill, most other Nismo emblems are off to the side. Hard to find & looks pretty good. As i do mainly hwy driving, i'd rather sell it before it gets wrecked or something. $270ono posted around Australia The turbo Rb25det series 1 turbo in good condition & is pretty clean, comes with lines. Bought to change over with my turbo around 4 months ago but never got around to doing so before the engine died. Discovered the previous owner had gotten two threads stuck in the exhaust flange/housing part, so would need to be removed to install properly. Due to this, i will be selling the turbo for $180ono. Paid $240 few months back, need to sell. Any questions/more pictures just pm thru to me Thanks,
  22. - looking for a decently priced r32 gtst - preferably around melbourne - no rust - no major accidents - decently looked after exterior/interior PM me if there is anything you want to part with.
  23. WTB: R32 GTR Spoiler Preferably black Melbourne, Vermont
  24. Hi Guys, I'm looking at an R32 GTR for sale in Glenroy VIC. Is their anyone down that area that you guys could recommend to have a look over the car and provide a decent report of the mechanical condition of the car? Anyone on here with enough experience could also be valued. Many Thanks, Tom
  25. Hi, I have a 1990 R32 Gtst, 5 speed manual for sale. Asking $3k and take it away. The only reason for selling the car is that I need some space in the garage and I don't have the time to complete the car. The car runs well and is 90% standard. It would be perfect for someone looking for a project or even just for parting out. I've owned the car since 2006. It has approx 184,000km's on the dial. The car has been meticulously cared for. It has only been driven twice in the last 18 months but is started regularly. The car is currently in primer with some of the rear interior trims removed, otherwise the car is complete and runs perfectly. I've got a spare straight through exhaust for the car in addition to the exhaust already fitted. Car is currently unregistered so collection of the vehicle would need to be on a temporary permit or picked up on a flatbed. Located in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. Cheers.