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  1. I've got an RB25DE Neo and was wondering if this noise is normal? I've never noticed it before. Snapchat-671110146.mp4
  2. Hey all I can't take it anymore with the issue and its time for DIY and learn and save $$$. I drive a r34 4door rb25de neo manual Firstly i would like to say last year before the end of November i bought new spark plugs and had them replaced because the rocket cover gasket needed to be replace so might as well change of the spark plugs as well. With this change the car has been running perfectly without a beat until last week. I have been noticing the car was causing some issues after roughly 10-15minutes of driving from cold start, it was coughing and losing power, it took a bit to notice but then become a lot more noticeable during cold starts and honestly felt like it was misfiring. After some time driving and the tempt reaches normal the engine runs smoothly and no misfire at all. So here it is, I would like to know how can i go on and diagnose the problem and try and fix it, without having the diagnostic tools and electronics. From reading through different posts, the most common places to check are the spark plugs and the coil packs, that is all i know. I do not own a lot of tools as well if it comes down to having something really specific to fix it. (I do have a torque wrench lol)
  3. Hello everyone so I have a question about the rb25 engine. So in my skyline r34 gtt I have the rb25de neo engine but I want to get it turbocharged. What parts will I need to get for it to work properly?
  4. Hey everyone ive had a look through all the post and i cant seem to find anything that helps my problem out. Ive got a R33 GTST was a rolling shell and i had a spare rb25de motor laying around so i chucked em together and since the skyline is a series 2 body and the motor WAS a series 1 i had untold problems trying to get it to start. So next move was to convert the motor to series2, NEW: Throttlebody with s2 TPS, S2 coilpacks and loom, S2 Ecu and S2 engine loom. Since doing that ive got the motor turning over, fuel injectoring, pulse signals and power signals everywhere they should be, so should run right? Well not yet, ive got power and signals to all 6 coilpack plugs but no spark brand new plugs and still nothing. For some reason power wont go through the coilpacks? Anyone know a trick to these?
  5. Rb25de+t reliability if done correctly r33 s1 G'day everyone I have a doozy of a pickle. I have built a rb25de+t with good bolt on equipment front facing plenum, big front mount, standard exhaust manifold and a new standard turbo the problem is we got the car running okay with a few mods like injectors and adjustments of tps sensor so I took the car to a track day to practice drifting and it was going well until it started to misfire cylinder 6 so we found out that I either have a hole in the piston or blew the head gasket or a valve (I'll have it apart this arvo) but now I was really happy with the power it put down thinking roughly 200-250 kw and now I'm asking is it possible to beef up a rb25de (a lot cheaper than a det) and get a good tune adjust timing fuel and everything else, I like the power of high compression I'm thinking a thicker good quality head gasket and bolts but unsure how the internals will hold welcome to all comments?? IMG_1278.mp4
  6. Hey new to the site but love this place for information its helped with my other skyline (R32 coupe with s2 Rb25de from a r33. Used s2 loom and ecu) . But I'm stuck with this problem any ideas guys as my head is sore from over thinking. Pic of the coupe
  7. Hi all, i'm in need to get my timing on my 25DE Neo fixed. Im getting a load of pinging and i'm thinking its to do with the timing, I don't have the gear or time to really get it sorted on my own. So what I was wondering is if anyone has any recommendations to get my timing sorted in auckland? Cheers
  8. Hey guys first time posting here, I've been having this problem for a couple months now, just want some advice or someone may have had the same trouble. Also been to a few mechanics and shops but still unsure on what the problem is. Basically the engine randomly misfires while I'm driving at pretty much any rev and any gear, the engine light will come on, and basically keeps stuttering for as long as I stay around the same revs, unless I take the foot off the accelerator then it'll come good again. This can happen as soon as i take it out of the garage or after coming home from a long drive. The codes were telling me MAF and airflow originally so i replaced that, the other possibility was the coil packs might be on their way out so i tested them with a multi-meter and nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. Also changed the spark plugs just to rule out that problem but its still happening. Any thoughts or leads? Cheers.
  9. My aircon compressor is almost dead and needs to be replaced soon. My mate has a rb25de aircon compressor that came off a stagea. And im wondering if the rb25de air con compressor will bolt right up to my rb20det aircon bracket. I know the aircon lines will not bolt up. I will have to make custom lines for this. I would like to use a rb25 aircon compressor as it uses r134 gas opposed to the r12 the rb20. i know few shops can do a convertion but as i know the r134 operates at a higher psi compared to the rb20 r12 and will likely stress out the old rb20 aircon compressor. If anybody has replaced their rb20 aircon compressor using a rb25 (r33 or r34 neo or stagea) kindly give me some help of information how to do this. Pictures if any would be of great help. Thanks in advance people!
  10. Stock 1994 R33 RB25de for sale - $500 163,000 kms I've cooked my engine, so it's not worth it getting it fixed. Was going to send it to the wreckers, but thought I'd put it up here in case anyone wants it. I'm the first registered owner in Australia. In the 8.5 years I owned the car I'd never had a problem with it - it's been perfect, until now. It's a shame I cooked the engine because I didn't realise how often a car this old needed new coolant in the radiator :S Located in Brisbane.
  11. Ok so the time has come to part with my N/a Skyline due to buying a Supra. I do not have the best photos of it so I will upload as to what I have at the moment Details: Engine Rb25de motor with 120 000kms Manual Gearbox Cold Air Intake w/pod filter in a nice box MDU adjustable coil overs all round 17' GENUINE Enkei RPF1 wheels custom painted matt black with new (95% thread at front and 80% at rear thread) F1 Falken tyres Front is 225/40/17 and rear are 235/40/17 Nismo rear strut brace Whiteline Front strut brace Fujitsubo cat back 2.5 Exhaust with performance headers (unknown brand headers) Alloy Radiator with 2 x Electric Thermo Fans LSD Short Shifter HID Headlights New Clutch (not even 5000km old) Serviced regularly with high quality parts (serviced last week) Car has engineer certificate and mod plated for Aftermarket seats but will be sold with stock seats. ICE 6.5' touch screen DVD Player 6.5 splits at front 6x9 in the rear 12 inch sub powered by JBL amp Dash has also been Carbon Fibre Wrapped The car could do with a wash and polish but paint is in GREAT condition (no faded paint or brittle paint) I am not on here much but I thought you guys could have a go at it first before she goes off to eBay. Any enquiries and inspections welcome Price:$ 8000 Neg Yes price is negotiable but I am in no rush to sell it. at the moment. Reasonable offers considered Just ring me on 0428 570 069 John
  12. Hey guys, i have a heap of parts left over from my wrecking of my r34 25GT coupe. Here you will find a lift of parts that i have, pics can be attained by PM. These prices are not set however i will not sell them for an unreasonably low price. Rear bar - 200 ono (sonic silver) - pickup only Rear reo - 150 ono (pickup only) Front Hubs with disc and caliper 120 ea pickup only coolant overflow tank -40 ono Stock wheels full set, 16 inch. light rash on all fours. with 2 pirelli p7 tyres on 90% tread and two cheap supercats on 60% 450 ono - pickup only doors and mirros - both have light dents asking 350 ea complete ono - pickup only back seat - 60 ono pickup only front seats - 250 pair ono pickup only drivers side front guard dent on top of guard otherwise immaulate 100 ono, pickup only stock suspension 150 ono floor mats 150 ono glovebox 60 ono strutbrace 40 ono tail lights 250 for set ono interior lights 30 eachc entre console 110 ono clutch master cylinder 120 ono brake master cylinder 120 ono sun visors 20 each wiper motor 50 ono abs unit 150 ono wiper and blinker indicator switches 50 ea ono steering colum garnish 40 ono cluster 200 ono 124xxx kms cluster surround 40 ono primary shift boot 20 ono brake pedal bracket 50 ono N1 coilpacks 200 ono driver and passenger doors 250 ono pickup only, some very light dents and mostly complete pm for details
  13. Hey, i have just finished installing a new head gasket for the first time on this engine, i am about to install the intake plenum and air ducting, but i still have these 4 brackets left to attach, im not sure where abouts they go, and i dont want to put the plenum on before putting the brackets on, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be helpful, if possible could someone post pics?
  14. Hey guys Is there a difference between the r33 det and de speed sensor as I can't find anything anywhere for the de version. Please post a link to a site or just any help would be awesome as I need the part to get my car on the road I own a 1996 r33 series 2 rb25de manual
  15. Hey everyone, noobie question. if I get an AWD Rb25de for my RWD R33, I will need to modify the sump on the engine. I did research online and can’t find much however I do know I have to weld up the front axle holes in the sump.. is that all? Or is there an adapter plate I can just buy to bolt the rwd sump onto the engine with a AWD bolt pattern? Cheers everyone
  16. Hi all, I’m planning on chucking an rb25de series 2 package in my 1992 gts r32. It comes with loom ecu etc but I was wondering if I would still need to change anything around to accomodate for the different series engine. I’m currently running... well was running an rb25de series 0. Cheers ?
  17. Hi Guys, I recently put a S1 R33 RB25DE in my R32 GTS25. Did manual conversion, brake upgrade, wheels, plugged in engine and she was running mint! Until we went to drive it.....has serious lack of power under throttle and "splutters" when you drive it. First thought was AFM or coils. Replaced both and still no change. Also replaced fuel pump and filter, checked O2 sensor, TPS and APP. Everything appears to be wired in correctly and no signs of any vacuum leaks. Im out of ideas! Any help would be much appreciated :-)
  18. Hey guys i have an issue on my r34 skyline with the Rb25de engine. The car has done 94XXX on the clock and its showing the engine light code "21.ignition signal primary". the weird thing about it its that the car runs absolutley normal and it starts normal, i revved up to 5000+rpm and theres no signs of misfire or anything weird. The only thing i remember is that i was travelling at around 60kmph and i pulled the handbrake when i looked into the dash board the engine light appeared. But i dont think thats the issue.... ive been driving it around and probably travelled 300ks with the engine light on. anyone expereinced this problem here? please i need some help and advice. Could it be the following: - Ignition coil and coilpacks are failing? are ignition coil and coilpacks the same thing? - The crank angle sensor? - due to a timing belt and waterpump service? - spark plugs? any advice and help would be great thanks!!
  19. anyone have any RB20/25 extractors sitting around?
  20. For sale are some Genuine R33 RB25DET parts that came off my Series 2. Instrument Cluster with 146k, all working fine except the Tachometer doesnt like telling the RPM all the time, sometimes jupms around, not sure the problem but it works sometimes. could be a easy fix. $60 ono. RB25DET Wastegate actuator, Good condition works perfectly fine. $35 ono. R33 Series 2 / R34 GTR coil packs, great condition near new with no spark blowout at high rpm, Genuine Nissan. $220 ono. R33 RB25DET standard blow off valve / BOV, awesome condition works fine. $30 ono. R33 RB25DET stock dump and front pipe, has surface rust no leaks/ holes/ cracks etc great condition. $30 ono. R33 RB25 Slave cylinder, great condition holds pressure works fine. $25 ono. R33 RB25 Clutch Master Cylinder, awesome Condition, Had reco on it when was on my car. works great holds pressure no leaks $50 ono. R33 Rb25 Thermostat, Works great pluger and spring work great, no faults. $25 ono. Located in Brisbane Northside, can be picked up at either Warner or my workshop at Virginia. can post smaller items at buyers expense (obviously). Im open to offers pm me for any more details. inspections welcomed if wanting to have a look at parts.
  21. It's manual, engines on 130k but clusters on 180k due to the fact that it's a turbo shell with a genuine na engine, t's rwd .. Engine - Splitfire coil packs K&N enclosed induction kit and filter Genie 6-2-1 extractors 2.25 inch exhaust with varex muffler & high flow cat Chassis - BC coilovers fully adjustable damper settings etc Ikeya formula castor rods Hicas eliminated Semi solid diff cradle mounts - pineapple type Sway bars upgraded front & rear Body - full respray in and out engine bay included in matte grey series 3 GTR rear pods GTR rear wing GTR side skirts Interior - Series 2 GTR front and rear bucket seats and door trims Driveline - Exedy heavy duty clutch Nismo flywheel Turbo gearbox and diff with 4.11 ratios original ganador mirrors, kenwood double din tv, kenwood speakers all round inc tweeters, 1 alpine monoblock and 1 4 channel amp and a sub cant remember the brand, rego in the end of october but dont hold me to it .. slotted disk brakes, and hid headlights.. Don't really go on here much, so if you need to contact me just call or msg anytime 0432733901, want cash 13ono
  22. Hi everyone, I am chasing a set of rb25de pistons, just to be clear NON turbo. I am willing to buy a complete engine/bottom end if the price is right, don't care if all the sensors, accessories, etc have been robbed. If anyone is using am r32 rb25de for a 25/30 conversion, then why not sell me the left overs. I am located in Canberra, ACT. If you are over an hour or so away, then we will need to come to an arrangement with postage. Cheers, Jono.
  23. WANTED rb25de Hey guys, I need to buy a good rb25de neo ASAP. Preferably in vic - closest to Gippsland if possible.
  24. Hello from Canada! i just recently picked up my first Nissan a 1997 Nissan Stagea with an automatic, RB25de Neo and an r34 Gtr front end, I'm totally in love with it but I parked it the other night and it was running great, went to start it in the morning and it was running rough. I assumed it was a coil pack that died (my Soarer did the same thing last year) so I parked it, and went to the local importer to buy a coil pack. came home went to start the car to pull it into the garage... And nothing. Just cranks but won't fire. Pulled the intake apart to get at the plugs, pulled the plugs out and they were wet, I installed new plugs and still the same problem. Pulled everything back apart and pulled the coils out one by one to check for spark. I turned the CAS by hand to check spark. I have spark on all coils except for cyl 3 ( because of the dead pack) I'm also hearing the injectors clicking so I have pulse also the plugs were wet so fuel is getting to the cylinders. I thought it could be that one coil pack but after searching forums and speaking to RB specialists in town that was ruled out. ive also tried changing the CAS, and I read somewhere that try unplugging the AFM, so I unplugged it and still nothing. I'm at a loss. I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this issue! Thank you in advance for reading! (Sorry for the novel)
  25. I am in the process of doing a transmission swap to my skyline. I bought a pull type Neo transmission and clutch. I know I'll also need pull clutch slave cylinder but is the master cylinder for RB engines universal or will I need a pull type as well? Any feedback is appreciated thanks!
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