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Found 62 results

  1. I am in the process of doing a transmission swap to my skyline. I bought a pull type Neo transmission and clutch. I know I'll also need pull clutch slave cylinder but is the master cylinder for RB engines universal or will I need a pull type as well? Any feedback is appreciated thanks!
  2. Hi all, I’m planning on chucking an rb25de series 2 package in my 1992 gts r32. It comes with loom ecu etc but I was wondering if I would still need to change anything around to accomodate for the different series engine. I’m currently running... well was running an rb25de series 0. Cheers 😁
  3. Hey guys I really need help with this one. So I recently bought a 96 r33 gtst with De motor and it needed a new speed sensor so I got help and ordered one from amayama which was all well and good but I believe they have sent me the s14 speed sensor instead (I could be wrong) Is there a way to manipulate it or should it work in general?
  4. Hey guys Is there a difference between the r33 det and de speed sensor as I can't find anything anywhere for the de version. Please post a link to a site or just any help would be awesome as I need the part to get my car on the road I own a 1996 r33 series 2 rb25de manual
  5. So iv pulled a rb25de from a wc34 stagea and put it in a r33 s1,, my issue is this plug originally went to the stage's fuse/box but the r33 fuse box does not have the connection.. I'm assuming its coming off the alternator/starter motor sunroom,, any1 no where it goes or what it's for?? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone on here as changed their rear standard rotors from 265mm to 296mm? My 34 has r33 calipers adjusted to the 265mm rotors. Im wondering what i need to completely upgrade to the 296mm rotors as its cheaper than having the standard setup. Also will braking have issues as I have 280mm rotors on the front and then when i upgrade, the rear will be bigger? What are you running?
  7. how do i check if my VVT is working its a rb25de neo and i accidentally swapped vacuum hoses around and now the car feels different
  8. Hello everyone so I have a question about the rb25 engine. So in my skyline r34 gtt I have the rb25de neo engine but I want to get it turbocharged. What parts will I need to get for it to work properly?
  9. Hey guys. first of all i would like to say sorry if i have put this post in the wrong place, this is my first post. i have bought this r34 NA and all the vacuum lines are disconnected. im having trouble finding pictures or diagrams of the vacuum lines for a NA rb25de neo. does any one have a diagram or pictures of theirs please?
  10. Hey everyone ive had a look through all the post and i cant seem to find anything that helps my problem out. Ive got a R33 GTST was a rolling shell and i had a spare rb25de motor laying around so i chucked em together and since the skyline is a series 2 body and the motor WAS a series 1 i had untold problems trying to get it to start. So next move was to convert the motor to series2, NEW: Throttlebody with s2 TPS, S2 coilpacks and loom, S2 Ecu and S2 engine loom. Since doing that ive got the motor turning over, fuel injectoring, pulse signals and power signals everywhere they should be, so should run right? Well not yet, ive got power and signals to all 6 coilpack plugs but no spark brand new plugs and still nothing. For some reason power wont go through the coilpacks? Anyone know a trick to these?
  11. Hi, are there any differences between the MAFs on non turbo and turbo skylines (RB25DE VS RB25DET)??? I suspect the MAF is knackered on my non turbo R33. Also what's difference between the green and pink labelled ones? I've tried searching but can't find much info and a straight answer. I recently brought the car and it has some major performance issues. I know non turbos are slow but mine is ridicilous. Honestly, it feels like it's got 80bhp max and that a 1liter Toyota Yaris would easily beat it lol. I've also been in a stock 2liter RB20e R33 with an exhaust and even that was twice as fast... It was parked up for a while so I serviced the car, changed oil, oil/fuel filter and sparkplugs. It gained alot of power but not as good as it should be. It had a broken cone filter fitted so I replaced it with a stock airbox+ filter but the car has lost power again but saw that the MAF was broken and the top has been taped up to hold it together. I pulled some of the tape off earlier so suspect that may be the cause and since then, it idles abit rough sometimes aswell but a little tap to bring to revs up sorts it out. Also the car has massive 3.5" straight though exhaust which I'm sure it's making me lose a huge amount of power. Am I right in believing that the ideal size should be 2.25 or 2.5" or wouldn't the exhaust make much difference?
  12. Ok need help peeps about to turbo my r34 na rb25de running auto ecu just converted to Manuel can i use auto na ecu and piggyback a emanage ecu for timing fuel and air etc seen people saying auto box gives out etc as ecu for box is 1 aswell but im manuel now? Do i need a nistune or no? Stock boost gtt injecters 255pump etc ?
  13. The motor is an Rb25de from an R34. I noticed my tps voltage was .20 closed. I adjusted it to oem specs at 4.5 or so and that's when I started getting the high adle around 1300-1500. If I unplug the aac the idle goes back to normal. If I set any values on the aac in consult the idle goes back to normal. I thought I may have a bad tps and installed a new unit but the same thing. The aac adjustment screw is all the way down (and broken so I cant back it out again). I've cleaned it out a while back but never had an issue until now. Not sure why my idle is screwed now because I touched the tps..
  14. Hey everyone, noobie question. if I get an AWD Rb25de for my RWD R33, I will need to modify the sump on the engine. I did research online and can’t find much however I do know I have to weld up the front axle holes in the sump.. is that all? Or is there an adapter plate I can just buy to bolt the rwd sump onto the engine with a AWD bolt pattern? Cheers everyone
  15. Hey guys, im fairly new to the forums but i had a brand new Gates Timing Belt and water pump kit with all seals and gaskets needed todo the job. I paid 360$ with shipping around a year back for the kit, but i never got around to needing to use it as i barely drive my r34. I have attached a picture for you to see, Item:Gates Timing Belt+Water Pump Kit Location: Western Sydney Price: $340 O.N.O(On Negotiable Offer) This kit suits rb25det engines and as far i am aware it fits rb26 as well but confirm with a professional before purchasing. Make me an offer as i need cash and dont need this lying around.
  16. Hey SAU, Does anyone have part numbers for general service parts for a 1998 R34 25GT (Coupe) RB25DE (eg, air filter, fuel filter, break pads, etc) (please supply in list form) Thanks in advance
  17. Hey new to the site but love this place for information its helped with my other skyline (R32 coupe with s2 Rb25de from a r33. Used s2 loom and ecu) . But I'm stuck with this problem any ideas guys as my head is sore from over thinking. Pic of the coupe
  18. Hey guys I'm having an issue with my monster 😕 .. My r32 had a rb20de auto in it and the rb20de died. I sourced a cheap s2 rb25de auto from a stagea. Also got a s2 rb25de loom and ecu from an auto stagea as well (grey plug but non neo). Matted 25 to the auto box and put it in the car. I used the stagea loom and ecu and wired water temp, tachometer, fuel pump, ign and constant power where needed. Turn the key dash lights come on, fuel pump primes and turns off then I go to start and NOTHING! Starter motor doesn't even try to start. It's as if the inhibitor is stopping it (e.g in gear and not in park or neutral) Checked relay and it works fine. Checked fuses had one popped replaced it still nothing. Checked starter and it seems fine also. So I'm Wondering where to start looking now as I've been at it for the last week with no progress ( I just want it running!!) Is there a way to bypass the auto system so starter will work? (Tried the manual conversion inhibitor trick that didn't work ). Would I need to make a wire from the neutral switch pin on the ecu to the neutral switch on the auto box to make it start? Any help would be much appreciated. Also thinking of pulling out my ecu and engine loom (r33 s2 loom and ecu) that is in my r32 coupe as my coupe runs and starts 1st pop but it's manual so may run into the same issue.
  19. Hi all, i'm in need to get my timing on my 25DE Neo fixed. Im getting a load of pinging and i'm thinking its to do with the timing, I don't have the gear or time to really get it sorted on my own. So what I was wondering is if anyone has any recommendations to get my timing sorted in auckland? Cheers
  20. Intermittent running problems Hi everyone, should probably start this off with a bit of background info. this is my back and fourth to work car, i do have a lead foot sometimes, but I don't need it for the power. my r33 non turbo automatic with the RB25DE has been running rough intermittently when it first started I thought it might have been a fuel issue, so changed the fuel filter, oil, oil filter and blew out the air filter i pulled the coil packs out and they were starting to show small problems Problem continued , had to wait a few days to fix that but finally got round to it, cleaned the carby and mass flow, the spark plugs i had thought should be still good since the last service not many k's before but a fair amount of time it drove smooth the next day, then started to drive rough 30mins in the day after. i pulled it apart again deciding to change the plugs, chucked carby cleaner drove the next day calmly, day later ran rough 35mins into drive decided the coolant temperature sensor needed to be replaced drove to and from work smoothly then jumped in to run down the road and it didn't just wait to be 10 or 15 mins into the drive, it ran rough all the way
  21. ( vic) WTB R33 GTS manual gearbox/ starter loom RB25DE Hi all chasing a Manual Gearbox / starter loom for an R33 GTS Rb25de prefer S2, but will take an S1 harness too let me know if anyone has one.
  22. Rb25de+t reliability if done correctly r33 s1 G'day everyone I have a doozy of a pickle. I have built a rb25de+t with good bolt on equipment front facing plenum, big front mount, standard exhaust manifold and a new standard turbo the problem is we got the car running okay with a few mods like injectors and adjustments of tps sensor so I took the car to a track day to practice drifting and it was going well until it started to misfire cylinder 6 so we found out that I either have a hole in the piston or blew the head gasket or a valve (I'll have it apart this arvo) but now I was really happy with the power it put down thinking roughly 200-250 kw and now I'm asking is it possible to beef up a rb25de (a lot cheaper than a det) and get a good tune adjust timing fuel and everything else, I like the power of high compression I'm thinking a thicker good quality head gasket and bolts but unsure how the internals will hold welcome to all comments🤙🏼 IMG_1278.mp4
  23. Rb25de Exhaust Hey Guys, I've got a rb25de swapped s1 r33, would I be able to just buy a exhaust kit for a Rb25de and it would fit on or would I run into problems? P.S I've got no idea what im doing so please use basic language. Thanks,
  24. Best mods for a rb25de Hey guys, i just bought a r34 gt and i need more power, i want to make around the 170-180kw mark. i don't know what to do first. i can't turbo the car but still want to make some decent power. what should i do. let me know the car has already got a shitty cat back exhaust on it. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  25. WTB RB25DE Block and Head Hello, I'm looking to buy an RB25 motor (block and head) in running condition suited for an N/A r32 skyline. Please pm me if you have anything.
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