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Found 9 results

  1. As topic says, was kinda surprised when i found this. Do this affect power steering and hicas?
  2. Hi I have problem with speed in my car. In low speed's sometimes car don't see the speed both on cluster and aftermarket ECU . I changed gearbox and speed sensor in the gearbox and still have the same problem. What else i should check?
  3. R32 GTR vs R33 GTR Speed Sensor Hi Guys, Purchased a R32gtr gearbox with osgiken gearset and upgraded transfer case clutch plate, going to be installed onto a R33 gtr. The speed sensor from R33 is electric (which I need to retain) whereas the R32 is cable. When I pulled both off the gearbox, R32 red cog/pinion has 20 teeth and the R33 white cog/pinion has 19 teeth. Read somewhere that you can straight swap them, though the pinion being smaller in the R33, as the shaft is offset and can still mesh correctly? Can someone verify? TIA
  4. I've brought an r33 first skyline owned. It's a auto to manual conversion with a RB20de trans and I was told it needed a Speedo cable to make the Speedo work. But the rb25de is a electric cluster. So I'm looking for information on what Speedo sensor I should buy.
  5. Hi All, Just a quick sanity check if I'm diagnosing this right. Speedo needle appears to be working as normal up until 90 km/h above that it gets "stuck" at 100 km/h even though I'm accelerating , it will then jump and get stuck at 110km/h. Accelerating past 110 ( on a private road) it will be stuck on 110 and then jump to indicate the right speed. Slowing down the needle once again gets stuck at 110 , 100 and 90. Below 90 it functions normal. Once and only once , with the shifter in manual mode it did not react to gear changes. Turning the car off and back on after 10 seconds and everything went back to normal. The trans shifting feels weird at times, seems to coincide with the erratic needle. It will hold on to a gear far longer or far shorter than normal. I think the speed sender on the trans is toast? Or am I barking up the wrong tree. I did open the cluster 12+ months ago to fix a broken pcb trace. Cluster has worked fine since , the needle started being erratic about 6 weeks ago and is progressively getting worse. From my searches the speed sender/transducer is P/N 32707-AA100 same thing as a D40 navara, N16 pulsar, R32 skyline. Which seems to be $200+ here in Aus, and $15USD + delivery from anywhere else. Has anyone had to replace theirs? Is that the right part number? EDIT: No check-engine light or warnings at all from the car. No stored codes either. Thank you all .
  6. Hello from Russia my dear friends =) Initially there was a cedric 34 body of the 2nd generation with a motor of vq25dd, I swap a vq30det with a сedric 1 version ... And as we know in the 2nd version the control of the digital bus, and in the first analog, I went the complicated way but nevertheless started the engine. After a long work there was only one mistake, check the engine - "there is no communication with the speed sensor". The podium panel remained with the 2 versions of the cars (digital bus), and all the wiring and ECU with 1 version (analog bus). Because of this error, the automatic machine works in emergency mode. There is no information on EСU pinouts and engine, nothing at all ... Help solve the problem. sorry for my english =)
  7. VIC non turbo manual Speed Sensor R33 RB25 gearbox Hey all im after a Non turbo manual R33 speed sensor in vic if possbile.. if anyone has anything let me know ( N/a one is the short one in the pic)
  8. I am currently having two codes coming up after a while of driving being: Code 14: Vehicle Speed Sensor Code 34: Knock Sensor The knock sensor error is thrown straight after the vehicle speed sensor error is thrown. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?
  9. Moving house so need these gone, make offers. Hankook Evo V12 Tyres (Similar to Michelin PS2) 245/40/19 x2 $300each tire 225/40/18 x2 $230each tire 245/40/18 x2 $250each tire $800 for the 18" set R33 Wing off S1 $60 R34 GTS Drivers (i think) Xenon Headlight (no ballast/cover, no tabs) $250 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271062837883?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 - you will also get Passenger side headlight that has cracked lens for parts.. Speed sensor S1 R33 S2 R33 $30 each R32 GTR Boost solenoid (bottom one) $30 NEW HKS SMIC (Intercooler off 350z HKS ST Kit - will have pics and dimensions up soon) $250 2x V35 Cats - 30,000km old $100 http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e208/Davis_711/Ebay/IMG_3339.jpg 1x V35 Front and Rear OEM Coilovers $200 - 30,000km old 1x V35 Manual Radiator - 35,000km old $200 - will have pics up later 1x V35 Brembo Stoptech Performance pads - Front and Rear NEW $120 V35 OEM Sway Bars with End links $70 VQ35DE 3.5L 60,000km Engine - available soon, runing, no problems (can be seen runing for the next 1-2 weeks) $2000 VQ35DR Clutch and Flywheel - 60,000km no problems $100 ACL Race Bearings Main and Rod STD size and 0.025 size $200 each set (both boxes = one set) pics up soon SWAPS - WTD WTD R34 GTS Radiator 18x265/275/285 Semi-slick tyres
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