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  1. It look's like stock have better quality core?
  2. I'm waiting for dyno and movie
  3. Some changes for the 2019 ITB and Greddy plenum is out and say hello to Veilside intake manifold + DBW from N62 v8 engine. Injectors Delphi 1000cc + Walbro 450LPH. Ported & flowed head with HKS valve spring set. And Kansai Service tower bar ❤️ We will see the difference on the dyno and in real life.
  4. It seems to be perfect turbocharger for me that GTW3684R with 0.70 T4 twinscroll 400kww is about 650/670hp on the engine?
  5. Ahh its photo from google Can u show the place to connect vacuum to gauge?
  6. Refresh after 4 years 😂 Can someone confirm, this is place to connect vacuum gauge's?
  7. Anyone have experience with Garrett GTW3684R ?
  8. And interior of that retarded LHD Skyline
  9. Yea! Even not soo big cooler make great job 😊
  10. 19row oil cooler onboard Before the install i have 125c when i drive 140km/h at +30c outside, now oil don't exceeds 105c at 140-160km/h at 30c outside! Yea i know - bash bar looks like shit
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