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  1. Someone have experience with VALC Poncam's? Worth to change from HKS 264/264 8.7 to Tomei VALC 262 9.15? Street forged RB26 with GTX35
  2. Ahh, ATR43-SS3 Make 474rwkw in this car on 28psi and ATR45SS-0 440rwkw on 28psi. I thought on e85 you can make about 10% more horsepower.
  3. What's rwkw on PB98 can make that turbo? And what hotside you used on that RB25? It looks way better than Atr45ss 👍
  4. Really Speedtek is shit? They guaranteed gear set will hold 700hp. It look better than the OS. Im searching of gearset for my 450kw BCNR33, already killed 2 OEM gearbox'es. I'm thinking about OS and Speedtek.
  5. Specification: Engine: *CP Pistons *Bridgeway H-Beam rods *JRSpec GTX3582R BB turbo *Custom Twin Scroll exhaust manifold 3mm thick stainless steel tubes + HKS gasket *Tial MV-S wastegate + water cooling *HKS SS 264 8.7 cams *Ported head + HKS springs + Cometic 1.5mm *ARP head + rods studs *King Racing bearings *Nitto oil pump*Intake manifold VeilSide + DBW BMW N62 + accelerator pedal 350z *Emu standalone + MAC + BT + DBW *Ross Tuffbond Harmonic balancer + Trigger KIT *Delphi 1000cc injectors *Billet fuel rail *Tomei Type S fuel pressure regulator + Tomei gauge *Walbro 450LPH HP fuel pump *NGK BKR8EIX sparks *Radiator 52mm *Spal VA09-AP12/C-54A double fans *ATS Triple Carbon Spec I clutch *AEM 21-3059DK air filter *Precision 600x270x95 intercooler *HKS SSQV V1 blow off Exhaust: *Custom stainless steel 1.5" screamer pipe + stainless steel reinforced exhaust flex pipe *Custom stainless steel 3" V-band downpipe + stainless steel reinforced exhaust flex pipe *Two stainless steel V-band center sections + Magnaflow muffler [11249] *HKS Priest back box Suspension: *MeisterR Zeta-R coilovers *Polyurethane full bush kit front/rear suspension *Galvanized bolts and nuts *Cusco rear camber arms *Japspeed front upper camber arms Braking System: *Brembo 6pot front calipers + 360x30 disc from IS-F *Akebono 370z 2pot rear calipers + 350x20 disc from 370z *Brake pump BM50 *Tilton brake valve Exterior: *Car painted in Jupiter Red from Mercedes AMG *Volk Ce28 18x10.5j +22 [rear spacer 5mm + 15mm in front] *Hankook Ventus S1 Evo3 265/35/18 tyres *Kics R40 iCONIX wheel nuts *Bixenon LHD *Fender Washers *Auto Select Devil Wing *Nismo rear wing end covers *Nismo clear front indicators *Nismo clear side indicators *OEM spats R33 GT-R V-Spec *Carbon cooling panel Interior: *Indyvidual LHD velour mats *Dashboard cuscom from s14 and r33 *R34 steering wheel + EVO3000 mod *BMW M custom shift knob *Black alcantara roof liner and sun visors *S15 black rear view mirror, room lamp, map lamp + white led *Cusco rear strut brace *Kansai Service tower bar *Defi Link Meter BF 60mm DF04301 + Control Unit II DF05002 Audio: *Headunit 7" Android 9.0 Octa Core station *Front speakers - Morel Dotech Ovation 6 *Amplifier Emphaser EA 4100-500 *Subwoofer Gladen SQX 12" *Speaker cable - Prolink OFC PRO CAV1003 *Signal cable - Prolink Futura FTC101 *Soundproofing [bulkhead, dashboard, floor, roof, rear fenders, doors, c-pillar's, rear deck, trunk] - Dynamat SuperLite + foam GMS 3mm & 10mm *Bosch S5 74aH
  6. Nice, G30-770 should be able to make same power level like EFR 8374, but with much smaller turbine and compressor wheels. Im waitin'g for dyno's 😈
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