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  1. Just tick on the donor turbo option if you prefer to not send in a turbocharger for the high flow service.
  2. hypergear

    In my opinion, twins will produces more torque as boost build up. If you can twin with separate external gates that will work very nicely.
  3. Hi Tech Round 5 video footage from Isaac Get, R33 GTST powered by one of our ATR43SS2 bolton turbochargers making 290rwkws. Tuneded by DVSJEZ.
  4. There are few of them on ebay, I won't be specific on the seller. It requires modifications to fit but works fine, photo of it:
  5. Further development in making a 300rwkws P98 high flow. This particular time run one of our prototype G4 profile. a quick note that I've mentioned before, do check your aftermarket 3 inches dump pipe before installation as most of them has a under sized flange cut out. after Die-grinding Car's back on the dyno: Made 298.5rwkws with a intercooler restriction: EBC gain resulted a boost pressure increase before cooler, not after. Will be back again with a 600x300x100mm Aero flow cooler and see if that makes any changes.
  6. E85 would make 10% more power, I will be doing E85 later on once high mount setup is in.
  7. More results to share, out of one of our OP6 high flowed turbocharger built in 2012 on an R32 GTS4 Skyline. Car made 324AWKWS on E85 fuel internally gated with factory exhaust manifold. Car has built engine, 256 Tomei cams and bolton supporting mods. Car tuned at Japanese motor sports SA. gts4326awkwshf.mp4
  8. hypergear

    I had similar issues on 6 boost single pulse T3 manifold same style as yours. Running a smaller turbocharger with a 45mm turbosmart external gate. It kept on creeping as engine revved out with a 14psi spring, no boost controller. In saying that I have seen the same turbo working with a 45mm gate with a different manifold. I think its more less the way of where and the angle of the gate is mounted on the 6 boost causing this problem. I guess easiest solution would be moving on to bigger gates.
  9. More update with an Billet CBB high flow that can be applied to both OP6 and 21U turbochargers. I've currently using and its trailed on an R34 GTT that I have modified from scratch, parts and pricing ways Car has: 1. Injectorsonline ID 1000cc injectors + plugs : $750 2. Injectorsonline Walbro pump: $220 3. Korioautoparts Performance Radiator: $180 4. Z32 AFM with plug: $330 5. Nistune ECU plus tune from Chequered Tuning: $995 5. Split fire coil packs from Just Jap: $550 6. Spark plugs: $100 7: Exhaust flapper valve: $75 8: ATR43SS2 ball bearing turbocharger: $1850 9: Ebay intake pipe: $60 10: Trust front mount intercooler kit: $1650 Tuned at Chequrered tuning, Car's pulled 290rwkws at 20psi on pump 98 fuel.
  10. WTAC 2018 Sprint class R33 GTST driven by Mr Oversteer. Car powered by one of Hypergear High flowed R33 GTST turbocharger making 328rwkws on E85 fuel internally gated.
  11. Keeping thread updated. Some video footages taken from one of our clients car at Hi-Tech drift round 8 taking the winner trophy. R33 GTST powered by one of our ATR43SS2 internally gated turbochargers making 289rwkws, tuned by DvsJez Hi-Tech drift official footage: Chase footage:
  12. No, I gave up. went for a high mount setup.
  13. I've had the HKS TA34 kit which the manifold and gate was part of the assembly. It was a very tight fit. and anything bigger then the .60 comp housing with a 3 inches inducer would hit the engine mount. So you are limited to what ever fits a 3 inches inducer housing could contain, which it would still fit an GTX3582 Gen 2, ATR45SS or something in similar size that makes the 500rwkws range on E85 fuel.
  14. This might be interesting. our TD06SL205 in 10CM running against a 2018 model Ebay (Not kando but a someone sales rather similar) Billet 25G TD06 10CM. Ebay turbo lasted few dyno runs before running into issues and the owner decided to do a core change so he can completes the dyno tune. I don't think ban and block buyers for warranty claim is a good business practice, having a pissed customer is at least, most importantly the data of why and where a product can be improved is lost. Green is our TD06SL205 and Red is Ebay Boost: When same amount of boost is given:
  15. Great in car video footage to share from Cam's R33 drift car off Vic drift Round 4.