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  1. It will definitely not be as responsive as a 2860. That is too small for a rb25det. New G3 high flow has the same response as the older version with more mod range and top end power. It is still very responsive for daily or track.
  2. The highest result out of the G2 profile lot was from Dr.Drift's personal R33 back in 2010. That pulled 253rwkws on pump 98 fuel.
  3. The car needs a big front mount cooler, Go for Aero flow 600x300x100mm for a good budget cooler. Also the G2 model is a factory replacement, to get more power you will need the G3 or bigger profiles.
  4. Another 400rwkws Rb25det powered by one of our ATR45SAT turbochargers, externally gated E85 fuel. Tuned by JEM.
  5. Little video to share about Jason Ferron's drifting session at Calder park few weeks ago. Video's been put together by the Drift Junkie Andrew Sparrow, do check out their Youtube channels about he's R33 GTST build. Jasons's car is powered by one of our high flowed R33 GTST turbochargers making around 310rwkws on E85 fuel.
  6. Product update for ATR43 RB bolt on series with 3 inches dump pipe suited for Rb25det and Rb30ET. Available using ATR / SS series as well as Garrett GT / GTX CHRA. Housing's available in T3 .63 and .82, internal gated with 38mm port. Externally gated housings can also be supplied. More details are on our site, or simply send us a PM. Inside the dump pipe assembly.
  7. Video footage of last weeks South Australia Time attack. Our sponsored vehicle is Topstage's carbon S14. 2015 built ceramic ball bearing ATR45SAT turbocharger survived engine failures, melted exhaust manifold, and this time fire from hydraulics fluid leakage. Still managed to take first in rear wheel drive class.
  8. Yes that is on E85. I don't have result of this version on 98 yet. it would be sitting pretty close to 300rwkws on that car.
  9. Rb25det unopened engine HyperGear High flowed R33 Turbocharger ID 1000cc injectors Walbro 525L fuel pump Haltech ECU Greedy Profect B EBC 600x300x100mm Cooler kit 3.5 inches turbo back exhaust 3inches intake pipe with Pod Split fire coil packs Internally gated factory exhaust manifold. Car made 342rwkws @ 20psi, E85 fuel.
  10. Further development in R33 21U high flowed turbochargers. Latest model made 342rwkws fItted to an unopened R33 Rb25det engine as a bolton turbo with FMIC, 3 inches metal intake pipe, 3.5 inches turbo back exhaust, fuel system and programmable ecu.
  11. In simple terms, stock engine and basic supporting mods on pump 98 fuel. -9 can get you around 300awkws responsively, -5 can get you around 360awkws but its abit laggy.
  12. Thats in .82 rear housing. Power curve is in response to boost curve, unfortunately I don't have a boost reading. I've dynoed way more powerful cars on that particular dyno there's not issues with it. The only time I had similar power outline was a boost spike. Might be a delay in ext gate response, boost spiked around 4000RPM, then dropped back to norm. Could be waste gate springs are too hard, gate is jammed, hoses connecting to the external gate is too long or parameters in the EBC not 100%.
  13. Just a quick note, the ATR45SAT you had was a 5 years old unit, current model is different, result has been updated to dyno section. More developments are underway. And result to share: GTX3076R Gen 2 maxed on a built Rb25det Neo on 26psi of boost, externally gated on E85 fuel.
  14. I was referring to stock rb25det manifold. The twin gate setup, I found its dependent on the types and shape of turbine wheel as well as size of housing used. I will conduct some experiments later in the year and upload results.
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