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  1. Q60RS.... add a few bolt ons and you are at 450 at the wheels ... plus you get a new car too ...
  2. If you want to save some money, I still get a high-performance car, buy the Infiniti Q60 sports 300 and just adding these mods will push the car past 450 at the wheels .. CAI, LDP 2.5 or 3 exhaust Hear exchanger Ecutek tune!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1446645935357503/?ref=share
  3. Hey Shadow ... It’s the new Q60 and I believe it’s a red sport ... Kiwi, I will get those specs for you..
  4. A guy on FB Infiniti Australia Q60... using E85 produced these numbers
  5. It’s that time Bird.. I had a 96 GTST and spent to damn much to get my car to 400RWHP but it became to old and I had to trade it in Then I got a 2005 GT350 or G35 and that was to slow but more reliable, but that car became to old too So, now I have a 400 HP car with damn near 400RWHP but no mods yet and you can get one for that price I posted ... if you can afford one buy one ... but we all have our opinions and yours is valid to Bird
  6. Q60 Red Sport laying down 509.10 Hp 538.19 Tq On E85
  7. I have had my Q60RS for a 1 1/2 years and there has been nothing wrong with my car... I’m not too sure where you guys are getting this information from, I know in the forum in America Q50/60 there have been some problems but not my car You can buy a 400Hp car without any tuning problems... why not !!
  8. If you look for a 2017/18 Q60 Red Sport 400hp on carsales you can find them under $60K...
  9. Paul... my car is insanely fast, and if I modify it I can put it at +450 hp at the wheels +470 torque at the wheel.. All this without touching the turbos
  10. Paul.. in America they are ... Mlr... that R35 is a Beast
  11. Paul... I will ask this question on Facebook Q50/60 that has 16K plus members .. I was told on the FB forum, you can do the same thing you did on the Q60 as you did on the G35/G37 to reduce the seat 💺 height
  12. Paul.. lower the seat ... there are many tall ppl with this car in the states.. I am 5’9’ at best and I understand what you are talking about, I have a 17 Q60RS And this car is a beast
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