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  1. Bump time. Also below is a guide another user has made for the M35s to help you understand what is involved. Lachlan if you're still interested, send a PM.
  2. + 1 on RDA. Pads I've been using QFM HPX and love them
  3. From memory I thought it was the 06 onwards that had it the Hazard lights below the ashtray (and also an option for a brushed look as well)? Mine is an 04 and is like the schematic provided.
  4. It can happen on a brand new engine. Unfortunately mass production can have some parts fail however haven't heard of these failing often. If you're 100% sure your oil level is correct I would look at the sender (including wiring) and pump as a start. On a separate note when you imported it, were the Kms verified/checked thoroughly to condition etc?
  5. If it's not happening when accelerating dare say that you're building enough oil pressure which goes when braking. I'd say oil pump and or oil sender unit.
  6. Could be the bearing on the hub that is becoming more prominent with increased speed. You say you feel like it's coming from the rear. Any noise? Feels like it's on one side or both? Are you able to jack it up?
  7. Just had a look. It was about 90 USD plus 80 USD shipping. Searched for that seller and no longer on Ebay lol. It's about the same now for the fan shroud. Sorry man can't help more.
  8. Hey man, I bought my radiator fans/shroud from Ebay. Came from the USA. I think it was around $180 delivered. I can look through my Ebay history and find it if you want. I got it probably 3 years ago, no issues.
  9. Good work! I reckon next mod do HFCs and other exhaust mods (Y Pipe, Mid pipe etc). Going by the research I have been doing, doesn't seem Headers (though it does make an improvement) are worth it for the price v gains. Though if I got a set of Tomei Expreme V2 for dirt cheap I probably would lol. I'd say your 3rd to 4th will be quicker with HFCs etc, I noticed my mid to top range improving after getting some. Then maybe tune.
  10. For Sale: G35 Battery Cover Kit for V35 Description: 1x Cover 1x Removable Lid Trim Clips/Fasteners I bought this awhile ago to clean up the look of the engine bay. Didn't fit due to my Alarm Unit Mounting. Never got around to relocating the unit and packed this away. Don't need it hence the sale. From memory the JDM tray into a USDM Engine Bay requires trimming, don't think the opposite is required but worse case, sharp blade and shifting. This lined up bar it being lifted by my Alarm. This is for someone who wants to fill the gaping hole in their JDM life. Price: $110 Pickup Brisbane Southside or $120 Shipped within Australia Contact: Pm for details.
  11. Awesome work man though and good for recording it. I need to take mine down to Willowbank sometime. Maybe we should make this a 1/4 Mile thread and sticky it for others to join.