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  1. Clearing out some old spare parts I have. May add more to the list later. 1) V35 Skyline Coupe Stock Grille - $130 ONO 2) V35 Skyline Coupe Stock Sway Bars (Front and Rear). $50 Each ONO 3) V35 Skyline Coupe Aftermarket radiator fan motor x1. $50 Firm (plus postage). I bought aftermarket motors to replace my ones. Awhile ago I swapped my OEM shroud to aftermarket ones when they died. Fast forward to 2019 when one of the fans died, I decided to replace just the motors. Not sure if it was because I had changed to aftermarket fans but the motors wouldn't fit the fan blade properly. I also accidentally broke one of the new motors so I have a spare one remaining. You may have more luck then me (ended up getting a set from the wreckers). Pickup Southside Brisbane (can post the motor if needed). PM me if you have any questions. 😎
  2. For the bushings I bought this: https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/z1-motorsports-urethane-rear-differential-bushings-p-10356.html For removal I bought this: https://www.z1motorsports.com/transmission-driveline/z1-motorsports/z1-motorsports-rear-differential-bushing-removal-tool-370z-g37-p-11086.html I didn't have time to remove it myself but when I had the clutch replaced, had it swapped at the same time. My old sub frame bushing was well torn. The replacement made a difference. The tool to remove helped as well (I still have my old one, just lost one part of it). I got it when Z1 Motorsports had a sale.
  3. No trying to spam your thread but good luck with the sale, those are in mint condition!
  4. Ironchef provides the links on the bottom of the page. For Nissan, the link provided by Ironchef where you can enter your details: http://www.nissan.co.jp/RECALL/search.html
  5. Bump $70 pickup today or tomorrow only. NYE Special
  6. I know you said the guards are secure but plus one on sounding like loose plastic. I had an issue awhile ago where one of the smaller plastic covers that links to the undertray was loose. Wind would hit it at certain speed, get partially trapped and would make noise.
  7. Haha ^ PM me your Postcode and I can look into the shipping next week if you're interested. Have a ball park figure but need to double check.
  8. Bump time. Also below is a guide another user has made for the M35s to help you understand what is involved. Lachlan if you're still interested, send a PM.
  9. + 1 on RDA. Pads I've been using QFM HPX and love them
  10. From memory I thought it was the 06 onwards that had it the Hazard lights below the ashtray (and also an option for a brushed look as well)? Mine is an 04 and is like the schematic provided.
  11. It can happen on a brand new engine. Unfortunately mass production can have some parts fail however haven't heard of these failing often. If you're 100% sure your oil level is correct I would look at the sender (including wiring) and pump as a start. On a separate note when you imported it, were the Kms verified/checked thoroughly to condition etc?
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