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  1. As stated I have a used Scotty's dump and front pipe with 100cel cat to suit M35, NM35 Stagea. $700 pick up Sth East Melb Cheers
  2. West

    Thank heaps
  3. West

    Any instruction manuals, electrical stuff? Thanks
  4. West

    Any link to where to get that day time running light? Looks like its made out of silicon?
  5. West

    That's too extreme but i like it. Well done.
  6. West

    Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Where do you get those running light?
  7. Wow I have never seen one with this park distance feature.
  8. Jump to the Stagea section or Facebook groups. VQ25DET is not known to have Stem Seals issue, best to check your PVC valves first as they are old and the spring inside can get stuck sometime. Nissan stock them NEW.
  9. West

    If he's not interested in the switch, I'll gladly take it off your hands :-) You live locally right? Just come and take it for free.
  10. West

    I have a working switch if you're interested.
  11. West

    Easy Jack either front or rear up, if the whole side of the car lift, you have succeed.
  12. West

    Wow great effort, thank you.
  13. Sandwich plate has built in thermostatic?
  14. West

    Me too lol I would do it to be honest.
  15. West

    Coz of speedhunters this morning?