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  1. West

    You have made a mistake being a subaru lover to start off it, now you're making another mistake by buying the nm35. Still, go on M35 tuner facebook page, a tons of info and people sell parts there all the time. If you're in Vic, speak to Scotty and Scotty customs.
  2. West

    Impressive Do they have another one at $200 lol, i need an engine.
  3. West

    Are you refreshing the engine or rebuild?
  4. West

    Use both hand, yank it hard.
  5. West

    Apparently, because of the design of the NM35 fuel tank, there should be 2 of these floats, fuel sensor thing
  6. West

    They do switch. Sounds like your cam actuator is worn out or broken, have seen this issue on a few M35 lately. I believe Scotty can fix them without removing the engine. Another member has his fixed at Chaser.
  7. West

    Look for RUST, they all rust! Then check all the bushing, then ideally it should have already have a hiflow turbo replaced as stock turbo are prone to die in the a**!
  8. As stated I have a used Scotty's dump and front pipe with 100cel cat to suit M35, NM35 Stagea. $700 pick up Sth East Melb Cheers
  9. West

    Great thanks. Will investigate into them a bit further but sounds like the way to go. Oh i still have the rear hatch switch if you still interested.
  10. West

    These Android HU, are they ok? Lag?
  11. Maybe what's he's implying is too cheap? This is the 3.5DE nor 3.7HR.
  12. West

    Any instruction manuals, electrical stuff? Thanks
  13. West

    Any link to where to get that day time running light? Looks like its made out of silicon?