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  1. I have a mint one if the original post is no longer available.
  2. Hi all As per topic title, I am after Rb26 aftermarket front pipe with 90mm main outlet. Thanks
  3. You could get Nissan Data Scan lite version on an android or apple phone, read the fault code via bluetooth reader. Also ask your questions here https://www.facebook.com/groups/17462900896
  4. Hi all I'm chasing after an Ambient Air Temp Sensor for my V36, I believe she's the culprit for my misbehaving air-conditioned. Thanks
  5. There is a control box, or ECU, under the carpet where the passenger feet is. I kid you not, its a combination of things...... I clean out the sunroof drain, then it's wet again. I found that somehow, water seep in where the cabin filter is. Checked the rain cowl/tray thing, found a design flaw, well it was good when it's brand new but overtime, it became a design flaw. From the rain cowl/tray, i found more design flaw, no wonder these cars are well known to have water coming in issues, very common with the g37 crews in the US.
  6. Found the culprit, Passenger side sunroof drain plug is clogged, water pool up under passenger foot-well, there is a small ECU there, not sure what it's for, unplug it (it was wet like a rat) and light goes away, voila!!! Just gotta dry it up and plug it back in again.
  7. I have a feeling they are closed circuit, i will bridge the circuit at the plug today and see if i am right, at the same time, have ordered a new switch from Nissan.
  8. have unplug both, no go, i'm leaning toward parkbrake switch
  9. I got the airbox, you can try to find the snorkel else where.
  10. Will try the brake fluid reservoir sensor cable tomorrow, thanks. I tested the park brake switch by using my hand to press the "thing" in, have not tried to unplug or with a current tester yet. Thank you
  11. Hey guys The V36 park brake light has been on and won't go away recently. I have top up the brake fluids, check the park brake switch and everything seems fine. I could replace the switch but before i do that, is there anything else that i need to look at first? This is what's said in the 2009 G37 Sedan manual ..... Thanks
  12. thread revival Anyone got a spare one that they want to get rid off?
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