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  1. M35 only cruise/meet! Propose date: 18th Nov or 26th NovWhat do you guy think?Meet up at Mornington PierDrive to Flinder Pier carpart, talk, photo ...etc Lunch/Rest/Drink at Flinder pub Route in short: Drive along the coast from Mornington to Arthur Seat, then from Arthur Seat back way to Flinder pier carpart. Register your interest, someone can take over the organizing if they wish. Would be nice to get as many M/NM35 together as possible. Cruise Route MAP
  2. Damn wrong section
  3. Ah i see ............ too hard :).
  4. Wait, is that even possible? Have i missed out on something? I'm sick of the dull looking nm35 headlight.
  5. Any VPN that we can use to watch Netflix Japan?
  6. Postage cost was $52 to NZ!
  7. I think you're spot on here. The bottom sits lower hence i thought i might have to trim the bumper a bit, so this for PM35?
  8. I have been seeing a few NM35 around Springvale south/Keysborough area too. How exciting.
  9. I have no idea what it suits anymore, Christian in Syd have one and he said it fit his and it's the exact same car as mine. All the body clip holes line up, just the lower part of the grill seems to be out of place but i'll have a good look again this weekend, it could just be me but it does look like the shape of the series 2 front grill.
  10. sa 

    Think of it this way, lets say there are 5000 R34 has been imported to Australia vs around 200 of M35 stagea. It's not like RB with a 1000 of aftermarket turbo options, you don't get room in the VQ25. Having said that, it's do able but a lot of work involve.
  11. nm35 aftermarket front grill! Aftermarket grill to suit nm35 stagea, Not series 1, maybe series 2 and Autec Axis. I tried on mine series1 and the mounting holes (body clips) line up, the bottom part might need trimming to suit. Pick up Sth East Melb, $150 negotiable.
  12. sa 

    Doubt it. 99% m35 stageas out there are hi-flow. It make sense to have a spare to be sent off for hi-flowing while still able to drive your car around.
  13. Awesome! Gate and the engine pulley part number?