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  1. https://automotivesuperstore.com.au/aerpro-ledres
  2. From memory, you can swap the head unit out for a standard din aircon/climate control panel by using some adapter harness. I'm not sure where you can get the harnesses but i know a guy who's wrecking a series2 that i have been buying bits and pieces of interior from, he might have the complete climate control set up still. PM me if you want and i can put you onto him.
  3. The badge is just a Jap aftermarket item. Aircon has to be control in the touch screen. Best to ask here "Nissan Stagea Owners and Enthusiasts Group" a facebook group
  4. Happy to buy a bits that you're removing from your 260 for the conversion.
  5. What do you mean? 260RS has r33 gtr engine and running gears already.
  6. No idea whether they are the same or not, $350.
  7. Have an R33gtr one if that helps
  8. OMG you beauty, thanks for that, make my day!!!!!
  9. Somewhere in the vids, i hear 2 steps were discussed, now would like to see ...... 😁
  10. Hi all I have a great condition R33 gtr airbox, competed (box and snorkle) forsales, Sth East Melb pick up preferred. $350 is what i'm asking for, exactly what i paid for. Thanks
  11. Out of curious, did you do a compression test before all this works? Thanks
  12. Hi Airbag lights are common, 99.9% of the time, its the Seat Weight module/plug thing, under the driver and passenger seat. Have a play with it to see if it goes away, IF NOT, put a resistor in. Washer Jet is either the motor is dead or the plug is not plugged in. Most parts of your car are similar/same to the V35 Skyline/Infinity
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