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  1. Rust, everywhere, including inside A-pillar. Turbo making dyson noise, Attessa light, noisy vct solenoid. Sluggish gear changes Apart from that, ARX suppose to sit a bit higher than NM35, comes with bodykit (flare), standard rear viscous lsd.
  2. Ah i get it, it's sort there to restrict the suction correct? So i can machine/file it down to suit an AN10 hose? it's a customs made from ex Havoc fab
  3. I'm running an oil/air separator, do i still need it? Driver side PVC remains OEM Passenger side - Cam Cover to Oil/Air - Oil/Air back to turbo intake
  4. I don't know that's why i'm asking if i can piss it off safely.
  5. My turbo intake is standard so i thought i could reuse that hose. (Oil/Air to that hose) If it acts as a 1 way valve, open on boost then i will need it right?
  6. Hi Can someone help confirm if its a one way valve or a restrictor that sits in the Turbos Intake to Rocker Cover (passenger side) on an Rb26? I'm running a plumb back Oil/Air separator and was just wondering if i can piss that off (probably not). It's doing my head in as on the turbos intake side, it's AN10 but once met the restrictor, it becomes AN12, where the hell do i find something like that. Thanks
  7. Common for fuel smell is the fuel filler neck thing.
  8. In at this stage, just waiting for my membership to be activated!
  9. Your has Auto sensing light
  10. I too get excited over them irrational items, do you think i could come around and you could take me for a spin in the GTR? 😁
  11. Check behind the battery, there is another set of Fuse panel there. Then check the "BUNG" under the battery, if it's still there, remove it. Very common issue with our Stageas here, water sits there and cause all sort of electrical gremlin.
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