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  1. Some DIY/Instruction for lazy people like me please, mainly to motivate me to get off my a** and do something about it. Thanks
  2. Yes Speak to Scotty at Scotty Customs, he's stagea (M35) specialist. http://scottyscustoms.com.au/
  3. DBA 4X4 T2 SLOTTED BRAKE ROTOR PAIR DBA2736S Hi How much can you supply this, ship to 3195. Thanks DBA 4X4 T2 SLOTTED BRAKE ROTOR PAIR DBA2736S FITS TOYOTA PRADO 3.0 D-4D
  4. I made [email protected] Mods are the usual + hiflow and an Impul ECU
  5. Respect!
  6. Give them a call man, no point wondering. http://www.fenixradiators.com.au/M35 If your car is a series 1, which is the VQ25DET then they should have a thicker replacement radiator in stock for you, even an trans-oilcooler. If not, give Scott and Scotty Customs a call, he might have 1 in stock.
  7. Believe my car is a series 1, NM35. Series 2 is the 3.5ltr right?
  8. Contact Scotty at Scotty Customs or Fernix radiator. I believe Scotty help them developed a direct replacement for the M35 and not just direct fit but it's thicker too. I have one in my car.
  9. wa 

    That was quick :).
  10. Must be you then, how did i miss that? (its Khoa on facebook) You work in the area?
  11. White M35 (maybe ARX?), very low with deepdish on Boundary Rd (Braeside) last friday afternoon turning into Redwood drive.
  12. They Yumcha version or the genuine one :)? Legit question.
  13. Did you bleed it right when you did the rad, thermal stat? Did you do it in winter? Were you able to trace to see where the coolant leak from? Maybe bubbles still trapped in the system? I dont' have problems on 35+, having said that, car already came with a Scotty cooling mod, i also just did the thicker radiator, nismo stat, new genuine nissan coolant.
  14. There's more to it ...... its a mess :).