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  1. They will fit in the front of a r33 (can't say for 34), but you need to do pretty heavy dremeling of the factory mounts to do so. Both the diameter and the mounting depth is larger (bigger speaker basket and larger magnet) so you need to be pretty savage. Still plenty of room to clear door trims and window mechanism though. Re-purposing the factory mounts still seemed better then using mdf which will deteriorate as soon as it gets wet.
  2. Yeah that's right. Full override to a constant setting for any road speed, a drag race mode that uses the EDA to adjust front torque with speed, or normal mode that leaves the attessa system alone (i think). The off setting seems to do the job most of the time. Hard to tell if that is any different to normal atessa having not driven a 33 gtr with the same power but normal attesa controller. From what i understand, when on the unit overrides the stock settings with its own control system, more then amplifying/bending the sensor signals like some of the other devices mentioned seem to do. To be honest I don't actually use it very much as I haven't run the car down the strip and i don't see any benefit to locking the torque split full time for most of my street/hills driving. IMO using the locked or EDA settings would make a big difference to launching (I think the EDA mode is more aggressive in increasing torque split to the front wheels), but i think if it was used often it would probably shorten the life of the drivetrain.
  3. Joey, I have the HKS ETC and EDA in my car (my car used to belong to JMW on pg 1 of this post.) I haven't used any other TSC, so I can't provide a comparison. But I can confirm it gives full control of front torque in quite fine adjustments, with manual and auto modes as described in the gtroc link in JMW's post. My understanding is that front torque can be locked at a desired level (or lack of) for all road speeds, automatically controlled by the ETC and EDA with a specified ceiling torque split value, or left as the standard attesa system would adjust. Cheers, Adam
  4. Found a link on the GTROC forums to some translated wiring diagrams for 1996 R33's, GTS, GTR, 2 and 4 door. Colours match those in my 95 R33 GTR. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/220801-r33-wiring-diagrams.html hope these help...
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