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  1. GH05T

    yeah i was kinda playin with the idea of getting a gtstR32 for a fun car, but their around the 15k mark now. which is how much i payed for my GTR years back
  2. Maaaaaan, its been such a long time since i drove the GTR i anger. poor little ladys just been chilling in the shed with a couple of starts to wake her up. i feel bad but.... historic rego is coming around soon, being an 89 model i assume the 30 year mark is starting next yes=ar. what do i need to do to get historic rego? pay a membership at any old club or? also say hellow to my 2nd LandCruiser.... it has some GTR influence
  3. i too am waiting patiently for historic rego
  4. GH05T

    what the hell is an anti hoon camera?
  5. GH05T

    they do such nice work
  6. GH05T

    3D printed N1 nose ducts would be awesome
  7. GH05T

    We should start a collection of 3D printable skyline parts. these are becoming more and more common and will be a great way to replace those brittle and expensive plastic parts. Post up if you have found or created anything good. i have found minimal on thingiverse but... nismo centercaps
  8. stock, or gtr... or anything really.
  9. early models and late models have a different standard angle. *edit, im thinking R32 so this may not be accurate, but possible *
  10. these were from my GTR hey, great size wheels.
  11. usual story. same as kids with imports ruined just cars really.