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  1. I think you will find that Clover “we don’t want you any” Moore has effectively done this by putting bike lanes and a stupid useless waste of money light rail down the main road. She cannot ban cars but has worked around that by making it painful to go there with one.
  2. Could something be stuck in the line causing it to hold air after it got pressurised
  3. My Sylvia used to do it only on hard takeoffs just enough load to do it but when already moving it didn’t
  4. Or soft inlet tube/rubber getting sucked close on acceleration
  5. Well that’s pretty average isn’t it. Just get a good engraving place to remake one
  6. I do blueslips and it is not needed at all to establish registration as it has the import plate/sticker and the 17 digit vin stamped/attached that is all that is required
  7. This is to get a compliance plate. The blue plate on the firewall is fitted by Nissan at the factory so you would need to contact Nissan. This plate is largely irrelevant for registration in Australia as it does not have the VIN number issued when the vehicle got complied
  8. Have you thought about getting one customer made?
  9. Hi I’m after an old model NISMO Weldina rear muffler. I’m happy to use the tip if someone has a damaged muffler. Below is the style I’m after. Happy to pay freight so location is not an issue
  10. Why MUST it be before the throttle body?
  11. Spotted a white RS260 in Penrith the other day parked behind it while at the bike shop. I didn’t even notice at first my daughters did. Plates were stagea
  12. To overcome some current boost issues and in anticipation of things to come I fitted an Eboost2 HP. Works well it’s only a stock turbo so 10psi is it. It works well. It also has the dual shift light on it
  13. You’ve been breaking engines since the first RB in the DR30 Dave
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