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  1. Picked up the car yesterday 256kw at the wheels through the auto goes 👍
  2. I second this. I’ve got a 3 1/2 inch system with performance exhaust mufflers on it and it’s not even as loud as a clapped out Mitsubishi Magna
  3. Haltech and tune on Monday. I was going to go with the lightweight bumper but the DAYZ fit over the cooler.
  4. The wheel bearing may be that bad it doesn’t read the wheel speed sensor properly?
  5. Do you mean to convert the R33 to AWD?
  6. Resurrection in time for Easter. Has anyone this on a NEO. If so what did you do with the coolant lines, bleeders and the idle motor
  7. Seatbelt solutions in Welshpool West Australia can remake your existing seatbelt at a good price I’ve used them many times before and then you know that the webbing isn’t damaged from and previous accident
  8. Yes It can be done with the Haltech elite 2500. Full series 2 auto, fuel and ignition control.
  9. There is a always a few for sale on FB marketplace and they do pop up here from time to time. I have one that needs a rebuild if you want it you can have it just come and get it. Then there would be very little down time
  10. Do you want it to look stock or be stock?
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