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  1. Yellow is the best. My wife thinks not but I like it 🤣
  2. Never seen a green one
  3. I just thought he would be looking at the best ones. C34
  4. Yes the 4 pistons from skylines fit and work better
  5. And the water gets on foam under the mirror and they start to rust there it’s pretty common. I should read what I type before posting
  6. I most I have Put in was 58 litres And the watergate refs on foam order the mirror and they rust there it’s pretty common
  7. 1-Check for rust under the mirrors 2-Parts are easy to get 3-Stagea brakes are a let down but most have a 4 spot Nissan upgrade 4-fuel mileage isn’t that bad I average 400-450 per tank 5-much bigger than a commodore wagon. ( and cooler )
  8. What’s wrong with yours
  9. I’ve been having the same issue some pics show up others don’t but when you go to web view they are all there
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