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  1. Because the ecu controls everything I don’t need the manual valve body. So it will be essentially the same box as yours but with a different valve body to also allow auto shifting and shifting from the steering wheel.
  2. Not enough needs a bigger turbo and maybe 700cc more as well 260kw at all 4. It feels faster than that so I can only assume it looses a bit through the trans an AWD. The Haltech feels like an ECU. But the transmission is great. Shifts nice and hard. Also has torque reduction on shifts to help preserve the box/flexplate. I am getting a complete MV automatics rebuilt trans and flexplate.
  3. If you still need a fabricator Gavin @ garage48 in Hornsby is great and reasonably priced. He also does powder coating if needed.
  4. T67 style turbo on a China 🇨🇳 manifold that I got with the car @Garage48 in Hornsby modded it to fit an external gate turbosmart 45 mm (he did a great job highly recommended) he made a complete exhaust from the turbo back 3-1/2 inch with a cat and 2 mufflers. Plazmaman fuel rail intercooler and upper plenum. Bosch 1050cc injectors and a Haltech Elite 2500 it controls the Engine and Transmission it’s auto. That’s about it I think
  5. RBW49N

    Air leak

    Because not everyone knows how to do things or has the tools to do it. He was just asking for help. Smile and be happy
  6. RBW49N

    Air leak

    Yep I would have said that had I noticed that you asked sorry I didn’t get back to you
  7. RBW49N

    Air leak

    Yes it shouldn’t have any leaks from there at all.
  8. RBW49N

    Triptonic Slow

    Adam may be able to set one up and send it to you. As far as I know it hadn’t been done before
  9. RBW49N

    Triptonic Slow

    Yes I’m running the elite and yes it controls the auto. The manual is basically a straight plug in but the auto needs some wiring mods to make it happen. As I said it’s best to speak to Adam from JEM as he made this work
  10. RBW49N

    Triptonic Slow

    Also my car has a larger turbo, intercooler, injectors and exhaust so tuning was required
  11. RBW49N

    Triptonic Slow

    Best bet would be to speak to Adam at JEM as he did the install and tune for it as far as I know it was the first AWD auto for a Nissan that he had done.
  12. RBW49N

    Triptonic Slow

    It’s in auto mode that was with only moderate throttle opening. It has a shift kit in it as well as a Haltech 2500 replacing the factory ECU so it controls the engine and all of the auto trans functions including shifting and line pressure. It does shift much harder on full throttle and it utilises torque reduction to preserve the gearbox. I will be getting a fully rebuilt gearbox soon so it can handle a bit more.
  13. RBW49N

    Triptonic Slow

    Is it like this? this is a shift kitted Auto but the line pressure and shift points are controlled by my haltech. So it’s dependent on how I drive it. If shifts very hard in manual mode IMG_1629.MOV
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