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  1. It looks like they are the same s pathfinders at the same era some have and some don’t. But they look the same as my series 2 ones
  2. I decided 12.9v max just wasn’t cutting the mustard. So upgraded to an LS1 alternator using the CWC kit. Fitted great and now I have a constant 14.7v
  3. Just a bit of an old thread revival. Does anyone have one of these on a c34 ? How loud is it?
  4. Lots of pages and entertaining posts later I’m still not sure
  5. Still got it. Didn’t end up with the other car so it’s not for sale anymore
  6. The 34 has a sensor provision on it. Air temp I think. The 33 one is the one you want
  7. They are the same cooler
  8. Anyone got these harness parts lying around?
  9. Have a look here it will tell you the part numbers and you can see if they match. https://nissan.epc-data.com/stagea/
  10. I should really put all of the information in my question shouldn’t I. Will R33 /R34 GTR front knuckle complete assemblies ( brakes bearings etc fit onto and AWD series 2 rs4. I wasn’t sure if the tie rods or ball joints were different
  11. Yes was talking C34. But was more curious about the complete knuckle as often the complete assemblies are for sale on yahoo that way the dust shield and everything is correct
  12. Just to bring this all back from the dead. Do R33 or R34 front knuckles fit on a Stagea. So I could buy complete front knuckles with discs calumets bearings dust shields and just bolt on or is there differences that make it not work
  13. Anyone got a tailgate with a dayz rear wing?
  14. Yeah the shit Euro ones not the quality Japanese ones
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