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  1. What did you end up buying?
  2. Price drop: 2 x HKS GT-RS Turbochargers Price: $900.00 ono
  3. Maybe the IACV needs a clean or is faulty
  4. nsw/act 

    1 x XL please
  5. I didn't either and presumably from the pic so do the arrows on the mirror adjustment controller?
  6. I bought the front and rear kits from alpha omega racing over a year ago so things may have changed but a few things spring to mind: 1. During the order process for the kit, I had to specify the car model that the kit was going into. Presumably this dictates the components that make up the kit. 2. Depending on what kit you bought, (or separate components?) you may need to rebuild the calipers prior to use. But maybe you bought the rebuilt calipers?
  7. That does look awesome. Do you need to cut the front bar to make it fit into an R32 GT-R though?
  8. No no no no no....well maybe a little.
  9. What this thread needs is a time machine that Mitsubishi could borrow. Then they could go back in time and invent a single turbo evo that won Bathurst twice and became the legendary car. People could then post on about how Nissan twins are better and that luddites who like Evos and their silly single turbos are behind the times.
  10. And Nico is out of here.....didn't see that coming
  11. IIRC, in the UK, a local council can install speed humps but speed limit changes and signs require approval from the Department for Transport. So guess what the result is...
  12. If the clutch is good, use Redline Shockproof in the gearbox and buy diffs instead? Why Quaife instead of Nismo at the front?
  13. Head office I think. The super cars and other sports cars are there too sometimes.
  14. Engine bay is looking fantastic. What nuts did you use for the strut tower brace? Were they from pro bolt?