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  1. It would be great if the menu button with options to select activity streams could be reinstated for the mobile site please. I cannot see any way to do that without switching to the desktop site withon the mobile browser. Firefox on Android. Cheers Rob
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-nissan-skyline-gt-r-v-spec-ii-nur-bnr34-manual-4wd/SSE-AD-6852827
  3. Chassis rails / sills, strut towers (as @GTSBoy has pointed out), spare wheel well and passenger foot well (heater core) are the areas that I am aware of. But there can be others depending on how far north the car spent most of its life.
  4. Another good topic ruined by Bakemono's BS...what a surprise
  5. More that I was asking about the engine pushing water.
  6. I to was faced with such a 1st world / GT-R owner's dilemma. I opted for a single DIN head unit with fold out display.
  7. Your best option is download a copy of Nissan FAST. Some of the vendors such as Nengun also have the FAST diagrams with corresponding part numbers on their websites
  8. It looks like the caliper is displaced due to the piece of webbing fouling but I thought that was the purpose of the hub spacers.
  9. A couple on Carsales are priced in the high 90s. Whether they actually sell for that is another thing obviously. Very different looking cars too.
  10. I am keen on the results too @DaymoR32 I have been too tight to buy a set but have also been considering a HID conversion. Don't know what the popo would be more upset about: HIDs or something they thought were HIDs. 1300 dollarydoos is a lot but N1s are pretty awful
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