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  1. That looks great. Who did the work and how much (if you don't mind)?
  2. About a tree fiddy
  4. Would love to but having something standard installed. Funnily enough, I was interested in what was replacing the OS88 as I thought that was one of the key parts of your build.
  5. So what is happening with the gearbox or has that been discussed previously?
  6. I don't think so. This is one of the confusing things with Nissan part numbers and the difference between the Part Code and Part Number. The number that I posted earlier is the Part Number sticker on the part itself from the boot of my car. The numbers that you have (I think) are the part codes. I have attached a picture from the Nissan FAST application showing the part codes and part numbers. If you click on the link for the finisher assembly, trunk front that you included in your post, you will see the actual part number is 8491004U00 Hope this helps. It has taken me a while in the past to assemble the correct part numbers for the bits that I have needed. Rob
  7. The one in mine is a piece of honeycomb / corrugated plastic. The part number you are after is 84910 04U00.
  8. I think using a browser is the workaround
  9. Bump....anyone selling these parts?
  10. Is there a venue yet? I have great difficulty getting out of the office at a decent time so it would be good to know where I am headed. Rob
  11. Hi all, I am looking for the following interior parts for my R32 GT-R: 1. Early (Zenki - 8/89-8/91) gear stick surround. 2. Early (Zenki - 8/89-8/91) centre console surround. 3. Rear speaker covers. Interested in items that are in great condition with all the tabs / screw mount points intact. My rear speaker covers have had the holes drilled in them during compliance for the rear child restraints so looking for some without the holes. Thanks Rob
  12. They really do fill them out. What size rotors? I have 350 but they almost look small in comparison.
  13. Looks like an excellent result! much is VCAM?
  14. Just be careful with the lining itself as they are no longer available for the R32