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  1. Emergency stuff, superwhistler, grey Nichols twin scoop bonnet but still no skid vids...
  2. Commiserations on lockdown impact. I'm in Melbourne so understand that alright. The two supplied hoses are a bit longer than the front hose to the Y junction which is about half the length of the rear washer hose. I assume the intent is that you cut the supplied hoses to match the length of the three pieces required to connect to the front nozzles. The rear hose has melted at points so it was coming out anyway and I have a replacement ordered.
  3. Hi BK, I bought the Garage Active washer / overflow bottle set. It shipped with two washer hoses. One goes to the Y junction for the two front washers. Any idea what the other is for or is it just a spare? The rear washer hose is a single piece that runs all the way from the bottle to a valve mounted just in front of the parcel shelf so is much longer. Thanks Rob
  4. I have a collection of rusty tools including such workshop essentials as a fork that were located in the cavity below the attesa reservoir for god knows how long. $20 obo pick up only
  5. Hi @PranK The performance issue is resolved thanks! The picture resolution doesn't seem to be however. Example from yesterday Cheers Rob
  6. Intercooler sold. Thanks @pig 32! Just the Philips Xenon D1S at $100 for the pair remain.
  7. Check out the LHD conversion done by @Snara Amazing car!
  8. Ah, OK thanks. I stand corrected. On your 2nd point, I imagine this isn't performed consistently or "cut" may be translated to "disconnected." I don't think I have noticed on R32s this but probably not looking either and would have assumed the light was out. The wiring on mine is intact and looks original.
  9. Doesn't the ADM R32 GT-R have this config? OP: check out https://zledslights.com/ for LED options
  10. Hi @PranK It is both of those Unread options that you list above plus any custom that you create. It seemed to resolve itself for a bit this morning but is slow again. Sometimes the waiting for google analytics status popup is displayed while the delay is occurring: Regarding low res thumbnails, compare this one which is low: Vs a high res example: Cheers Rob
  11. Recently - say, over the last three weeks - I have noticed that the site is very slow at loading activity streams based on unread items. Sometimes taking minutes to load the page or not at all. I have recreated my unread Custom Activity streams but this hasn't fixed it. Before this happened, the banner about re-indexing appeared at the top of the page so I was expecting some slowness for a while but not for it to continue for this long. Also, pictures are displaying in a low resolution in message threads until you open the picture. Multiple browsers (Firefox and Edge Chromium) and platforms (Android and Win10).
  12. Necro-bump: R32 GT-R OEM Intercooler - $50 Philips Xenon D1S - $100 for the pair
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