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  1. Even record collectors don't get as excited as I do when expensive vinyl is delivered.
  2. Interesting. I was considering buying a new one but my driveway is nearly impossible to get out of without scraping so have plastidipped my old faded one instead.
  3. Fading due to sun or OEM colour change? Mine looked shabby due to fading.
  4. 27 yo R32 GT-R with a stack of miles on the clock (and probably a stack off it). 1. Door glass on hardened rubber 2. Door latch on striker plates 3. Bonnet rubber seals on cooling panel 4. Passenger searbelt retaining bolt loose 5. Centre console surround loose. 6. Steering wheel surround expands with heat and rubs. 7. Something in boot squeaks after about an hour
  5. I bought the full kits from them as I had very tired original GT-R gear and AOR looked after me price wise but you can just pick the parts you need and BYO the rest.
  6. Yep
  7. Alpha Omega Racing. You posted a link from their site earlier so I figured that you had seen their kits.
  8. Buy the AOR kits?
  9. So isn't this based on an extrapolation of the tune at the max flow of the AFMs assuming that components are the same and behave the same (linearly)? If you have had boost leaks and turned on Antilag for a while then things aren't the same / behaving the same? Is a higher PSI MAP sensor equivalent to using Nismo AFMs (in this regard)?
  10. Still happening for me. E.g. Madbung's post on Cars That Make You Hhnnnnnngg (the most recent post) Android.
  11. It must be my inner bogan but that combo is starting to grow on me...
  12. Pics? You will find a lot of people on here that have similar beginnings or much, much worse to their Skyline journey. Hopefully it is worth it for you (eventually).
  13. I like Red Brembos too and they have the added benefit of slowing the car down when required as well as looking great
  14. If only we could see the pics on the mobile app....