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  1. I was in Bris Vegas recently and I noticed cameras labelled "behavior monitoring cameras" or some such rubbish. 1984....
  2. I would be interested to know what it would cost. Muse seem to be Facebook only - their website looks to be non-existent. Vspec quoted $650 to refurbish my R32 GT-R wheel a couple of years ago. That seemed like a lot of $$ but maybe that is just what it costs. There is also this from a similar thread a while ago: Which I assume is: Mine looks rubbish now so I should get onto doing something about it.
  3. It is great seeing other people's setup and appreciating the hard work and $$$ that have gone into the build. The gauges look great. Do you have a wider angle pic showing how they fit into the interior?
  4. Delivered? Noice!
  5. South of the border, down Liverpool way....
  6. It sure would be. Great work getting the car ready in time. Hope you go well.
  7. Rear speaker covers?
  8. Can you post some more angles of pic #4 please? It looks like the wheel has been levered off.
  9. Doesn't this fit the bill:'s-R33-LM-Limited-Upkeep
  10. How do people find stuff like this? Presumably to get that price you had to swallow as well?
  11. Looks great on a GT-R. Price to send to VIC 3006
  12. Bump. Really keen on the rear speaker covers in particular. Cheers Rob
  13. This thread used to be interesting but now it's dull. Can someone chuck some turbo(s) in a car already and report back (preferably with skid vids)
  14. Well that sounds crap. Car no good or it didn't arrive? Good luck with the search!
  15. I have just had a Nismo Super Coppermix twin plate C-Spec installed in my GT-R and it is lighter than what I had in my 1987 MR2