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  1. Pics?
  2. I used them recently for a part and it arrived quickly.
  3. 3. And smoking's bad mkay
  4. Wow what a race. Was watching delayed a bit. Things didn't work out for my guys but still good stuff.
  5. Evos, Pulsars, Skylines, internal combustion engines, rack and peanut steering...
  6. I thought those with paid subs didn't see ads but ok sure. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ More info on Notifications: 1. If the notification is for a single post in a thread with only a few pages, it works and takes you to that post. 2. If the notification is for a single post in a thread with quite a few pages, it works but takes you to the first post in thread. 3. If the notification is for multiple posts, it takes you to a blank window in the app. This has changed recently as it used to crash the app. 4. The Notification tab in the app shows nothing recent. They are old posts. I have installed / uninstalled / cleared cache etc. many times. Cheers Rob
  7. Just bought one of these bad boys: Should work well with the -9s and forthcoming e85 / flex conversion. Thanks to @r32-25t
  8. Since the mobile app upgraded, I have noticed that a lot of advertising is now displayed. Is this to be [email protected]? Also, the Notifications view / function is still not working. Cheers Rob
  9. Wow that engine bay is looking awesome and super clean
  10. But if you do that, is the sensor measurement still accurate enough?
  11. Yay Ferrari! Shame that a well timed / lucky pit stop decided the order that the cars finished in though but such is the nature of F1.
  12. Good to see that someone else is interested by the way as it is a sport that would be very easy to lose interest in.
  13. Sigh...Mercedes. Not that I begrudge anyone their success as the goal is to win. Mercedes are the best all round team but it would be great to se another (Ferrari) win. Anywhoo, I went yesterday and it was a great day out. Going to the race tomorrow too.
  14. Anyone watching / attending?