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  1. I have noticed a few issues following the app upgrade on Android (Samsung S8+): 1. Logon failures. Have uninstalled/reinstalled but still see a few 2. The app crashes more often than not when opening it via a subscribed thread notification. 3. If it doesn't crash, it shows notifications that are dated 26th August. So not the notification that appeared on my phone. 4. Intrusive but blank advertisement banner appears at the top of a page sometimes. 5. The broken link icon instead of pictures problem still exists. Rob
  2. Believe it or not but the GT-RS turbos are still for sale....these would be perfect for a stance build @fatz
  3. Great persistence man!
  4. Did someone say GTR FLATCAP?
  5. You guys are twinsphobic and this offends me but I respect your decision to support your cars undergoing forced induction reassignment.
  6. I have a Pioneer TS-WX305B (previous model I assume) for sale if you live close to Melbourne. It is BNIB. $125.00
  7. Looks like an awesome project. I think you will find there is plenty of Z car love on this forum so keep the episodes coming.
  8. This is why I have listed and advise my insurer of every single mod, part replacement, upgrade, downgrade, whatever no matter how insignificant and asked for written confirmation that this will not impact the insurance coverage for the car / premium / etc. This won't be foolproof but should go a long way to establishing a pattern of me giving the insurer every opportunity to change the terms of the policy or advise me that my car can no longer be covered.
  9. Isn't it the same one that has gone up for sale on SAU for $70k?
  10. That looks awesome. Good to see that it all fits with the factory mesh too.
  11. What do you get for your money with a Nismo crate motor over a locally assembled engine with forged internals?
  12. Consuming too many of those blue drinks during your 24 hour training?
  13. I think that I saw somewhere that you were selling? Say it aint so...
  14. Cheers. I have been considering either a brand new R33 gearbox or a strengthened rebuild. I am not running huge power either but history suggests that over engineering may not be a bad thing. I also need a new clutch (very soon) but need to consider the change from push to pull in the decision.