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  1. Howdy, Sorry for the rubbish post above. I was distracted whilst doing boring / annoying work stuff so didn't realise that I had posted. Anyway, what I started typing was: Different - well at least the carpet is. I bought a carpet a while ago and it didn't fit my GT-R. Turned out that it was from a GTS-T apparently. I had a look in FAST to see what the differences might be. OP looks to have a GTS-T Type M so I compared a VIN code from a similar month as my GT-R. A few of the part numbers are different. HCR32: BNR32: I have no idea how different the parts are and it may be a moot point depending on which boot trim parts the OP is looking for. Cheers Rob
  2. I love that it had the correct number of turbochargers...
  3. Bump... Prices for the Intercooler, Twin Turbo pipe and Xenons dropped in the first post.
  4. @MBS206 Do you have any results to share?
  5. Great result mate. I am interested to compare to mine as the builds are similarish. I get 360kw @22psi on e85. No idea on 98 figure but I was at 308kw prior to upgrades and retune so maybe little more. So the differences are the custom -7s; 2psi; Kelford cams and exhaust. I have Apexi pods so probably breathe a bit better compared to factory airbox.
  6. I saw this car at RacePace when collecting my car. It looked amazing. Sorry to hear that you are selling.
  7. It was the speaker covers that you were able to get for me
  8. I tried buying from them a year ago but got absolutely nowhere so gave up. Thankfully no money had changed hands. No response to any contact methods.
  9. I am interested in the outcome also. I have tried a couple of LED headlights in my R32 GT-R but results have been underwhelming. Better than halogen though but not by much. I currently have JW Speaker Model 4000 and previously bought another brand from SA LED but I don't have the model number for those. Rob
  10. Guess it depends on how much you are willing to spend and what feels normal. I get 360kw @ 22psi on e85 on -9s in my 2.6 and I love it. That feels excellent as "normal" is walking home from work on arthritic knees.
  11. Did the same looking at them on Kudos...had issues ordering and by the time I went back, the price had doubled.
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