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  1. Isn't it the same one that has gone up for sale on SAU for $70k?
  2. That looks awesome. Good to see that it all fits with the factory mesh too.
  3. What do you get for your money with a Nismo crate motor over a locally assembled engine with forged internals?
  4. Consuming too many of those blue drinks during your 24 hour training?
  5. I think that I saw somewhere that you were selling? Say it aint so...
  6. Cheers. I have been considering either a brand new R33 gearbox or a strengthened rebuild. I am not running huge power either but history suggests that over engineering may not be a bad thing. I also need a new clutch (very soon) but need to consider the change from push to pull in the decision.
  7. Good stuff.....and then bad stuff huh? I am faced with the same decisions about gearbox rebuild / replacement and clutch. Do you have any pics of the amp and sub installation location?
  8. Quitter.....
  9. Love my current @Kustom20 radiator brackets but those polished items look fantastic.
  10. Yeah but do they have to drill through the speaker cover and install the mount so the rear speakers are ruined?
  11. Yep decent audio and new rubber seals around the doors do wonders for a 27 year old R32
  12. Check out [email protected] has achieved with -9s in his build thread: It is food for thought on what is possible with a reasonably standard looking engine bay (if that is what you want / need).
  13. Door latch on the striker plate maybe? The hinges sag over time
  14. JHC that looks awesome