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  1. Toilet seat isn't even up....next thing will be a picture of lamps that match the ornamental cushions
  2. Tell me about it. The price on Kudos has doubled.
  3. Subwoofer sold. Thanks @shodan ! For those awaiting pics of the gearbox, my apologies but it is in storage and I still don't have access to it. I will update you via PM / TXT when I can. I completely understand if you have lost interest though. Intercooler, Twin Turbo pipe and Xenons still available. Send me an offer. I thought the intercooler may have been of interest or do most people just go straight to aftermarket these days? Cheers Rob
  4. So, is this a job for amateurs? I.e. can it be destructive if the ratios are incorrect or you leave it on for too long etc. I started mine and found some areas - especially the wheel arches - came off in seconds but then the floor was terrible to do. Awesome project mate!
  5. They have some nice looking kit. I have contacted them about mods to the cupholder and bought an ignitor cover as I have recently moved to a newer coil setup.
  6. That cupholder looks sweet.... Care to share the input file?
  7. Nice work. Love those wheels. The Nismo Super Coppermix twin is a very easy to drive clutch.
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