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  1. Probably just 1kg. From memory that was the minimum that BOC would sell.
  2. And would have to go the trouble of changing the topic title
  3. Sounds like every project that I have ever worked on
  4. My 2nd car. The car dealer asked me to pull over during test drive. He was white as a sheet. Fun times
  5. So, I am a DIY type. Disclaimer: I am an amateur (very). Costs, time and risk may not be relevant to others. All of the work that I described above was performed by me and I am performing this work throughout the whole car so difficult to say how much for the boot only. If you want to do the sound deadener only in the spare wheel well, then not much point TBH. $20 and an hour of your time; if that. It is the heat cycles; seam sealer overrun; and carpet that makes this job a PIA when you move into the rest of the car.
  6. Remove the sound deadener with dry ice; wire wheel the rust marks; paint with kbs; reinstate the seam sealer; cover with new sound deadener
  7. It is probably just the thumbnails that are blurry. The pics look fine once you open them
  8. Emergency stuff, superwhistler, grey Nichols twin scoop bonnet but still no skid vids...
  9. Commiserations on lockdown impact. I'm in Melbourne so understand that alright. The two supplied hoses are a bit longer than the front hose to the Y junction which is about half the length of the rear washer hose. I assume the intent is that you cut the supplied hoses to match the length of the three pieces required to connect to the front nozzles. The rear hose has melted at points so it was coming out anyway and I have a replacement ordered.
  10. Hi BK, I bought the Garage Active washer / overflow bottle set. It shipped with two washer hoses. One goes to the Y junction for the two front washers. Any idea what the other is for or is it just a spare? The rear washer hose is a single piece that runs all the way from the bottle to a valve mounted just in front of the parcel shelf so is much longer. Thanks Rob
  11. I have a collection of rusty tools including such workshop essentials as a fork that were located in the cavity below the attesa reservoir for god knows how long. $20 obo pick up only
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