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  1. I thought that this was a post about trying to escape from Victoria. The motivation is to get away from the sick people. Youtube and this forum have been great resources. The downside with Youtube is that it makes some things look so easy and it makes idiots like me attempt things that we probably shouldn't.
  2. @PranK Please break the upload function so that @Ben C34 cannot upload images
  3. I will take the headlights please if you can ship to Melbourne
  4. Not what you are looking for. Shit condition x 2 for RB26
  5. IMHO, the options are providing protection or mitigation from different risks or increasing the level of difficultly Alarm. Noisy. Scares some thieves off. Immobiliser. Prevents some thefts. Required by some insurance companies before they will insure your car at all. GPS. Allows you to track low level thieves. Also acts as an early warning that someone has set off the alarm or gained entry / caused damage. May be jammed prior Locked garage. Slows thieves down. Prevents some thefts. Not always available. Required by some insurance companies before they will insure your car at all (based on post code / residence type). Bollards. Slows thieves down. Prevents some thefts. Not always practical CCTV. May help after the fact if the police give a shit but unlikley Preferably have as many as possible given your circumstances but accept the fact that it can be stolen no matter how many of the above are in play. Some people will use violence to achieve this. I cannot believe the number of cars that I have purchased over the years that do not have 1 - 2. The first question that every insurance company has asked me after address is Alarm / Immobiliser. Do people just lie?
  6. Just get -9s. I get 360 awkw on e85 @ 20 psi with decent mods.
  7. I haven't had any issues having 255 35 18 fitted to 18x9.5 in Vic
  8. Bump. Original post updated as most things gone. The following remain: R32 GT-R OEM Intercooler - $100 Philips Xenon D1S - $150 for the pair Thanks Rob
  9. Yeah, it sucked all right. Was away for a trip with the Mrs. Saw it happen while I was in a convenience store or 7/11 or whatever. Came out to challenge the guy but he pissed off. Don't know what I would have realistically achieved - probably got my head punched in. Was worried about it leaking but it was fine. Probably as per the comment from @GTofuS-T below....saying this as I knock back the red wines
  10. It is such a nice piece of kit Mine lasted one trip out and some arsehead kicked it with a steelcap boot and put a dent in it. Now painted black and hidden behind factory mesh.
  11. What happens next? Car explodes? 95 with aircon on sounds about right
  12. I have had two R32 GT-R's with different headlight configs. Current one has N1 headlights with integrated foglights the other had them mounted conveniently in front of the interwarmer. In both cases, controlled by the button on the cluster surround as per @jmknights93 pic above.
  13. Moved mine into storage last year after a couple of attempts to steal. I was lucky. First attempt, the would be thieves were deterred by the alarm going off. Second attempt, the same thieves accompanied by muscle were staring at an empty car space. I had moved it to a friends garage the day before as I had to travel overseas to work. As I said, lucky Both times, faces are caught on CCTV. They couldn't have cared less. Other than the anger that I felt about my car almost being stolen, damage to door locks etc. I felt anger at the thought that others could have been caught up in this bullshit. I am not a millionaire. My car isn't a Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari or Koenigsegg (however you spell it). But I have to spend money like I am one to keep hold of my circa $50k car. People say that GT-R owners are precious. Is it any wonder?
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