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  1. I am certainly not an expert (or even mediocre for that matter) but: 1. If you are going Halaltech and MAP then upgrading your MAFs to Nismo AFMs is redundant. 2. ARC intercoolers look awesome but probably better value / perf available. Also it is implies it is a sidemount? 3. Exhaust same. 4. Think you might need a higher lph fuel pump for e85. 5. HPI dump pipes may yield higher flow than Tomei. 6. Ignore [email protected] said as he may be tecnically correct but boring as over-engineering always yields *better* results.
  2. nsw/act 

    Received. Thanks [email protected]
  3. Not sure how relevant this is but I recently installed a Pioneer AVH x7850BT into my R32 GT-R along with an amp and new speakers. Aerpro make the harness to connect but the thing to watch for is that the Pioneer connector socket is different on newer models. Aerpro may have updated the harness since I bought my stuff 6 months ago. There is also a cable that needs to be wired to the handbrake activation sensor. Some discussion that this can be bypassed by earthing it instead but this didn't work for me. The more reading that I did implied that the head unit needs to be wired to the handbrake or there are devices that car audio shops use for demos that can simulate the same connection. Parts that I bought from below - which may differ to your R34. Aerpro AP348A - Nissan Antenna Adaptor Aerpro APP8PIO8 Pioneer AV to ISO Wiring Harness Aerpro Nissan to ISO Wiring Harness - APP0121
  4. Hi

  5. Yep have already done that and it quite often has resolved this in the past but not this time. E.g. a notification for the post [email protected] that I quoted came through when I was reading your post but the notifications view in the app still hasn't updated.
  6. Same. Also I have noticed that notifications are not coming through consistently. Received some for the lulz thread but not this one. Possibly related - the Notifications view in the app isn't showing any threads since June 1st.
  7. Are they comfortable or does it feel too hot? I have been thinking about buying some.
  8. Shhh....say that quietly or the EFR boys will hear you.
  9. Yep. Sad day
  10. +1 for @Kustom20 He made one for my R32 and does R33 / R34 also.
  11. Mr DP Sututu's head job
  12. I saw this beauty when I was picking my car up from RacePace. Very nice indeed.
  13. Sorry my post wasn't worded very well. I meant to refer to twins in general being considered inferior to a modern big single. I was wondering if there was something different about the EFR solution that changed that thinking? Cheers