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  1. [bigger cams required] That is the correct answer right?
  2. Can you customise the colour?
  3. Doesn't this depend on fuel? I haven't seen OP specify 98 or e85. I get 360 Oz Wheel KW on -9s with reasonable mods and e85.
  4. So the saying goes, if you want a GT-R, you need to be able to afford two....so you can afford four? Sweet looking ride. How does a "Tommy Kaira" differ from our garden variety money pits?
  5. Sorry, it was actually JustJap but I checked and they don't have it advertised any longer. Picking up on what @GTSBoy suggested, another thing you may wish to try is one of the common problems that causes the blend door motor to stop functioning, is poor wiring contact. There is a temporary workaround that involves jamming cardboard behind the plug to keep it in place. There are quite a few posts on SAU about it. Not elegant but it may be worth trying until you can find a replacement or just to isolate the fault.
  6. Will be there if I don't have to work
  7. Hi I have removed most of the interior recently and will be replacing both sides including motors. I was able to buy almost all of the parts new but had to source from a few different suppliers. Assuming that you are wanting to buy the "mix" door motor AKA "blend" door motor which is the one that jams and pumps hot air into the cabin, then I *think* that the part that you are after is 27742-77S60: I can take pics of the parts that I have purchased recently later in the week. i think that I bought the above from RHDJapan Cheers Rob
  8. You have a Kakimoto and you are worried about db limits?
  9. Looks very nice! Stock turbos have ceramic internals so that is reason enough to replace them I would have thought.
  10. New year's bump. Buy my stuff. Make an offer. Cheers Rob
  11. Was there any outcome for the LED tests?
  12. I reckon he tried to do this to the doors:
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