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  1. Robzilla32

    Post some pics! Ceramics will die at factory boost at some stage and your mileage will vary.
  2. Robzilla32

    Yep sorted thanks
  3. Pics aren't showing for some in the mobile app at the moment. They can be seen in the web browser though.
  4. Robzilla32

    Hi @PranK For the last day or so, I haven't been seeing any pics in the mobile app. E.g. Tim's pulsar and the new guy from Canberra. Also, notifications have been sporadic. Latest version from Ggogle Play store on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Cheers
  5. Robzilla32

    It's probably irrational but I sort of want these. But what I really want is someone to buy 1st and show me how awesome they perform. Black internals would be better. I have N1 headlights which are candles. Would love to upgrade.
  6. Injectors sold First post updated with price drops on all remaining items. Cheers Rob
  7. But would it be better to give birth to twins or a big single? I will leave that to the women out there to answer.
  8. Bump Don't be shy. Throw some reaonable offers my way and this early 90s finery could be yours.
  9. Robzilla32

    The thing that would really round this thread out nicely would be a post advertising an R33 GT-R only meet in a public place e.g. Woolies carpark - no spectators of course
  10. Robzilla32

    You should probably let us know what city. Also worth checking the blend door actuator and temp sensor if you haven't already.
  11. PowerFC and Coilpack / Ignitor parts sold.
  12. Hey all, Due to some recent upgrades and to sell a couple of unused items, I have the following gear for sale. All items are in working order (except where noted) and were removed from a 1990 R32 GT-R making just over 300KW. some cases they are 28ish years old so "caveat emptor". Please consider this if you are interested. Collection in Melbourne. GT-R Stuff 1. R32 GT-R OEM Intercooler Price: $180.00 Reason for sale: upgraded to a new Plazmaman cooler 2. SOLD Apexi Power FC (no hand controller) Price: $200.00 Reason for sale: replaced with Nistuned OEM ECU 3. R32 GT-R Twin Turbo Pipe Price: $45.00 Reason for sale: replaced with a wrinkle black painted pipe 4. SOLD R32 GT-R OEM Coilpack, igniter etc. Price: $50.00 Reason for sale: upgraded to Alpha Omega Racing ACDelco Coil setup 5. R32 GT-R Gearbox - SUIT A REBUILD Price: $270.00 Reason for sale: replaced with a brand new R33 S3 gearbag Note 1: I don't have any pictures of this as it is in storage. Note 2: Early model push type box Note 3: I believe that the gearset is OK but synchros are knackered Note 4: It was very difficult to engage 1st gear but the clutch was also on death's door Note 5: Did I mention that it it needs a rebuild? Note 6: Comes with free oil 6. SOLD 6 x RC Racing Injectors Price: $25.00 Reason for sale: replaced with new injectors to support E85 Note 1: I don't believe these are very good so "caveat emptor" as per above. Note 2: I think they are 850cc Other stuff 7. 2 x Philips Xenon D1S X-tremeVision gen2 (BNIB) Price: $225.00 Reason for sale: I was going to use these in another car but went a different route. They are brand new and have not been removed from packaging. I think that I paid about $350.00 for these. 8. Pioneer TSWX305B Bass Reflex Subwoofer (BNIB) Price: $45.00 Reason for sale: TBH, I don't know why I bought this. Possibly drunk. It would never have fit in anything that I owned at the time. Stock pic below I am open to reasonable offers and will ship via E-Go. If anything is way over priced, then please don't sledge like you are David Warner (when he was allowed on the pitch); just let me know or - if you are interested - send me a link to a realistic price. There is also a bag with some additional screws / bolts / etc. so if something appears to be missing, let me know. Cheers Rob
  13. Robzilla32

    Your missus might be onto something...
  14. Robzilla32

    I am one of the every second persons so I concur that you should change the colour... Reckon that you dodged a bullet with the pump gear but as it's a GT-R, also equally likely that it has been that way for ages but would now fail because you looked at it