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  1. @BK The pipe fitting is the last piece that I need to finish the build. Do you have the flange bolts as well? I'm good on the BOV's. Do you have a pic? How much?
  2. Looking to take off my dodgy HKS BOV system that came with the car for the factory recirculation setup. Let know if you have one for sale! Thanks!
  3. Take off the IAC and give it a good clean. Also have you changed out the fuel filter? Mine had fuel delivery issues and changed out the fuel filter. you might be shocked what comes out of the old one once you remove it. Check out my post.
  4. Have you taken the new battery to where you purchased it to see if there is potentially a dead cell in the battery? This can happen, I . bought a battery and 6 months later, ended up having a dead cell. It was still under warranty (as yours should). Have them test it if you don't own a tester and should easily rule the battery being an issue. Much easier to start there vs. digging around and ripping things apart. Just my .02 cents.
  5. Problem has been resolved. Stepped back and thought about this issue logicially...the problem that was seen was symptomatic to running out of gas. The car has a full tank so thinking the problem was due to fuel delivery. Checked all injectors and all were good, and then changed the fuel filter out. After draining the fuel filter into an empty water bottle, it was completely black with chunks of gunk coming out of it! I'm thinking that the fuel feed was being restricted due to the old fuel filter, causing the car to stall out. Just my .02 cents but at least its working now without the constant engine shutdown. Also cleaned out the IAC valve and replaced the non-existent gasket. This may or may not have helped, but couldn't have hurt since it was covered in carbon. Hope my situation can help someone out! Pictures of what came out of the fuel filter attached. Thanks!
  6. Took the Air box and AFMs off and that the lower tube wasn't fully seated in and was the cause if my issue.
  7. Thanks for the tip! Will give it a shot tomorrow and pay an update. Thanks!
  8. Hoping someone on here can help me out. I was troubleshooting an issue where my 1990 GTR all stock, was losing power when coming to a stop. Started up just fine, consistently died when coming to a stop sign. Anyway in troubleshooting, I removed by AFMs opened them up and put fresh solder on the contacts and removed and cleaned out my IAC valve and installed a new gasket (there wasn't one before). After putting everything together, the car started but then immediatly died. It would start but die almost instantly and wouldn't idle. I adjusted the IAC idle screw but no matter how far in or out I adjusted it, I got the same result. Start then die. The only way the car would stay on was if you constantly pumped the gas pedal. attached my ECU talk cable and got an error 21 for Ignition signal. Still a problem to look at, but don't see how it could relate to the car not idling and shutting off immediately. Open to any suggestions!
  9. Thanks for the tip, opened opened the first one and looks ok, but put some new fresh solder on the connectors since I was in there. Gonna open up the second on and take a look tomorrow. Hoping that fixes the problem. I'll post an update soon.
  10. I had the same exact problem it turned up to be a brittle fuel hose in top of the fuel tank and I had to drop it to replace it. Dropping the fuel tank was the hardest part because I had to siphon all the gas. Definitely a two person job but can be done solo if that is your situation. Pulling the tray that holds the fuel pump can be a tough job but it's not impossible. You can get replacements hoses at a local parts store just be sure to bring the hose with you. It is also probably a good idea to replace all the hoses under there while it's open.
  11. My 1990 GTR was fine a few weeks ago, only work that was done was that we removed the airbox and both AFMs and tightened down a loose bolt on the charge pipe to fix a leak. Put everything back together, warmed it up for about 20 minutes (cold here now), then took it out. When coming up to a stop sign, rather briskly, the 4wd and Anitlock dash lights came on followed by a complete loss of power. Car started right back up just fine and does not lose power when its moving forward, only when stopping, and its random. More frequently than not though. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Car is all stock.
  12. I ended up just snipping the connector off and will be buying a new ignitor connector and connecting the wires back to their original configuration.
  13. Name of this connector Hey guys, I am replacing my coil pack harness but need to replace the connector that connects to the loom at the back of the engine from the harness. Looked at http://wiringspecialties.com for a replacement, but don't know the name of this connector. Does anyone know? It's a 3-Pin connector. Thanks!
  14. Help with botched R32 - R34 coil pack conversion Hey guys, hoping to get some good advice...I am in the process of converting a poorly done r34 coil pack conversion on my 1990 r32 GTR back to the OEM r32 using the transistor ignition unit. I have already replaced the spark plugs and coil packs with brand new r32 Splitfires. The previous owner that did the conversion did a really crappy job and when I was removing the the old loom from the harness at the back of the engine, a bunch of wires just fell out of the harness, oh and also saw that the grounding wire was just floating around in there. Any help would be awesome!
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