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  1. Nah never have seen and r32 down where I live
  2. I was wondering will a r32 body kit to fit a coupe fit a r33 gtst coupe? Weird question I know
  3. My friend pulled the hand break when he parked and then it maded a loud bang and dropped but pulled it back up and it was fine but now you pull it up and it rolls a little when on a hill.
  4. Yes I took it in for a full service and he went through the whole car and said it’s perfect but yeah now this is happening
  5. I have been having this problem for a little bit now and haven’t been able to work it out. The car just started to sound different like it idols high Then drops real low almost to stall but then goes back on and keeps doing it and now the oil pressure goes up to 8 when first start and will drop right down to 2 when driving and goes up to 8 and back down? Anyone got any idea what it could be? With all that it’s started to run really rich on fuel
  6. So I have filled the skyline up today, because I haven’t had it out for a while but when I filled it up to the cap, it didn’t overflow or anything, but when I came back from paying there was a big heap of fuel about half a litre on the ground. Where could it becoming from?
  7. So I had a compression test done on my r33. It was cold and done dry, and it had 165 across all cylinders is this good or bad?
  8. So what would be the best turbo to put in one?
  9. How do you adjust stock turbo, to get more boost on r33 skyline series 2?
  10. I was going to United but I went to Caltex and got that, and couple days ago I went to BP and I’m around half a thank and I have got 200km
  11. So I went to a different fuel station and put 50L in and I got 409.5km to it
  12. I did run it dead empty because I ran out of fuel half away down the road, I rolled it down the hill into the petrol station.
  13. I put in 50L and I got 300km it works out to be 16.6L to ever 100km
  14. Hey GuysI own a 1997 R33 GTST S2. Recently had a opportunity to fill up the tank and reset the km'sTank is now empty and Ive done 300km! That is terrible economy. I know its a skyline and i didnt buy it for its thriftiness of fuel but 300km?Ive heard people doing 450-500 on a tank , this seems to thirsty for me- Done the 100k service- Replaced fuel filter- Replaced o2 sensor- Havnt been flogging itWhat else could cause my economy to be this bad even after I have done the above?
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