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  1. Chill, dude. You seem to make a lot of false assumptions about my build and have some idea that I'm only going to hold the engine at redline and hit anti-lag in a parking lot with the sole intention of shooting flames, while doing no maintenance to the car or something. I've built this car ground-up, from a shell, for racing and it's held up incredibly well. I'd like to setup anti-lag (as I've already done with my two other cars), and know that on instances where I hit redline that the oil pump isn't going to shatter. I think that's a pretty reasonable idea to upgrade the oil pump before doing that, no? Anyway, I got in touch with someone at Nitto and they confirmed that their crank collar will work just fine with the Tomei oil pump. I just have to make sure that the backplate opening is large enough.
  2. Because they cost around $1600-$1800 USD. Plus new bearings, and you might as well do seals too. But then at that point, you might as well put in upgraded pistons and rods, which means you'll need the block apart and machined... That's several thousand dollars at that point. So that spirals out of control pretty easily.
  3. I am unable to find anything about a Tomei collar existing. Do you happen to have a link to one?
  4. Excellent. Thanks for that. Totally makes sense, but I've seen that people have problems. See here: I suppose I should simply write Nitto to confirm. As for it being stupid: I had sourced the Tomei pump because its description stated that it would solve the issue with the fragile factory pump. Before I fit the pump, I measured the contact area and it seemed small. So that's why I'm searching and asking around... I don't think there's anything stupid about interrogating solutions and learning, eh? Again, I appreciate the help.
  5. Sure. Thanks for that. I'm trying to get some specific information on a solution to fit the Tomei pump to a short collar crank, hopefully from someone with actual experience of having done it (and succeeded or failed). Can you confirm that a Nitto crank collar is compatible with the Tomei pump? (because I've seen other forum posts that said their aftermarket collar was not compatible with their Tomei oil pump)
  6. Thanks. Are you saying that this won't work, or that it will break? Or that there's no collar extension or modification that will work?
  7. Not at all what I'm asking, but I appreciate the concern. - yes, I've already installed a restrictor in the head when I upgraded the headgasket and studs - I've a head drain kit already - I have an extended sump kit, yes, of course The stock oil pump will not be doing its job nicely with my upgraded turbos, track time, and intention to bounce this off rev limiter and anti-lag when drag racing.
  8. I've searched a ton and can't find any answers, so I'm hoping someone can help. I have an early RB26DETT with the short collar crank and I'm about to fit a Tomei oil pump to it. The instructions for the oil pump read that the pump is only compatible with the 'late model Kouki crankshaft, made after August 1991." ( http://www.tomeiusa.com/manuals/TB203.pdf ) ...but I haven't seen that anywhere else, not in product descriptions, or anyone who has had issues online. I have read that people can't use a Tomei oil pump on cranks that have been fitted with an aftermarket collar. So, I'm wondering what the best solution is. a) is it okay to use the Tomei pump with the early crank, even though the contact point is smaller on the early crank? b) is there a specific aftermarket crank collar that would work with the Tomei? c) do I have to upgrade the crank to use the Tomei pump (might as well rebuild the entire engine at that point!!! ugh) Thanks for any help!
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