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  1. mr_rbman

    Can I please have the 'title / heading' of my thread above changed from: 'Finally Got my Dream car (r32 GTR)' to: 'The ever evolving R32 GTR build'
  2. you're still running 32 GTR box IIRC!?!?
  3. ABS is one things that isn't back in yet, have heard bleeding that is a nightmare so not looking forward to it... My motor was rebuilt by the previous owner where they just cut the a/c lines and basically ruined the whole system, i'm in the process now of trying to chase bits and pieces down in order to try and have a/c running when the car is back together... Don't get caught releasing that stuff to atmosphere, not good...
  4. This is exactly what i did ^^^ sandwich bags labelled are a god send but u still end up with things leftover You're right, that is probably the easy part but i was in a situation where i had to have the car at a workshop to remove the motor, then nowhere to prep the car at the workshop and no car to tow it back home so was just easier pushing the car almost next door to have the bay sprayed..... and prepped.....
  5. So I spent a few days of my R&R putting things back in the engine bay and trying to tidy up items that i'm not replacing, time consuming but hopefully all worth it in the end. Went with some Nankang Ns2r's for the TE37's in TW120, have had the TW180 versions before and liked them so these can only be better right Picked up a head which is <1000kms old, has a mild port job, cams and valve springs etc... I already had purchased cams and valve springs so now i weigh up whether i sell the tomei items or keep them possibly to build up my old head one day... Block is receiving a sleeve job on all 6 cylinders currently... The previous owner / mechanic did a chop job when removing the motor previously so a/c lines were just cut and compressor wasn't even sealed, needless to say it's FUBAR... So now i'm looking into how I go about getting a/c all up and running before motor goes back in and of course gts-t compressors aren't the same, secondhand GTR compressors are like hens teeth and brand new they're ~$1200 There's a few units on AliExpress for ~$600 but i'm incredibly reluctant to go down that path...
  6. removed some items but no i didn't do the paint prep, definitely would've saved me some $$$ if i had...
  7. mr_rbman

    My RB30 twin cam in a 32 from back in the early/mid 2000's... Was in the exact same postion as u... To the untrained eye this looks like most other R32 engine bays i would've thought... Even ran the old school XR6 turbo on the standard manifold...
  8. Think i'm leaning towards sleeving my current block as it's proving difficult to find an 86 / 86.5mm block locally...
  9. it's been a long painful process but i'm so glad i haven't rushed the process.. really think it will be worth it in the end..
  10. Pm me $$$ for front rotors shipped to Adelaide. If possible can you please also measure rotor thickness. Cheers!
  11. Engine bay respray is complete, nice to get the occasional bit of good news in amongst the cruddy news... The joys of GTR ownership i spose
  12. nah i just had a mate colour match as closely as possible (Rays don't share their colour codes)... Also read painting with a bake is more durable than powder-coating when it comes to rims... Only my opinion but i reckon the bronze looks 100 times better than the sliver FWIW.....
  13. So finally got in touch with the engine builder. Block is a write off, so 2 options.............. Sleeve current block and machine to suit current pistons as they are still in good nick... (~$1000) Or source an 86 / 86.5mm RB26 block and machine to suit current pistons... ($???) Any thoughts about which direction I should head??????????
  14. i may take front rotors if josh takes calipers, depending on $$$ to Adelaide......