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  1. ye I was actually saying how many Gunmetal's were there and that there were another two I knew of that didn't make it, including yours. I'm sure there'll be more opportunities coming up
  2. A few pics from the 'Slowlife' cruise Saturday night where the meet spot had a dedicated area for the GTR... Most GTR's I think I've ever seen in a single spot...
  3. wow....haven't tastes changed over the last 10 or so years and for the better I might add
  4. ye my understanding too is it shouldn't have a great affect. ye I'm entered.
  5. from my understanding it's like any 'tool' in which you use to measure... It comes down to calibration...then the method used to calibrate... As has been mentioned many times take dyno readings with a grain of salt and use them primarily as a tuning tool..
  6. ye mines the genuine Garage Defend item, I picked it up last week on one of those 40+ degree days and it had to sit in my car for the I'm not sure if it's not sitting right due to that or another factor. To the eye it doesn't appear to have deformed in anyway but I guess I'll never know. You doing AJD?
  7. Slightly negotiable on the Impul wheels, depending on whether you want them with or without tyres.
  8. cheers, I'm hoping I've achieved the right amount of carbon without making it 'tacky' I'm fairly happy... As josh mentioned above, does yours sit above or below your grill?
  9. haha, interesting you say this......I googled as when I was fitting it neither way seemed to be quite right, all the pictures I found showed it the way you see above... but in saying that it doesn't sit 100% right around the bonnet latch so I may try the other way and see if it makes a difference... cheers
  10. Probably the final finishing touch to the engine bay.....for now, Garage Defend cooling panel.
  11. How mine currently looks...
  12. In all honesty I can't ever see them coming down, maybe stagnate but never go back down....It comes back to supply and demand. There are far fewer cleaner examples these days and even less of the immaculate ones......and with the yanks now grabbing them this has been exacerbated. This being the main reason I bought my SIL80 and my GTR will go from being a weekend warrior and hillclimb car to just a special occasion/weekend warrior...
  13. I've seen this car in the flesh and appears to be quite a clean example. Don't know the car nor been for a drive but if I was in the market it'd be one I'd consider.