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  1. Never got your invoice Johnny, i couldn't agree more with messaging someone after they've gone to the effort but i never got anything from you and i'm not one to bug someone for business... I purchased from Quickbitz, was a few $$$ cheaper but if i'd received your invoice i would've gone with you....
  2. Mine just arrived, 3.5 weeks after ordering but worth the wait... Looks even better in the flesh
  3. Not a lot been happening with the GTR lately (just living under its car cover).....but have been nutting out with my mechanic the plans for this year... 2019 make the GTR a historical vehicle here in Adelaide so rego will become shitloads cheaper... Inspired a little by Actiondans build i'm going to head down a similar path. So my first purchase was the famed Plazmaman cooler, even better looking in person. Motors going to come out and check everything looks OK and whilst it's out I'm going to have the engine bay painted. On the 'to purchase' list: -1250cc injectors (E85) -Headgasket -Flex fuel sensor -ARP head studs -Rebuild my -7's to -9 specs -Kelford L182a cams (BC valve springs) The aim is 380ish rwkws...
  4. hi mate, can u share who u bought your plazmaman cooler from in vic?

    Pm me if necessary  

  5. Someone more knowledgeable than myself will probably chime in here but my 2c... There are numerous people on here making 300rwkw+ with -7's & -9's on stock cooler including myself... The cooler will certainly improve things but i feel you may have another issue... Though i do see you are from the states so your results compared to ours here in Oz tend to be different, though typically they're inflated, not deflated...
  6. Currently have 11mm injectors inside the standard rail, it's tight but a little lube gets them in there no dramas... I was told to drill originally and ruined a fuel rail so didn't wanna do that a second time round... Edit: These ones look like they should suit my requirements?!?
  7. Save me starting a new thread i'll ask in here... Which injectors would you guys recommend keeping in mind that i want my engine bay looking as 'Standard' as possible... Chasing up to 400rwkw's on E85... Fits standard RB26 fuel rail without mods (and don't want to run a FPR) Want to run that at around 80-85% duty cycle...
  8. Tried searching but can't find a definitive answer. What is the colour code of the stock R32 GTR strut braces?
  9. I have a set (x4) of Rays (Volk) bronze TE37's for sale. 17x9 +22 all round Advan A050 semi slicks (~70% tread remaining) Some gutter rash, worst one pictured Willing to ship at buyers expense Don't get on here often so best to text me on - 04 eight 844 six 696 $2850
  10. Just chasing the rear stock strut brace for the R32...
  11. So as i alluded to in the previous post, this was purchased hoping i could get out on the track and enjoy her without little to do / worry about. Well that lasted all of 5 days, when i was pulling up to my driveway and all of a sudden I couldn't shift gear (it was stuck in what I believe is 4th gear) now I was well aware of the fragile 6 speed gearboxes these have but with the car only having an EBC and 3" TBE i wasn't hugely concerned, famous last words I had ever so slightly missed a shift from second to third 5 or so minutes earlier but continued to drive with no looks like I've broken the common weak point (selector fork), so I'm now in the process of removing the gearbox to confirm......
  12. Soooo.....been a while since I've been on here and a bit has happened..... My mate who was spraying the SIL80 and of course doing me a good deal moved workshops and could no longer paint her up, I got a few quotes and they were all more than I really wanted to spend so bit the bullet and sold the SIL80. The new toy is seen below, i figured whilst not perfect it was a far better base to start with and being newer possibly less to do / go wrong.......more on that in the next post, i got her quite cheap and fitted up my newly acquired TE37's but 17 x 9 +22 don't work too well on S15's so they'll live on the GTR and for now I'll run the R32 GTR wheels....
  13. just insured my S15; surprisingly through VVC........though it's costing me more per year than my GTR valued at more than double the agreed value :-/ So i went on to say i'm guessing my GTR policy once up for renewal will skyrocket..................without confirming she did say that many things had changed in the last 6-12 months
  14. any reason why u chucked the motor back in without turbos?!?
  15. Mick, I have limited access to E85 here in the south of Adelaide so the plan was flex..... -5's i don't consider an option personally, we all know how lazy a standard bore RB26 is with twins, my current -7's setup is about as laggy as i'd want to get.... At the end of the day, my current setup I am happy with...........the only reason for considering other options is I believe I may have a turbo on it's way out so my thought basis was if i'm spending the money to remove turbos then why go to all that hassle to only net the same previous result. Why not spend a bit more (hi-flo turbos?, cams, injectors, E85 etc......) and net some more power.... The more i look into it though I think I could just be wanting too much given i don't want to go down the single path.... I don't think Dans results are too far stretched, from what I've seen not many people have gone down his path with E85 and his choice of cams.......they're certainly on the limit but not completely unbelievable.....