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  1. haha, don't get me wrong....incredibly tempting given the results they are producing..... but I've bought the sil80 to go a little more crazy with, the GTR will now be about slowly (partially) restoring whilst still giving it plenty of poke for those Sunday drives (the old school sleepa)
  2. It's a GTR, no other option (IMHO)
  3. Picked up a pair of -7's quite cheap as one had a seal fail. Reason for grabbing these is I believe one of mine may have done a seal. I'm getting white smoke but only on deceleration after a hard run. (could also possibly be valve stem seals!?!) My thoughts are to look at possibly selling on the two good turbos and look at getting the 2 failed ones rebuilt and more importantly hi-flowed...... My goal is between 360-380rwkw's with the best response possible. Of course with supporting mods (Kelford cams, 1250cc injectors, ARP head studs, More boost, E85 etc.....) think I have all the other supporting requirements..... Going to research more and possibly chat to @hyper-gear & @Forgeperformance about putting some new tech into these old turbos so that hopefully I can make the power I want with all of it in before 4000RPM......mmmmm wonder if I'm expecting too much I am very well aware that a single will do all this.....and some easily but that's not even a consideration for me.....
  4. @ActionDan did this not too long ago IIRC
  5. haha just checked my bank account and yes it was a Joshua so it looks like this is a rather small world Thanks again!!!
  6. Only a small update but goes along well with the theme of continuing the general tidy up of the car... New left hand reverse light to replace my old cracked one...
  7. genuine Nissan for sure, $45 from Nissan IIRC and I'd assume cheaper from Justjap, Kudos etc...
  8. I had issues around 300rwkws with that pressure valve so definitely remove that...
  9. might need some of these
  10. new adjustable bushes in front control arms ready for install
  11. As I'm following a similar budget path to yourself I'm curious about a couple of things..... I was looking to just run some cheap second hand jap shocks and springs, not 'coilovers' but the 'cheap' sets I've bought have leaked so I'm contemplating biting the bullet and spending $$$ on some reasonable but on the cheaper side 'coilovers' I believe you run the BC's........thoughts?! Also, coming from 'R' chassis my whole car life and this being my first 'S' chassis strut braces have been more for looks (wank) from my experience but upon reading a little further it would appear the strut braces are quite a worthwhile and cheap upgrade for an 'S' chassis car......thought?!
  12. New shoes for the SIL80. Gearbox is having second gear replaced and flywheel machined. Will hopefully begin paint prep in the next couple of weeks.
  13. In the process of replacing bushes in front & rear camber arms with the adjustable occentric (spelling?) Whiteline items. Found whilst doing this the whole rear has had all bushes replaced prior to my purchase (blue items, so assuming Superpro???) but no adjustment, will either sell these or chuck them in the SIL80.
  14. Would've thought at least $30k based on the above. My car is by no means flawless but was still valued at $40k without even trying....
  15. haha, reminded me of a kid on xmas day