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  1. Think you're on to something Rob
  2. It's coming up to two years without a decent drive, I'm hanging for anything at this rate
  3. Finally got round to pulling the motor down... Thankfully confirmed a few of the items I was told had been used in the build (by previous owner) but had no physical proof of (long nose crank, Eagle rods, ARP rod bolts etc...) But what was more i guess we'll call 'lucky' was how close I came to losing the motor all together... As you can see from the 'standard' oil pump gears it was cracked completely, without destroying itself, one more high RPM launch and i think she would've been cactus. Needless to say I've ordered a new oil pump and billet gears. The engine bay is being painted next week and I've used the opportunity to have my cam covers painted the same as the exterior of the car, loved the old wrinkle black that they were but seems every second person is doing that look now... Should hopefully receive all my other little goodies next week too... 1250cc injectors, ATI harmonic balancer N1 oil pump (Reimax billet gears) Tomei metal head gasket Tomei sump baffle All new genuine (Nissan) water pump, timing belt, tensioner and idler bearings, gaskets, seals, hoses etc (the bank account balance is starting to hurt Also ported the manifold to match turbos and head then painted them using some VHT paint along with the heat shields, we'll see how long it lasts...
  4. injectors sold... clutch sold pending payment... $1100 + postage for turbos?!?
  5. mr_rbman

    speak to the guys at willall
  6. mr_rbman

    Is it just me or is that plug gap huuuuuge?!?!?!
  7. mr_rbman

    hi mate, i have one if you can wait to the end of the week...
  8. mr_rbman

    There's no such thing as an Aussie delivered 33 is there?!?!?
  9. mr_rbman

    Sounds like a similar issue i've had... You running a Z32?!
  10. mr_rbman

    I realise you probably can't get pump E85 in Alice but have you considered putting the car on E85 from a drum?!? The cost would surely be outweighed by the improved reliability fro starters.....?!?!
  11. ye 570cc injectors will get you nowhere near 400.... Mine should be fairly close to your modification list once finished @Robzilla32, only I'm keeping factory airbox but i'll be running some mild cams and slightly larger turbos...
  12. already running the divided piping, pretty much a necessity...
  13. Yes. Factory intake piping, BoV and manifolds. that's what i wanna hear
  14. Are you still running factory intake piping?
  15. pretty successful weekend, drove the car off and back on the trailer... only issue in the end was a failed rocker cover gasket which kept spitting oil on to the firewall, new one ordered ready for the next hillclimb second week of December... did have an intermittent miss issue at high RPM prior to leaving which in the end turned out to be a strange AFM issue that my tuner had never seen before (he's seen plenty of fake Z32 issues and is quite confident this isn't one...) whether it's the same issue or another one altogether the car does seem to do a strange surging specifically when i was coming back down the hill after each run, almost as though I was in too lower gear (even though i wasn't)...