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  1. Haha, I remember those days... Though I was debating between a 32 gts-t and 32 GTR (back when the price difference was only a few thousand... Samsonas hey, haha. Thankfully I've sold the S15 and in the process of looking for a dedicated track car (have my eye on an S13 with an RB25 with some panel damage) so the GTR just gets the occasional drive and the ~400rwkws is more than adequate for that... If/When third gear leaves me though I can't see myself just replacing with another 5 speed. I think I'll go down the getrag 6 speed route though...
  2. Actually enjoying just getting out and driving her (even if the weather sux), here's a few pics from a local cars & coffee...
  3. Went with the Optima yellow top, didn't realise how shitty my old battery was til fitting this... Even on E85 and <5 degree mornings it starts first crank, never thought I'd be so happy buying an expensive battery 🤣
  4. no pics but can get some if needed. will come with everything except cam gears and covers. can include heavier valve springs (70lbs) for $1000
  5. I've run Hankook RS-3 with a 200TW on my old S15... running 2000rwkws I was finding them relatively good but I wasn't all out for a 15 minute session, typically I would do a cool down lap per session (2.30 laps)...
  6. I think the main question here should be: Why???
  7. got mine I've been holding on to for when i decide to go RB30 but that'll probably never happen... would need a refresh...
  8. ahhhh, makes sense now I had an RB30 twin cam with the same head then as you have and ran a reground RB26 cam for a 32/33 head many years back, stock RB26 cams are relatively cheap... I reckon I have mine lying around if you get desperate...
  9. um the bulge on the front cam gear cover suggests to me you have VCT and therefore a head from a 33?!?
  10. I need a new battery to deal with the more difficult E85 starts and sporadic use the car gets... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OPTIMA-YELLOW-D51-T1-SMALL-TERMINAL-PRIUS-BATTERY-12V-AGM-DEEP-CYCLE-DS46B24R-/281189772948?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10#viTabs_0 Will 450CCA be enough?
  11. wow, gobsmacked they would just drill holes randomly ☹️ without any head up...
  12. What the dose said ^^^^ Far better explained than what I could've 🤣
  13. Definitely not expecting too much, plenty of guys making over 500 (ozzy) rwhp on pump fuel let alone E85 using HKS 2530's...
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