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  1. ah yes......should've been clearer. That's for a whole set (four)
  2. tyres and sway bar
  3. Edited: four (x4) tyres 18 x 265 x 35 Achilles ATR sport tyres (almost new) Less than 1000kms old $350
  4. R32 GTR rear swaybar Standard R32 GTR rear sway bar. good upgrade for R32 Gts-t, S13 etc... Comes with links, everything you see pictured... $100 + shipping
  5. I don't have any first hand experience but being in SA have heard a couple of stories about these guys, some good, some bad. I suggest just going in with eyes open and do your research...
  6. nsw/act 

    i'll grab one too. small or medium....
  7. may consider part trade for R33 GTR rims
  8. Rays Impul RSII wheels (18 x 9.5" +12 all round) Selling my Rays Impul RSII forged/lightweight wheels (twin valve) 18 x 9.5" (+12 all round) Excellent condition, one small mark on one rim less than 5mm in size Achilles 123s semi slick all round with legal tread (18 x 265 x 35) $2300 Will ship at buyers expense
  9. some pics from the weekends hillclimb
  10. I've had the Evo 7 and am now in an R32 GTR.......The Evo beats the GTR in virtually every department............... Which car do I prefer though? The GTR hands down, there's just something about them (the fact the value has probably doubled in less than 2 years may also be a sweetener
  11. Just gutted cat....or put a pipe through it?! Just gutting can cause turbulence which could be causing your boost issue....
  12. I'll suss it out for you next time they're out the car. have just entered a tarmac rally event and may pull them out prior time pending....
  13. Added another car to the stable...a Sil80. Will use this for doing the things I'm now too soft to do in the GTR Needs a bit of work but couldn't knock it back for the $$$ already has blacktop SR20, R32 GTR brakes (5 stud) etc...
  14. grab yourself a gas lense for your tig torch and the end result of these welds should be far cleaner...
  15. not done a hell of a lot, just actually been driving and enjoying her without having to fix anything.