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  1. someone with more knowledge than me may correct me here but depending on the Stagea motor you have (series 1 or 2) if a series 2 its actually a neo motor and therefore quite desirable. If it's a series 1 then you basically have an RB25 head from an R33 Gts-t anyway. So simply there is no advantage to be had and cams in an RB25 don't see a hell of a lot of benefit until making serious power.
  2. Mine and the missus new Evo X, her daily (though she works from home which will help keep the k's down) & my weekender...
  3. I have a series 1 bottom end (so just needs oil return drilled & tapped) if interested?!
  4. I'd always planned when building the shed to coat the floors but when it came to it I looked into the costs and had second thoughts. My mate then just recently put me on to this clear epoxy that a lot of industrial builders use that you can add a tint too and was a fraction of the cost. I did ~100sqm for less than $250 AUD and i'm very happy with the results, dropped a few things already and it's help up. Cleaning up, even just dirt/dust is a breeze now compared to the bare concrete.
  5. 3607mm I believe to the top of the posts, I had just a few mm to spare
  6. Kept very busy over the xmas / new year break... The shed is finally getting to where I pictured it. Dunno what I ever did without a hoist. Completed an SST service on the Evo, surprised at how much I don't mind the 'auto' Chucked the TE's on to see how they fit ready for extra curricular activities...
  7. Use a proper gas lens with a large cup >10 and you'll be surprised at how much better again you'll get it. Or if you feel like giving the credit card a run use the furick welding cups, even better again
  8. Interesting you say the AD08's appeared wider... I have some 265 x 35 AD08's and I get scrubbing yet my other wheels with 275 x 35 NT01's nothing... Admittedly there is 10mm difference in offset but I never thought the actual tyre width may vary, mmmmm...
  9. common myth... basically it's not worth finding a VLT bottom end these days... we don't need to run such low compression and assuming this would be for a build anyway you would get pistons to suit desired compression and just use an NA (A6) block....
  10. correct, but that's only the pistons that make the difference, not the 'block' itself!?!
  11. why do you specifically want a VL turbo (A8) bottom end? my understanding is the non turbo-series 2 (A6) bottom end is identical...
  12. Painted the shed floor and the missus and I went halves in a new car, her daily, my weekender
  13. Needs new wheels and the GTR badge putting in the correct spot
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