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  1. Would've thought at least $30k based on the above. My car is by no means flawless but was still valued at $40k without even trying....
  2. haha, reminded me of a kid on xmas day
  3. The beginning of the very slow restoration process
  4. Here's some pics and a video from my best run of the weekends hillclimb. Great fun as always but time to put the GTR into hibernation now and begin a slow tidy-up/basic restore and focus on the SIL80 for these kinds of events. Mt. Alma 2017 (49.22).wmv
  5. the million dollar question good luck
  6. nsw/act 

    awesome. money paid. I'd like a medium. Perhaps PM everyone who's shown interest as I only stumbled across this forgetting I'd posted in here.....
  7. definitely as mentioned it's more cost effective to buy a car already modded but half the fun for me is performing the mods... each to their own I guess..
  8. nsw/act 

    hard to gauge size from this... hopefully without getting too personal how tall are you and what do you weigh?
  9. Spent the last few weeks (on & off) reading all 42 pages on, very informative for the most part. Very similar to the path I've taken/taking though in reverse, purchased my R32 GTR to do everything as an all rounder but have decided to revert that back to more of a weekend / shed queen as the prices do what they do with them and bought a SIL80. Plan on following a similar path to you although I have a blacktop SR20DET. I'm not sure if I'd consider yours to be 'budget' anymore maybe compared to some Mine will be 'backyard mechanics style' if yours is budget
  10. this makes me want to plan my Japan trip so much quicker
  11. had no idea that's how yours started out......can't wait to see the finished product
  12. Not much happening with the GTR, just getting her ready for the Mt. Alma hillclimb first weekend of April.....but been doing a little on my SIL80. Figured it wasn't worth starting a new thread but I'd add bits in here and there as I build her into my new fun car so I hopefully don't wreck the GTR. The exhaust on the Sil80 was a 'bitsa', typical S13 it sat low in areas and scraped on everything. So I decided to put my trade (boilermaker/welder) to good use and fabricate my own exhaust, keep in mind I haven't been on the tools fulltime in over 10 years so go easy I was a little rusty on the tig to start with but by the end I was quite happy and all up I spent less than $100 so win win.....and it sits up high and doesn't scrape on everything.
  13. Just got my Shannon's renewal in the mail ($75/month, down from $125/month) now that it's been 2 years since my encounter with Skippy. Thought I'd still try SGIC (NRMA) VVC.......$46/month with the same $40,000 agreed value but down to a $300 excess instead of $500 with Shannon's. Note I am saving $3-4/month due to now also switching over a couple of other policies to now have all my insurances with SGIC.
  14. Had my new semis slicks fitted to my RPF1's. Went with the Nankang NS2R's (18 x 255 x 35) Will give them a good testing this weekend in preparation for my next hill climb (1st & 2nd April)