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  1. 2:16 and 240km/h at 'The bend' is impressive, hopefully see you out there one day
  2. I think that's the answer i was expecting I for one certainly think it will be worth it in the end, do it once, do it right 👍
  3. Is this one of those projects where you knew what you were getting into from the start or has it just snowballed the more you delved?!?
  4. ye fingers crossed I'll be driving her once back in adelaide in 2 weeks
  5. ye i'm convinced now it's all come together thankfully... got a bit of a mix in the engine bay of gunmetal grey, black and wrinkle black... will have to see how it all looks once fully complete...
  6. Starting to finally gain a little traction over the past week or two...
  7. love what you're doing and being different, massive props. Love all the mods and the way you are/am/have been going about them... Just one question, money doesn't seem to be a massive issue so i'm curious why with all the quality of parts you've used in most areas you haven't gone with a nice modern say B/W EFR turbo etc that would almost certainly achieve your desired 'under the curve' results!?!? The HTA definitely has it's positives but in this day and age isn't exactly a modern piece of kit?!? Edit: some more reading about the HTA turbo's, they seem to be a good thing that I possibly haven't heard too much about being more an Evo turbo upgrade etc... Keen to see your results...
  8. NSW and 'P' platers legally being able to drive the ADM version hey The amount of messages I've gotten about mine from kids in NSW is bordering on ridiculous 🤣
  9. ye I've got the kinugawa version of the gtx2867 and it only starts to awaken around 19-20 psi... go the smaller version if you only want 220-230rwkws on E85...
  10. Slow progress but progress nevertheless...
  11. Welcome. Great choice of car. Welcome to never having any spare money I have some N1 / -7 turbos for sale if interested.
  12. I went ATI, far less horror stories than with the Ross equivalent...
  13. And the assembly can finally begin Rings are being gapped, all parts are in, light at the end of the looooong tunnel...
  14. Fantastic to deal with to begin with and very knowledgeable. BUT... Once I paid the money the customer service was dismal to say the least... I paid for mine in October and didn't get them until January (when i was told they were 'on the shelf') and then when they did arrive they came with no actuators which i then waited another month for... Even if the results are fantastic I think i'll always have a sour taste left in my mouth unfortunately from my dealings with them.... Just my 2c anyway...
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