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  1. Considering you've done hardly any ally tig that is pretty darn good.. I was nervous reading you hadn't used filler, very glad you have for the finished product as i'd hate to imagine what'd happen..
  2. mmmmm interesting... So far I'm not getting virtually anything in the can... Assumed it was just due to the motor being healthy (and no stupidly excessive driving) but now I'm questioning my design...
  3. yep... third and fourth pic shows a baffle then steel wool?!?
  4. Cheers. Slowly get better then don't do any for a while and i lose what I've gained...
  5. I also wanted to practice getting my pie cuts right and figured I'd change up the look of my exhaust tip at the same time... Not 100% sold on the look, thinking I should have done one less pie segment but it's an easy fix if it continues to bug me...
  6. Been playing around a little with the tig, made this catch can with stainless I had lying around. I don't want to move the battery so room will be my enemy. This is around 2.5L~ but I will do a second revision and make it 3L minimum and out of ally, as you'll see I can afford a bit more length either side...
  7. Picked up some new shoes... Nismo LMGT4's in 18 x 9.5 +12 running Advan AD08r's...
  8. like everything, always what someone is willing to pay... anywhere from $500 to $1000 Yours appear to be a little neater than mine... I could be interested in purchasing off you or swapping mine with a few $$$ your way if potentially interested...
  9. Just remember that Albins are now focusing more of their time and energy on the defense side of their business and therefore their customer support has dropped off in recent times, this is not hearsay but firsthand experience from a workshop that I do part time work for. Just something to keep in mind.
  10. Here's a video of one of my runs, like my driving the missus needed a little practice with filming so didn't get too many good ones. https://youtu.be/sATEYRfWbIU She had a ball though which certainly helps
  11. Last little bit of an update to get to the present day is I went to that last roll racing here in Adelaide. It was a pretty wet day/week prior but didn't get cancelled til that evening, they got us to drive the track to try dry it up but it was too dangerous for those pesky RWD's... So postponed to the following Saturday night and it was the warmest day in Adelaide for months (mid 20's, so perfect)... It was actually a lot more fun than i expected, got a ton of runs but definitely left me wanting more power, lol. I ended up getting a secondhand set of Nitto NT01 (275 x 35 x 18) that i'd fitted prior and they were actually fouling pretty bad on my inner splash guards with the caster I was running so having the event cancelled allowed me to correct that but now i'm not running the ideal caster I want to :-/
  12. Cheers bud, my only pre-requisite to the missus when we were house hunting was that it needed a good shed or room for me to put one
  13. The GTR hasn't seen much work, mainly just driving her as much as I can, All Jap day down Glenelg and basic servicing... I have fitted a little baffling to the cam covers and begun making a catch can but that's it to date... I used stainless as that's all I had lying about (this is roughly 2.5L) once I get some ally i'll make up one that's 3L minimum and should still fit with the battery, I don't want to move it to the boot...
  14. I ended up reluctantly selling my other car the S13 Sil80. I didn't even advertise it and I got back what I paid for it. I had sold off >$3000+ of bits and pieces too that i got with it so made a little profit. I probably really didn't need to sell it but the welding work had started drying up again and this guy was pretty keen so I gave him a price and wouldn't budge, ironically a few days later I got another FIFO job offer which I'm negotiating terms with now so really looks as though i'll take so I definitely didn't need to sell it (I just hate not having a nice buffer) there for worst case scenarios... Now with the stupid prices early 90's JDM cars are chasing I don't know what I'm going to get to replace her down the track :-/ Cause everyone loves a shed skid... https://youtu.be/dbsIvuOQ9BI
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