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  1. Chasing a single of either OG bronze TE37 or LMGT4 bronze in 18 x 9.5 +22 text - 0 4 2 4 5 8 1 1 1 7 Ash
  2. I make just shy of 400rwkws with high flowed -7's (larger billet wheels etc.) It'll never be the same as a nice single turbo making the same power but on E85 and keeping the low mount twins I am happy with the response and power output...
  3. you have a 1993 GTR so 'should' have the long nose crank already...
  4. JMS in Adelaide push the HKS turbos, but they're the only ones i've seen running them...
  5. ye that's me... Will do
  6. Saw your car at all jap day, love the trak spec cars at those events
  7. so many people are guilty of this, I think we've all been there, I know I have... my best results were typically coming from 3 x 1 hour sessions per week... As for specific training, to be honest you need to find more so what you enjoy... Over the years I have found it really hard to get motivated doing some different forms of training but other forms I almost get to a grumpy stage if I don't get in my sesh for the week... I personally am a big fan of training around a power-lifting style... Focus on the 3 big lifts... This doesn't mean you only squat, bench and dead but you base your training around those... Experiment with what you enjoy and base your training around that...
  8. Biggest thing I can add to this is Diet/Rest... Most people say or think they are eating well, right or the correct amount but infact are way off and terribly inconsistent. Download Myfitnesspal if you haven't already and monitor for one month every single thing you consume (food and drink). Get some consistency and method into that then focus on rest (sleep). Once you have that down pat training (working out) will become more effective (less injuries) and you will start seeing greater gains. Don't expect miracles overnight...
  9. Go see David Holland @ Holland Performance, tell him Ash sent you!
  10. I'm pulling a 25det apart (had low comp on cylinder #5) so assuming no crank damage, over the xmas holidays it should be apart.
  11. Cool, I'm coming from Intima S/R pads which i was impressed with so definitely stepping it up with the Eligs now
  12. I did see that, my next event looks like being Easter so hopefully one track day before that to iron out any other bugs before towing 8+ hours.
  13. No events planned for a few months so time for some improvements
  14. Really loving having the GTR at a stage where i just put the corn juice in and drive, plenty still to do but just enjoying her for now which enables me to focus on the sil80... These pics were taken at an old shed in a brewery back home... Only downside to driving her quite a bit is having to wash her more often...
  15. mmmm, the sil80 will need new pads and rotors after Fridays looming trackday 🤪
  16. Saw this posted on the JEM FB page earlier... Keen for results
  17. RB30 twin cam using the RB25 non vvt head from the R32 RB25 variant I did this probably going back ~15 years ago now for the exact same reasons as you Engine bay looked stock as a rock to the untrained eye
  18. Decided to see how I could go about making the TE37's from the GTR fit the standard guards of the S13... (Figured this was the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to go about getting traction) Seeing I've got fiberglass over-fenders to go on anyway and the rear quarters especially on the passenger side weren't looking too pretty anyway I decided to get some different sized poles out and do a ghetto guard flare, actually turned out better than I expected... This should aid in traction for the practice track day i'm doing in a couple of weeks and another hill-climb two days later all going well... Then it will be time to take her apart to look at the diff and fitting the wider front and rear guards...
  19. So I took the Sil80 to it's first event last weekend having only driven this thing a couple squirts up the road i knew it'd be pretty quick in a straight line but the corners were going to be an unknown... The wet weather of the hill-climb combined with the horrible 2 way/locked diff and relatively old Hankook RS3's gave me a few 'oh crap' moments but by the second day was finally getting a handle on her, dropped my times by 4-5 seconds by the end... She's not looking pretty but she's a bit of fun nevertheless.
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