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  1. Ahah dreamy. Sequential would be sick but I’m happy with my near new 25box for now
  2. When filled just above the line I was getting a full and overflowing 2L baffled catch can in 15mins of track driving but yeah proper oil control and some restrictor a too. And then I guess MLS HG while I’m at it
  3. I definitely still get some oil and e85 in the catch can. I was getting it pretty full After a 15min session but I was overfilling my sump because #RBoilproblems. But after only filling to just below full on the dip stick it wasn’t as bad Maybe 200ml after a 15min session. i do still want a head drain/sump breather
  4. no huge updates but it is officially on Club/historic rego "only 90 days" per year allowed but last I checked that is more than the ~10 days a year it has been out in the last few years.... I took it out for a cruise and despite not using more than 20% throttle the majority of the drive it is a world away from the sub 1.5L NA fwd Toyota i have been cruising around in
  5. thank you! comments like this keep me motivated to continue posting my build diary
  6. oh yeah I remember. Hit me up when the time comes. if i can justify it i'll likely be keen
  7. for sale you say... please remind me which 4 door this was
  8. its a slippery slope for sure haha. One minute you have a mediocre daily.. nek minnit you are happy if it lasts a 15min session problem free
  9. i have the blue one NE area but it doesnt come out much minus track days
  10. Have had some issues with high speed stability on track so a couple of years ago now i picked up a GTR wing with one of those wank flaps pre-installed reasonably cheap. Basic simulations suggest it will do something even with the higher roof line of the sedan. Top Stock GTR wing (only aero surface modelled). Bottom no wing. the added flap may actually help to compensate for the higher roof line so we'll see Genuine wing too unfortunately someone had hacked it up to fit a silvia(?) so the plan is to reshape it as close as i can and have it on a spare boot lid i can swap on and off for track days as i still like the look of the boot lip. I'll likely take off the extended flap too.
  11. Some pics from All Japan Day 2020. sneaky feature of the Starlet daily and the pupper
  12. Who in SA still has an R32 4 door. I remember seeing a few around 5-10 years ago back when i daily'd mine but now i don't see them other than Instagram or All Japan Day... or when i brush the dust of mine in the shed
  13. yeah its odd that it specifically mentions plenum chamber modifications. someone must have done something to get them to specifically rule it out. maybe it was those hidden NOS ones haha
  14. good to know. i was just speaking from past experience where if it looks modified they are well within their rights to send it for inspection. though i did find this on the SA.Gov.au site. https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/driving-and-transport/vehicles/vehicle-standards-and-modifications/engine-and-exhaust-modifications No alterations to the engine's camshaft, inlet manifold, carburettor/fuel injectors, engine control unit or the catalytic converter are permitted. Modified or aftermarket plenum chambers or throttle bodies are not permitted.
  15. aren't the rules here 2 intake mods allowed fmic and pod filter would take it up but yeah safe to say it'll be a defect anyway seeing as they can get you on suspicion anyway. Good to see you're still kicking around in 32 land
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